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Roseland Rotary

Meeting Minutes

March 22nd, 2018


The regular meeting of the Roseland Rotary was called to order at 12:15 p.m. on March 15 in Waterford Estate Lodge by Paula Sours.


Paula Sours, Dave Keck, Maria Tanksley, Al Veldman, George C Stump, Sheron Crudup, Bob Sones, Frank Toepp, Jason Taege, Tom Hicky, Erin Boniu, Don Kulwicki, Joe Maloney,
New Member Daniel Flowers

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.


Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Four truths, happy dollars, announcements, guest speaker,
Announcements and happy dollars:
New lunch policy we will be paying for our lunch each week cash or check
Wed March 21st at the Morris center 2nd Chances tickets are $65.00, May18th is trivia night, need to focus on tables we as a group would like to have 10 tables, we will have more info on the golfing by Jay next week, World affair had a great turn out there were over 75 students that attended two of the girls will be speaking on the 10th of April .
Happy dollars:
A couple no pins, Happy the sun is out, Prospect dollar, new members, grateful for the guest speaker, Opening Cubs Day, Daughter fighting with in-laws because they do not vaccinate for chicken poxs
Al brought a guest Daniel Flowers that works for Holy cross
Guess Speaker: Michael Yoder from thirty7 pod cast
Michael started his business about 10 months and his best month ever was march so far;The short of it: I jumped. I quit my day job to live a better story.
This didn’t happen overnight. I’ve worked in some form of relational ministry for the better part of 8 years. While having a steady job, I had been dipping my toes into the freelance world.

Then I started my first podcast with my friend Terry Linhart. My life changed from that moment forward. I started to get asked to speak at large conferences, (and they were becoming more regular). I started to be asked to emcee for larger and larger events.
I started to develop websites for friends and family. And then for friends of friends. And then for people that I didn’t know.
And most recently, I started helping people create podcasts.

This all came to a head when I felt a nudge to leap into the deep end and try this thing on full size. So that’s what I did. I quit my day job to live a better story, and hopefully I’m enabling others to do the same


Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm. by Paula Sours. The next general meeting will be at on March 29, 2018, in Waterford Estates.

Minutes submitted by:     Maria Tanksley Approved by:       Paula Sours
Roseland Rotary

Meeting Minutes

March 29nd, 2018


The regular meeting of the Roseland Rotary was called to order at 12:15 p.m. on March 15 in Waterford Estate Lodge by Paula Sours.


Paula Sours, Dave Keck, Maria Tanksley, Al Veldman, George C Stump, Sheron Crudup, Bob Sones, Frank Toepp, Jason Taege, Tom Hicky, Erin Boniu, Don Kulwicki, Joe Maloney,
New Member Daniel Flowers

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.


Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Four truths, happy dollars, announcements, guest speaker,
Announcements and happy dollars:
New lunch policy we will be paying for our lunch each week cash or check.
 May18th is trivia night, need to focus on tables we as a group would like to have 10 tables, we will have more info on the golfing by Jay next week, World affair had a great turn out there were over 75 students that attended two of the girls will be speaking on the 10th of April.
Happy dollars:
A couple no pins, Happy the sun is out, Prospect dollar, new members, grateful for the guest speaker, Opening Cubs Day, happy to be alive
Guess Speaker: Evie Kirkwood
Thank you Evie for great presentation and wanted to share the web site for St. Joseph County Parks (IN) and the live cam!
Evie talked about the wildlife in Patrick park. About the programs they have for students and to visit the parks and to get into touch with nature. They are also responsible for the paved bike trails from Roseland to Michigan. Evie was so informative and exciting to hear about the live feed for the bald eagle and soon the two eggs will hatch



Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm. by Paula Sours. The next general meeting will be at on April 5, 2018, in Waterford Estates.

Minutes submitted by:     Maria Tanksley Approved by:       Paula Sours
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Meeting Minutes February 15, 2018

The regular meeting of the Roseland Rotary was called to order at 12:15 p.m. in Waterford Estate Lodge by President Paula Sours.


Paula Sours, Dave Keck, Maria Tanksley, Al Veldman, Cliff Witkowski, Cindy Elliott, George C Stump, Frank Taepp, Joe Malgy, Brennea, Don Kulwrichi, Sheron Crudup

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Four truths, happy dollars, announcements, guest speaker, New Secretary

New Business

Thank you, Paula, for recruiting three new members of the Roseland Rotary Club; Maria Tanksley, Sheron Crudup, and Cindy Elliott.  Fellow Rotarian’s wife passed away and we will be donation funds to the Roseland Rotary instead of sending flowers to funeral home. Guest Speaker was Maria Tanksley the newest member of the Roseland Rotary and the New secretary.  Maria is a Community Marketing Executive with the welcome wagon. The Welcome Wagon connects local businesses to new homeowners in the area by print product and digital/ Social media marketing. We can help maria tanksley is looking for a referral to a dentist, doctor, CPA, and veteran, Goodwill,  to add to the list of exclusive business in the gift book to new homeowners in our community


Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm. by [Facilitator Name]. The next general meeting will be at on February 21, 2018, in Waterford Estates.
Minutes submitted by:     Maria Tanksley
Approved by:           Paula Sours
Roseland Rotary Newsletter February 22, 2018
2018 has not started with the best of times for Roseland Rotarians but as the saying goes,” life is what you make it”.
Our club has lost long time member Sam Kovachich, Bob Eberhart’s wife Norma and Roberts Sones wife Gen. Our prayers for their families.
On the bright side, Roseland Rotary has a new member Maria Tanksley. Maria has also volunteered to serve as our much needed Club Secretary.  Welcome and thanks to Maria for joining and taking on this responsibility.
Teacher: Maria please point to America on the map. Maria: This is it. Teacher: Well done. Now class, who found America? Class: Maria did.
We need to spread the word to other Rotary Clubs about our great menu choices for lunch. It would be and an immense help if Rotarians would use us for their makeup meetings.
Check out our Club Runner Web Site for a list of upcoming speakers. It looks very impressive. This might also interest Rotarians in using Roseland Rotary for their meeting makeups.
There do people in hell tell people where to go?
“A friend said she did not understand cloning. I told her that makes two of us.”

Meeting Minutes March 1st, 2018


The regular meeting of the Roseland Rotary was called to order at 12:15 p.m.  in Waterford Estate Lodge by President Paula Sours.


Paula Sours, Dave Keck, Maria Tanksley, Al Veldman, George C Stump, Sheron Crudup, Bob Sones , Morey Rosen, Jay Howard, Tom Hicky, Erin Boniu
Guest; Linsey Dawn, Lesley Stoll, Gwendolyn Knowlton

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Four truths, happy dollars, announcements, guest speaker, New Secretary

New Business

Ronald McDonald house pop tabs bring in all of your pop tabs 5 or more gets 1 free 50/50 raffle ticket, IUSB needs volunteers for the National Rotary of March 13th 8:30-1:00 the topic is immigration anyone interested please let Paula know by Friday.
Guest Speaker is Lindsey Dawn from Kentic IT.  They have many protective solutions for your internet and server. The topic was Cyber security and how to protect your assets, home and business. Layers of security. Also, when receiving emails hover over your mouse to see if that in fact was the sender or a rogue sender to see if they are trying to get your personal information that could be financially devastating.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm. by Paula Sours. The next general meeting will be at on March 7, 2018, in Waterford Estates.

Minutes submitted by:     Maria Tanksley Approved by:     Paula Sours
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Meeting Minutes February 15, 2018

The regular meeting of the Roseland Rotary was called to order at 12:15 p.m. in Waterford Estate Lodge by President Paula Sours.


Paula Sours, Dave Keck, Maria Tanksley, Al Veldman, Cliff Witkowski, Cindy Elliott, George C Stump, Frank Taepp, Joe Malgy, Brennea, Don Kulwrichi, Sheron Crudup

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Four truths, happy dollars, announcements, guest speaker, New Secretary

New Business

Thank you, Paula, for recruiting three new members of the Roseland Rotary Club; Maria Tanksley, Sheron Crudup, and Cindy Elliott.  Fellow Rotarian’s wife passed away and we will be donation funds to the Roseland Rotary instead of sending flowers to funeral home. Guest Speaker was Maria Tanksley the newest member of the Roseland Rotary and the New secretary.  Maria is a Community Marketing Executive with the welcome wagon. The Welcome Wagon connects local businesses to new homeowners in the area by print product and digital/ Social media marketing. We can help maria tanksley is looking for a referral to a dentist, doctor, CPA, and veteran, Goodwill,  to add to the list of exclusive business in the gift book to new homeowners in our community


Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm. by [Facilitator Name]. The next general meeting will be at on February 21, 2018, in Waterford Estates.
Minutes submitted by:     Maria Tanksley
Approved by:           Paula Sours
Roseland Rotary Newsletter February 22, 2018
2018 has not started with the best of times for Roseland Rotarians but as the saying goes,” life is what you make it”.
Our club has lost long time member Sam Kovachich, Bob Eberhart’s wife Norma and Roberts Sones wife Gen. Our prayers for their families.
On the bright side, Roseland Rotary has a new member Maria Tanksley. Maria has also volunteered to serve as our much needed Club Secretary.  Welcome and thanks to Maria for joining and taking on this responsibility.
Teacher: Maria please point to America on the map. Maria: This is it. Teacher: Well done. Now class, who found America? Class: Maria did.
We need to spread the word to other Rotary Clubs about our great menu choices for lunch. It would be and an immense help if Rotarians would use us for their makeup meetings.
Check out our Club Runner Web Site for a list of upcoming speakers. It looks very impressive. This might also interest Rotarians in using Roseland Rotary for their meeting makeups.
There do people in hell tell people where to go?
“A friend said she did not understand cloning. I told her that makes two of us.”

Meeting Minutes March 1st, 2018


The regular meeting of the Roseland Rotary was called to order at 12:15 p.m.  in Waterford Estate Lodge by President Paula Sours.


Paula Sours, Dave Keck, Maria Tanksley, Al Veldman, George C Stump, Sheron Crudup, Bob Sones , Morey Rosen, Jay Howard, Tom Hicky, Erin Boniu
Guest; Linsey Dawn, Lesley Stoll, Gwendolyn Knowlton

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Four truths, happy dollars, announcements, guest speaker, New Secretary

New Business

Ronald McDonald house pop tabs bring in all of your pop tabs 5 or more gets 1 free 50/50 raffle ticket, IUSB needs volunteers for the National Rotary of March 13th 8:30-1:00 the topic is immigration anyone interested please let Paula know by Friday.
Guest Speaker is Lindsey Dawn from Kentic IT.  They have many protective solutions for your internet and server. The topic was Cyber security and how to protect your assets, home and business. Layers of security. Also, when receiving emails hover over your mouse to see if that in fact was the sender or a rogue sender to see if they are trying to get your personal information that could be financially devastating.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm. by Paula Sours. The next general meeting will be at on March 7, 2018, in Waterford Estates.

Minutes submitted by:     Maria Tanksley Approved by:     Paula Sours
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Roseland Rotary Meeting January 11, 2018
What a meeting at the Roseland Rotary this fine rainy day. Hats off to the Waterford for one of the finest luncheons we have had.  Attendees had their choice of items and each one was and looked delicious. Members are encouraged to attend and try it out.  Twelve lucky members, two guests and our speaker were present to try the new menu. The next time they have fish I will pick it, it looked good. I had the Pulled Pork and it was great.

Q: Why couldn’t the sesame seed leave the gambling casino?
A: Because he was on a roll.

Note; there is a new lunch menu option for Roseland Rotary members.  It may take a few weeks to work all the details out and get it running smoothly but believe me it is much better.  Every week you will receive, by e-mail, a list of menu items.  You will pick what you want for lunch and reply to the e-mail.  It is that simple! Last minute guests, speakers and last-minute attendees can order at the door, however items may be limited.  You are going to like this! 

Q: What do you call a fake noodle? 
A: An Impasta.

Roseland Rotary received a thank you note form a Thanksgiving Basket recipient.  The hand writing on this note was outstanding. The note was passed around for everyone to read. It was nice be thanked this way.
Snowbirds are gone so it is important that members do all they can to attend meetings. Please make an effort to attend in order to keep our meeting numbers up.

David Keck collected Happy and Sad Dollars and it all started with Cliff Witkowski who was happy to see grass even though it was brown.  He was also happy the streets were clear of snow and ice. Frank Toepp was happy to be here as he has missed three weeks.  Dick Jankowski was just happy to be here.  George Stump had No Pin and seriously fined $1.00 plus loss of all special privileges. Joe Maloney was happy he could read the great hand writing on the Thank You Card.  Al Veldman was sad that a mother in law died.  I didn’t catch who it was, but he is sad and so are we.  Morey Rosen is happy its only one month before pitchers and catchers.  I would have been happy, but I did not have a dollar to be happy about. Guest Anna Grcich was happy to attend and we were happy to have her. Guest Jesusa Rivera also was happy to attend, and we were very pleased to have her. I am sure I missed one or two others that were as inspiring as those just mentioned. 

Q: What did the corn say when he got complimented?
A: Aww, shucks!

Today’s speaker was Gary Morseau, Chair Food Sovereignty Committee Pokegnek Bodewadmik – Pokagon Band of Potawatomi. Gary serves in several capacities within the tribe.  One of his responsibilities is the teaching of cooking and the importance of eating properly. Gary also cooks at tribal events.

Mr. Morseau tried to talk about his cooking but there were so many questions that he was unable to get very far. Members had so many good questions about Tribal life and Indian affairs that maybe we should invite more Tribal members to talk to us.
Diet Day #1 - I removed all the fattening food from my house. It was delicious

Ben won the drawing and has decided to buy a yacht and take a cruise around the world.

Turning vegan is a big missed steak

Be a true Rotarian and do something good in the world.

PS, there was no singing today and this was immensely disappointing to all those present.
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Roseland Rotary Christmas Party December 14, 2017
Roseland Rotary held its annual Christmas Party at the Waterford Lodge in Roseland Indiana. A good crowd of more than 30 attended the event and a good time was had by all.  The Dirty Santa gift exchange was fun and many laughs were had by all.
We did miss some of our friends like Wally and his violin.  We may have missed his violin and his lovely wife more than him. Also missed was honary member Elizabeth Veldman who we all missed greatly. Our friend Reggie and his much better half were also missed. George Stump and Bill Brennen were also missing.  To all those who could not make the meeting we wish you a mighty Happy Holiday and a Happy New YearsYou were all missed very much.
Following are a few photos from the Party.
To view all photo's from the party go to
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Dec 07, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting December 7, 2017
This is a day that will live in Infamy.  Theodore Roosevelt describing the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. Well it was not quite a day that will live in infamy at the Roseland Rotary meeting but it was a nice cold day. There were 17 Hearty Rotarians, 7 guests and our speaker in attendance. A good time was had by all. Our normal meeting room was in use so we met in the large ball room.
A Roman walks into a bar and holds up two fingers, “Sir can I have five beers please.”  Think about it!
Cliff  Witkowski gave today’s prayer and President Paula Sours led us in the pledge and Four Way Test.  Wally Johnson serenaded us with his violin and we all sang Jingle Bells. Now we may not be the Tabernacle Choir but the old Rotary did OK considering our lack of weekly practice.
Holiday Party at The Roseland Rotary. December 14 starting at 6:00pm here at the Waterford Lodge. Time to have a good time so make your plans known by calling Paula Sours 574-274-5174 or Joe Maloney 574-514-0130.
Men are like coolers – Load them with beer, and you can take them anywhere.
Ring the Bell for the Salvation Army.  It’s that time to do your part by supporting Rotary and a very good non-profit, The Salvation Army.  Please call Joe Maloney 574-514-0130 to take your turn as a Bell Ringer.  There are still spots that need to be filled.

What do men and beer bottles have in common? They are both empty from the neck up. It’s a woman’s joke
Healthwin Christmas presents need to be delivered before next Thursday as that is when they hold their Christmas Party. You can deliver to Mark Berta at Lake City Bank 21113 West Cleveland Road, South Bend, Indiana or you can deliver directly to Healthwin.
When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.
Dave Keck collected Happy Dollars but due to the bad acoustics, I was unable to hear much of what everyone was so happy about. Bob Sones was happy to be here. Don Kulwicki, Winnie Farquhar, George Stump, Erin Bonin and Jay Harwood were all fined for no pin. Jay was also happy for the large turnout for the meeting and it cost him $10.00.  He was really happy!  Dick Jankowski was happy about his mail box not getting any bills. I did not catch how that was possible but we need to talk.  Erin Bonin was also happy that her guest, Hanna, was sharing a small office with her.  Sounds like work and still they are happy!
Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.-Benjamin Franklin
Paula Sours introduced our speaker, her sister, Jesusa Rivera from Proteus.  Proteus provides Job Training and Healthcare Assistance and other essential services to migrant and seasonal farm workers.  Proteus assists with Educational Services, Vocational Training, Career Placement Services, Heath Care Services, Workers Protection, Standard Training, Heat Stress Training and Rent Smart Education.
Jesusa talked about the conditions migrant workers are faced with including low pay, long hours, hot conditions and sometime exploitation. Workers are not protected by Workers Compensation or other laws protecting workers.  It is in many cases sad to hear about what many must endure to earn a minimal living.  This was a very lively meeting and if you missed it you missed a good one.  Very informative and a subject most of us know little to nothing about.  
Morey Rosen won the drawing and as a result, will be buying Wal-Mart.
Now, Rotarians, go into the cold mall and ring that bell.
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Roseland Rotary Meeting November 30, 2017
What a great day at the Roseland Rotary. Yes we had sunshine, a great group of Rotarians, a good speaker and the return of two snowbirds for the holidays.  In attendance were 17 members and our speaker. It was a good group of the finest young people Rotary has to offer. Yes you guessed it, Wally Johnson and Ben Bendit were back at Rotary!
I was in Tampa, FL the other day. I saw a bumper sticker on a parked car that read: "I miss Chicago". So I broke the window, stole the radio, shot out two of the tires, added an Obama bumper sticker and left a note that read,"Hope this helps.”
Morey Rosen gave today’s prayer and President Paula led us in the pledge and Four Way Test.
Can I have a puppy for Christmas?
Certainly not. You can have turkey like everybody else!
Winnie Farquhar announced that the Thanksgiving Basket program was a great success and thanked everyone for their help. Morey Rosen, Jason Taege, Dave Keck, Wally Johnson,  Don Kulwicki, Erin & George Bonin  and Paula & Tom Sours were all a great help.  Thanks also to Martin’s Supermarket, Bob Evens, Perkins and Country Bakery for their support. Al Veldman lost the keys to his truck and so he was ½ hour late showing up.  Al’s good friend Dave Keck made sure we all heard about it.
Dave Keck announced that Dismas House will be holding their Holiday Open House  Christmas Party Friday December 1, 2017 between the hours of 4:00pm  and 7:00Pm.  All members are welcome to stop in and partake.
Joe Maloney, for Mark Berta passed around a list for the Healthwin’s Gift program. Members picked out a name to buy a gift for.  This is an annual program for Roseland Rotary and all members should participate. Items needed were listed for every recipient and a price suggestion of $10 to $15.00.  Contact Joe Maloney to volunteer to assist with this very worthwhile program.
Christmas Party Time. Roseland Rotary’s Christmas parties are always a lot of fun and this year will be no exception.  Please plan on attending December 14, 2017 starting at 6:00pm at the Waterford. Please bring a present to exchange for a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  A spending limit of $10 is recommended per person.  So everyone attending should bring a gift to exchange.  Come and have a ball. You can bring your wife, girlfriend or whoever.  
Bell Ringing, a list was passed around however it has mysteriously disappeared. As a result a new sheet will be developed.  We do know that it is two Saturdays and we are inside the mall, thank goodness. We are not sure but we think it is from 10:00am to 8:00pm. You should be hearing more very soon.
Winnie Farquhar’s 98 year old brother who served in the Navy during WWII and two subsequent wars was honored at the Notre Dame game.  He got to see himself on the JumboTron along with Winnie and some of the family.  It was quite an emotional moment for Winnie and her family.
Anyone who believes that men are the equal of women has never seen a man trying to wrap a Christmas present! 
David Keck collected some happy dollars including one from himself for being so happy for our speaker. Dick Jankowski was happy for the weather, Wally Johnson and Don Kulwicki, No Pin and not real happy about it. Frank Toepp missed an appointment with Winnie, should have been fined $10.00 as a late fee. Winnie Farquhar was happy the Thanksgiving Basket program went so well. Jay Harwood was happy Purdue beat Indiana.  Jay was also fined for his being on TV during a ND game.  Al Veldman was just happy to be here. Joe Maloney was happy his wife is heading to Munich, where she will meet the grandkids and fly them back to South Bend. Is Joe happy she is leaving or that the kids are coming to visit?

President Paula Sours introduced our speaker Deandra Cadet Cofounder & Executive Director of InterAction a South Bend, Indiana Area Nonprofit.

We imagine a world in which all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential in their inclusive campus communities.

At InterAction, we use storytelling and the arts to build inclusive communities. We channel raw individual narratives on identity and difference into solutions that transform campuses into environments where all students can flourish. 

Graduates of the University of Notre Dame who established and developed the highly successful program Show Some Skin founded InterAction Initiative Inc. Since 2011, Show Some Skin has helped Notre Dame to realize its true diversity by collecting the anonymously written narratives of students, faculty, and staff on identity and difference, sharing them as a community theater production, and then bringing those stories back into the community as a campus resource to foster dialogue and to promote social change. 

For the past 5 years, Show Some Skin's community theater productions have experienced sold out performances with over 900 audience members. Between 60-100 stories are collected & archived each year. Every year we engaged over 1,000 individuals in our program as participants, audience members, volunteers, writers, and actors. Stories collected have gone far beyond the stage as monologues have been used in classrooms, trainings for resident assistants, and in the First Year Moreau seminar taken by all Notre Dame first year students. ND Show Some Skin continues to play a significant role in fostering inclusion on Notre Dame's campus. 

We bring together a diverse background of experiences and skills to our stellar team. Together we are passionate about building inclusive communities and have all been impacted by the stories that have challenged and inspired our work.

NOTE, Next week’s meeting will be held in the ballroom.

NOTE, there will be NO MEETING December 28, 2017.
Happy Bill Brennen won the drawing and will be buying every Roseland Rotarian a new Cadillac for Christmas.

Be good Rotarians and ring the bell for Christmas and the Salvation Army.
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Nov 16, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting November 16, 2017
As the weather cools, Rotary Snowbirds will be heading South and home again for Christmas. After Christmas our Snowbirds will be South and West for the rest of the winter. Only 11 fine Roseland Rotarians and two guests attended today’s meeting.
Visiting today was Carsten Schmitt who gave us an update on the Uganda Project. Roseland Rotary has donated $900.00 to the Uganda Project! 
Upcoming Events include next Tuesday the 21st for Thanksgiving Food Baskets. Please be at the Roseland Police Station at 1:00pm.  Delivery’s will start at 3:00pm.  December 9th & 16th is the Salvation Army "Ring the Bell", at University Park Mall.  Signup sheet coming soon.
David Keck did his best at collecting Happy Dollars and Dave gave one for the Uganda Project. Frank Toepp was happy for a long weekend with the family. Winnie Farquhar is hoping for mild weather this weekend. Al, The Man, Veldman gave because he's happy. Bill Brennen paid for not wearing his pin.
The energizer bunny was arrested on a charge of battery.
Today’s speaker was Catlyn Courtney GM, Headquarters @ Ignition Park.  Catlyn shared the concept of technology companies renting space as needed instead of buying real estate right away. Momentum is growing as more professionals are expected to join. Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory is located in Ignition Park.  Ignition Park is located in the former Studebaker corridor.
HeadQuarters is located at the Catalyst One building in Ignition Park, also known as the “silicon prairie”. HeadQuarters opened November 2nd of this year and is an 8,800-square foot co-working facility. The facility is “plug and play” atmosphere for small business, freelancers, start-ups entrepreneurs and business professionals looking for a fully functioning office space with the ability to grow without a long-term office lease (5-10 year) and heavy initial overhead. Each office is fully furnished with a desk, chairs, rolling filing cabinets and shelving unit. HeadQuarters offers seven unique conference rooms that range in size from four people to a thirty-person conference room. The facility also has a kitchen and a café that is open to the public as well as members of the coworking space. 
Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Officer asks a young engineer fresh out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "And what starting salary are you looking for?" The engineer replies, "In the region of $125,000 a year, depending on the benefits package."

