1. The human cost: If we choose to control polio rather than eradicate it, polio could rebound to 10 million cases in the next 40 years.
2. It’s achievable: We have the tools to end polio and the means to reach all children. The new, bivalent vaccine successfully targets the two remaining strains of polio in one dose.
3. It’s a good investment: An independent study published in the medical journal Vaccine estimates the $9 billion global investment in a polio-free world will net an economic benefit of $40 to 50 billion over the next 20 years.
4. It strengthens the system: Our polio eradication efforts have established an active disease surveillance network in all countries that is being used for other health interventions such as measles vaccinations, deworming tablets, and mosquito bed nets.
5. It sets the stage: The ability to reach all children with the polio vaccine is proof of concept that we can succeed on our next major global health initiative.
We've had an amazing October for Polio giving. 
Kenny had a far fetched idea for the last live auction item. A few of us were really skeptical, but he assured Corky it would work. The last item up for "bid" was a donation to Polio eradication efforts. Karla had an amazing presentation, and slowly hands started going in the air. At the close of the auction, we had raised $14,870 for EndPolioNow. 
Lucy has reported that the EndPolioNow TV raffle raised $10,015. 
That is a total of $24,885. 
$25,000 sounds nice and even, so LJI Interact has accepted a challenge to raise the remaining $115. 
We really are "this close" to seeing this disease become extinct. 
Polio Podcast
American Wondery has a GREAT 3-episode podcast out about the birth,trials, tribulations and success of the polio vaccine. We've heard the names Salk and Sabin, but the two were NOT lab buds. Drama!!!! Check it out on your mobile device or online. I've included the link for the first episode. 
Join us next week! 
Terry Ziegler, District Polio Eradication Chair, will be our guest! 
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