Rotary Club
We had a great turnout at Bridge Harbor Yacht Club today!!! In case you missed it.......
Dr. Frank - IsoTherapeutics LLC
Ever wonder what some of your fellow Rotarians do? Keith Frank educated us on the ins and out of his very legal therapeutic drug operation. We expanded our vocabulary, some innovative techniques he and his staff design and/or implement and got a peek into the labs. Keith is on a mission to help the world of cancer, so stay tuned and watch what happens. If you missed it, he is happy to give tours!!! 
Stick with Us!!!!! 
All 3rd graders will be receiving a dictionary. While we are googling everything these days, you remember looking up words in a dictionary right? The kids are thrilled every year when we deliver the books. For many this is the first book of their very own to have. It is pretty amazing to watch them have races to look up new words and be amazed at how many words are at their fingertips. 
We are putting stickers in each one, so they know where their gifts came from. 
Shrimp Boil ...... only 18 days to go
October 7th is nearing, and our captains both want to be top dog. Keep selling tickets, sponsorships and bringing in auction items!!! 
We hope to have sponsor bags next week. Meal tickets will be ready THURSDAY of this week if you want to pick up THURSDAY, call Heather 832-260-5083.
Mike Coburn has been named Rotarian of the Year for 2017-2018. He is always willing to lend a hand when needed and never expects a pat on the back. He is someone you can truly count on, and we're honored to have him as a member. CONGRATS Mike!!!!! 
Russell Hampton
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