The interviewer inquires, "Well, what would you say to a package of five week’s vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 50% of salary, and a company car leased every two years, say, a red Corvette?" The engineer sits up straight and says, "Wow! Are you kidding?" The interviewer replies, "Yeah, but you started it."
Frank Toepp won the drawing again and is now being investigated by the IRS and Tobacco and Firearms.
Yesterday a guy sitting on a curb outside a Walgreen’s store said he was hungry and could I spare a dollar. You mean you want to buy a drink, I asked.  He said yes and if I would give him $10.00 he would buy a bottle and wouldn’t need to ask others for money.  I gave him $2.00! I figured he needed to work a little for a bottle.
Do good for others my Rotarian friends.
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Nov 10, 2017
Roseland Rotary Newsletter November 9, 2017
Sixteen loyal Rotarians attended the Roseland Rotary Meeting and were treated to a wonderful speaker, tasty food, great fellowship and the knowledge that they are supporting one the world’s finest organizations.
Note, the newsletter has changed as has the web site.  Club Runner has made it mandatory that we update our site to one of their new formats.  This was a required change to be made by the end of November.  I did the update but did not like the result and relayed my displeasure to Club Runner.  They are going to make further changes to our site and help me make further cosmetic changes.  Please bear with us as we proceed forward with these changes.  Club Runners reason for changing, is to make the site more device friendly. In other words, easier to use with your cell phone and tablets.  I am not sure what effect this will have on the newsletter, but we will know by the end of the day.
If you can touch it and you can see it, it's REAL.
If you can touch it but you can't see it, it's TRANSPARENT.
If you can't touch it but you can see it, it's VIRTUAL.
If you can't touch it and you can't see it, it's GONE.
Upcoming Events
November 21st: is Thanksgiving food baskets time.  Please help by signing up to help with shopping, packing and or delivery’s.  Please call Winnie Farquhar at 574-520-9060 and sign up to help.  This is what Rotary is all about!
Remember December 9th and 16th, is Salvation Army "Ring the Bell" at the food court in the U.P. Mall.  Signup sheet coming soon. We do this every year and for those that can’t make meetings this a time to shine or should I say ring.
Roseland Rotary has a new member Richard Jankowski who joined Rotary today and we welcome him!
David Keck got a few Happy Dollars including Joe Maloney for Notre Dame football win, Frank Toepp, Al Veldman and Jason Taege were happy to be here. Winnie Farquhar is happy for all those that will help with the Thanksgiving Food Baskets
Today’s speaker was Lisa Waterman Rotary District 6540 Governor. Lisa spoke on the Rotary Clubs history, it's current membership numbers and what's been accomplished through the club.  Rotary drove the fight to end polio in 1985 and as of now polio is nearly eradicated. Lisa encouraged us to invite people to join Rotary.  She states, most people don't join because they've never been asked.
I have heard Lisa speak before and she is a wonderful speaker and a true Rotarian.
A man speaks frantically into the phone, "My wife is pregnant, and her contractions are only two minutes apart!" "Is this her first child?" the doctor queries. "No, you idiot!" the man shouts. "This is her husband!"
Morey Rosen won the drawing and he donated the winnings to Lisa Waterman of Rotary.  He could have donated to me and I would have used it to build a new Florida Estate. I would have let Roseland Rotarians come down and stay there free for a day!
Everyone please thank Rachel for getting meeting notes and pictures to me so that we can publish this weekly newsletter.  Thanks Rachel
Who have you helped today?
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Nov 03, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting November 2, 2017
Today’s weather was not perfect yet 14 were in attendance for today’s Roseland Rotary meeting.  It’s always good to be back home at the Waterford Lounge.  It’s good to visit other venues but always good to be back home.
Upcoming Events
November 21, 2017 is Thanksgiving Food Baskets time.  There is a signup sheet for shopping, packers and delivery. We will be meeting at the Roseland Police Station at 1PM.  Please make an effort to help out, after all this is what Rotary is all about?
Remember Today, if you are not confused, you are not thinking clearly.
December 9th & 16th is the Salvation Army "Ring the Bell" event at the University Mall Food Court.  A signup sheet will be at next week’s meeting. Please do not wait to long to sign up or the date you want may be gone.  This is an event we ask every Roseland Rotarian to help with.  Don’t let us and the Salvation Army down.  Attend next week’s meeting to sign up or call now to reserve a date and time.
Happy Dollars were collected from all the happy Rotarians and who knows maybe some not so happy Rotarians.  Al Veldman and Thomas Hickey gave for no reason.  A no good a reason is as good as it gets my friends.  Jason Teage gave because ND is #3 and he's happy to be back. I hope both his happiness and ND last! Maury Rosen wanted his dollar back for being called Wally😄. Can’t blame him for that!
“True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.”
Today’s speaker was Charlene Roundtree representing Eupterra Foundation, Ethic Naturopathy.  OK, so I had no idea what this was or how to pronounce the organization.  Charlene talked about her business selling necklaces & gift boxes that are made from natural material and stainless steel.
So now I will try and explain what this is.
Ethnobiology is the scientific study of dynamic relationships among peoples, biota, and environments. As a multidisciplinary field, ethnobiology integrates archaeology, geography, systematics, population biology, ecology, mathematical biology, cultural anthropology, ethnography, pharmacology, nutrition, conservation, and sustainable development.  The diversity of perspectives in ethnobiology is our greatest strength.  It allows them to examine complex, dynamic interactions between human and natural systems, and enhances our intellectual merit and broader impacts.  OK got that?

Naturopathic medicine doesn't follow a single road to good health. It combines nature with modern science. This approach to health care embraces a wide array of noninvasive techniques and therapies, including traditional healing methods, principles and practices.

Naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathic physicians work with the body's inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health. The naturopathic physician tries to encourage good health by helping to create a healing internal and external environment.

Ya, I spelled all those words, yes, I know what they are and don’t forget the bridge I have for sale near San Francisco, California.
Link says if a girl says not to get her a birthday present that means get me a birthday present and make sure it’s jewelry.”
If the Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for? See next week’s Newsletter for the answer.
Last week’s Riddle answer, it’s got a hole in it!
Frank won the drawing for the second week in a row!  This guy owes me two cruises including the trip around the world.  
It is your day Rotarians, give to someone needy.  Today I gave $2.00 to a panhandler in the parking lot at Office Depot.  He said he needed it to get to the hospital.  I found out he meant Sam’s Cure All’s on 4th street.  It’s OK I would have given him the $2.00 dollars anyway.
A few Photo’s from Halloween in Madeira Beach Florida.  Any resemblance to a Rotarian you might know is strictly a coincidence.
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Oct 28, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting
October 26, 2017
As usual it was a grand day at the Roseland Rotary Luncheon Meeting.  As I understand, it was a little chilly in good old South Bend Indiana.  Fret not Rotarians as it was chilly in good old Florida with temperature rising to a mere 76 degrees. Yes, it was cold in Florida, but I know you don’t want to hear about how cold Florida is.
Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.
Please don’t forget to sign up to help with the Thanksgiving Baskets.  Your club needs your help on November 21st. You are needed to help with shopping, packing and delivering of baskets.  This is why we are Rotarians, so please sign up to help. Call Winnie at 574-520-9060.
Confucius say… look for helping hand on end of own arm.
Mark your Calendars for December 9th & 16th: as it is, "Ring the Bell" for the Salvation Army.  We have 2 dates; 4 hour shifts each at the food court in the mall.  Please sign up ASAP.
A man wants to become a bell-ringer, but has no arms. So he tells the priest of his wish, but the priest says: "How can you be our bell-ringer without arms?" He replied "Arms? Who needs 'em!" So the arm-less guy runs to the top of the bell tower, and starts ringing the bell with his face, making beautiful music. Unfortunately, he misses the last note, and falls from the bell tower. A bunch of parishioners gather around him, asking: "Who is this guy?" The priest says: "I don't know, but his face rings a bell."
Happy Dollars included Rachel who gave because God is good and it's Paula's birthday tomorrow. Paula gave because it was Maury’s birthday yesterday. Maury gave so we would stop singing to him......we didn't😃 We sang happy birthday to Paula and Maury. I will bet it was a spectacular rendition of Happy Birthday.
Today’s Guest Speaker was Jane Lockhart from UX Design.  Jane talked about knowing customers’ needs for their website, "Content Strategy"  These are a few things UX Design are involved with.
Wireframes and Prototypes
Both wireframes and functional prototypes allow UX designers to get a website, mobile app, or physical product into user’s hands quickly to gauge early feedback that will inform future design and development decisions.
User Research
UX designers start by understanding the user. A task flow analysis, or user journey map, is a key deliverable in the research phase that is used to inform the initial wireframe.
Light UI Design
Paired with UI designers, UX informs how design elements like color, hierarchy, texture, shape, images, typography, and composition support the underlying user experience. This often involves moving low-fidelity to high-fidelity designs.
Q: How can a pants pocket be empty and still have something in it?
Want the answer, read next week’s Newsletter.
****  Last week’s Riddle answer,  They were facing each other.

Frank Toepp won the drawing and will be sending Benny a ticket for an around the world tour. That Frank is a real sweetheart!
As for your Little Old Editor, he will not be returning until November 29, 2017.  I know that is a real heart breaker for most of you but be strong I shall return!
Thanks to Rachel Barnhard for all she does for Rotary.
Don’t forget to be Rotarians and sign up to help as needed.
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Oct 22, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting
October 19, 2017
Roseland Rotary is Back home again at the Waterford Lodge.  It always feels good to get back home. There were 16, including our speaker, in attendance for today’s meeting. Even with several members out of town there was still an average number in attendance.  Attendance is still under 50%. This usually means between 14 and 15 members in attendance for a meeting.

Confucius say… worm that falls asleep in King Arthur’s apple will wake up in middle of knight.

Guest Speaker: Gavin Ferlic, Elevate Adventures
Gavin talked about Elevate Adventures and how it funds small business owners in Northern Central Indiana. Elevate Ventures (, a venture development organization that manages the 21st Century Fund for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) and provides assistance, access to capital, and other resources to startups, announced earlier this month the official launch of the Regional Entrepreneurship Action Plan (REAP). The REAP is a regional initiative that supports innovation, entrepreneurial activity and associated economic growth opportunities throughout the northern regions of Indiana. With $7.95M already committed from regional and state funders, the REAP aims to raise a total of $18M, which will be distributed over the next three years.
November 21st: Thanksgiving Meals donated to Roseland people in need. We need shoppers/packers/delivery help. Please call Winnie Farquhar for details on how you can help 574-520-9060. Come on, this is why we are Rotarians.
December 16: Salvation Army "Ringing of the bell" will take place inside the mall food court. Volunteers needed. Please mark this date on your calendar and make time for Rotary and one of the better charities.  More information will be forthcoming.

I fear one day I'll meet God, he'll sneeze and I won't know what to say

Your Little Old Editor is in Florida and will not be back until around the first of December. Thanks to Rachel Bernhard for taking notes and forwarding them to me in such a timely manner.
Missed you Benny and your riddles! Rachel Bernhard
See someone missed the riddles!
Two camels were facing in opposite directions. One was facing due East and one was facing due West. They were in the desert so there was no reflection. How can they manage to see each other without walking around or turning around or moving their heads? 
Go and be good Rotarians.
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Oct 12, 2017
Roseland Rotary Visits the Kroc Center

Roseland Rotary held its weekly meeting at the Kroc Center Downtown South Bend. Those in attendance were treated to a delightful luncheon which included a dessert.  It’s been a long time since we have had dessert at a luncheon meeting. After lunch and a short presentation, members were taken on a tour of this fine facility.  Members commented on how clean and well organized the center was.  There were 12 members and one guest plus our speaker attending today's event.

An elderly man is stopped by the police around 2 a.m. and is asked where he is going at this time of night. The man replies, "I am on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late." The officer then asks, "Really? Who is giving that lecture at this time of night?"
The man replies, "That would be my wife."

Do to time restraints there were no happy dollars, fines, announcements or any other business conducted at today’s meeting.

Reminder, next week’s meeting is back home at the Waterford Lodge.
Today’s speaker was Paul Szrom, Director of Development Salvation Army.  Most of us were surprised to find out the Kroc center has over 6,000 members.  Paul showed us a short video which included some of the history and the story of the South Bend Kroc Center.  He then went on to give us a little quiz about the Center.  Our only guest for the day won a prize for the most correct answers.  Your Little Old Editor did very well as he was sitting next to George Stump who was very knowledgeable on the subject.  Many people were instrumental in getting the Kroc Center built in South Bend. No other small cities have been able to do so.  One very important person was Father Ted Hesburgh who just happened to be a close friend to Joan Kroc.  Joan Kroc once asked Father Ted why he was so interested in the Center as it was not of his religion.  His answer was simple, “when it comes to serving the poor there is no argument”.

South Bend's Kroc Center is something we can all be proud of and something we all should support.  The service provided and the benefits realized are immeasurable.

What is tall when it is young and short when it is old?

Confucius say: Man who stand on toilet is high on pot!

Have a great week Rotarians
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Oct 05, 2017
Roseland Rotary Weekly Newsletter
October 5, 2017
In an effort to keep Roseland Rotary’s Newsletter fresh, you will notice a few changes. We will want your input as to what you like and don’t like about the newsletter.  It has always been my intent to keep the letter light and fun. I have always found it hard to read most newsletters because they are too wordy and to technical. To this end I have tried to keep it easy to read. Some may consider it not formal enough but, what I have found is too many formal letters go unread. So in an attempt to boost readership I have deviated from the norm.
Please note, this week’s meeting was held at the Waterford Lodge, the home of Roseland Rotary. Please note, next weeks meeting will be held at the Kroc Center in downtown South Bend.
How can the number four be half of five?  The answer at next weeks meeting.
Besides our valuable members we had quite a few visitors today.  Chuck Burke a firefighter from Iowa was in for last week’s Notre Dame game and stayed over. He stopped in to do a make-up meetings. Chuck has been in Rotary 17 years and has 100% attendance. Not bad when you consider he is on duty for three weeks in a row and unable to attend meeting during that time. Also in attendance was Rotary friends Dick Jankowski, Al Brasseur and Kristian Walker.
 REMINDER, next week’s meeting is at the KROC Center.  To-date we only have a few Roseland Rotarians signed up.  We need member support, we don’t want the club to be embarrassed by a low turn out. Please call or text Dave Keck, Paula Sours or your Little Old Editor of your plans to attend. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ATTEND.
David Keck filled in for President Paul Sours as Paula is teaching a class at Saint Mary’s and can’t get to the start of our meetings. Despite this Paula still manages to make the meetings but just a little late.  She is dedicated and we most appreciate  her. 
Winnie Farquhar reminded everyone it is almost Thanksgiving Basket time.  She will be reporting on this at future meetings.  Joe Maloney will again be assessing all members to help cover the cost of the baskets.  Welcome back Joe!
What do you call a man that lost all of his intelligence?
A widow.
Happy David Keck collected dollars and paid the first one in honor of our Speaker Logan Haney. Frank Toepp also paid a dollar in honor of our speaker. Logan Haney paid $10.00 in honor of Roseland Rotary, what a deal.  Don Kulwicki was happy it was such a nice day, yes it is! Guest, Chuck Burke paid $10.00 because he likes us. What’s not to like!  George No Pin Stump paid for, you guesed it, no pin.  Joe Maloney is glad to be back so that was another dollar.  We should have Joe tell us all about his trip. Al Veldman paid $10.00 because he can.  Bill Brennen is happy for David Keck getting so many good speakers.  We all appricate the great job David does for Roseland Rotary.  Ben Bendit was happy for all the guests in attednance. Cliff Witkowski was happy and proud of his daughter now living in Florida.  She works at a nursing facility across the street from the home where a number of patient’s died after the huricane hit Florida.  She is the one that alerted police to have them check on the residents.  If it had not been for her quick action it is possible many more would have parished. This lady should be a Rotarian!
David Keck had the privilage of introducing our speaker Logan Haney Director of Communications and Fund Raising for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Saint Joseph County.  David has known Logan since she was a little girl and has watched her grow into the beautiful personable person she is today.  David had nothing to do with this. Logan is a graduate of Penn High School and Indiana Univerity, Bloomington.  Logan has a boyfriend, so forget it, and two dogs.  After graduation she went to work for a Fortune 500 company but found it to be without personality.  Several weeks ago she started with the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.
Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs have been around for 100 years and the Saint Joseph County Club since 1970.  Club kids are called members and 94% are 12 years or younger, 79% are minorities, 52% are from a single parent household and 10% have experienced homelessness.  54% of kids say the Club saved their lives, wow. As of this date they are providing services for some 1, 500 kids.
For more detailed information please go to their website at Boys and Girls Club of Saint Joseph County
Why do men like smart women?
Opposites attract.
It was flu shot time at the Roseland Rotary and many in attendance including guests took advantage of the chance.  Waterford employees also took this opportunity to get their annual shot. Christian Walker from the Granger CVS store administered the inoculations.  He did a great job as I felt nothing when he shot me.  It looked like Frank Toepp may have flinched a little.
Al Veldman won the weekly drawing and will be buying something really nice for his wife?
Why did God create man first?
Because he needed a rough working model before creating the perfect specimen of the species
Go into this new week and ask yourself,
Go into this new week and ask yourself, “what can I do to help!”
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Sep 29, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 28, 2017
After Hours at the Saint Mary’s Inn.

Roseland Rotary held its weekly meeting as an afterhours meeting at the Saint Mary’s Inn.  Ten loyal Rotarians and five guests attended the meeting and a good time was had by all.  We were hoping to see more of our members that find it hard to attend lunch meetings, but still it was a success. Some commented, “we should do this more often.” Hard to beat stimulating conversation with a group of great people.  Oh Ya, the food and adult beverages wasn’t bad either. 

Reminder, Flu shots next week.  Please remember to bring your health insurance cards with you.

David Keck invited prospective new member Matthew Kikey to the meeting. Matt met many of our members and got to know some of us a little better.  Hopefully, he will see fit to join our club.

A doctor tells a woman she can no longer touch anything alcoholic. So she gets a divorce.

Winnie Farquhar attended and seems to be walking much better.  Nice to see her making good progress. Lyman Samuel and his beautiful wife Cathy were in attendance.  Cathy is still moving rather slowly but she looked great and it was good to see her, you to Lyman.  David Keck escorted his lovely bride Karen to our little gathering. Jay Harwood attended and we got to hear news about the Roseland Rotary Hole-in-One Contest. Much was discussed regarding the event and what can be done to improve upon it.  Jay also reported little to no damage to his place in Florida.  Frank Toepp and his lovely better half Rosemary were in attendance. Al Veldman reports Elizabeth is doing well and was sorry she had to miss seeing everyone.  We miss you Elizabeth! Paula Sours and her husband Tom were in attendance.  Tom doesn’t look any worse for all the wear and tear inflicted upon the poor man. He loves it!  Bill Brennen, Don Kulwicki and Ben Bendit also attended and enjoyed themselves immensely. 

I got drunk last night and my house wasn't where I left it.

Remember meeting at the Kroc Center in two weeks.

When you are over the hill, you pick up speed.
Note, all photos can be viewed at

A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory.

There was not a Million Dollar drawing at today’s meeting.
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Sep 21, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 21, 2017
It was a warm sunny day in Roseland Indiana, as warm as the hearts of Roseland Rotary Club members. How was that for an opening? Thanks to the Waterford Lodge for another job well done. I do wish they could put out some Ice Tea for our luncheon, how much can Ice Tea cost? We had 13 amazing Rotarians in attendance for another outstanding Roseland Rotary meeting.

REMINDER, Next week’s meeting is an After Hours meeting at the Saint Mary’s Inn.  Start time is 5:30pm, with a cash bar, hors d’oeuvres, and meeting at 6:00pm.  Your spouse is welcome and you can bring a guest.

Should you be having difficulties viewing the Newsletter, or for some reason you wish to print a copy, you might be better served if you went to our web page.  The newsletter is formatted better on the web page which makes it easier to view, read and print.  Click on the following,

Why are buildings called buildings if they're finished? Shouldn't they be called builts?

It was good to have President Paula Sours back after her brief illness.  Paula was a little late but showed up a huffing, puffing and with some sweat running down her forehead. Seems our dedicated President had to run back and forth around St. Mary’s Campus in order to make our meeting.  Dedicated! 

REMINDER, October 5th are Flu shots following our regular meeting. You will need to bring your insurance card with you to this meeting.

Joe Maloney is in Europe running around trying his best to communicate in German. He and Cindy are visiting their daughter and their new grandchild in Austria. They will be touring Europe for a couple of weeks following their visit. Wishing them a great time and hope they get the food they order and directions to where they want to go.

REMINDER, October 12th is our lunch meeting at the KROC Center.  You will need to sign up for this meeting.  If you have not already done so please let David Keck or Paula Sours know you will be attending.

David, Happy Man, Keck collected Happy Dollars and fines with his usual robust full exuberance.  Wally Johnson was happy his condo suffered no hurricane damage.  Frank Toepp is happy his youngest son is also touring Europe. I am not sure how to respond to that!  Ben Bendit is happy his Florida place suffered no damage. Cliff Witowski was happy to see Paula Sours, amen to that. Al Veldman was happy his daughter, in Clearwater Florida, only had a fence blow down.  He was happy the Gazebo he built for her is still standing and with no damage. David Keck paid a dollar for putting up with Al.  Al paid a dollar to get rid of David. 

If 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40, why can't Thursday be the new Friday?

Al Veldman passed out membership directories to anyone who did not have one.  Ben Bendit announced he will be putting together a new directory. He also noted  the attendance records are up to date in Club Runner and we may have a report next week. 

Q: If a plane crashed on the Canada/USA border, where would the survivors be buried? Answer at next week’s meeting.

David Keck introduced our speaker Heather Goralski Senior Sales Specialist, Event Management University of Notre Dame.  As a side note, Heather will be the incoming president of South Bend Rotary Club. Heather’s main focus is the new Cross Roads facility and its many amenities including renting of these facilities. I personally lost count after the 23 restaurants, bars, suites, balconies and rooms that are available in this complex. Many of these overlook the field and are for a variety of events all of which Heather is in charge of.  This place is really something special.

For her presentation she brought a slide show picturing the various facilities, and the stadium.  It’s unbelievable all that is contained within these huge structures. Venues are available for events such as Sports Lovers Experience, Dinner on the 50 yard line, Cocktails on the Concourse, Fantasy Football Draft Party’s, Pro for a Day, Weddings, Wedding Photos, Personalized Notre Dame Stadium Tours and much much more.

Maybe Roseland Rotary should consider a tour and a lunch at the Cross Roads. Do we have a 1842 Club member in our club?

A thief stuck a pistol in a man's ribs and said, "Give me your money." The gentleman, shocked by the sudden attack, said, "You cannot do this, I'm a congressman!" The thief replied, "In that case, give me MY money!"

Why do Chinese men eat more rice than Japanese men?  Answer at next week’s meeting.

David Keck won today’s drawing and has generously donated the funds needed to build a new high rise hotel to be called the Roseland Rotary Hotel.

Go forth Rotarians and exaggerate not!

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 21, 2017 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-09-21 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Sep 14, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 14, 2017
Today was a little gloomy, some fog but not at the Roseland Rotary lunch meeting where everyone in attendance was sharp as a tack. Our friends at the Waterford Lodge were ready, as always, to take good care of their local Rotary Club.  It’s hard to believe that it is the middle of September already.  It won’t be too long before the Snowbirds start their annual migration. Today we had 15 members and our speaker in attendance.

A man pulls up to the curb and asks the policeman, "Can I park here?"
"No," says the cop.
"What about all these other cars?"
"They didn't ask!"

Speaking of Florida, all our members and their family members survived Hurricane Erma very well.  Wally Johnson reports no damage at all to his place. Al Veldman reports his daughter had nothing other than some fence damaged. Tom Hickey reported that his three children, all living in the path of Erma, were safe and suffered no damage.  Ben Bendit reported only a broken decorative window shutter. A lot of lucky people and a lot of prayers answered.

Bob Sones filled in for President Paula Sours as Paula is under the weather.  This has nothing to do with a hurricane.  Dave Keck gave the prayer and Bob led us in the pledge and four way test.

A man is found murdered on a Sunday morning. His wife calls the police, who question the wife and the staff, and are given the following alibis: 
the wife says she was sleeping, 
the butler was cleaning the closet, 
the gardener was picking vegetables, 
the maid was getting the mail, and 
the cook was preparing breakfast. 
Immediately, the police arrest the murderer. 
Who did it and how did the police know?
Dollar Bill Dave Keck collected happy dollars and fines and did it with much gusto. Bill Brennen was happy to be moved into his new apartment.  Frank Toepp was happy the sun just popped out.  Don Kulwicki was fined for no pin as was George Stump.  Morey Rosen was happy the Cubs won big time yesterday.  Wally Johnson fined for no pin but happy his condo was not damaged.  Ben Bendit was happy his place suffered no damage.  Al Veldman was happy his grandson has just been signed to play for the Anaheim Ducks in the NHL. This is very cool!  Rachel Bernhard is just happy to be here and we very happy to have her. Bob Sones is happy to be a part of this distinguished group.  Really Bob, "distinguished!"  As I think about it I guess we are distinguished, maybe even very distinguished. Tom Hickey was happy his 3 kids are safe.  We are with you on that one Tom!

The local sheriff was looking for a deputy, so Gomer - who was not exactly the sharpest nail in the bucket went in to try out for the job. "Okay," the sheriff drawled, "Gomer, what is 1 and 1?" "11" he replied. The sheriff thought to himself, "That's not what I meant, but he's right." "What two days of the week start with the letter 'T'?" "Today and tomorrow." He was again surprised that Gomer supplied a correct answer that he had never thought of himself. "Now Gomer, listen carefully: Who killed Abraham Lincoln?" Gomer looked a little surprised himself, then thought really hard for a minute and finally admitted, "I don't know." "Well, why don't you go home and work on that one for a while?" So, Gomer wandered over to the pool hall where his pals were waiting to hear the results of the interview. Gomer was exultant. "It went great! First day on the job and I'm already working on a murder case!"
David Keck introduced our speaker Tim Corbet of the Special Crimes Unit who is running for St. Joseph County Sheriff.  Officer Corbet has been a police officer for 42 years and does not plan on retiring anytime soon.  He is presently commander of the Metro Homicide unit for the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office.  He served in the South Bend Police Department as a homicide detective for many years before moving over to the Prosecutor’s Office.
Tim discussed his duties and answered a variety of questions from our members including questions concerning gang violence, murders etc. One question was on using his firearm.  He noted that he has shot 4 people in the line of duty, two died and two were wounded.  Tim wish’s no one would ever have to go through a shooting and would never have to shot anyone.  Tim is a hardnosed cop and not much for political correctness.  Most of us applaud him for that. This is one you should not have missed.

A policeman stops a lady and asks for her license. He says "Lady, it says here that you should be wearing glasses."
The woman answered "Well, I have contacts."
The policeman replied "I don't care who you know! You're getting a ticket!"
A man murders his wife with a knife in their car. Nobody is around to see this. 
He throws her out of the car being careful not to leave any fingerprints on her body. 
Next he throws the knife off of a cliff into a gorge where it will never be found and he goes home. 
An hour later the police call him and tell him that his wife has been murdered and he needs to come to the scene of the crime immediately. 
As soon as he arrives, he is arrested. 
How did they know he did it?

Erin Bonin won the drawing and will be buying property in Key West rather cheaply.  Her winnings will go to build the Bonin Estate of Key West. 
Confucius say… prisoner who paints in jail, will have brush with the law.

Rotarians go into the day and be bright light.
PS, Your Little Old Editor apologizes for all the filler jokes and will refrain from doing in future publications, maybe!
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 14, 2017 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-09-14 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Sep 07, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 7, 2017
Today’s meeting was held in the stage end of the lounge at the Waterford Lodge.  Waterford had a rather large meeting taking place in our regular meeting room.  As usual the Waterford did an outstanding job of taking care of the Roseland Rotary Club.  They served ravioli, mixed vegetables, salad and bread sticks for lunch. Our servers and the staff helped your Little Old Editor when called upon to do so, thanks to the staff at the Waterford.

Did you know that Wally Johnson was a diamond thief and did time for his escapades?  Ask him about it when you have the chance. Al Veldman brought in an old picture of his dad riding in a parade back in Holland. If Al would stop by the office with that picture I would try and enlarge it for him.  There you go Al another deal.

A tomato dad, mother, and son are walking in a street. The tomato son falls behind. The big father tomato walks back to the baby tomato, stomps on him, and yells, "Ketchup!"

Frank Toepp got the meeting started with a prayer followed by the pledge and the four way test.

Joe Maloney spoke about the up-coming Rotary Foundation Dinner next month. Joe will be driving to Fort Wayne along with Paula Sours and anyone interested in attending.  If you’re interested please let Joe or Paula know.  Joe also mentioned that a check for $500 has been sent to Rotaries Hurricane Harvey’s relief fund.  It looks like we could possibly be voting on another $500 for Hurricane Erma.

What did the Zen Buddist say to the hotdog vendor? Make me one with everything

Al Veldman presented us with a plaque that will be placed outside the classroom that we painted for El Campito pre school.  Nice job Al! 

Ben Bendit noted there will be no answers for last week’s riddle as he forgot them. At this point in the meeting this announcement was met with great applause by the membership. Seems they are trying to say something, wonder what?

Have you heard about the cannibal that passed his brother in the forest?

Happy Dave Keck collected Happy Dollars including one from Frank Teopp who was happy for something, Jason Taege no pin and Bill Brennen was happy his move is over. Wally Johnson is just happy. We will see if he is still happy after this weekend! Winnie Farquhar is happy the doctor said she should be back to normal by Thanksgiving.  Good for Winnie!  Joe Maloney is happy he will be leaving soon to visit with his daughter in Austria.  Joe will be traveling extensively throughout Europe after visiting his daughter.  Happy Travels Joe and Cindy! Ben Bendit was just happy for now. Don Kulwicki was happy ND won its first game.  Paula Sours is looking forward to meeting her new granddaughter as soon as it decides the time is right. Morey Rosen’s wife was on TV yesterday so this morning Morey asked her for her autograph. He didn’t get breakfast and dinner is in doubt.  Winnie Farquhar suggested Dave Keck pay a dollar for the large picture of him posted in the dining area.  Dave thanked Benny For that Honor. Paula Sours and her husband are in a local video and should pay many dollars for that. She sure gets that poor guy into more stuff.

With pointed fangs I sit and wait; with piercing force I crunch out fate; grabbing victims, proclaiming might; physically joining with a single bite. What am I?

Our speaker today was none other then the incomparable, stupendous, irresistible, flamboyant Benny C Bendit from PhotoLeadership, LLC, DBA Ben’s Hang-Ups. The talk was entitled, “All you didn’t want to know about Photography.”

We have had three photographers in to speak over the past 2 ½ years so Ben decided to talk about the technical side of the camera. His talk was inspiring, beneficial and mesmerizing to all in attendance.  No need to say more!

Joe Maloney won the drawing just in time to pay for his trip.

Venture into the world Rotarians and help where needed.
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 31, 2017
Roseland Rotary meeting August 31, 2017
Roseland Rotary was honored with 12 outstanding members, one guest and our speaker all in attendance for a nice lunch and great information.  
What's a turkey's favorite song? "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"
Did you know Al Veldman lost a hearing aid last week at the Roseland Rotary Board Meeting?  He has no idea what was going on or what was happening.  Some say it was hard to tell the difference!  Al is in the process of remodeling his living room and kitchen.  In reality, Al has hired someone to do the work.  Al says Elizabeth has suggested he leave the house more often.  I think her words were something like, “get out”.  Yes remodeling can be so much fun! Dr Frank Toepp just grew 2 inches, literally over night.  He is now another 3 inches taller than David Keck. Good to know that Franks back surgery went well.  
 A cowbell is what you call a lovely Southern cow.”
Rachel Bernhard called prior to the meeting to say her dad died and she will not be in attendance.  Our prayers go out to Rachel and her family during these very stressful times.
One spelling mistake can destroy your life! 
A husband wrote a message to his wife on his official trip and forgot to add 'e' at the end of a word... 
"I am having such a wonderful time! Wish you were her..!"
Joe Maloney will be announcing more about the upcoming World Affairs Conference and the RYLA program at future meetings. Joe mentioned  Rotary District 6200 will be having its Annual Foundation Dinner in Fort Wayne this year. Anyone wanting to attend should contact Joe.  He will be in contact with the South Bend Club to see if they might be getting a bus to make the trip. The cost is $120 per person which includes a $60 donation to the Foundation. More to follow on the Foundation Dinner.
I run all around the pasture but never move.  What am I?
Roseland Rotary voted to send a check for $500 to Rotary District 6200 foundation for Hurricane Harvey Relief.  Another wonderful good deed by the Roseland Rotary Club. Individuals can donate though Rotary by sending donations to, Hurricane Relief Rotary District 6200, 2266 South College Road Ext. Suite C, Lafayette, Louisiana 70508.
Confucius say: Man who run in front of car get tired
Roseland Rotary will be purchasing T-shirts for the Hawthorn Elementary Volleyball team.  They have not had new shirts in over 12 years.  Way to go Roseland Rotary!
Confucius say: Man who run behind car get exhausted
Would you like to go to Argentina? District 6540 is giving you that opportunity through our Rotary Friendship Exchange program. Want to find out more, please call Carol Strandling 219-863-7821.
 How far can a fox run into a grove?

Happy Dollar David Keck did his usual rounds collecting hundreds in fines and happy dollars. Dr. Frank Toepp was happy he gained 2 inches in height as a result of back surgery.  Winnie Farquhar was happy to report her leg is getting better. Don, no pin, Kulwicki paid a fine. Maybe we should take up a collection and buy Don a pin then attach it to his badge so he has it every week.  Let’s not tell George Stump about this! Erin Bonin is happy she is going to see her Mom and 93 year old Grandma in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Good thing to do now before the weather gets colder.  Bob Sones is happy for Frank Toepp. Al Veldman is happy he can still keep track of all his family members.  Al has a great family and it’s always good to hear about their exploits. Ben Bendit was happy he got to take photos of Dave Keck for Keck’s Facebook page.  Joe Maloney no pin.  Morey Rosen was happy the Cubs swept the Pirates. Someone get the man a ticket to the World Series already!
Confucius say: Man who get hit by car, get that run down feeling
Today’s speaker was Jennifer L. Vanderveen, Attorney, Certified as an Elder Law Attorney.
As an Elder Law attorney for Tuesley Hall Konopa, LLP, Jennifer counsels clients in the areas of special needs trusts, guardianships, veteran’s benefits, Medicaid benefits, and probate. Her elder law services include:
• creating complex long term care asset protection plans for both Medicaid and Veteran’s benefit eligibility;
• analyzing tax implications of trusts, tax deferred assets, and real estate transactions;
• counseling clients on fiduciary duties as powers of attorney, guardians, and trustees;
• drafting complex estate plans, including special needs and disability planning and defective grantor trusts;
• completing Medicaid and veterans benefits applications for both nursing home and disability cases;
• managing contested and non-contested guardianship cases, probate estates, and trust administrations;
• preparation of gift, estate, trust and individual income tax returns;
• representing clients before the United States Tax Court;
• and drafting memoranda and pleadings in support of family law litigation.
Thanks to Jennifer for a very informative presentation. Most of us should be considering all the points Jennifer touched upon.
A young man saw an elderly couple sitting down to lunch at McDonald's. He noticed that they had ordered one meal, and an extra drink cup. As he watched, the gentleman carefully divided the hamburger in half, then counted out the fries, one for him, one for her, until each had half of them. Then he poured half of the soft drink into the extra cup and set that in front of his wife. The old man then began to eat, and his wife sat watching, with her hands folded in her lap. 
The young man decided to ask if they would allow him to purchase another meal for them so that they didn't have to split theirs. The old gentleman said, "Oh, no. We've been married 50 years, and everything has always been and will always be shared, 50/50." The young man then asked the wife if she was going to eat, and she replied, 
"Not yet. It's his turn with the teeth.
OK, so nobody said they were good jokes!
Benny Bendit won the drawing for the second week in a row and has no idea what to do with his new found fortune.
Be a good Rotarian and come to a meeting, we miss you!
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 24, 2017
Roseland Rotary meeting August 24, 2017
South Bend‘s weather might have been gloomy this day but not so at the Roseland Rotary meeting.  We had 12 famous Roseland Rotarians, one outstanding guest and our dynamic speaker present for an incredible lunch at the marvelous Waterford Lodge.  


Outstanding Rotarian Lyman Samuels was in attendance today.  Everyone was happy to see our old friend looking well.

Q: If an electric train is going east at 60 miles an hour and there is a strong westerly wind, which way does the smoke from the train drift?

President Paula Sours called the meeting to order, Bill Brennen led the prayer and Paula led the pledge and Four Way Test.  Paula announced that Frank Toepp was having surgery on his back either today or Friday. Paula was not sure which hospital Frank would be having his surgery at. Winnie Farquhar was not in attendance due to complications with her leg injury.  Prayers go out to and for our hurting Rotarians.


On October 12th the Roseland Rotary lunch meeting will be held at the Kroc Center.  Please mark your calendar accordingly.  More to come on this meeting.

The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.
Ronald Reagan

On October 5th CVS will be at our meeting to administer Flu shots to members and their families.  This will take place right after our regular meeting. You will need your insurance cards, so please do not forget.

Joe Maloney announced he will be starting to work with Clay High School on Roseland Rotaries annual RYLA program and conference programs.  Joe is looking for volunteers to help this year.  More information will be forthcoming.

Confucius say… man who wants pretty nurse, must be patient.

Dave, Happy Dollar, Keck collected from Morey Rosen because the Cub’s will sweep tonight.  Ben Bendit paid but I can’t remember for what. Lyman Samuel paid $10 for missing meetings.  This is why we like Lyman so much, besides he’s fun!  Don Kulwicki, George Stump and Jay Harwood paid for having no pin.  Bill Brennen is happy for family coming to visit this next week.  Joe Maloney visited Chicago last week and saw a sign on the South Side, “place of first nuclear explosion”. Morey Rosen pointed out it was set off by a Cub fan! Al Veldman was happy his grandson is getting married this weekend. Al sure goes to a lot of weddings and birthdays!  Dave Keck paid a dollar for insulting Al. Nothing new there! Somehow Dave avoided the naughty chair.  The naughty chair is where a bad Rotarian can be placed if they misbehave. I personally don’t think there is enough chairs in our meeting room to handle this.

Q: What’s full of holes but still holds water?

Paula Sours introduced our speaker Kayla Holdread from Weeping Willow Photography.  Kayla is a graduate of the Spark program and was once mentored by our own Paula Sours.  Kayla is a professional photographer located in downtown South Bend.  Her specialties include portrait, wedding, senior portraits and baby portraits.  She is also involved in business and other forms of photography.  Her talk today was on Photography and your business. A lesson on how professional photography can help a business and poor photos can hurt a business.

Unfortunately we ran out of time and did not have time to answer all the many questions members had.
The quickest way to make money at photography is to sell your camera.

Ben Bendit won today’s drawing and will be buying Trump Tower’s in New York City. Unfortunately, Ben did not receive the money and was unable to do so!

Confucius say… balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.
Answers to this weeks riddles will be answered at next weeks meeting.

Remember Rotarians, “it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?”
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 24, 2107 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-08-24 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 17, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 17, 2017
Roseland Rotarians met at the Waterford Lodge for another day of fellowship, food, entertainment and good information.  Most impressive is the 18 members in attendance for today’s meeting, and I believe 18 are the most in a long time. For all those Roseland Rotarians who missed today’s meeting, you were sorely missed. We hope you can join us for another outstanding Roseland Rotary meeting soon. Today’s menu included salad, mixed vegetables, rice and stuffed cabbage.

Q: Which months have 29 days in them? 
A: All of them.

Wally Johnson is back from his boating cruise and reported a few problems with the yacht.  He was still able to complete the cruise and have a good time.  Don Kulwicki is back from his motorcycle trip out West.  Don bravely faced 130 degree temperatures and some of the hardest rainfall he has ever faced. Glad to have him back in one piece.  Winnie Farquhar was back today after suffering a fall while on her Disney Cruise with the family.  Winnie put a big gash in her leg but was lucky no bones were broken. Still she had a great time cruising with the family.  Winnie also took a trip to California to visit her 98 year old brother on his birthday.  He will be visiting for the Notre Dame, Navy game this year. He was a combat pilot in WWII, Korea and VietNam.  Winnie’s dad lived to be 102 and her mother into her late 90s. I hope all of us can make it to Winnie’s 100th birthday party.  Dr Frank Toepp will be having surgery next week.  His doctors say its minor surgery.  Frank says doctors may call it minor but patients don’t see it that way. We will keep you in our prayers Frank.
President Paula Sours presented Jay Harwood with the Distinguished Robert L. Garvey Award. Well deserved Jay!

Kobe Bryant wears the number 24 to remind himself about how many seconds he has to hog the ball.

By-the-way, last week I wished Frank Toepp a happy birthday.  It was not his birthday it was his lovely wife Rosemary’s birthday. Belated Happy Birthday Rosemary.  Evidently Frank does not want any more birthdays than he already has!

Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

A few announcements from President Paula Sours.  Roseland Rotary’s meeting on September 28 is tentatively scheduled for an evening meeting. October twelfth lunch meeting is tentatively scheduled at the Kroc Center.  After lunch there will be tour of the center. Anyone with special diet needs, for these meetings, please call David Keck.  More information to come.

Jay Harwood reported on the Hole In One Contest and thanked Roseland Rotarians for the work they did in helping to make the event a success. $25,000 was raised and will go towards Kroc Center scholarships for needy children.  Jay also discussed some of the problems and some of the needs for next year’s event.  This was the first year for the event and there were some growing pains. Even so, it was a successful event.

Answers to last week’s riddles were, keyboard and casket. Joe Maloney got the keyboard answer but called it a typewriter. Had Tom Hickey been in attendance I am sure he would have got the other answer.  We do miss you Tom.

Instead of "the John," I call my toilet "the Jim." That way it sounds better when I say I go to the Jim first thing every morning.

Happy Dave Keck fined Bob Sones for his phone going off during the meeting. Bob also was very happy Winnie was back.  Joe Maloney was happy to have a new granddaughter.  Dave Kulwicki was glad to be back after his 2,000 mile ride out west with the Tired Butt Association. Now that is a very inventive name for a motorcycle club. Wally Johnson was real glad to be back.  George Stump no pin. Ben Bendit was happy for such a good attendance. Cliff Witkowski was happy for the Hole-In-One contest. Al Veldman was happy for what Cliff was happy for. Winnie Farquhar was happy her injury was no worse than it was.  Jay Harwood was happy his daughter‘s wedding went well.  Erin Bonin told a joke about toilet paper crossing a street.  You had to be there, she got lots of laughs. Morey Rosen told a joke about an electrician pushing the up button and getting lost in the attic. You had to be there, just saying! The result of this story was a dollar fine. Meetings are not the same when Morey’s not there.

At the thought of personal injury Your Little Old Editor apologized to Erin Bonin for the picture in last week’s Newsletter. It is good to see that Erin has a good sense of humor, very good!

If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then lefties are the only ones in their right mind

Paula Sours introduced our speaker Jason Taege. Thanks to Jason for filling in at the last minute and doing an excellent job.  Jason has taken part in a Saturday morning, money matters, radio show on FM 95.3.  As a banker they have Jason on to bring a bankers perspective when discussing various money issues.  Jason discussed, with us, the problems associated with starting a new business.  He got the audience involved in the discussion which became very lively and informative. Great job Jayson!

A boy was at a carnival and went to a booth where a man said to the boy, "If I write your exact weight on this piece of paper then you have to give me $50, but if I cannot, I will pay you $50." The boy looked around and saw no scale so he agrees, thinking no matter what the carny writes he'll just say he weighs more or less. In the end the boy ended up paying the man $50. How did the man win the bet?

Bob Sones is on a roll as he has won another weekly drawing. Bob quickly turning his phone back on and ordered a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Confucius say… he who crosses ocean twice without washing is dirty double crosser.
Go forth Rotarians knowing you are needed in the world.
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 17, 2017 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-08-17 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 10, 2017
 Roseland Rotary Meeting August 10, 2017
Another fine meeting of the Roseland Rotary Club this sunny ThursdayWaterford Lodge has stepped up its food service and it is most appreciated by the Roseland Rotary members.  It would help if we could get better attendance for the meetings. Can’t say anything bad about today’s attendance, we had 16 members, one guest and our speaker. It was great to see all these members and get to talk to some of them.  They sure picked a good meeting to attend.  Today’s speaker was outstanding and grabbed everyone’s attention.  Today’s lunch was salad, green beans, fried potatoes and meatloaf.
I do miss my good friend Lyman Samuel and hope to see him soon.  Erin Bonin brought a guest, Marty Heirty to the meeting. I hope Marty enjoyed the presentation and fellowship. Nice job Erin! Sherri Salmons was in attendance to help our speaker with his slide presentation.
People in sleeping bags are the soft tacos of the bear world.
Bob Sones gave the prayer and President Paula Sours led us in the Pledge and Four Way Test.  Your Little Old Editor thought about leading us in song but chickened out. How lucky can Rotarians get?
I dressed up my dog as a mailman for Halloween. He bit himself.
I have keys but no locks. I have a space but no room. You can enter, but can’t go outside. What am I?
Our constitution protects aliens, drunks and U.S. Senators
Roseland Rotary’s Hole In One Contest was reported on by Joe Maloney. There was not a lot to report at this time. A meeting regarding the event should take place sometime next month. Joe also announced the Salvation Army wants us to sponsor the event again next year. This is great news for the Roseland Rotary.  A vote of the members present was taken and it was agreed to sponsor again next year.
Your Little Old Editor was unable to get around to all eight golf courses to take pictures and report on who was doing what.  It was reported to me that Jay Harwood and his lovely wife Sue worked a 12-hour shift at Erskine Golf Course.  Thanks to Jay and his better half for all they do for the Roseland Rotary.
Confucius say: Man who cut self while shaving, lose face.
Happy Dollar Keck collected from himself for the Golf Contest. Ben Bendit was happy for the attendance. Frank Toepp has a birthday this Sunday.  Happy Birthday Frank and I promise to try harder to properly pronounce your last name. Derek Hays was happy to be here and we were happy to see our old friend. Derek also forget to wear his pin. Joe Maloney was happy for something to do with Riddles. Paula Sours was happy to see everyone.  Bill Brennen was happy he visited a Chicago Rotary Club on Tuesday. Paula Sours was happy to hear from her son stationed in Dubai where it was 135 degrees. We are all happy not to be there!
What should you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?
The man who invented it doesn’t need it. The man who bought it doesn’t want it. The man who needs it doesn’t know. What is it?
Bill Brennen introduced our speaker Richard Pfeil President of Pfeil, Inc. A number of years ago the EPA cited South Bend for excessive water runoff into the river. South Bend sewer system includes Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross College.  Although much progress has been made and about 80% of the river has been cleaned up there still exists a water runoff problem. It was originally estimated the cost to fix the problems was about $2,000,000. The cost has now risen to One Billion dollars.
A little over 200,000 are connected to South Bends sewer system. About 28,000 South Bend residents live under the poverty line.  Do the math, 1,000,000,000 divided by 200,000 is what would be owed by every man woman and child living in South Bend and connected to the sewer system.  The EPA, based out of Chicago, could care less what this does to the city and its people.
South Bends Mayor must take the lead and get everyone concerned, including all the politicians, to try and reason with the EPA.  What will happen to property values, how many will move out of the city and how many will be unable to move?  If you owned a business would you move it to South Bend?
Thanks to Richard Pfeil for a very informative presentation.
 Confucius say, Woman can humiliate any man by simply saying, ”hold my purse”.
Today’s drawing winner was the inspirational Erin Bonin.  I thought I heard her say she was going to take the money and book a trip to Paris.
Go forth Rotarians and be tolerant of each other.
Meet Rachel, sent from Heaven to help out old Ben.
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 10, 2017 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-08-10 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 03, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 3, 2017

What a day at the Roseland Rotary lunch meeting. There were a group of famous Rotarians in attendance and some wonderful guests. We had some fun, got to meet interesting people and had lunch. By the way lunch was really good!

Q: Why did the athlete put his steak on top of the fridge? 
A: Because he was on a high protein diet.

Dave Keck gave today prayer and President Paula Sours led the Pledge and Four Way Test.  Still no song as a leader is hard to find in this group. Maybe we would get better attendance if we could find a Song Master. At least we would have one more in attendance.  Any Volunteers?

There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle.

                                              Roseland Rotary Hole in One Contest
This year’s Hole in One Contest was the first one attempted in support of the Salvation Army and the Kroc Center.  I would not say it was a great success but it was a learning expirence.  Roseland Rotarians showed up and did their usual great job of honoring their commitments. I can’t say that about some of the volunteers that failed to show up.  Some called to say they couldn’t make it and some just failed to show up. Not so with our Roseland Rotarians who showed up or called if they could not make it.

Joe Maloney reported on the Hole in One Contest and all the great publicity received by Roseland Rotary. It looks like with all the sponsors the contest raised about $25,000, mostly sponsor money. Joe and Paula will attend a debriefing within the next week or so and will report back to us.

Members working the contest included Bill Brennen, Morey Rosen, Frank Toepp, Cliff Witkowski, Derek Hayes, Paula Sours, David Keck, Al Veldman, Bob Sones and Benny Bendit.  A special thanks to Cindy Maloney for filling in for the entire day, Henry Veldman and David Giles Ben’s little grandson. Thanks to Joe Maloney for his tireless work to make this a reality.  Thanks to Jay Harwood for setting this program up for Roseland Rotary.

Joe Maloney reports that Erskine Golf Course had 3 holes in ones during the contest. Ben Bendit got to see the last Golfer of the day hit a hole in one on his second shot at the Elbel course. Roseland Rotary hats off to participant Ryan Lipinski for hitting the Hole in One shot at Elbel. It was too bad there was nothing awarded for that achievement.  Photo’s below!

Golfer: "I'd move heaven & earth to break 100 on this course." Caddy: "Try heaven; you've already moved most of the earth."

Happy Dave Keck, (speaker showed up), collected Happy Dollars. George Stump, no pin, Morey Rosen nothing today as Cubs not doing great the last few days. I hope they start doing well so we can get Morey for a few bucks. Cliff Witkowski was happy to work the contest and enjoyed
it very much. Joe Maloney was happy the weather was good for the contest and happy most people showed up.  Bob Sones was glad Jay Harwood put this together for the club. Joe Maloney was on TV and now enjoys great fame and notoriety.

A Cub fan, a Cardinal fan, and a Brewers fan are climbing a mountain and arguing about who loves his team more. The Brewers fan insists he's the most loyal. "This is for Milwaukee!" he yells and jumps off the side of the mountain. Not to be outdone, the Cubs fan is next to profess his love for his team. He yells, "This is for Chicago!" and pushes the Cardinal fan off the mountain.

A big person and a small person are going to fish. The big person is not the small person father but the small person is the big person's son. What is the relationship between the two?

Confucius say… cross eyed teacher cannot control pupils.

Paula Sours introduced our speaker Laura Jensen Executive Director El Campito. El Campito started because the children of migrant workers, who were working in the fields, were not going to any school. El Campito workers would drive to the fields and pick the children up and take them to a preschool setup by El Campito.  In 1984 their present location was donated to them and the program has flourished ever since.

There are approximately 21,000 children of preschool age in Saint Joseph County and about 68% have no place to go. Most cannot afford preschool services so don’t attend any formal schooling. In many cases these children are forced into inferior child care or no care at all. Think of a single mother forced to work and leave her 4 year old at home alone or with a neighbor. 

How important is good pre-schooling and after schooling programs? I will give you some numbers that are not accurate but demonstrates the problem. A study of thousands of preschool and after school programs done years ago, followed ½ the kids in preschool and ½ not getting preschool or participating in any after school programs.  You can guess the outcome and you would be correct. The ½ in preschool and after school programs went on to full productive lives while the other ½ fell into the ways of the streets. My presentation may not be as sensitive as the one Laura gave us but it is to the point.

El Campito is in need of advocates.  It costs money to run this program and they need all the help they can get.  Maybe Roseland Rotary can do another class room, just saying!

Confucius say… putting teenager in prison, won't stop his face from breaking out.

What is the worst vegetable to have on a ship? Answer at next weeks meeting.

Frank Toepp won this week’s Million Dollar drawing and said he will be buying a Cessna Citation Hemisphere to travel the world.

Remember, If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you!

Be a proud Rotarian and do something special for someone this week.
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 3, 2017 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-08-03 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jul 27, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 27, 2017
Roseland Rotary Rotarians were in an upbeat mood and ready for fun, good food and an informative meeting. Today we were served broiled chicken breast, mixed vegetables, fried potatoes and salad. Other than the fried potatoes the meal went right along with today’s program. We had 13 members, 2 guests and our 2 speakers in attendance. Norma Sheldon Account Executive for abc 57 news and Marci Taylor General Manager WSMK 99.1 were our two honored guests.
Don't trust atoms. They make up everything
Dr. Frank Toepp gave the Prayer, President Paula Sours lead the Pledge and Four Way Test. No songs again today but, maybe someday. Miss you Bob Eberhart!
Teacher: "Which book has helped you the most in your life?" 
Student: "My father's check book!"
Joe Maloney gave out Rotary shirts to everyone to wear when working the Hole in One Contest August 2nd.  To date we have 60 volunteers with about 15 from our club.  We sure could do better than 15 members helping out.  There will be an e-mail forthcoming indicating where you are to be and what time you will be working.  Roseland Rotary members will be working the tables collecting money and passing out Rotary Club information.  Work details last about 5 hours. As Joe said, “if you can’t see the shirts you must be blind.”
The more you take, the more you leave behind, What am I? Answer at next weeks meeting.
President Paula Sours thanked everyone for helping on the El Campito painting project.  This project is mostly completed except for some trim work which she said she will be completing this week. If you would like to help Paula please give her a call. My personal hats off to Tom Sours for all the work he did painting that very high ceiling. It did me in!
A teacher asks her class what their favorite letter is. A student puts up his hand and says 'G'. The teacher walks over to him and says, "Why is that, Angus?"
Happy Dollar Dave Keck was happy for the painting project and happy we ran out of paint. Keck was also happy for those that showed up.  This was seconded by all those that did show up.  Bill Brennen was happy for the good time he had in Chicago.  Tom Hickey was happy, “just because”. Dr. Frank Toepp was happy because his daughter’s anniversary party was a great success. Jason Taege paid because he had no Rotary pin. George Stump paid because he could not participate in the painting project. We have members that cannot do physical labor and everyone understands and has great respect for all those members.  Bob Sones celebrated, with a dollar, for all those that showed up and worked for such a worthwhile project. Al Veldman paid because he could have been hurt worse than he was when he fell. Now what is unique about Al, is he can fall from a squatting position and hurt himself. Joe Maloney said Elizabeth Veldman called and said after Al fell they took x-rays on Al’s head but found nothing!  $1.00 please!  
What occurs once in a month, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?  Answer at next weeks meeting.
An Italian mother says, "If you don't eat all the food on this plate, I'll kill you." A Jewish mother says, "If you don't eat all the food on this plate, I'll kill myself."
Today’s speakers were Anna Grcich and Nicole McKee from The WHOLEsome Package. Wholesome is healthy fast food for healthy people.  They manufacture and sell custom healthy meals. As of this date, the meals can be purchased at World Gym in Town & Country, Mishawaka and Rockstar Health & Performance in Osceola.  They produce a full menu of packaged health foods including Macro Meals, Chicken& Turkey, Beef & Pork, Seafood, Veggie, Keto Meals and a variety of side dishes.  They also produce Treats and Breakfast meals.
Anna and Nicole met at a Kick Boxing class and through a personal experience, soon seen a need for healthily foods. In May 2016 they started their business. Their package meals have been developed through trial and error. Today the business is still in its infancy but headed in the right direction. This is a tough business but with a little luck and all the hard work they put into it, success will come. We wish them all the luck and hopefully they will come back to speak to us again about their successful business.
Q: If you have 13 apples in one hand and 10 oranges in the other, what do you have? 
A: Big hands.
I told my wife I was going to make a bike out of spaghetti. She couldn't believe it when I rode pasta.
Bob Sones won today’s 50/50 drawing and will soon be receiving a letter from the IRS regarding their unfair share of the loot.
Did you know, More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call.
Have a great week Rotarians and remember, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jul 24, 2017
Roseland Rotary Special Bulletin
Saturday July 22, 2017 a few Roseland Rotarians gathered at the El Campito Pre- School to paint a classroom. Approximately 47 years ago, Igna and Concepcion Nino started El Campito as a Pre-School.  Around 2010 El Campito acquired their present location, a building that was formally St. Stevens Catholic School. Shortly thereafter they added an after-school program for students ages 5 to 12.    This building had been vacant for years and needed a lot of work. They up-dated each class room as needed to accommodate increased enrollment.  Recently El Campito found that they were forced to turn children away as they had no classrooms physically ready to accept additional students.  This is where Roseland Rotary comes in.  We volunteered to paint a classroom and get it ready for students. This is the kind of work Rotarians do to better a community and the lives of people.
So, we gathered our small crew of Rotarians and painted a classroom in dire need of paint. Paula and Tom Sours, Bill Brennen, Bob Sones, David Keck, Jason and his son Carson Taege, Autumn Kabzimski, Julie Miller and Ben Bendit were there at the designated time.  Your Editor is always good for about two hours of physical work and this day he managed about 2 ¾ hours before being done in.  When I left, there was still much work to be done but there were still Rotarians on the job.
A special thanks to all the outstanding Roseland Rotarians that again demonstrated that they know what Rotary is all about.  Roseland Rotary has many members that cannot participate in this type of physical labor.  Many members could not make it for one reason or another.  It is sad that those that could make it and are capable of helping, with a worthwhile Roseland Rotary project, choose not to participate.  Hopefully in the future they will find it in their hearts to lend a helping hand when called upon to do so.
These comments are those of the editor and in no way, reflect comments or opinions made by the Roseland Rotary Board of Directors or any of the Roseland Rotary members.
Roseland Rotary Special Bulletin Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-07-24 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jul 20, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 20, 2017
Roseland Rotary had a great lunch thanks to the Chef at the Waterford Lodge. We had Fried Fish, French Fries, Cole Slaw and Mixed Vegetables for lunch and it was good.  There were 12 members, 1 guest, Rachel Bernhard, and our speaker in attendance.  Dave Keck gave the prayer and Joe Maloney lead the Pledge and Four Way Test.
Politicians and diapers have one thing in common: they should both be changed regularly… and for the same reason.
Did you know that Sam Kovacevich has been in the hospital and has recently been released?  Our Prayers are with Sam and his family.  Don Kulwicki will be leaving next week on his road trip.  It was good to see Jason Taege in attendance today.  Jason is on the road on Thursday’s but shows up for meetings whenever possible.  Thanks Jason!
Saturday, 8:00 -9:00 am, be at El Campito School, 1024 West Thomas Street, South Bend, Indiana 46601 for our painting detail.  Most of us can do a little painting so please show up in your old painting clothes.  Do your part as a Roseland Rotarian.
Confucius say… dirty hands make your nose itch.
Joe Maloney ran the meeting as President Paula Sours was unable to attend.  Joe had Dave Keck explain more about Saturdays work detail at the El Campito School on Thomas Street.  Joe talked about the $1 MILLION HOLE-IN-ONE CONTEST Sponsored by Roseland Rotary August 2, 2017. Every Roseland Rotarian should sign up to help.  More to come
When asked if they would have sex with Bill Clinton, 86% of women in D.C. said, "Not again."
Last week’s Newsletter asked the question about a picture, “do you know what this is”.  At today’s meeting it was asked if anyone saw this and does anyone know the answer? No one knew or no one read it.  The answer is Lyman Samuel.
What do you get when you cross a corrupt lawyer with a crooked politician? Chelsea Clinton.
Happy Dollars including Dr. Frank Toepp celebrating his daughter’s 40th wedding anniversary.  Dave Keck fined Cliff Witkowski for having his picture in the newspaper. One of Cliff’s cartoons was featured in the Tribunes Editorial page.  Cliff was unaware it was in the paper. Don Kulwicki for no pin. George Stump paid a dollar because it was a compelling thing to do. Ben Bendit was happy our speaker was here.  Morris Rosen was happy the Cub’s have won 6 in a row. Bob Sones was happy Jason Taege was at our meeting. Dave Keck seconded that and it cost him a dollar.  Joe Maloney was happy he found a Rotary Pin from the year 2000.
Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.
Jason Taege gave his 3 minute speech. Jason is a banker and he told us a little about the banking business.  He talked about the way banking was when he got into the business and what it is going to be like in the next 20 years. Maybe we should get Jason as a speaker as there was much interest in his talk.
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
Kathleen Murphy, Director of Marketing for Trinity Health Systems PACE Program was today’s speaker. Trinity Health PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) is a member of Trinity Health, one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation. Trinity Health serves people and communities in 21 states from coast to coast with 91 hospitals, and 126 continuing care facilities, home health and hospice programs that provide more than 2.5 million visits annually, and 14 PACE center locations.
Trinity Health was formed in May 2013, when Trinity Health and Catholic Health East officially came together to strengthen their shared mission, increase excellence in care and advance transformative efforts with our unified voice. With annual operating revenues of about $15.8 billion and assets of about $20.4 billion, the new organization returns about $1 billion to its communities annually in the form of charity care and other community benefit programs.
Committed to those who are poor and underserved in its communities, Trinity Health is known for its focus on the country's aging population. As a single, unified ministry, the organization is the innovator of Senior Emergency Departments, the largest not-for-profit provider of home health care services — ranked by number of visits — in the nation, as well as the nation’s leading provider of PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) based on the number of available programs.
Man who keep feet firmly on ground have trouble putting on pants!
Ben asked the club to solve a riddle,
        I turn polar bears white and I will make you cry.
        I make guys have to pee and girls comb their hair.    
        I make celebrities look stupid and normal people look like celebrities.
        I turn pancakes brown and make your champagne bubble.
        If you squeeze me, I’ll pop.
        If you look at me, you’ll pop.
        Can you guess the riddle?
Be at next week’s meeting to find out the answer.
When you are over the hill, you pick up speed.
By the way, 97% of Harvard graduates cannot figure the above riddle out, but 84% of kindergarten students were able to figure this out in 6 minutes or less.
When you become senile, you won't know it.
The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.  Will Rogers
Al Veldman left the meeting early and won the drawing.  Al made enough to pay his fines for leaving early.  That’s what he gets for not inviting us to the Elizabeth’s Veldman's Birthday Party.
I saw this sign the other day, “Free Puppies”: part German shepherd, part stupid dog.
Rotarians, go forth into the world with you head held high, a smile on your face, a briskness to your step and a helping hand where needed.
   What is this?
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 20, 2017 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-07-20 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jul 13, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 13, 2017
It was just another gloomy day in South Bend, Indiana. It was not gloomy at the Roseland Rotary Meeting. Sun always shines on Roseland Rotary and all its outstanding Rotarians.  Thanks to the Waterford for a nice lunch of delicious Green Beans, Mac and Cheese, Fried Chicken and Salad.  We had 11 members, our speaker and one guest in attendance.  Not a very good attendance for a very good program. Thanks Dave Keck for procuring another fine speaker.

Confucius say… beauty is only a light switch away.
August 2, 2017, mark your calendar as you should be helping Rotary on that day. Jay Harwood reports that we will need Roseland Rotarians to help with the Hole in One Contest being held at 8 area Golf Courses. Roseland Rotarians are needed and will be responsible for collecting money at the Golf Courses. Times are from 10:00am to 7:00pm. You will be needed to work a ½ day shift.  Please call Jay Harwood at 574-876-2574 to select an area Golf Course near you and arrange your time slot.  DO IT NOW,  please don’t make us call you. Roseland Rotary is the main sponsor of this event.
Q: What does a pirate pay for his corn? 
A: A buck an ear (buccaneer).
Dave Keck said the Prayer and we recited the Pledge and Four Way Test.  Sorry but no song today.  I sincerely hope that we can find a Song Master and restart this long time Rotary tradition.
He that cannot obey, cannot command.      Ben Franklin (1706-1790)
Joe Maloney ran today’s meeting as President Paula Sours was unable to attend.  Joe passed around a signup sheet for the painting detail Saturday July 22 from 9:00am until finished.  If enough Roseland Rotarians show up it should only take a couple of hours. Paula will be sending more information this week.
Q: Why was six scared of seven? 
A: Because seven "ate" nine.
Happy Dollar Time! Dave Keck was happy our speaker showed up today. Don Kulwicki was happy to give his last dollar.  He’s also trying to sell a Gold Bridge in California. Morey Rosen gave a dollar for no particular reason.  It’s something attorneys do all the time and for no particular reason! Bill Brennen gave a dollar in honor of his oldest daughter who is getting married this weekend.  Sorry Bill, but it will cost you a whole lot more than that.  Just ask poor Jay Harwood who just wrote the check for his daughter’s wedding this next weekend.   When I say,” poor Jay”, I mean it.   George Stump had his pin on today but is so used to giving a dollar for not having a pin, he gave one anyway. Dr. Frank Toepp paid for no pin. Al Veldman is happy it is Elizabeth’s birthday this weekend.  They will celebrate with the entire Veldman Clan up at Gull Lake in Michigan.  I am sure it was just an oversight that we were not invited.  When I asked Al about this he said ‘No it was not an oversight”.  Joe Maloney paid a dollar as he has been leaving meetings early because he is learning to speak German.  He is taking lesions so he can communicate while on a trip to Germany.  “AUFMERKSAMKEIT
Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
Dave Keck introduced our speaker Dr. Barbara Gulbranson Director of United Health Services Suicide Prevention Center.  Dr. Gulbranson gave a very interesting slide presentation on recognizing a cry for help and doing something about it.  The number one place for suicide attempts is the Golden Gate Bridge, I am not sure if that’s the one Kulwicki is trying to sell.   Of the attempts made off the bridge 95% are successful.  Of the 5% that survive they report a very interesting revelation.  After jumping they report the first two seconds is a feeling of serenity, the 3rd second is fear of death and the 4th is a will to live. Last year there were 960 suicides in Indiana.  More men than women attempt suicide.  You can learn more about this at
The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made. Groucho Marx
Cliff Witkowski won today’s drawing.  We can only hope Cliff will not use the money to take a trip to San Francisco.
Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.  George Patton
Be a good Rotarian and sign up for the Painting Day and the Hole in One Contest.
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.  Abraham Lincoln
 What is this? 







          Its Reggie!                                    
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 13, 2017 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-07-13 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jun 29, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting June 29, 2017
Today’s Roseland Rotary’s Fourth of July Lunch meeting was something special to behold. A great time was had by all fun loving Rotarians. Yes, it was a full celebration of the old Red, White and Blue.  The only thing missing was a song! Today’s food was delicious and included tender roast beef, potatoes, gravy, mixed vegetables and a salad.  Very yummy. In observance of the Holiday, and a long weekend, your Little Old Editor will attempt to keep this letter on the light side. Yes I will reframe from any conversation about those not in attendance and what they might have missed. So we will go forth with a light and caring heart as we travel through this most glorious weekend.
Have you ever tried eating a clock?  “It’s very time consuming!”
“I didn’t say the jokes would be good!”
Good news for Roseland Rotary and Your Little Old EditorRachel Barnhard has agreed to attend meetings and take notes when Your Little Old Editor is off gallivanting around the country or in Florida.  So you will continue to receive your beloved News Letter.  Your excitement can be felt throughout the Rotary World.
Q. Why are hairdressers never late for work?
A. Because they know all the short cuts!
We were very blessed to have three young ladies as guests and one young lady as our speaker.  Dave Keck got a kick out of being the only male at a table with 6 young ladies.  I don’t know how he does it! Sarah Enck, Julie Sisco, Rachel Bernhard, Venus Myles, Paula Sours and our speaker Stacie Jeffirs all seated with the impeccable David Keck.
Q. What do you call a sleepwalking nun?
A. A roamin- Catholic.
Did you know Wally Johnson will be leaving on a 5 to 6 week boating vacation? Well, don’t feel bad he didn’t invite me either. Winnie Farquhar will soon be leaving on her Disney Cruise. Winnie and Mini together again!  Don Kulwicki was biking his way around Kentucky last week and thus missed the Presidents Bash.  Joe Maloney will be traveling to Austria later this summer. I am sure Joe wanted to take me with him and just forgot to ask.  I will be here next week Joe.
Teacher:  More than 200 years ago, our forefathers defeated the British in the Revolutionary War.
Student: They must have been pretty strong, four men defeating a whole army.
Do you know what Dave Keck did?  He gave the prayer!  Dave also noted there will be no meeting next weekOh what will you do without this marvelous News Letter to read?
Teacher; What are the last words of “The Star Spangled Banner?
Student; “Play Ball”
President Paula Sours commented on a new Roseland Rotary project. President Sours has committed us to paint a room for a bilingual school that is expanding and needs some help. Right up our alley Rotarians More to come.
How come there are no Knock Knock jokes about America?  Because freedom rings!
It’s Happy Dollar time at the Roseland Rotary!  Dave Keck was happy for the great party put on by Cindy Maloney. Someone said Joe helped? Al Veldman said Cindy did all the work.  See Joe it’s all Al’s fault!  Bob Sones is happy his two new dogs are doing just fine and adjusting well. A better question might be, how is Bob adjusting?  George, no pin, Stump paid another fine.  Ben Bendit was happy for the long weekend.  Paying a Happy Dollar is the only way I can get my name in the News Letter. Wally Johnson was happy about his upcoming vacation, (without Ben). Don Kulwicki was happy to be here. I think he’s always happy to get back in one piece!  Morey Rosen paid .65 just to be happy. An attorney with only .65, must have forgotten to stop at the bank for the last month.
ALL HANDS ON DECK, Keep August 2nd free on your calendar.  More to come!
Remember, “Men are like spray paint….. one squeeze and they’re all over you!”
Paula Sours introduced our speaker Stacie Jeffirs from Saint Mary’s.  Paula’s introduction took longer than the presentation. Stacie spoke to us about internships and how to go about getting one, how to apply, setting expectations, goals and writing a plan for the intern. Stacie is an ex Marine and I thought her talk was wonderful.  Very informative and well presented. “Semper Fi
For more information you can visit Saint Mary’s College at, Indiana Careers Consortium at, South Bend Regional Chamber at, Indiana INTERNnet at https://indianaintern
If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.
Winnie Farquhar won the drawing and as a result will be taking a World Wide Tour this summer.
Having trouble viewing this e-mail, you can always go to our web site, Roseland Rotary.
Go forth Rotarians and where ever this weekend takes you, please be careful and remember those less fortunate than you.
 Roseland Rotary Server Rebecca Bohn
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jun 23, 2017
Roseland Rotary Presidents Bash
Roseland Rotary held its annual Presidents Bash on Thursday June 22, 2017 at the Joe and Cindy Maloney residence.  Rotarians in attendance had a grand time and enjoyed some fine food and drink.  It did rain some, forcing the event to be held inside.  Thanks to Cindy and Joe for their generous hospitality.
Where was the toothbrush invented? “Mississippi”
If it would’ve been invented anywhere else, it would have been called a TeethBrush.
A short business meeting followed dinner where some business was conducted and a couple of awards were presented. 
I hit a frog, and my car was toadaled!
The distinguished Robert L Garvey Award was given to Jay Harwood.  Jay’s work and commitment to the Roseland Rotary is immeasurable. 
This year’s winner of the Stanley J. Gilbert Rotarian of the Year Award went to Paula Sours.  Paula stepped up when no one else would. She filled the shoes of our departed President Brain Bernth.  Paula has again stepped up to be President of Roseland Rotary for yet another year.  I am not sure if Paula is a Saint or just glutton for punishmentRoseland Rotarians will go with,” she is our little saint.”
A few of our Rotarian friends that can’t attend our regular meetings were in attendance.  It was great to see my old friend Lyman Samuels.  There was a lot of him to see. It was really a pleasure to see Kathy Samuels. Kathy is a pleasure behold where Lyman, not so much! Reggie and the lovely Nancy Bourlier were in attendance.  It is always a pleasure to see and speak to Reg and Nancy. Nancy is a pleasure to behold where as Reg, not so much!  Tom Hickey was in attendance but sorely missed was the lovely Sue Ellen Hickey.  Sue Ellen was in Dublin Ireland and I am sure missed us very much.  She is a beautiful lady and we all miss her hugs.  Oh, sorry Tom, I got carried away there!
Why is it old people say, “there’s no place like home”, yet when you put them in one…………
In summary, it was a good time and the Maloney’s did an outstanding job.
Photos used to sell rice are usually grainy”
All HANDS ON DECK, You will be asked to help out for the HOLE IN ONE CONTEST so stay tuned.
Remember, “Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.”
Below find a few photos from the Bash.  All photo’s can be seen on our Web-Site  On the home page there is a link to the page where all the photo’s can be seen.
Go forth Rotarians and be somebody special
Roseland Rotary Presidents Bash 2017 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-06-23 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jun 15, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting June 15, 2017
Today’s meeting had in attendance one dozen of the world’s most famous Rotarians.  Absent from today’s meeting were the not so famous Rotarians. If you were not in attendance, ask yourself, “why am I not a famous Rotarian?  The answer is simple, you did not show up for a meeting you could have attended. Get famous and start attending meetings. We really need more than 12 members to attend meetings, “HELLO”.
To add some drama to our meeting, today’s speaker did not show up.  President Paula Sours decided to have an exciting meeting. It may not have been exciting but it certainly was interesting.
Joe Maloney discussed the upcoming Presidents Bash.
Roseland Rotary President’s Bash
Thursday June 22nd
5:30 Cocktails; 6:30 Dinner
Maloney House, 17471 Brandywood Ct. Granger
All Hands-on Deck
Roseland Rotary is sponsoring a Hole in One Contest on Wednesday August 2, 2017. All proceeds go to the Salvation Army. We are going to need as many as 70 volunteers.  As a member of the Roseland Rotary you will be expected to do your part. This will be a good chance to recruit new members for Roseland Rotary.
Dave Keck announced that Marie Kazmarick is retiring as the head of Dismas House after 22 years of service. You may stop by today or send her your congratulations. 
Brand new golf balls are water-magnetic.  Though this cannot be proven in the lab it is a known face that the more expensive the golf ball, the greater its attraction to water.
It’s that time of the year to make your donation to the Rotary Foundation.  If you have not made your donation please do so as soon as possible.
I think it’s cool how the Chinese made a language entirely out of Tattoos.
We had a few Happy Dollars including Dave Keck, Wally Johnson, Winnie Farquhar and Bill Brennen all of which were Happy, Happy, Happy.  All were very enthusiastic in, their happiness.  Bob Sones is happy because he did get his rescue dog. Bob did not only rescue one dog he rescued two dogs. Good old soft-hearted Bob, you got to love the guy. Al Veldman just got good news from his doctor, he is doing well and is to keep on with what he is doing. We are sure glad to hear that.  Did you know Al and Elizabeth have been married 61 years. Did you know Al is turning 87 years old and Elizabeth is just turning 21.  No you didn’t know that!
At his 103rd birthday party, my grandfather was asked if he thought he’d be around for his 104th? “I certainly do” he replied.  “Statistics show that very few people die between the ages of 103 and 104”.
 Gavin Coy, our server at the Waterford, gave us his three-minute talk today.  Gavin has musical talents and dreams of a musical career.  Heis very excited to visit his father for Father’s Day.  President Sours presented Gavin with a check in appreciation for all the work he does for Roseland Rotary.
George Stump won the drawing.  George is said to have said he will be buying a summer lake cottage with his winnings.
When I lost my rifle, the army charged me $85. That’s why in the Navy, the Captain goes down with his ship.
You are needed at the next meeting Rotarians.


Want more information?
Contact Paul Szrom at 574-968-5386
900 W. Western Ave., South Bend, IN 46601 | 574-233-9471
Roseland Rotary Meeting June 15, 2017 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-06-15 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jun 08, 2017
Roseland Rotary Meeting June 8, 2017
It was a grand day at the Roseland Rotary as your Little Old Editor was back after his long absence.  I am sorry more of you were not present to absorb such a monumental occasion. There were however, 14 members, one guest and our speaker in attendance and these lucky people did get to witness the triumphant return of your Editor.  The Waterford was unaware of my return and as such did not exactly put on a meal fit for this highly anticipated occasion.  It was a so so meal but still tasty.
Bill Brennen gave the prayer and introduced our only guest Peggy. Bill also announced the annual Strawberry on the Black Top fest will be held this Friday at the St. James Cathedral from 11:00am to 5:00pm.  Tickets are $5.00 and there will be a drive through available.  Morey Rosen wanted to know if they had anything other than strawberries, like maybe blueberries.  Bill said no it was a Strawberry Fest.
Q. Why can’t your nose be 12 inches long?
A.  Because then it’d be a foot!
Jay Harwood noted there is a signup sheet for working the Hole in One contest sponsored by the Salvation Army.  We do know that it is on August 2, 2017 and additional information will follow.
President Paula Sours announced there will be no meeting the day of the President Bash June 22, 2017.  Paula also stated that she would like to see some members take the initiative in calling members that have not attended a meeting for awhile.  This has been discussed in the past and should be a part of the Attendance Committee.
I dressed my dog up as a cat for Halloween. Now he won’t come when I call him.
Al Veldman needs to give up his job as greeter and meeting set-up person extraordinaire. President Sours discussed the possibility of every member serving that roll for a week to a month.  Members said that is how it used to be done with a different member taking the responsibility for a weekly meeting.  Paula said she would work on setting this up.  More details to follow. 
Dave Keck wanted to see a lot of smiling faces and he did as every member had a Happy Dollar.  Bill Brennen was glad for Strawberries on the Black Top. Wally Johnson was just happy to be here.  Tom Hickey was happy about something. Winnie Farquhar won at a Bridge competition competing against a group of exceptional Bridge players.  Ben Bendit was happy to be back, almost! Jay Harwood was happy or at least until he was fined for no pin and leaving early.  He hoped Dave wouldn’t notice the pin but Old Eagle Eye nailed him.  Bob Sones was happy he and his wife were adopting a new dog today. Morey Rosen was happy about something being second.  Isn’t second place a set of steak knives, just asking?  Al Veldman was happy Dave had tickets for dessert.  Frank Toepp was Happy Ben was back, aw thanks Dr.  Dave Keck was happy for our speaker.  Like I said everyone was happy today.
Q.  How did the little Scottish dog feel when he saw a monster?
A.  terrier-fied!
Dave Keck introduced our speaker Keri Kei Shibata Chief of the Notre Dame Police Department. Keri became Chief in 2016 after joining the department in 2005.  Keri attended Bethel College on an athletic and academic scholarship.  After her third knee surgery she was advised to stop competing in basketball and track. She received her MBA in business from the University of Notre Dame. She married a South Bend Police Officer shortly after both completed their training in 2005.  Chief Shibata explained some of her duties, some of the department’s authority and jurisdictions.  She talked about the low amount of violence on campus and how protection is provided by sworn officers and non swore officers. On a normal day there are approximately 16,000 people on campus and 25 sworn officers.  This was a very interesting presentation.
I was drunk when I had my driver’s license picture taken.  That way when the police pull me over, I don’t have to worry.
The police sent me a picture of me speeding. So I sent them a picture of check.  They sent me a picture of hand cuffs.
Bob Sones won the drawing and will be building a new and bigger house for his new dog.
Rotarians please be happy!
Roseland Rotary Meeting June 8, 2017 Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-06-08 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jan 31, 2017
Roseland Rotarians
Since there was no Newsletter for last week I thought I would bring you up-to-date on our Web-Site.  We have been making subtitle changes to the site to
make it more attractive and provide some additional information. It is a work in progress at this time, ever evolving. 
Please take a look and try out the links.
In the near future we will be redesigning the entire site.   Still, much of the information from our current site will be moved over to the new site.  We will
be adding additional information as we go along.
It is our hope to make our site fun and one where the reader will want to take a some time and look around.  We do not want a boring site loaded with so much that it turns the reader away.  The average time spent at a Web Site is less than one minute. We want a viewer to spend a little more time than that on our site.
So take a look.  In your browser type Roseland Rotary, we should be at the top of the page.
Have a Great WeeK
Roseland Rotary Ben Bendit, PHF 2017-01-31 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit on Aug 18, 2016
Al Veldman                   PHF+4
Bob Sones                    PHF+1
Ben Bendit                    PHF
Bill Brennen                  PHF+2
Reggie Bouelier             PHF+1
David Keck                   PHF+1
Don Kulwicki                 PHF
Frank Toepp                 PHF
George Stump              PHF+3
Derek Hays                  PHF
Morris Rosen                PHF +1
Jay Harwood                PHF
Joe Grabill                    PHF+1
Joe Maloney                  PHF+3
Lyman Samuel               PHF
Paula Sours                   PHF
Sam Kovacevich             PHF
Tom Hickey III              PHF
Sue Hickey                    PHF
Winnie Farquhar            PHF+3
Cliff Witkowski               PHF+1
Wally Johnson               PHF
Paul Harris Fellows, (Click Here) Ben Bendit 2016-08-18 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jul 13, 2016
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 14, 2016
This week’s meeting was held in the Carrington Room at the Waterford.  There were 13 members and our speaker in attendance. We were served pasta, chicken, rolls and a salad. The Waterford was extremely busy today yet still did a nice job for our Rotary meeting.
Chris Varda conducted the meeting in President Paula Sours absence. Chris led us in reciting the Four Way Test and Pledge of Allegiance.  He appointed, a surprised, Joe Maloney to say the prayer.
The amount of sleep needed by the average person is five minutes more.
Dave Alford announced the temperature in Arizona, where he will be living, is 108% today. Dave spent his last day in South Bend with us, we wish him well.
For sincere advice and the correct time, call any number at random at 3:00AM.
Dave Keck collected Happy Dollars and Al Veldman paid up for his wife’s birthday and his grandson winning an award for most valuable player in a tournament in Toronto.  Tom Hickey offered a toast to Roseland Rotary’s Bob Eberhart.  Tom thanked those members that showed up for Bob’s funeral.  There were nine Roseland Rotary members out of a total of 15 in attendance.  Jay Hardwood played the Firestone Golf Course last week.  Jay was quite impressed and the course even supplied a Caddie for the golfers.  Jay says he took his Caddie to places he has never been before.  Joe Maloney is happy his wife is mad at a neighbor and now doesn’t get mad at him. News Flash Joe, they can get mad at more than just one person and husbands are a prime target. Joe was also fined for not having his Rotary pin. Dr. Frank Toepp and his wife will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary this weekend.  We must have a bunch of good guys in this club because they sure have been married a long time.
Snoring is sheet music!
Chris Varda introduced our speaker Dr. Yatin J. Patel, MD, Snooze Clinic 15011 Day Road, Mishawaka, Indiana 46545, 574-534-9911. Dr. Patel talked about sleep and how it has an effect on our daily lives. He discussed what contributes to good sleep and what contributes to not getting a good night’s sleep. Dr Patel says if you consider wide awake as 10 and sound asleep as 1, most go through the day as a 7.  As you can see there is room for improvement. I know a lot of 2s and 3s.  Dr. Patel gave us a briefing on what it takes to get a good night’s sleep and what habits would help toward that goal.  He discussed Sleep Apnea, snoring, medications, stress and prayer. Contributing factors to poor sleep include ageing and being overweight.  Seems I just struck out!
Did you know fish sleep with their eyes open and Giraffes sleep standing up?  Now you’re wondering about the DNA of some people.
I could write three or four paragraphs but you know what, if you were not at the meeting you just plain missed out. This was one of the most interesting speakers we have had and one of the most informative. Sorry for you!
Set aside half an hour every day to do all your worrying: Then take a nap during this period.
Don’t forget the Roseland/Roseland Rotary Good Neighbor Summer Picnic August 27, 2016. We need all Roseland Rotarians involved.
A Lion and a Calf shall lie down together but the Calf won’t get much sleep.
Chris Varda asked Jay Harwood to draw the winning ticket. Instead Jay had Chris draw the ticket and Chris promptly drew Jay’s ticket.  They are taking their wives to Ruth’s Chris Steak House for dinner tonight.
When the eyes close, 80% of the brains sensors close down.  I think we have too many people with their eyes closed!
Remember, a bicycle can’t stand on its own because it is Two Tired.
Pokey-Man (really)
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jun 21, 2016
Roseland Rotary Bulletin
I must make a correction to last week’s Bulletin.  It seems Al and Elizabeth  Veldman have been married for 60 years not 50 years as previously stated. Elizabeth is truly a saint!
We don’t have anything to report this week other than the above correction.
If you did not know, your Little Old Editor attended a wedding in Fairmont Nebraska. There is a lot of corn in Nebraska, a lot of dirt roads and everything seems to be 20 miles away.
We left Nebraska for South Dakota were we are this very day. I have discovered just how old I am. While climbing a small mountain I was passed going up by young kids and passed again on the way down.  On the way down I found myself hanging on to anything I could for balance and for security. Not so for the young kids, they just blew by me. The worst part these kids were only about 10 years old.
I am just too tired to go out this evening so here I am writing a Bulletin about nothing.
A few photos from a different time zone.
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jun 02, 2016
Roseland Rotary Meeting 2, 2016
What a day at the Roseland Rotary! There was a whopping 21 members and two guests in attendance.  Guests included the ever popular Don Stohler and John Russell sponsored by Joe Mahoney. We actually ran out of food, however the Waterford, in its usual outstanding manner, made everything right.  Everyone enjoyed an outstanding lunch.  We did have some help with lunch as three youngsters sat down and started eating.  They soon realized they were at the wrong place for lunch. Rotarian bankers, in attendance, were happily talking about the prospects of increased interest rates.  Rotary luncheons are always interesting.
We had several announcements including one by Wally Johnson who told a political story, very funny, but I am not sure if it fell under the category of an announcement. As I think about it maybe it was an announcement.  
There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.
Bob Sones made an announcement about the upcoming foundation dinner.  Anyone wanting to attend please let him know.  Bob also noted the dedication of the basketball court is Monday at 2:00pm.  It should last about ½ hour and may finish up with a basketball game. The Mayor and Park Director are to be in attendance.  Roseland Rotarians are encouraged to attend.
Jay Harwood reported that revenues from the Trivia Night were very good and attendance was excellent.  It was noted that everyone had a great time and just had a lot of fun.  Jay is looking to expand the facilities for next year’s event. All the comments were very positive. A full financial report should be available next week.  Thanks Jay for a great job.
David Keck collected Happy Dollars from Don Stohler who was happy to see his granddaughter graduate from Penn High School.  She also received the award for outstanding work in theater. Bill Brennen was happy to see the large number in attendance at the Roseland Rotary lunch meeting. Winnie Farquhar was happy that she recently got to see one grandchild that lives in Denmark and another one graduate from Notre Dame.
Dave Keck reported that Reggie Bourlier’s father, who was living in France, has passed on.  Reggie’s father was well into his 90s.   A service was held here in town last Sunday.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Reggie and his family.
May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live.
Our speaker for today was forced to cancel, forcing our beloved President to scrape the bottom of the barrel for speakers to fill the void.  Don Stohler filled some of the time in a most admirable way.  Unfortunately, Paula Sours made the mistake of enlisting Ben Bendit to fill some time,”booorrring.
Special Note, we think Bob Eberhart is still in St Joseph Hospital.  Cliff Witkowski will be checking on this and will let us know.  We will keep you up to date.
The only time a woman succeeds in changing a man is when he is a baby.
Please check the web-site for future speaker,
The drawing was won by Bob Sones. Bob said he is taking the money and buying new hearing aids.
As you may have noticed your Little Old Editor is back and doing his usual unprofessional job.  Some good news is that we may have a good back up writer for our Bulletin.  Our secretary Venus Myles may take the backup job. This would give us good consistency, something we desperately need.  Please encourage her, please.
What Happens to a Frog’s car when it breaks down?  It gets toad away!
Rotarians go forth and be good to each other.
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Posted by Venus on Jun 02, 2016
Roseland Rotary Meeting May 26, 2016
Today’s meeting was conducted by Chris Varda.  Chris reported that the Trivia night was a great time.  Laven Insurance placed 1st but Chris wanted everyone to know that team Varda placed third.  There were 24 tables, (240 people), present for the event.  It was noted that there were people of many ages in attendance.  Everyone had a great time.
Note, Bob Eberhart is still in the hospital.  He would like visitors and phone calls.
There were several guests in attendance today including the impeccable Don Berger from the Down Town Club.  We were also honored with the presence of Thom Rieth and Bill Siathowski.
Wally Johnson gave his three minute speech.  Wally has been married 40 years, (the woman must be a Saint).  He has 3 children from a prior marriage all of which have Masters Degrees, (must take after their mother).  After serving in the army Wally started his own fire protection business.  He has now been retired for 11 years.
Today’s speaker was Thom Riethe. Thom attended Mishawaka High School and IUSB majoring in political science.  He was in the army from 1969 to 1971 serving in Vietnam. In Vietnam he was an interpreter and an interrogator. Thom worked 30 years for the railroad as a conductor running between Elkhart and Chicago.
Speaker for June 9th is Robin from the Roseland Park Department.
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Posted by Brian Bernth, PHF+2 on Mar 24, 2016
Roseland Rotary Meeting – Thursday, April 24, 2016
Brian rang the bell at 12:15 and also led the club in prayer.  Bob Eberhart led the charge with a rousing rendition of old number 12.  We had 13 members, 4 visitors, and our speaker in attendance.  Unfortunately, a little lighter crowd than we like to have.
Brian discussed needing volunteers for the Kennedy Park project in April and that Cliff still needs about 6 to 10 more volunteers for the Post Office Food Drive.  E-mail Cliff at if you can help.  Jay Harwood let us know that we are having a Trivia Night on Friday, May 20 at Marian High School.  More information will follow.  Thanks to Jay for his efforts on this exciting plan.
Reminder that there is no meeting on Thursday, April 7th.  We will instead join the Granger Sunrise Club at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 6th at Bethel College.  Directions will be sent next week. 
We had several Happy Dollars today.  Bob Eberhart’s son-in-law joined us from California.  Tom Hickey was closing on a house he’d had listed for over a year and a half.  And we had multiple Veldmans in the house as well.  Plenty of reasons to be happy!
Jason Taege treated us to his 3 minute speech.  Jason is from Middlebury and has been in the banking business for a long time.  He has two teenagers at Penn High School and can’t wait to take them on vacation in a couple of weeks.  Jason is a first generation American who likes to say that he’s American made with foreign parts!  Thank you for sharing today, Jason.
Our speaker today was Wendy Mang from the American Cancer Society.  She herself was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2007 and joined a Relay for Life team to help her be involved and heal.  She is in charge of 4 different Relay for Life events.  This year’s event at Notre Dame, which Roseland Rotary has a team for, features a Super Heroes theme.  Join us at Compton Arena on Friday, April 15th.  See Brian for details on registration.  Wendy said that there are some 2000 people involved in this year’s Notre Dame event and it’s a fun filled, family event.  72 to 75 cents of every dollar stays here locally to fund programs like Hope Lodge and Road Recovery, as well as helping women with make up application and wigs.  Wendy mentioned that things as simple as diet, exercise, and cutting back on alcohol can go a long way in keeping cancer risk low.  It was a very emotional presentation as Wendy mentioned that she once again has cancer in her jaw bone.  Please keep her and all cancer patients and their families in your thoughts and prayers.
Joe Maloney won the 50/50 drawing.
For those who celebrate Easter, I hope you enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.
Special Memo,
Good afternoon.  I wanted to touch on a few projects that we have going on.
We still need volunteers to help with the Kennedy Park project.  We need one person on Saturday, April 23rd from 8 to 12 and another person from 12 to 4 to assist in applying primer and sealant.  We need one person on Monday, April 25th from 9 to 1 to assist in the striping and stenciling of the court.  Finally, we need one person on Tuesday, April 26th to help with applying the Rotary logo stencil at center court.
Relay for Life is Friday, April 15th at The Compton Arena at Notre Dame from 5 to 11.  We have a team set up.  Get online at, go to Support a Participant or Team, enter Roseland Rotary Club as team name, hit search, and click on Join.  Follow the instructions from there.
Trivia Night will be held Friday, May 20th at Marian High School.  Jay has been working hard on this fundraising event and your attendance is not ony appreciated, but this is going to be fun for everyone.  More information to follow.
Remember, our April 7th meeting is being replaced with a Wednesday morning, April 6th meeting with the Granger Club at Bethel College.  Maps and info will follow.
We've got a lot of activity going on within our club and I have to admit that it's a little disappointing that with all of these projects and activities that we have almost zero club involvement or participation.
We have to be careful, folks.  This club could go the same route as the South Gateway Club did.  It's very frustrating to your club president and the board of directors.
Note from your Little Old Editor, "There would be no Christmas if there was no Easter".
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Posted by Brian Bernth, PHF+2 on Feb 29, 2016
Hello Rotarians!  I know it’s been a while since we’ve had a bulletin, but computer issues and a whole mess of other things slowed us down, but didn’t keep us down!
To those that attended our After Hours Meeting with the Granger Sunrise Club at Legends, thank you for coming out and sharing your thoughts and ideas.  A huge thank you goes out to Lyman Samuel for his generous donation that paid for the dinners and drinks for those who attended.  The discussion was lively and the passion for Rotary evident.  As a consensus from the meeting, we are exploring the merging of our two clubs.  The beginning steps will be to visit each respective club meetings.  The Granger Club will be visiting us this coming Thursday, March 3rd.  We will reciprocate at a date to be determined.  Committees consisting of members of both clubs will meet to continue this thought process.
One of the items discussed that night was the idea of having a Trivia Night this year in place of our fundraising auction.  We don’t have a place and time picked out yet, but discussions are ongoing and I think you’ll agree that this is a fresh, fun idea for the whole family to be involved in.  More information to come.  Thanks to Jay Harwood for spearheading this project.  If you’re willing to assist with the planning, let me or Jay know.
In regards to our St. Peter Claver House Project, District Governor Roger Sims is willing to put his District Governor position behind this project by writing letters and making club visits with Roseland Club members to solicit support from other clubs.  We are looking at a Workday Saturday, May 14th, from 9 am to 3 p.m. including lunch.  The work will concentrate on four rooms on the second floor.  We are looking at Rotarians from other clubs to help with a goal of 20 workers.  A marketing plan will be worked on to develop partnerships with other clubs and Boy Scout Troops.  The vision for the facilty must be shared and a formal agreement is needed with Sheila and the relationship with the Catholic Workers House must be clarified.  The $14,000.00 available can/should be budgeted to create a productive flow of work on May 14th.  A detailed work plan is needed by May 14th.
This is a lot of information to digest at one time, but that’s the latest and greatest regarding Roseland Rotary. 
Contributors to this newsletter:  Brian Bernth, Clarissa Schmidt, Bob Sones, Roger Sims.
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Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Dec 28, 2015
Special Roseland Rotary Bulleting
December 2015
As you may know Roseland Rotary has had low meeting attendance for some time.
As you may also know, South Side Rotary has disbanded and now we have learned  the Sunrise Rotary Club has lost its accommodations as a result of low attendance.  Roseland is still a viable club, however it to is feeling the effects of low attended meetings.
Those that attend meetings pay their dues and pay for weekly meetings. As a result of low attendance the quality of food served has deteriorated.  Recently our accommodations have expressed a need for more money per attendee in order to continue supporting the cost of food and our accommodations.  This continues to fall on the shoulders of those members that can attend meetings.
We realize that many of our good outstanding members cannot attend lunch meetings. Still we need their help in supporting the Roseland Rotary Club. Starting January 1, 2016 we will invoice members that do not attend a Rotary meeting $5.00 per meeting missed. Members that attend a makeup meeting will not be billed. These changes will be tracked very closely and revisited with the membership in 6 months.
We all need to realize why we joined and belong to Rotary.  Rotary is a service club that does a great deal of good in our communities and in the world.   If you can’t participate you can still be a good member by supporting Rotary.
Roseland Rotary’s new WORK CREDITS program,
A member who works a work detail will be credited 1 hour make up for 1 hour worked.  A member who participates in an event will be credited with 1 hour for 1 hour participating in the event but this will not negate the $5.00 missed meetings charge.  Working projects will help member’s attendance percentage.
Note;  E-Make-Ups count as a make-up but do not negate the $5.00 missed meeting charge.
Note;  We hope you will support the Roseland Rotary and continue to make it a strong and viable service club.
Should you have any questions please direct them to President Brian Bernth or Attendance Chair Person Ben Bendit.
Attendance Committee members include Derek Hayes and Jason Taege.
Roseland Rotary Special Bulletin Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-12-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Dec 04, 2015
Roseland Rotary
Sorry Rotarians there is no magnificent Weekly Bulletin this week.  Yes we do need someone to step up and take notes from our meetings when your Little Old Editor is unavailable. We were lucky when we could rely on good old Bob Eberhart and Jennifer Price. Alias dear friend’s good help is hard to find.
Ma in her kerchief, Pa in his cap and more as the classic holiday poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, is brought to life in TWO MILLION pounds of hand-carved ice sculptures, including two-story tall ice slides. This awe-inspiring experience concludes with the wonder and majesty of a full Nativity in stunning, crystal clear ice. Christmas in See Orlando is fun for the entire family at the Gaylord Palms Resort.

ICE! is an indoor winter wonderland featuring:
  • Walk-through holiday attraction, kept at a chilly 9 degrees
  • Two million pounds of hand-carved ice sculptures
  • Four ice slides
  • Six individual rooms depicting the story of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • The Frostbite Factory — a live carving zone
  • Final room is a breath-taking Nativity scene carved from crystal clear ice
Following is a few photos from ICE.
Roseland Rotary Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-12-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Nov 12, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting November 12, 2015
The Waterford hosted another great Roseland Rotary Lunch meeting.  We were served salad, mixed vegetables, a very good mostaccioli, garlic bread, hot coffee, iced tea and cold water.  Thanks to the good people at the Waterford for all they do for Roseland Rotary.  We had a whapping 18 members and 1 visiting Rotarian in attendance.
Morrey Rosen led us in prayer and since there was no Bob Eberhart in attendance we skipped the singing. I do believe Dave Coppana would do a fine job filling in for our Old Song Master. Every song is like a painting only we forgot the brush.
Winnie Farquhar reported on the Thanksgiving Basket program.  Winnie passed around a signup sheet for anyone willing to help with making up and delivering baskets.  Waterford’s own Joy Wagnerowski even volunteered to help.  We will be meeting at the Roseland Police Station, 2:00pm Tuesday November 24th, let the Basket Party begin. Please help if at all possible.
Joe Maloney is asking for someone to step forward and take on the job of Bell Ringing Coordinator for this year.  Joe says it’s an easy job and he will guide whoever through it.  It is not a time consuming job so please someone step up to the plate and give Joe a call 574-514-0130.
President Brian Bernth announced our annual Christmas Party will be December 11th at 6:00PM here at the Waterford. Note, this is a Friday evening and there will be no Thursday meeting that week.  More information will be forthcoming.
What great things this little Roseland Rotary Club is doing.  Thanksgiving Baskets, Bell Ringing, all the Charities we support and that big Peter Claver house project.  What a big project for a small club.  Sure we can’t do it by ourselves but look at what we have done.  You should be proud of your Roseland Rotary for all it does. You are a member of one of the finest organizations in the world.  That is probably one of the reasons why you joined Rotary
HELP, we need painters for the Peter Claver house. Painting is something most of us can do so now is a good time to do your part.  Bob Sones will be heading a paint detail Saturday morning at 11:00AM.  You can call Bob Sones for other dates and times 574-514-3870. I will be there Saturday but will be leaving before game time.
Progress is mans ability to complicate simplicity.
There were much happy dollars today. New member Mark Salaiz was happy to be here. Hopefully that happiness will last for many years to come.  Bill Brennen maybe starting as a Uber driver, I hope he does well!  Joe Maloney remarked on the Student World Affairs Conference coming up soon.  I am not sure I have the name correct but if you would like to get involved please give Joe a call.  Joe is also happy his daughter is moving to Tanzania. Did he say “Tanzania”?  DR Frank Toepp told a story about a Sheriff giving a test. Not bad Doc!   Tom Hickey was happy his wife landed safely in Chicago, we all are.   Morey Rosen told the story about Ben’s Grill and a bunch of Jewish attorneys and one not so Jewish attorney. You had to be there, very good Morey. No pin George Stump and his buddy pin less David Keck paid a dollar each.  Al Veldman attended his granddaughter’s game in Chicago, they lost and then attended her game in Milwaukee and she lost. For the next game I think I might suggest he stay home.
Remember, the only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.
After the fun was over we settled down to hear a report from the Attendance Committee. Roseland Rotary’s Attendance Committee made its recommendations to the Board of Directors at the last two Board meetings.  It was now time to present those Board approved recommendations to the membership for further discussion.
Your poor Little Old Editor happened to be the presenter and did survive the meeting.  I can tell you it was a lively discussion and I do believe every member participated. It has been agreed that starting January 1st a few new changes to the attendance rules will take effect. Rather than try to explain in this Bulletin, we will send a separate communication explaining the changes.
It is important for you to read the changes as it will affect everyone.
On a lighter side, did you hear about the American, a Vietnamese, a Mexican, a Brazilian, a Canadian, a German, a Turk and a Russian that walk into a fancy restaurant? When they got to the front desk, they were kicked out because they did not have a Thai.
I don’t know who won the drawing but I did hear someone singing Happy Days are Here Again.  They either won the drawing or were making up for us not getting to sing today.
You are Rotarians so go forth and do a good thing!
This colorful Bulletin is brought to you by the Holiday Spert.
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Posted by Paula Sours on Nov 01, 2015

Roseland Rotary Meeting October 29, 2015


Al Veldman was our 3 min speaker.  Al has been in Rotary since 1987.

He worked in sugarbeets when he was young then came to the U.S. and worked in the School system and in Tobacco. Then he met Elizabeth his beautiful wife and the had 5 children. Al was in the Army and later started Veldman's Service Center.


Happy dollars:

Jason son's 15th birthday

Bob - happy to see Dave Alford her

Joe won the 50/50


Guest speaker Christin Kloski, Community Involvement & Volunteer Coordinator Center for the Homeless, 813 S. Michigan St., South Bend, Indiana 46601, it was great hearing about new opportunities at the Center for the Homeless.  There are volunteers in different areas and now the Center for the Homeless will begin a kitchen program. They are asking groups to help to contribute to meal prep and serving at the Center.  Also coming up, Miracle Moments for the Holiday Season will be airing on TV.


Joe Maloney won the 50/50.


Note from your Little Old Editor,  Thanks Paula for the note from the meeting.



Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restrain and servitude.”

– Alexis de Tocqueville



Roseland Rotary Meeting October 29, 2015 Paula Sours 2015-11-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Bernth, PHF+1 on Oct 22, 2015
Today’s meeting began with a nice meal of flank steak and vegetables.  It was Benny’s turn to buy cocktails for the entire club, but we all noticed he was missing today.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Anyway, back to reality.  Dave Koppana led us in prayer and Brian actually remembered the correct beginning of the 4 way test.  Bob Eberhart led us in voice today with Good Old Number 3 in the book.  One of our better performances, I must add.
Our favorite member at large, Paul Crowley, visited from the South Bend club today.  Always nice to see Paul.  Mark Salaiz, a visitor and guest of Don Stohler last week, will be joining our club soon.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mark for coffee this week and he will be a very welcome addition to our club.
Laura from Primrose Retirement Community, last week’s speaker, got me business cards and brochures, which will be available over the next few weeks at our meetings.  She also sent a very nice note thanking us for letting her speak to our group.  A very classy touch, don’t you think?
Dave Keck and his wife Karen are still not back in their home after last week’s fire, but it’s getting closer and we’re all very happy that Dave, Karen, and their dog all got out safely.  Keep Dave and Karen in your prayers.  Dave talked about the celebration of Al Veldman and his family being recognized as members of the South Bend Hall of Fame.  The dinner is November 17th and please contact Dave if you’d like to attend or have questions.  Congratulations to Al and his family.
Happy bucks came from all around for everything from the Cubs having a good season to buying Dave Keck new batteries for his smoke detectors!  Gotta love our members!
Bill Brennen graciously agreed to run next week’s meeting so I can attend a business commitment.  Thank you, Bill.
Dr. Frank Toepp was the victim, I mean, the presenter of this week’s 3 Minute Speech.  Frank’s story from childhood to now was a lot of fun to listen to.  He has accomplished many things in his life, both personally and professionally.  I personally think Frank’s sense of humor should win some awards!  Frank is a two time past president of our Rotary Club and I think a third term starting in 2016 would be the icing on the cake.  Who’s with me on that one?  Thank you for sharing with us, Frank.  Please be here on the 29th for the legendary Al Veldman’s turn at the podium.
Finally, today’s speaker was Cheryl Schade from Logan Center.  What an amazing organization Logan Center is and what a vital part of our community.  They have many different divisions that serve hundreds of people and their families.  Offerings include job training for over 225 individuals, Residential Services, including group, supported, and family options, Community Habitation, Meals on Wheels routes, Therapy Services, Autism Services, and Protective Services.  They are always looking for volunteers and ways to encourage others to bring their skills to Logan.  Their website is
Chris Varda won the big 50/50 prize today and will officially open his own Walgreen’s store with the winnings.
Note from your Little Old Editor, Don't you think that Brian did an outstanding job on this week's Bulletin?  I am so impressed! I think everyone should let him know what a great job he did and request that he continue to excel in his outstanding literary achievements.  Thanks Brian, nice job!
Roseland Rotary Meeting October 22, 2015 Brian Bernth, PHF+1 2015-10-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Oct 08, 2015
Your Little Old Editor has made more than the usual mistakes. So I will correct a couple.
#1. There is no After Hours Meeting next week.  Next week Chris Varda will be making flu shots available to Roseland Rotary members and their spouses.
#2  The Veldman Family Awards will be November 17 not Oct 17.
Thank You
Correction to Bulletin 10, 8, 2015 Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-10-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Paula Sours on Sep 22, 2015
Had a great meeting on 9-17-15
With Cliff presentation - spoke about his life as a Military vet (Navy Reserve in south Bend - active duty 24years) He was on the USS Ebersole (sp??) Destroyer - His captain always took the hard duties, and the Saturday and Sunday duties. Came from an immigrant family - Attended the great Central High School in South Bend. Went on a blind date to find the love of his life - love at first sight and are still together today. Industry was booming and he has was self-employed for 35years - he is currently a cartoonist and mostly draws military cartoons.  He created the Roseland Rotary Flag
NOT for publication - But Chris Varda will bring flu shots on Thursday - just goes to our club.
Guest Speaker: Gregory Frushour
From Mil-Tek - Awaking discussion on recycling our trash and how it should be done.  Gave out some great had outs on 7 Categories of plastics and how ermany is 85% recycling now and we are only 35%.  More important is we are recycling items that go to China and resold to us...  His other business is RES PolyFlow converting non-recycled plastic to marketable petroleum products.  How awesome is that.. converting 60 tons of non-recycled plastic per day into high marketable liquid petroleum on continuous basis.  Upstream material pre-conditioning and downstream fuel upgrading systems are included in the base plant configuration offered to licensees.
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 17, 2015 Paula Sours 2015-09-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Bernth, PHF+1 on Sep 10, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 10, 2015
Today’s meeting featured 11 members in attendance.  No, not a misprint…..11 members!  We were treated to a lunch of ham, potatoes, and what the chef called carmelized broccoli.  FYI, carmelized is a fancy term for burned! 
Dr. Frank Toepp led us in prayer and Bob Eberhart led us in song.  I have to admit, we sounded better with the smaller group.  Find the positives, right?
Dave Keck collected a few happy dollars from the happy members.  Al Veldman filled us in on the house project.  We need help this Friday and Saturday after 5 p.m.  Reach out to Al to make sure the place is unlocked.  We need drywallers and insulation help.
Chris Varda, newly transferred to the Ironwood and Edison Walgreen’s, reminded us that flu season is upon us and flu shots are offered to our members and their families.  Talk to Chris for more details.
George Stump did our first three minute speech and did a great job.  We all learned some new things about George.  He referred to this speech as a “living obituary”.  It was well done, George, and thank you for sharing.  If you haven’t confirmed your three minute speech date with Brian, please do so soon.  E-mails were sent to everyone last week.
Bill Brennen introduced our speaker, Denise Crowel, from Monkeyhouse Marketing & Design, LLC.  Denise talked about how marketing has changed over the years, from relying on print, TV, and radio to now having social media and the internet as ways to reach individuals.  It’s important for business owners to realize that we must change how we view marketing and advertising and to translate it to current times.  She also reiterated that an online presence isn’t enough, it’s about how we use that online presence.  Denise shared two publications that her company puts out, “Life & Spaces” and “Wedding Day” which are both done in house at her business.  With a background in print media and fundraising, Denise has the knowledge to teach others how to succeed.  It was a very interesting presentation.  Their website is  And, in case you wanted to know, they came up with the name of their business after several liters of margaritas at Hacienda!
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 10, 2015 Brian Bernth, PHF+1 2015-09-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Sep 03, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 3, 2015
Roseland Rotary witnessed a good turnout for today’s meeting.  In attendance were 17 members 4 guests and our speaker.
Chris Varda led us in prayer and Song Master Bob Eberhart led us in a rendition of the Rotary Song, sung to the Wisconsin fight song. We started out fine but lost the fight about a third of the way through.  Dave Koppana tried hard to keep us going but even the efforts of Bob and Dave could not save this disastrous attempt at singing.  Bob we will need to sing this one again or at least until we do better.
Winnie Farquhar introduced a guest Rebecca Alexander who is becoming a new member. Welcome Rebecca. Chris Varda introduced two guests at his table Shey Sorenson and Andrea Degreete from the Humane Society, Welcome ladies and accept my apology if I miss spelled your name.  Al Veldman attempted to introduce a Guest Mike Barger from Point West, CA.  Or as Al put it he is from West Point!  Welcome Mike.
President Brian Bernth announced that we will be having an After Hours meeting in the near future.
You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” John Bunyan
Ben Bendit brought everyone up to date on the progress at the St. Peter Claver house. Tuesday night much was done thanks to Rotarians, Al Veldman, Bob Sones, Joe Maloney, Don Kulwicki, Jay Harwood, Ben Bendit and last but not least Paula Sours.  Sheila McCarthy was our leader and go to person. Thanks to all these fine Rotarians.
Work details average about 2 to 2 ½ hours.  We are rolling so let’s keep the momentum going. Saturday we will be working from noon to about 2 or 2:30.  If we get enough that want to work earlier we will start a second crew at 10:00am.
Please let Ben know if you can help, 274-7753.  Be a good Rotarian and give a helping hand.
I really need a day in between Saturday and Sunday
Our fearless Sergeant of Arms David Keck went after Happy Dollars and Fines with a vengeance.  First up Bob Sones is happy the Claver House project is moving forward. Chris Varda is happy his kids are in soccer and doing well.  They are probably bigger than the other kids! Joe Maloney told the joke about the rancher with a big bull.  It was a bulling joke! (Sorry) Ben said he owed Jay Harwood a dollar and Jay was happy so Ben gave a dollar for Jay. See how that works!  Bill Brennen said his new place is a mess but happy to be moved.  Al Veldman told about being Lucky Al Veldman.  Seems Al was trying to get some nails for a nail gun when the guy he was talking to said he had some nails.  He not only gave Al the nails but also the nail gun.  Our Guest Mike Barger, from California, is just happy to be where there is water.  Morey Rosen paid a dollar just to keep his dollar streak going. Brian Bernth is happy about how well the Roseland Picnic went despite the weather.
Paula Sours introduced our speaker Lori Lohmeyer Store Manager for TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES. Ten Thousand Villages sells handmade home décor, personal accessories and gift items crafted by artisans from around the world. Ten Thousand Villages is your Fair Trade Connection.
Ten Thousand Villages creates opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our markets through long term, fair trading relationships. Lori told how the organization was formed and gave a brief history of Ten Thousand Villages.  She showed a few of the items for sale in the store located at 214 W. Cleveland Road, Granger, Indiana 46530.  Stop buy and take a look at this unique store.
Bob Sones won the drawing and with the proceeds has decided to buy a new vacation home, somewhere in the Caribbean.
I went to the doctor the other day and I said, “have you got anything for wind?” So he gave me a kite.
Now go forth and be good Rotarians. A good place to start would be Saturday at the St. Peter Claver House.
Add on Note,  Thursday evening there where a number of Roseland Rotarians show up to work at the St. Peter Claver house.  Thanks to Joe Maloney, Jay Harwood, Bob Sones, David Koppana, Ben Bendit and the incomparable Al Veldman.  Sheila and her architect were also on hand to help.  One wonders where some of our younger and physically capable members are?
Roseland Rotary Meeting September 3, 2015 Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-09-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 30, 2015
Roseland Rotarians
We will be working Tuesday evening at the Claver house, 519 St Joseph Street right across from the Post office downtown SB.
We will be there at 5:00pm.  All will be welcome whenever you show up.
We really need help with patching the floor, patching the ceiling, preparing the plaster for repair, preparing the windows and doors for painting.  We could also use a cleanup crew.
We will need at least eight bodies, the more the merrier.
Please let Ben or Al know you will be there.
Thanks Rotarians
Claver House Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-08-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 27, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 27, 2015
Today was a wonderful day for the Roseland Rotary.  Before our membership meeting we had a terrific Board Meeting with District Governor Roger Sims. Good news came from the meeting with Governor Sims.  He is going to get the District to assist us with the Saint Peter Claver house. This could be a very big deal for the Roseland Rotary and the Saint Peter Claver house.
There were 21 in attendance including 1 visitor, 1 guest and our speaker. The Waterford served a stir fry and salad for our lunch.  Robin was back and it was so good to see her.
Note, the picnic is Saturday, so please show up and say hello, eat a hot dog, have a burger or just bother some poor hard working Rotarian.
Paul Sours gave the prayer and Bob Eberhart led us in the Rotary song. I do believe it may have been one of the best renditions yet.
President Brian Bernth presented Jay Harwood with the Stanly Gilbert Rotarian of the Year Award.  Congratulations Jay, it is well deserved.
Regarding the grass from the Notre Dame stadium, Morey Rosen says he never paid for grass he couldn’t smoke.
Ben Bendit brought members up to date on the progress being made at the Claver house.  He also announced the details of the project for the next couple of weeks. A work schedule and work to be done was presented. Eight workers are needed for this Saturday, next Tuesday, next Thursday and the following Saturday.  More information following.
What you do today improves all your tomorrows
Ben also asked members to bring their Rotarian Magazine’s to a club meeting when they are done reading them. These will be combined with other materials to provide a packet of information that will be given to guests that attend our meeting.
Did you know that Bill Brennen is moving all the way to Mishawaka? Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw recently. Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.
Note; meeting make up’s are to be given to Paula Sours.  Paula is in charge of charting attendance so don’t mess with her!
Seems Winnie Farquhar was our only reprehensive at the South Bend Cub’s game.  She thinks we are all a bunch of wimps.  Now how can we argue with that!
Sergeant of Arms David Keck fearlessly pursued the almighty Happy Dollar and Club Fines. His first victim was Dr. Frank Toepp who was just happy, Chris Varda is happy the District is going to help with the Claver house, Al Veldman was happy for the best Board Meeting ever.  Al was fined a dollar for having his mouth full when it came time to introduce the guest at his table.  Morey Rosen paid a dollar and told a joke about the lawyer who had a plumber repair his sink.  Seems it only took the plumber 5 minutes and he presented a bill for $1,500.  The lawyer said he couldn’t even charge that much for 5 minutes work, the plumber says he couldn’t either when he was a lawyer. OK you had to be there! Jay Harwood was happy to be back and happy to be a Cub fan.  Ben Bendit was fined a dollar for forgetting to take a photo of the award given to Jay.  Sorry to say poor Ben had to borrow another dollar, this time from Jay Harwood, to pay the fine. Thanks Jay.
Bob Sones introduced our speaker District 6540 Governor Roger Sims.  Governor Sims spoke about the problems clubs are facing and what the district see’s as its role in helping clubs solve those problems.  He says they are there only to help the local clubs. This year’s Rotary slogan is, “be a gift to the world.”  There was a lot of content to the Governors speech most of which you are not going to read here.
Rotary is a big deal. Did you know that Rotary has spent 1.3 billion dollars to eradicate polio?  Because of that and the work done by Rotarians many countries, from around the world, have donated a total of 9 billion dollars to the cause.  As noted in the Rotarian Magazine, we are very close to beating this dreadful disease.  Did you know Rotary has over 1.2 million members? Rotary is beating polio and providing water to those in need.  Yes, Rotary is a Big Deal.
Key Dates
  • Ft Wayne Rotary Club Centennial Celebration, October 2nd
  • Foundation Dinner, October 23rd
  • Rotary International Director, September 30th
  • Karen Wentz visits District, thru October 2nd 2016
  • District Conference and Celebration, April 8th & 9th
Jay Hardwood won the drawing and will be retiring next week.
Remember, the secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Note, we need workers for Saturday.  Bring family member, friends or annoying people, we need the help.
Have a Great Week Rotarians and Be A Gift To The World.
Roseland Rotary Room Project
Peter Claver House
Roseland Rotary is ready to start on the first room remodeling in the Peter Claver House.
#1     Replace bad flooring in attic area above the room.
#2     Repair walls for dry walling the ceiling.
#3     Repair Floor
#4     Repair windows.
#5     Install insulation in ceiling.
#6     Sand and putty windows as needed, prepare for paint.
#7     Sand and putty trim and doors as needed, prepare for painting
#8     Drywall walls as needed and closet.
#9     Repair plaster where needed.
#10   Paint walls, trim and doors.
#11   Prepare and sand down floor.
#12   Finish floors.
Work Schedule
A crew of 8 working in two man teams.
  1. Attic flooring repairing
  2. Ceiling preparing for drywall
  3. Repair floor
  4. General cleanup
Saturday August 29, 2015,            12:00PM  to ?
Tuesday September 1, 2015                     6:00PM to ?
Thursday September 3, 2015                   6:00PM to ?
Saturday September 5, 2015                  10:00AM to ?  ND Night Game
#1     Lumber, including flooring, drywall, plaster and paint.
#2     Insulation
#3     Paint
#4     Floor Finish
#5     Other odds and ends
#1     Rotarians
#2     Possibly pay a plaster guy
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 27, 2015 Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-08-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 27, 2015
Roseland Rotary Room Project
Peter Claver House
Roseland Rotary is ready to start on the first room remodeling in the Peter Claver House.
#1     Replace bad flooring in attic area above the room.
#2     Repair walls for dry walling the ceiling.
#3     Repair Floor
#4     Repair windows.
#5     Install insulation in ceiling.
#6     Sand and putty windows as needed, prepare for paint.
#7     Sand and putty trim and doors as needed, prepare for painting
#8     Drywall walls as needed and closet.
#9     Repair plaster where needed.
#10   Paint walls, trim and doors.
#11   Prepare and sand down floor.
#12   Finish floors.
Work Schedule
A crew of 8 working in two man teams.
  1. Attic flooring repairing
  2. Ceiling preparing for drywall
  3. Repair floor
  4. General cleanup
Saturday August 29, 2015,                     12:00PM  to ?
Tuesday September 1, 2015                     6:00PM to ?
Thursday September 3, 2015                   6:00PM to ?
Saturday September 5, 2015                  10:00AM to ?  ND Night Game
#1     Lumber, including flooring, drywall, plaster and paint.
#2     Insulation
#3     Paint
#4     Floor Finish
#5     Other odds and ends
#1     Rotarians
#2     Possibly pay a plaster guy
Roseland Rotary Room Project Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-08-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 19, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 20, 2015
Today’s meeting sported 18 in attendance including Mr. Paul Crowley and our speaker Thomas Adamson.  We need to give a big thank you to the Waterford for the outstanding lunch provided to the most deserving Rotarians.
Note; please make every effort to attend next week’s meeting as we will be visited by District Governor Roger Sims.  If you have not heard Roger speak you are in for a treat.  Please mark your calendar accordingly.
Bill Mitchell gave the prayer and Song Master Bob Eberhart led us in the singing of the Rotary song.  We did very well, thank you very much.
It was brought to our attention that Robin’s son Matt, who was in the military, died last week. A funeral for Matt was today.  Roseland Rotary members are asked to please say a prayer for Matt and his family as they grieve his loss. 
District 6540 will be holding its Foundation Dinner October 23, 2015.  Anyone wishing to attend is asked to contact Brian Bernth to make arrangements.
Bill Brenner and Bob Sones attended the district membership meeting last week.  Bill reported that of 54 clubs only 44 people showed up.  Not a good turn out when you consider some clubs sent more than one person.  Bill said they did not learn anything really new but asked that every Rotarian just ask people to come to a meeting and find out about Rotary.
President Brian Bernth reminded everyone of the Roseland Picnic on August 28th between 11:00AM and 3:00PM. He note the shirts for volunteers are on the way.  Please try and show up even if you are not working the event, show up for Rotary.  Brian says the resurrection of the 3 minute speech is in the works. This should make meetings a little more interesting.
Would dessert help with attendance?
This Saturday at 1:00PM a few Rotarians will be working on the Saint Peter Claver House. Further information about future work details will be forthcoming.
Bill Mitchell announced 5 Star purchased and has moved into a new facility located in Union Michigan.  They now have their own camping and includes a lake on the property.  5 Star has invited Roseland Rotary to have lunch at their new home.  This could be something to consider!
Dave, The Relentless, Keck was in great form this afternoon as he collected much Happy Dollars.  Dave paid a dollar as he was happy to see Bill Mitchell, hey we were all happy to see our old friend.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said OLD!   Bill Mitchell paid a dollar because he was happy to be back. How could he not be happy to see all us wonderful Rotarians? Bill said Joe Maloney stopped by his place last week and said he would tell a joke if Bill would show up.  Maybe Bill hasn’t heard many of Joe’s jokes, just saying!  Bob Sones was happy to see David Koppana. Seems everyone was just happy to see everyone.  Al Veldman was happy he had to leave early. Sorry Al, just because I had to bower a dollar from you. Hey Al, I won the drawing and could have paid you back.  Now I will probably forget!  Chris Varda was happy the kids are in school and he and his wife have a few minuets to themselves, hum.   Bad Winnie Farquhar and George Stump forgot to wear their pins. Joe Maloney told his joke and it was a hum dinger.  We should have paid him a dollar for that one. Must be States Day as Joe’s joke covered California, Montana, North Dakota, and Utah, let’s just say half the country. For all you that missed the meeting, too badDavid Koppana decided we needed some more entertainment and so he sang a song. David’s song covered several states including the State of Wisconsin. I must admit it was entertaining but David, don’t quit your day job.
Dave Keck brought to our attention that we somehow missed our leader’s birthday last week.  So, as the happy go lucky Rotarians we are, he was treated to a rather loud rendition of Happy Birthday.  Note by the picture of Brian at the podium, just how pleased he was.
Bill Brennen introduced our speaker Thomas Adamson from Aqua System water treatment.  Your Little Old Editor has three pages of notes from Tom’s presentation. Don’t worry I am not going to share them all with you.  Just let me say it was a really good presentation. I was truly shocked to hear the truth about our city water and the truth about bottled water.  Be careful what kind of bottled water you use.  If the label says spring water and does not say treated then you are probably getting really bad stuff.  Only buy treated water. Soft water is the way to go for your home use. Now that I have saved you life you owe me! 
You can visit Aqua’s web-site at or visit Tom personally at 2121 McKinley, South Bend, IN 46617
Ben won the drawing and will now buy that camera he has always wanted
Either you run the day, or the day runs you.
Have a great week Rotarians
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 20, 2015 Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-08-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 15, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 13, 2015
Hello Rotarians!
It seems your Little Old Editor was on vacation last week and failed to make it to the weekly meeting.  As a result we have no notes however, we do have a few meeting pictures thanks to Paula Sours.  I had mentioned that I may not get back by Thursday as I would be somewhere around Mackinaw Michigan.
Below you will find a few pictures from the meeting and a few taken on my vacation.
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 13, 2015 Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-08-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 06, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting August 6, 2015
Roseland Rotary members were treated to an outstanding lunch put on by our friends at the Waterford.  Today must be Polish day at Rotary as we had a Polish sausage, sour kraut, noodles, gravy, mixed vegetables and a salad. Thank you Waterford.
What do you call a fake noodle?  You call it an, “Impasta”.
Joe Maloney was acting MC today as President Brian Bernth was on vacation. Joe handled his duties magnificently.  Dave Keck gave the prayer and Song Master Bob Eberhart led us in God Bless our Rotary.  Love those new song books.
Dave Keck collected Happy Dollars including a couple from Al Veldman.  Seems Al went dumpster diving and found lots of goodies including a one hundred dollar bill. Now I am not sure where Al was diving but I am about to start a new occupation, Deep Dumpster Diving. Frank Toepp happy to have a good day, Cliff Witkowski happy for the Rotary Magazine last month, Bill Brennen is happy, Tom Hickey happy to have summer here, Bob Sones is happy his sprinkler system is working, Jason Taege happy its only 30 days before Notre Dame football, Morey Rosen paid a happy dollar because he does every week and Joe Maloney paid so he could tell a true Veldman story about haircuts.
David Keck introduced our speakers Lisa Konger and Cindy Culver from the Creekside Village, 1420 East Douglas Road, Mishawaka, Indiana 46545. Creekside iVillage is a rehab and nursing facility.  Cindy is a Director of Nursing and Lisa is Director of Marketing and Admissions at Creekside Village.
Lisa and Cindy talked about the benefits of rehab and how Creekside Village operates.  Creekside Village maintains several operations including long term care and short term rehabilitation.  They can accommodate all ages and can include speech, occupational and injury therapy.  The average stay for therapy is 4 to 6 weeks
It is here we should note that Mr. David Keck himself stayed at Creekside Village for several weeks.  Now friends please be nice, he did not stay on the dementia wing at Creekside.  Dave took a fall and busted himself up bad enough that needed rehab.  Dave will attest to the fine job and good care he received at Creekside.
Joe Maloney won the drawing and will attempt to hide the funds from his wife and the IRS.
Why couldn’t the chicken find her egg?  Because she mislaid it!
Next week’s speaker is a mystery guest who we will welcome with open arms and a thunderous ovation.  Without a doubt you will want to be in attendance. 
Have a Great Week Rotarians
Roseland Rotary meeting August 6, 2015 Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-08-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Aug 02, 2015
Roseland Rotary Officers and Board of Directors find themselves in quite a quandary. They are confronted with two problems so interconnected that it’s difficult to differentiate between the two. Lack of membership and participation are a genuine threat to our club.
Low attendance at weekly meetings is a cause and effect issue.  Low participation has an impact on membership and membership affects participation.  One can see the cycle continually aggravating both issues.
Meeting attendance, or absence of, is causing several problems.  Members hesitate to schedule speakers knowing only a few members will be in attendance.  Accommodations decline as there is not enough members in attendance to support a quality luncheon. As meetings and food quality decline so does member participation.  It is a vicious circle slowly spiraling downward.
This all has an adverse effect on the members that do attend weekly meetings.  Members attending weekly meetings suffer do to the lack of numbers to support quality accommodations.
Roseland Rotary has chosen not to enforce any attendance quotas.  Roseland Rotary does not charge for missed meetings.  Should Roseland Rotary put in place an attendance rule, if so how will it affect the club?  How many members will be lost?  How many members, who support the club but can’t attend weekly meetings, will be forced out? What about members that can make meetings but choose not to?  It seems to be a no win situation. All questions that need to be answered.
The answer is simple but the solution is not. Attend Meetings!
Roseland Rotary Officers and Board of Directors will be struggling with these questions.  It seems inevitable that President Bernth will appoint a special committee to study these very real problems.
Your input is needed.  When asked please respond with your thoughts and suggestions.
In the meantime please make every effort to attend weekly meetings.
Quandary Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-08-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Aug 02, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 30, 2015
WOW, what a meeting of the Roseland Rotary Club.  Our Friends at the Waterford served up a Bar-B- Que rib lunch that was delicious. Seems everyone was in good spirits and lots of fun was had by all.  I counted 12 members plus the infamous Don Stohler in attendance.  Now friends my count may have been off a little as I was busy stuffing Bar-B -Que Ribs in my rather large mouth.  You can’t eat ribs and then grab a pen to write.  Well, you can but, it would not behoove you to put the pen back in your pocket. As a result my count may be off slightly.
What did the pig say on a hot summer’s day?  I’m bacon.
Joe Maloney distributed a club financial report for review.  Thanks Joe for the great job you do as our beloved Treasurer.
Brian Bernth presented the distinguished Paul Harris Fellowship to the dynamic Ben Bendit. Ben was heard to say, “I don’t deserve this award but I have Arthritis and I don’t deserve that either.”Bob Sones was presented with the prestigious Paul Harris Fellowship and Bill Brennen was awarded the distinguished Robert Garvey Rotarian of the Year Award, congratulations!
Sorry about not having any photo’s of the awards presentation but again my mouth and hands were covered in Bar-B-Que sauce.
Dave Keck asked for happy dollars and our happy members answered his call.  Don Stohler was happy and sad as his father passed away at the age of 99.  He was happy because his father had been such a great influence on his life.  Don said his father, at age 99, still liked to follow his caregivers around. Ben was happy Al Veldman hasn’t hurt himself working on the Saint Peter Claver House. Dave Keck is happy his great granddaughter is getting married. There were more but again Bar-B- Que sauce got in the way of writing.
Morey Rosen told about the Orthodox Jewish Wedding tradition of the Bride running around the Groom 7 times.  Morey's suggestion is, the Bride run around the Groom 8 times, the last one being the victory lap.  It was funnier when Morey told it!
Roseland Rotarians were treated to one of the most dynamic and personable speakers we have ever had the privilege hear. All eyes were glued to our speaker and all ears alert to pick up on every riveting word expelled in eloquent detail.  Yes most honored Rotarians your speaker was none other than the grandiose Benny C. Bendit PHF. For all you that missed this exciting meeting you are now kicking yourselves and saying why me dear lord why me and as well you should.
Our program started with a slide show of the Peter Claver House on Saint Joseph Street in South Bend.  We showed the progress made over the past two years and what is currently being done.  We pointed out what the plans are for the home over the next few months and what Roseland Rotary’s roll will be.  Photos of some of our members working on the home were shown.
There was a second presentation on attendance and what is being discussed by the attendance committee.  Talking points outlined by the committee were presented and much discussion ensued.  We discussed such things as classifying member’s attendance patterns, honoring attendance and contacting members not attending meetings. Make up meetings and being credited with meetings when working on Rotary projects. One item creating the most discussion was the subject of billing for missed meetings.  Future discussions will be forthcoming as the Attendance Committee continues to struggle with this subject.
Too many of us speak twice before we think.
Attached you will find an article titled Quandary. I suggest you read the article so as to understand the problem facing Roseland Rotary and the attendance issue.
Have a great week Rotarians
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 30, 2015 Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-08-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jul 22, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 23, 2015
It was nice to see a decent turnout for our Roseland Rotary weekly meeting.  It wasn’t quite what we hoped for but it wasn’t bad.  We should be averaging about 20 to 22 members per meeting.  Today we had one guest, one visiting Rotarian, our speaker and 19 members in attendance. Thanks, Waterford for a very tasty lunch.  An excellent speaker and a very good lunch and what more could you ask for.
President Brian Bernth started the meeting a little early to allow more time for our speaker.  Our speaker gave the prayer and Bob Eberhart led us in signing of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  It was noted that we did an outstanding job on both verses of the song.  That maybe a stretch but we really were not all that bad.
Our meeting was held in the stage area of the main dining room.  There was no one in the room so it all worked out just fine.  It was a lot of fun seeing everyone and our guests.  Dave Keck collected happy dollars as usual. Lyman Samuel was happy to be anywhere as he decided to take a short tumble down a few stairs this morning. Lyman says his slippers were slippery which he has since discarded said mean and cruel slippers.  Makes you wonder what he may have had to drink the night before, just saying!  Ben was happy to see our speaker addressing one of his favorite subjects.  Brian Bernth was happy to see a good attendance.  Seems Brian was wondering if the poor attendance had anything to do with him.  Not yet Brian!
Today’s speaker was Davie Trexel a Civil War Reenactor and collector of Civil War memorabilia.  Dave was in the CW uniform of the 7th Wisconsin.  The 7th was a part of the famous Iron Brigade.  The Iron Brigade was made up of the 2nd,  6th,  7th Wisconsin, the 19th Indiana and later the 24th Michigan.  They were distinguished by their Hardee Hats and Flock Coats. These were usually worn by officers but by a twist of fate or some real good acquisitions’ they were acquired for the enlisted man in the brigade.
The Iron Brigade was the first Western units to be sent to fight in the East. At first they were ridiculed for being Western Farmers and such. However no Eastern units had stood up to the South’s Jacksons Stonewall Brigades.  Up until the battle of Brawner's Farm in August of 1862 no unit of the North had held the field in the face of the Stonewall Brigade.  At Brawner's Farm the Black Hat Brigade got its baptism under fire and stood toe to toe with Jackson Brigade. The Western Brigade refused to run or back down as matter of pride. From that time on they were respected and took on the name of the Iron Brigade.  Jacksons men would meet the Iron Brigade again in battle and would proclaim," here comes them dam black hats."
Mr. Trexel explained details about his uniform and much of the equipment he had on display. He demonstrated how a musket was loaded and fired.  He gave a good history lesson in the short time he had to spend with us.  Rotarians had many questions and a lot of our members stayed to talk with Mr. Trexel after the meeting.
A large sum of cash was won by Bill Brennen of which I am sure he will use to purchase a new home.
Go forth Rotarians and have a stupendous week.
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 23, 2015 Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-07-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit, PHF on Jul 20, 2015
Special Bulletin
A special treat for Roseland Rotarians. This Thursday we will have Davie Trexel, a Civil War historian, who will have a display available and will speak to us about Civil War reenacting.
You will want to get to the meeting early so you can meet Mr. Trexel and take a few minuets to peruse the Civil War gear and equipment Mr. Trexel will have on display.
Please make every effort to attend, it will be worth you while.
Mr. Trexel speaks before good sized crowds so we don't want our club to be embarrassed so please support you club.
Come on Roseland Rotarians, it's time to attend a meeting.
See you Thursday
Special Bulletin July 22, 2015 Ben Bendit, PHF 2015-07-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit on Jul 16, 2015
Roseland Rotary After Hours Meeting
July 16, 2017
Roseland Rotary Club held it’s After Hours Meeting July 16, 2017 at the Waterford Lodge.  In the past these meetings have been very well attended.  In an effort to boost sagging meeting attendance it was hoped the After Hours Meeting would have a positive effect.  Unfortunately this was not the case.
It should be pointed out the South Side Club went under due to the same reason, very low attendance.  It should also be noted that it happened very suddenly.  This is not the fate we want to suffer.
Why did you join Rotary?
Why are long time members resigning?
Have we forgotten that we want to do good in the world and our communities?  Do we forget those values we cherished because we retire or because our jobs get a little tougher? Do we decide to do nothing for Rotary because it takes a little of our precious time? I find it hard to believe that we can get upset over what someone says and make a decision to quit a service origination that does nothing but good things. Just because you can’t make Thursday meetings is that a good reason to quit Rotary?
It is time to come back to Rotary.
Eleven members were in attendance and there were three guests.
Written by,
Benny C Bendit
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Posted by Ben Bendit, on Jul 08, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 9, 2015
Hail to the Waterford for serving a good lunch which included Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Beans and a Salad.  For all you that missed the meeting, Ha Ha.  It was very unfortunate there were only 12 members present and our speaker. Those in attendance had a good lunch, heard a good speaker and socialized with some of the best people you could ever have lunch with.
I never wanted to believe my Dad was stealing from his job as a road worker.  But when I got home, all the signs were there.
Reminder, next week’s meeting is an After Hours meeting at the Waterford. It will probably be in our regular meeting room.  Note, there is no noon luncheon on that day. Please attend and bring a friend or a guest.
Mark your calendars for August 29th as this is the famous Roseland Picnic at the Roseland Park. Roseland Rotary is a cosponsor of the event and really needs our members to step up and support Rotary.  Please let Brian Bernth know that you will be available to help Rotary on that date. 
Dave Keck collected happy a dollar from Joe Maloney who loved the quotes on the projected screen.  Joe gave credit to Abe Lincoln for his quote, “if it’s on the internet it must be true”. Jerry Hunt was happy to be in attendance and we were happy to see Jerry.  Dave Keck is happy because his new baby will be arriving soon.  Don’t get all excited, it’s a new puppyBob Sones is happy for Dave.  Frank Toepp told a joke about the Pope standing in line at the Pearly Gates and another guy just gets to walk right in.  Want to know why? Come to the meetings and find out.  Bill Brennen’s grand children are coming to visit him.  Bill is getting ready to recruit them into Rotary, way to go Bill!  Bob Eberhart is happy to be here.  Ben’s happy at least 12 members showed up.
President Brian Bernth introduced our speaker Luthringer Shauna from Palmer Funeral Homes. Shauna works with advanced funeral planning. She presented a very interesting presentation along with a slide show and a video.  She did a very professional job and lord knows she was talking to the right crowd. I for one was very interested and made sure I picked up additional information.
Did you know that 82% of deaths leave a woman in charge?  This is why women are more willing to discuss death and pre plan for it.  HUM!
Did you know that 75 plus things need to be done within 36 hours after death? How do you do that?
One big problem is who is going to pay for the funeral.  Average funeral costs in our area are around $10,000 to $12,000.  Too many times it comes down to the siblings disagreeing on arrangements.  Many times only one of the siblings can afford to help but still the others want more in the way of final arrangements. Pre planning can help keep families together.
There were many questions, as you can imagine, and one was how involved is Tom Hickey.  It was pointed out that Tom is always willing to help but because he is so busy he wants to handle only his people.  We are very lucky, whether Tom knows it or not, that we are his people.
It’s not that I’m afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.
Since we are all entrepreneurs and Ben being one, wanted to know if he could go down to Batesville and pick up a couple dozen caskets and sell them to Rotary members.  Shauna pointed out this wouldn’t be a good idea.  Seems the funeral homes would get upset and would not bury us.  Seems harsh to me but so be it.
Thanks Shauna, you did a great job.
I’m always relieved when someone delivers a eulogy and I realize I’m listening to it.
Joe Maloney won the drawing and will now by a gold casket.  This is why we call him Big Money Casket Buying Joe.
Don’t forget After Hours.
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Posted by Ben Bendit, on Jul 02, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting July 2, 2015
Well it was the meeting just before the 4th of July holiday weekend and attendance suffered. It was expected and expectations were realized.  We had a total of 14 in attendance including our speaker and a guest.  Still it was a good meeting thanks to a good speaker and a guest that added a little class to the club.  Kimberly E. Thibodeau is a prospective new member thanks to George Stump.
Cliff Witkowski led us in prayer and Bob Eberhart led us in the Rotary song with a little side help from Dave Koppana. It was interesting to say the least. Dave Keck was asked, (demanded) to stand while we sang the Happy Birthday song. We were actually pretty good.
If practice makes perfect, and nobody’s perfect, why practice?
Mark, July 16, 2015 on your calendars for Roseland Rotary’s After Hours meeting. This is a good time to invite a guest. It is also a good meeting for those that can’t normally attend. Note, there will be NO LUNCH MEETING ON THAT DAY.
Reminder, there is a Board meeting July 16, at 4:30 right before the afterhours meeting.
HELP, volunteers are needed for the Roseland Picnic.  You are asked to please let President Brian Bernth know your shirt size as he needs to order your shirts. Hay, I want a shirt too!”
I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather, not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.
Rotary District 6540 will hold a Membership Seminar August 15 at the Plymouth Library from 9:30am to 12:30PM. Any member wishing to attend should contact Brian Bernth 574-532-6908.
Dave Keck collected happy dollars including one from Bill Brennen.  George Stump brought a guest and that made all of us happy. Jason Taege paid a dollar for not having a pin and also for his daughter who just got her driver’s license. Jason had better save his dollars so he can pay his car insurance.  Brian Bernth paid a dollar as this was his first official meeting as President. I bet he will pay another happy dollar when his term is up. Bob Sones was happy to see James Lawson today. Not any happier than Ben and AL and we didn’t even have to pay a dollar. Cliff Witkowski had his 60th Central High School Class Reunion and celebrated his 78th birthday.  Dave Keck also graduated from Central, well at least he went to Central but neither Dave nor Cliff could remember the fight song. So how many years after high school do you have before you forget the schools fight song?
Dave Koppana told a joke about the old guy who snuck in the back door of haven or something like that. You had to be there.
Bob Sones introduced our speaker James Summers of the Summers Group, LLC. Mr. Summers is currently leading the Dignity & Respect Campaign in the South Bend area.  The Summers Group partners with and provides business development services to small and medium businesses.  One such program is the Dignity & Respect program being conducted within our communities.  This program is being supported by many local businesses including the Down Town Rotary Club of South Bend.
Treat everyone with dignity and respect and the world becomes a better place.
James suggested we try two of the 30 tips of Dignity & Respect, smile and say hello.
Our speaker did such a nice job that James Lawson wanted his photo taken with James Summers.  Now that says something about the power of our speaker.
My fellow Rotarians your mission is to go forth this week and smile along with a big “HELLO”.  Take the pledge, “I will treat everyone with Dignity and Respect.”
Lucky Al Veldman won the drawing and will now buy a new truck.  Al, the IRS is watching!
Remember, when a man opens the car door for his wife, you can be sure of one thing, either the car is new or the wife is.
Watch for “Wuandary”
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Posted by Ben Bendit, on Jun 24, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting
June 25, 2015
A special thanks to the Waterford for a very nice lunch.  I am not sure what kind of fried chicken we had but it was very good along with the smashed potatoes, mixed vegetable and salad. As always our server Robin did an outstanding job.  It was also good to see Joy Wagerowski who with her yellow blouse brightened up a rather cloudy morning.
“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”  Henry David Thoreau
We had 15 members, two speakers and Frank Tesler in attendance.  Sorry but, where is everybody?  Fifteen members in attendance is not all that good. Mark your calendar for Thursday afternoons and come to Rotary, we need you.
Brian Bernth ran his first meeting as President even though his term starts officially July 1. Have you ever wondered what a Past President does when his term is up?  Check out the picture below?  Ever wonder what a president does?  Take a look at the pictures below.
“Presidents are selected, not elected” Franklin D. Roosevelt
Dave Keck gave our prayer and we belted out the pledge of allegiance.  Our Song Master extraordinaire Bob Eberhart led us in a happy birthday song to Al Veldman and then in the Rotary song.  We were magnificent today but we did miss Wally.  Come on back Wally and team up with Bob.  Maybe the two of you might just need a little coordination prior to out attempting to sing.
Chris Varda announced the meeting for July 16th will be an afterhours meeting.  This meeting will start at 5:30 pm here at the Waterford. More information will be forthcoming.
Ben Bendit handed out Roseland Rotary Cards to members in attendance. Cards are to be used to create interest in Rotary.  Pass them out to anyone.  Give one to someone you might invite to our afterhours meeting. Ben also asked if anyone has heard of Sudama and Krishna?  No one in attendance had and that is unfortunate as it was the first article in this month’s Rotarian Magazine.  Ben was pleased to see that most members said they did read the weekly Bulletin.  “YA”
It was reported that Rotarian Dave Alford suffered a stroke recently and is now recovering at home.  Please say a prayer for our fellow Rotarian and for his recovery.  We miss you Dave!
May 28th the South Bend Tribune ran a featured article titled  ”Hand of Grace”. In the article Grace Hilreth, a 9 year old third grader at Madison Elementary School, demonstrated how she uses her new prosthetic arm. Grace was born with a defect that required her right arm to be removed just an inch or so below the elbow.
What makes this story unique is that her new arm was designed and built by engineering students at Penn High School. Two of those students Adam Dewey, 16, a junior at Penn High School and Nathan Petrie 16, a junior at Penn High School were our speakers. Both hope to attend Purdue University after graduating High School. With the aid of 3D printers they were able to build an arm for Grace.  Actually they built several arms before they got the one that Grace uses. These young engineers are looking to build even better arms for Grace in the future but better equipment is needed. New 3D printers cost from $1,000 to $2,500 and that’s not the big ones. This editor can only say, “these kids are great”.
If it Doesn’t Make the world better, don’t do it
Frank Tessler wanted to know if they could get a 3D printer to make Scotch, whatever that is!
For all you that missed the meeting, sorry!
Don Kulwicki won the drawing even though Frank Tesler was in attendance. Way to go Don.
Now go and do a good thing. Maybe attend a Rotary meeting!
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Posted by Ben Bendit,PHF on Jun 20, 2015
Roseland Rotary
Presidents Bash
June 20, 2015
Roseland Rotary held its annual Presidents Bash Saturday June 20 at the Brian and Linda Bernth Estate.  Brian and Linda have a beautiful home and thanks goes out to them for opening their home to Roseland Rotary members.  Thanks Brian and Linda for putting on a very successful Bash.
It was great to see our members relaxed and enjoying themselves.  We got to visit with some members we don’t  usually see for one reason or another.  We did miss some members we usually see at these extra meetings. We do miss those that cannot attend and those that could not make this special event. Fact is we do miss you.
President Robert Sones passed on the Presidency to Brian Bernth our new Roseland Rotary leader.  Bob also presented Paul Harris +1 to Bill Brennen and David Keck.  He also presented Joe Maloney with a Paul Harris +2.
Brian Bernth presented Robert Sones with the past presidents Plaque.  Thanks Bob for a great two years.
Take a look!
Roseland Rotary President Bash 2015 Ben Bendit,PHF 2015-06-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit on Jun 10, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting June 11, 2015
Roseland Rotary conducted another interesting weekly meeting.  There were 21 in attendance including our speaker and one guest.  Maybe attendance is moving in a positive direction. It was really good to see everyone and some that we haven’t seen in a awhile.
Winnie Farquhar made a trip to the Grand Caymans before going on her annual trip to California.  Winnie reports that it was very nice and very expensive. For one thing the money exchange rate was only 80 cents on the dollar.  A lunch for 2 cost around  $100. So what do you think a good dinner would cost?
President Bob Sones called the meeting to order, Bill Brennen gave the prayer and Wally Johnson and Bob Eberhart attempted to lead us in song.  This was probably one of the most entertaining renditions of patriotic music I have ever heard.  I do believe we were singing three songs at once and Wally was trying to play two on his violin at the same time.  I just think it should have been recorded so we could play it before every meeting.  That way we would always feel good about our singing. I sincerely hope Wally and Bob will try again.
“If people are talking behind your back, be happy that you are the one in front”
Brian Bernth reminded everyone of the upcoming Presidents Bash and that we need to RSVP our intentions to attend.  Please make every effort to attend June 20 at Brian’s house. Note, there will be no meeting next week on Thursday the 18th.
Bob Sones commented on the Rotary License plate program for the upcoming year.  The plates are $40 extra with Rotary getting $25 of that money.  It should be pointed out that if not enough plates are ordered the State will discontinue this program. Maybe we could get applications and hand them out at one of our meetings.
“Doing nothing is hard.  You never know when you’re done.”
Roseland Rotary presented a check to Robin for all the great service she provides during our lunch meetings.  Thanks Robin.
President Sones presented a PHF to Ann Perri, a PHF+1 to Brian Bernth and a PHF+1 to George StumpCongratulations to all our new and improved Paul Harris Fellows.
“If it doesn’t make the world better don’t do it.”
Dave, The Enforcer, Keck collected lots of happy and sad dollars today. Jason Teage was happy to be here since he has not been here in awhile. We were just glad to see you Jason.  Tom Hickey was sad that Lunkers in Edwardsburg closed their doors for good. This news shook Keck up so much that he knocked over Tom’s drink. Bill Brennen paid a happy dollar because he visited two other Rotary Clubs. Just think of how happy he would be if he visited 3 clubs a week.  Al Veldman paid a happy dollar because he has so much going on in his life.  Al and Elizabeth just celebrated their wedding anniversary, Al's birthday is coming up and several of his sisters are coming to town to visit with him. Poor Al will even miss the Presidents Bash. Now that does not make me happy! Its Al’s birthday and Al issued another check to Rotary in the amount of his age.  Al does this every year and should be going broke soon. Bob Sones paid as he was happy our speaker was here. Jay Harwood paid a happy dollar as did Morey Rosen, Brian Bernth, Dave Keck, Wally Johnson and Bob Eberhart.  If I missed anyone, I apologize.  Lots of bucks today!
President Sones introduced our speaker John Frische of the Kentland Rotary and Coordinator of District 6540 Assistant Governors.  John served 30 years as an educator at South Newton Junior/Senior High.  He is a recent National Educator award winner and is an active farmer.
John’s main topic is a fund raising program his club has used for a number of years.  The end result is, it raises around $15,000 a year for the Kentland Club, a club much smaller than ours.  It’s a simple concept that is not so simple. In short they sell tickets to raffle off a new truck.  As you can imagine these are high dollar tickets for a high dollar prize. I am not going to attempt to explain the entire program and how it works, that’s for another day.  I will say it is a program that once established, it gets easier to operate.
Needless to say something like this would be a great asset to our Roseland Rotary Club.
“Everything is hard before it is easy
Bob Sones won the drawing and will expediently report his winnings to the IRS
Rotarians, this week give someone a dollar for no reason.  Have a Great Week!
Roseland Rotary Meeting June 11, 2015 Ben Bendit 2015-06-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by "Bob" Sones & Brian Bernth on Jun 03, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting June 4, 2015
On this beautiful Thursday morning, we had 16 members, 2 guests, and our speaker in attendance.  Robin and The Waterford served up a great lunch of fried chicken and mashed potatoes.  In spite of this, we all stayed awake the entire meeting!  David Koppana led us in prayer.  No music this week.
President Bob Sones introduced Brian Bernth to talk about the upcoming President’s Bash on June 20th.  Please RSVP to Brian by June 13th.  Maps and invitations were e-mailed to all members.  Bob noted that Ann Perri received her PHF and Bill Brennen received an additional PHF.  Congratulations to both of you! 
Bob mentioned that Benny had to go to Florida to tend to his wife.  Please keep them in your prayers.
Signs are available promoting the Roseland Picnic.  We have 50 and if you’d like one to put in your yard or business, contact Bob Sones. 
Cliff read a thank you note from the Food Bank.  87,399 lbs. of food were collected on May 9th.  A special thank you to all who helped with the food drive.
A highlight today was Jay Harwood presenting a check for $5,800 to Nancy Owsianowski from River Bend Cancer Services.  They are recognizing the Club’s efforts with a plaque at their new facility.  The Auction was a huge success and a lot of fun.  Thank you again to Jay for all he does.
A lot of activity to say the least, right?  Next, Dave Keck introduced our speaker, Tim Cordell, Ranger from Potato Creek State Park.  Tim gave some history of the park, dating back to the original idea starting in 1939 to the actual opening in 1978.  Our own Dave Keck’s uncle pushed this project through and the lake at Potato Creek is named after him.  The park contains beaches, boat launches, fishing piers, campgrounds, and numerous trails.  Paula Sours is going to take her new mountain bike there, right Paula?  There is a Friends Group that helps with funding plantings and equipment and a Resource Management Group that helps restore wetlands and oversees prescribed burns.  There is also some great birdwatching, including Osprey and Eagles.
Tim finished up by discussing a proposed 24 million dollar inn at the Park, but stay tuned.  Funding may not be what it appears.  Isn’t it funny how that happens?
Our guest Nancy Owsianowki won the raffle and donated her winnings back to River Bend Cancer Services. 
Have a great week everyone!
Roseland Rotary June 4 Meeting
Sixteen members, two guests, and our speaker attended the meeting.
Dave Kopanna gave the invocation, we pledged to the flag, and repeated the Four Way Test.
Brian invited everyone to the President's Bash at his house on June 20. He distributed flyers giving the details at the meeting, and the flyers are also being sent to members via E-Mail.  Per Editor, please make every effort to attend.  Detail can be found on our web-site '
Bob Sones announced that Lyman and Cathy each gave a nice donation to the foundation to support the EREY drive. Bill Brennen gave a donation that puts him over the top for another PHF, as did Joe Maloney. The certificate and pin for Ann Perri's PHF came in.
Benny wasn't able to make the meeting today. His wife, Joyce, became unexpectedly ill during a visit to their grandchild in Florida. Benny made a nonstop trip to Florida. She is O.K. now, and they will be back home Monday.
Bob announced that the Roseland Good Neighbor Picnic committee had a meeting Tuesday, and things are moving along well. The Council members will begin calling on businesses for participation, and they were to see the yard signs Rotary donated. We expect to, at least double attendance this year.
Cliff Witkowski read a letter from the Food Bank, thanking our club for the fine work in connection with the Post Office food drive.
Jay Harwood presented a check for $5,800 to Nancy, Treasurer for River Bend Cancer. She indicated that the money will go into the organization capital fund.
Dave Keck took the floor and collected a little money, and then introduced our speaker, Tim Cordell. Tim is a Ranger at Potato Creek State Park. He gave a fine presentation of the park, dating back to its inception. The six square mile park contains 327 acre Worster Lake, restored wet lands, restored natural prairie areas, and something for about everybody. There are walking trails, wetland trails, bicycle trails horse trails, and even a mountain bike trail. They have family camping areas, youth camping areas, family cabins, and picnic areas. In addition there are all kinds of lake activities, swimming, boating, and fishing being the most
Note from Your Little Old Editor,  Did you notice something a little weird about the above Bulletin?  Well, I sure did!  We sure have some wonderful people in this club and I for one appreciate  them.  In my absence not only one Roseland Rotarian stepped up to the plate but two submitted Bulletins.  I am not sure who they were but both did a fine job. What a group of Rotarians we have!  I cannot express how much I respect and admire each any every one of you.
Please do not forget to check out the Web-Site for information on the Presidents Bash, www.
For those that cannot attend meetings, I sincerely must tell you that you are missed and that we are thinking of you.
Remember, We have enough ":youth".  How about a fountain of "smart"?
Roseland Rotary Meeting June 4, 2015 "Bob" Sones & Brian Bernth 2015-06-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit on May 27, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting
May 28, 2015
Hello Roseland Rotarians.  Yes, Your Little Old Editor is back and I can just feel the excitement.  A big “Thank You” to Jennifer for the great job she did in producing a first class weekly Bulletin. Well Rotarians those days are over.  You will now receive the weekly jibber jabber I usually produce.  Upon my return my heart was broken to learn that our beloved Jennifer Price has found it necessary to resign from our club.  We will miss her and all she has done for Roseland Rotary. I will miss her the most. We and I wish her only the very best, she will be missed. Please come back to us when you can.
Now on a lighter note, the Waterford served a very good lasagna for our lunch and was served by the very efficient Robin. Thank you Waterford and friendly staff for all you do for Rotary.
I am not sure if it is my coming back or just a bad attendance day but, attendance stunk!  Sorry but there was no other way I wished to say that.  We had 12 members and our speaker in attendance today.  Please make an effort to attend meetings as we really don’t want to see changes made to the attendance rules.
Faithful attendance at Rotary meetings brings blessings you can receive in no other way.
Note, the Presidents Bash will be held June 20th at Brian Bernths house.  For additional details see our Web-Site  More to come on the Bash.
Bob Sones received his plaque for becoming a Paul Harris fellow. Congratulations Bob.
The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”
Bill Brennen gave the prayer and Wally Johnson played the violin as we sang God Bless America.  New member David Koppana has a singer’s voice and could be heard leading the singing. We still miss you Bob!
“He who sings scares away his woes.” Some of us scare way everything.
Dave Keck collected Happy Dollars and paid a dollar hoping for better attendance for future meetings.  Brian Bernth paid because he is just happy, must have just got paid. Paul Sours is happy because she just won a mountain bike, we will see how happy she is after she rides that sucker.  George Stump is just happy to be here, probably happy to be anywhere.  Morris Rosen is happy!  Bob Sones is happy because Dave Keck has just earned another Paul Harris. Al Veldman is happy because another grandkid just got married.  He got to go to Tiger Stadium in Detroit Michigan for the Wedding Reception. He made it back and now we are all happy.  Bill Brennen was happy to take a trip out East to witness his Granddaughters graduation from college.  Wally Johnson told a long story about how he learned to play music on the Violin but really didn’t learn anything and then learned anyway.  Now if you follow that you are better than me. Wally does play by ear and I can tell you that is a gift from God.
“Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand.”
David Keck introduced our speaker Mike Grabill Rotary Foundation Chairman. Now you might think poring but you would be totally wrong. Mike talked about the importance of being a Paul Harris Fellow and being a part of the Rotarian Every Year campaign.  Did you know that only 11% of our Roseland Rotary members gave to Rotary Foundation this year?  I know we can do better than this!
Mike went on to describe how the Foundation works and where the money goes and how much comes back to the clubs. For example we paid into the Foundation a little over $8,900 and we got back $8,400.
Want to know what the Foundation supports?  Just read the Rotarian magazine and look at the projects done locally and worldwide.  Not much would get done if we didn’t support the Foundation.  It’s hard to think of a charity that does more than Rotary. When we consider supporting charities shouldn’t our charity of choice be Rotary?  After all we are Rotarians.
Mike made a good point, if we just donated the cost of one glass of wine every week to the Foundation how much would that be a year.  That would be over $100 a year and we would have our $100 a year from every Rotarian.
District 6540 Rotary Day at Four Winds Field August 23 at 2:05 PM. For only $29 Rotary Members will receive a ticket to the game, a South Bend Cubs Hat and a 2 hour All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. (Starting at 1:00 pm in the Home Run Porch). More on this later! Please mark your calendars.
Violinist Extraordinaire Wally Johnson won the drawing and a humongous amount of cash.  Don’t forget to report that to the IRS.
Your Little Old Editor apologizes for not getting the last two Bulletins published.  Jennifer sent them by e-mail, however I was leaving Florida and did not get to them.  I expected to have them in my e-mail here in Indiana, however that was not the case.  I had my computer tech try and retrieve them but like Hilary we have failed to do so!  I did ask Jennifer to resend them and I will publish as soon as received.
Please Rotarians, help someone this week and help Rotary by attending next week’s meeting.  Our speaker next week is Tim Cordell from Potato Creek.  It promises to be very interesting.
Roseland Rotarty Meeting May 28, 2015 Ben Bendit 2015-05-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by "Bob" Sones on May 07, 2015
Roseland Rotary May 7 Meeting
Seventeen members, two guests, and our speaker attended the meeting.
Dave Keck gave the invocation, we pledged to the flag, and repeated the Four Way Test.
Bob Sones reminded everyone that the Annual Roseland Rotary, and Granger Sunrise Auction is tomorrow night. It looks like we will have another very successful event this year. Thanks to the great members from both clubs who spend time and talent making that happen.
Cliff Witkowski gave a rundown on our Post Office Food Drive on Saturday, two days from now. We will work at the Granger branch.
Bob reitterated a hope that all members, who haven't donated to the Rotary Foundation this year will donate at least $10. EREY means "Every Rotarian, Every Year". We would like to earn the banner that comes to clubs where that is achieved. Members can give $10 cash or check to Bob or Treasurer Joe Maloney, or ask Joe to add the donation they wish to make to their next club statement for dues and meals.
Some of our members indicated that they will "kill two birds with one stone", by taking advantage of the PHF program to upgrade their status, which will automatically give the Foundation a donation.
Brian Bernth, President Elect, presented Bob Sones his newly earned PHF certificate and pin. The certificate was in a nice frame, and Bob promised to furnish the same for others, as their certificates arrive.
Dave Keck was in fine form today as Sergeant of Arms, and members were feeling happy, so we added a bit to the treasury.
Our speaker today, Laura Baker, Executive Director of Reading For Life, gave a great presentation on a local program that appears to be working very successfully in St. Joseph County. It is a Mentoring program for youthful males who have been detained for at least 30 days for criminal activities. Mentors of varying ages (usually two or more) work with groups of five for at least two hours a week for ten weeks. The Mentors receive extensive training, and are volunteers.
They combine Literature with personal study and implementing of seven classic virtures: Justice, Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude, Fidelity, Hope, and Charity.
Results of the program are excellent. Ninety seven percent of the youth are not prosecuted for further offenses, and ninety percent have no further contact for offenses with the law. Those who complete the course and do not further offend may have their record expunged when they reach age 18.
Note from Your Little Old Editor,  Remember "If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button"
It's true, " At my age flowers scare me"  (George Burns)
Be a good Rotarian and help someone this week.
Roseland Rotary Meeting May 7, 2015 "Bob" Sones 2015-05-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by "Bob" Sones on Apr 30, 2015
Thursday, April 30 Roseland Rotary
Fifteen members and one guest, Pat Bridges, attended today's meeting.
Paula Sours gave the Invocation. We receited the pledge to the flag, and the Four Way Test.
President Sones indicated that he had communicated with Bob Eberhart, and Bob is still not physically well enough to come to meetings. Bob has a 25 year perfect attendence record, and hopes to be back with us in two or three weeks. Sick leave should be invoked somewhere here.
President Sones asked everyone to remember that our annual auction to support the club is about a week away, May 8. If you haven't already done it, now is the time to register. The Roseland Town Board ordered a reservation, and will put an ad in the Program for the Roseland Rotary/Town of Roseland Good Neighbor Picnic.
The club support for the Harper Cancer Research Institute was welcomed by them. They got enough votes to qualify for $7,500 of the $1,000,000 grant. Another $1,000 or more should come in from donations for votes.
Dave Keck and his wife Karen have had medical issues lately, and Bob announced that their little dog Sophie died of liver failure Tuesday. She was like a child to them. We all sympathize.
If Indiana Rotarians order 500, or more Rotary license plates this year, the program will continue into future years. Plates can be ordered for cars, trucks, motorcycles, they all count. The cost is $40 over the normal plate cost and taxes. All you need do is place the order when your plates become due.
Bob Sones and Bill Brennen attended the District 6540 Celebration at Monticello on Friday, the 24th.
Bill gave a nice rundown of the event, and urged members to take at least a day to attend next year's Celebration at Merrillvile. He emphasized the opportunity to meet other Rotarians, and to more fully capture the spirit of Rotary. Bill was most impressed by Mac Wall, Zone 30 Rotary Public Image Coordinator, who started his talk with "If you have the picture of a white haired guy on your home page, take it down." Obviously alluding to our need to bring younger people into our clubs. Thanks to Bill.
Note from Your Little Old Editor; Thanks to Bob Sones for filling in today and submitting this week’s Bulletin.
Be good Rotarians
This is a photo of my friend Fred.
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Posted by Jennifer Price on Apr 27, 2015
Rotary Meeting Thursday, April 23, 2015
It was a great day for Roseland Rotary with 17 members, 2 guests, Venus Myles and Alejandro Lopez, and our speaker in attendance in the Waterford Pub.  We actually had more people than eating space!  Luckily some of our gentlemen that finished their meal early gave up their spots and took a seat on the couches for our later arrivals.  Robin surprised the early crowd with cannolis for dessert!
Just a reminder:  bring in your donations for the May 8th Rotary Auction!  Jay reported you can bring your donations to the meetings or directly to Rose.
Bob Sones reminded everyone to vote for Harper Cancer Research Institute during Notre Dame Day.  Save your receipt and you can take $10 off your next Rotary dues statement.  Bob has sent out several e-mails explaining the process.
Cliff reported on the Stamp Out Hunger Day on Saturday, May 9th.  All volunteers should know their shifts for the Granger Post Office.  Remember – no open toe shoes!
Our speaker of the day was Laura Beverly from Catholic Workers of South Bend.  Laura first began serving with Catholic Workers as a Notre Dame student and fell in love with the community.  The Catholic Worker Movement began in New York City in 1933 as first a newspaper started by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin designed to advance Catholic social teaching and stake out a neutral, pacifist position in the war-torn 1930s.  Day attempted to put her words from the Catholic Worker into action through "houses of hospitality" and then through a series of farms for people to live together communally. The movement focuses on basic principles such as shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked.  The organization is a horizontal movement, giving autonomy to each community to design itself.  There are 2 Hospitality Houses in South Bend, one for men and one for women.  Residents are interviewed during a dinner to determine if the house is a good fit for both them and the house.  The volunteers of the home are not equipped for active addictions and extreme mental illness.  However, they work with several volunteers ranging from social workers to doctors to whom they can refer people.  The average stay for residents in the house is a year or so.  By taking on a heart of voluntary poverty, the volunteers with the Catholic Workers feel they can create a more authentic community for the residents and guests.  The house hosts dinner every evening for residents and guests.  All are welcome. 
The South Bend Catholic Workers also has developed a large drop in center called Our Lady of the Road located at 744 South Main Street in South Bend.   Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings they host 75-125 people for breakfast, showers, laundry and clothes service. 
Laura’s dedication and passion for her work were clearly evident.  Thank you for sharing Laura!
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Posted by "Bob" Sones on Apr 16, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting April 16, 2015
Waterford served very tasty meat loaf, steamed vegetables, and mashed potatoes. As usual, Robin gave great service.
The business meeting started with a prayer, led by Bill Brennen. We then had the pledge to the flag and the Four Way Test.
There were 13 members and three guests in attendance. We were reminded again about the Roseland/Sunrise Auction on Friday, May 8. You can reserve your place by sending in the reservation, or E-Mailing Jay Harwood, or Bob Sones. If you wish, you can have the event billed to you, through your Roseland Rotary account .
Cliff Witkowski reviewed the arrangement for members helping out in the post office feed drive. We are ready to go, and will be working at the Granger post office, Bittersweet Road and Hwy 23, on Saturday, May 9.
Bob Sones announced that the tree planting at Bendix woods will be condensed to Sunday only, between 1 PM and 3 PM. Saturday was cancelled.
We had firm endorsement of our meeting at Harper Research Institute last week, from three of our members, Cliff Witkowski, Winnie Farquar, and Paula Sours. All suggested that the club support Harper on Notre Dame Day in May.
We will be providing more detailed information shortly, but they are talking about a competition among Notre Dame organizations for $1,000,000 in Grant money. For every $10 donated in the name of such organizations, they get the $10 and five votes. The winning organizations will also get a percentage of the $1,000,000, equal to the percentage they got of the total votes.
Al Veldman displayed an award Placque made by Alan Oglesby (one of our guests today). It will honor Bill Killilea at the auction. It is a beautiful piece of work in wood.
Our speaker today was an "In house" expert. Jason Taege has been a commercial banker since 1997. He is currently
Regional Vice President for Old National Bank. Old National has purchased a number of units over the past few years, and has a major presence in the Michiana area.
Jason indicates that he is in the business of "renting money", and he discussed the detail and regulation that people not in the financial world don't see, and often have questions about. Under our system, actions of the Fed, and of regulators
create a managed system that has great influence on interest rates, money availability, and profitability. In the case of Old National, they have a department of 45 people who do nothing but work to comply with a book of regulations on the order of one foot thick.
The program was very informative and interesting.
Note from Your Little Old Editor,  Thanks Bob for filling in and as always a fine job well done.
Joe Maloney reports that he and his wife had lunch with Jimmy Djalili at a restaurant in Hyde Park, London.  Jimmy said he would be returning in August.
I thought you might enjoy a few photo's from Fort DeSoto  Florida.  I arrived around 6am and got a nice shot of the moon before photographing the Sunshine Bridge.
Have a Great Week
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Posted by Jennifer Price on Apr 12, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting April 9, 2015
Our Roseland Rotary Club took a field trip last Thursday to the Harper Cancer Research Institute at Notre Dame!  It was a breath of fresh air doing something new, somewhere new.  Bob Sones, Al Veldman, and Brian Bernth even brought their lovely wives to the meeting.  Our host, Angela Cavalieri, Harper’s External Relations and Special Events Program Coordinator, provided our club with a wonderful lunch from Panera.  It was quite delicious!  Even though we had a new location, the club still said the Pledge of Allegiance and recited the 4 Way Pledge.  Some traditions are worth doing wherever we go.
S. Andrew Bullock, Associate Director of the Harper Institute, was our speaker.  As the Associate Director, Andy oversees day-to-day operations, has budgetary oversight, and provides financial management for funds, budget forecasting, and analysis for Notre Dame’s contribution to the Harper Cancer Research Institute. He manages education and outreach programs, implements communications and external public relations, and is the supervisor of Notre Dame staff in the Institute. Additionally, Andy serves as Notre Dame’s liaison to the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute.  Before joining UND, Andy served as a lieutenant in the United States Navy.  Andy received his PhD in pharmacology from Dr. Hugh Hemmings lab at the Weill Graduate School of Medical Science at Cornell University in 2005. In 2010 he graduated from the University of San Diego with an MBA in Finance and International Business.  Of particular note for the Roseland Rotary, both Andy’s father and grandfather served as president of our club in the 1970s.  We were lucky to have Andy speak to our club and relay his passion for cancer research. 
The Mike and Josie Harper Cancer Research Institute is one of the only research centers in the world founded on the unique principle of bringing biologists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers, mathemicians, oncologists and physicist together to study a single cause from the ground up:  the fight against cancer.  This multidisciplinary approach is the number one thing that sets Harper apart from other cancer research centers, as well as their success.  Most centers bring researchers to their facility and they spend most of their time writing grants to fund their research.  Harper is interested in funding those seemingly “off the wall” questions that may lead to break throughs in science that could only receive funding after initial research provided enough evidence to be worthy of further study.  Andy shared the story of PCR, the single greatest discovery in over 25 years of cancer research, allowing the duplication of DNA for study.  This discovery was only made possible because one scientist asked the question, “what bacteria grows in boiling water?”  You’ll have to research the science to understand more, because this writer couldn’t jot everything down fast enough, but it was an extremely interesting tale.  Andy discussed the struggle of getting good ideas funding and the consequences when they don’t.  Harper researchers are working together to improve diagnostic imaging, discover better patient-targeted therapies and enable earlier detection for patients battling cancer. 
Because funding for research and supplies is costly, it is important for all to know about tissue banking.  Tissue banking is when remaining tissue that has been removed during a medical procedure, such as an operation or biopsy, is collected and stored.  This extra tissue, not needed for a patient’s diagnosis or treatment, is used by scientists to study disease and find better ways to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer in the future.  After the meeting, Angela shared with me that one of Harpers’ research projects just spent $90,000 of a very small amount of samples because no samples were available in the Tissue Bank.  Scientists need both cancerous and non-cancerous tissues for their experiments.  Please consider donating, and encouraging those you know to donate if given the chance.
Both Andy and Angela encouraged the group to check out Notre Dame Day.  On this day, people have the opportunity to vote for Harper, amongst all of Notre Dame’s programs, to receive a portion of an endowment for their program.  For $10, you can vote 5 times.  Harper will receive the $10 as well as a percentage of the money based on the percentage of votes they receive.  I relayed to Angela that we’d love to be a part helping Harper this way.  She will be forwarding me the specific date and information to make voting easy.  I look forward to sharing that information with the club as soon as I receive it.
It was a wonderful and very informative meeting.  Hopefully we will find more field trips in the future and have better club representation when we do.
Jay and Cliff shared some information about the big 2 events coming up for our club.  Reminder to all, please respond to your invitations for the annual Rotary Auction on Friday, May 8th.  Also, keep collecting those items to be auctioned.  Cliff relayed that we have filled our spots for the Stamp Out Hunger event on Saturday, May 9th.  Thank you to all who have signed up to volunteer! 
Have a great week everyone! 
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Posted by Jennifer Price on Apr 06, 2015
Rotary Newsletter 4.2.15
Fifteen Roseland and 1 South Bend Rotarians gathered at the Waterford on a rainy April 2nd last Thursday.  The meeting began with usual fair, although still no song.  Our president reported that it will still be several weeks before Bob Eberhart will be able to join us.  Miss you Bob!
Jay reported on the auction.  Sounds like we’ve gotten a few great items already, but we need more.  Remember, the club is asking that everyone obtain at least 2 items for the auction.  Again, as you all know, this is the major fund raiser for the club. 
Cliff reported in on the May 9th, Stamp out Hunger event.  Roseland Rotary has been assigned to the Granger post office eto help unload the cars and mail trucks as donations are received.  The club is responsible for 2 shifts, the first from 2-4 pm and the second from 4-6pm.  As of the beginning of the meeting, we still needed 3 people for the second shift.  All participants must be at least 12 years of age and wear close toed shoes (in other words, no sandals people!)  Please make sure to help with this event!  Contact Cliff if you can!
In lieu of an outside speaker, our president-elect, Brian Bernth, took the podium to address Roseland Rotary’s membership struggles in both obtaining new members and retaining current ones.  It was an open forum on improving the club and it was great to see so many people engage in ideas.  Concerns regarding the somber feel of the meetings, the difficulty of obtaining speakers whom may attract more guests, the lack of connection between members, and the difficulty of attracting new members were all presented.  With regards to speakers, more members need to get involved with finding speakers.  Dave expressed the challenge of finding speakers, particularly because he’s often embarrassed by our club’s attendance.  I’m sure it’s difficult to bring in speakers that are willing to give their time to such a small group.  Hopefully we can convince our speakers that we value their time by appropriately welcoming our speakers, engaging them in conversations, staying attentive during their presentations, asking questions, and expressing gratitude.  I would imagine that the more active Roseland Rotary became in the community, in more diverse ways, the more attractive our group will become to new speakers.  We may be small, but we have the power to be mighty.
Those in attendance offered several suggestions for improving the club.  Increasing new membership orientation and possibly mentoring would help new members understand more of the traditions, connections, and responsibilities of Rotary.  Rotarians who may have been disenchanted with larger groups such as South Bend could be a better fit for Roseland.  Connecting with South Bend Rotary to follow up on their members that have left the group could be an idea to renew those individuals interest in Rotary by welcoming them into our smaller group.  Several members mentioned that increasing social opportunities would increase the connection between members.  Events such as informal gatherings for cocktail hour or such, once a month, would promote involvement as well as provide an opportunity to make up an absence.  Several people mentioned reinstituting the 3 minute speeches for members.  While some of you have been gathering for years and know each other well, newer members would love to learn more about each other, both personally and professionally.  While we are a service club focused on the community, Paul Harris first put Rotary together as a marketing opportunity since attorneys weren’t able to advertise.  It is possible to network through service.  New Rotarians want social involvement with professional marketing.  Increasing our communication through social media may help attract new members as well as keep the group informed.  It could be a better way to share members’ celebrations as well as challenge, keeping us more informed and connected to each other.  Other suggestions included more field trips for meetings, changing the start time to 12:15pm, calling members who are absent to let them know they were missed, and trying to increase the diversity of the club were presented as well.
So, in a nutshell, Roseland Rotary has much to consider.  Good news though, it appears that many are engaged in the suggestion process.  Now I encourage all to be equally, if not more so, engaged in the implementation process.  Thanks Brian for getting the ball rolling!
Reminder!!!!!  The Roseland Rotary will be meeting offsite on April 9th.  Our regular meeting will be held at the Harper Cancer Institute offices, 1234 Notre Dame Avenue, 46617.  Maps were passed out at the meeting. Lunch will be served as well.  This will be a very special opportunity for our club, so please make sure to attend!!! Bring a guest if you can!
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Posted by "Bob" Sones on Mar 26, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting March 26, 2015
We had a great meal today: Baked chicken, mixed steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes with chicken gravy.
Sixteen members, a visitor from South  Bend Rotary, and a prospective new member,  Jacob Youngs, attended.
Joe Maloney gave the invocation, we said the Pledge to the Flag, and recited the four way test. Bob Eberhart is still under
the weather, so we had no songmaster, and no song. Get well Bob.
Bob Sones announced that our off site meeting at Notre Dame will be April 9, two weeks from now. The April 2 meeting will be at Waterford.
Cliff Witkowski asked for member support of the post office food drive. We need to staff two, two hour, shifts at the Granger substation on May 9, (2 PM TO 4 pm, and 4 to 6 PM)
Jay Harwood asked for strong support of the annual auction. This is our significant club fund raiser, and we need your help. You can donate items for auction, attend the event, and ask friends and businesses for support. The committee does a great job, we need to help them. Although the literature says advertising has to be submitted by April 1, it  will be accepted up to a week prior to the event. Business card size ads will be O.K. too. 
Frank Topec was the winning jokester (You had to be there to enjoy it).
Dave Keck was genial, and efficient in collecting happy dollars. I noticed, when he stood up, everyone grabbed their wallets (obviously to show how anxious they were to contribute).
David Koppana was our speaker today. David joined our club on April 19. He is an engineering graduate of Notre Dame, and his current business project is a low key seven bedroom, four bath bed and breakfast on the near northwest side of South Bend.
David talked about the tornado that occurred in this area fifty years ago. It happened on Palm Sunday, and was devastating. Forty four people died, thirty-three in one Elkhart trailer park. Maury, Cliff, Al, Dave Keck, and Frank recounted some of their experiences at the time. The theme was unbelievable power, devastation, and the hope never to encounter such an event again. 
Note from You Little Old Editor,  Thanks Bob for filling in today and a nice job on the Weekly News Bulletin.
Don't mess with Mama
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Posted by Jennifer Price on Mar 23, 2015
.Rotary Newsletter 3.19.15
The Roseland Rotary Club had a small change in venue this past Thursday and met in the Pub at the Waterford.  We began the meeting as usual, although we said the Pledge of Allegiance without a flag.   An absence of a physical flag will not deter this clubs patriotism!  We were once again without our songmaster.  Apparently, he will be unable to join us for several more weeks.  Bob Sones suggested we give Bob Eberhart a call to check in on him if we get a chance.  Our honorable president then presented our new member, Dave, with his pin and certificate.  He also presented Robin with a little gift of appreciation on behalf of the club.  Several reports came in about club projects.  The Kennedy basketball court is moving along with the help of our club and the downtown club.  Joe Maloney spoke about the speech contest.  Many Clay students participated and it was a success.  Our club’s board meetings have been moved to the 3rd Thursday of each month before the usual meeting. 
Reminder!!!!!  The Roseland Rotary will be meeting offsite on April 2.  Our regular meeting will be held at the Harper Cancer Institute offices, 1234 Notre Dame Avenue, 46617.  Maps were passed out at the meeting. Lunch will be served as well.  This will be a very special opportunity for our club, so please make sure to attend!!!
Our club was fortunate to have Sergeant Ray Wolfenbarger of the SBPD as our guest speaker.  As many of us remember, Sgt Wolfenbarger was shot and nearly killed during a traffic stop in 2001.  Sgt. Wolfenbarger shared his story of that evening and the 11 seconds that would change his life forever.  After a high speed pursuit following what he thought would be a simple “warning” traffic stop, Ray rushed the vehicle after the driver crashed.  After initially showing his hands, the suspect retrieved a gun and shot Ray 3 times.  Able to communicate on his radio that an officer was shot; Ray attributes his survival to his ability to stay coherent, the quick response of his fellow officers, and the doctors that would not give up on him during surgery.  Ray endured years of intense physical therapy to reach his current physical condition.  Nothing this writer could pen could ever do justice to Ray’s courage, humility, willpower, and strength (physical/mental/spiritual).  Truly, it was an honor to hear him tell his story.  If you missed it, you missed an inspiring message.
If ever given the opportunity, Sgt. Wolfenbarger would love to feed his adrenalin-loving spirit and return to patrolling the streets of South Bend.  However, he has accepted the challenges that this experience has delivered him by directing his career in a slightly different path.  Sgt  Wolfenbarger is currently assigned to the crime lab and is the first officer of the South Bend Police Department to become a firearms and tool mark examiner.  Sergeant Wolfenbarger attended the national firearm examiners Academy – NFEA, which was sponsored by the ATF.  The NFEA is an intense 13 month training program where Sergeant Wolfenbarger was instructed by some of the best firearm and tool mark examiners in the country.  Sergeant Wolfenbarger is responsible for working all of the firearm and tool mark cases for the South Bend Police Department and surrounding agencies. Sgt Wolfenbarger also oversees the test-firing of every recovered firearm. This testing allows the investigator to compare handguns to determine if they have also been used in other crimes, by matching and comparing data from the test sample to evidence recovered at actual crime scenes. 
Sgt. Wolfenbarger delivered his presentation on fake versus real guns.  He brought in several guns, both real and fake to illustrate the challenge in quickly identifying the guns.  Several of the fake guns he showed the club were called Airsoft guns and are available at Walmart.  Children are playing with these “toy”guns and not understanding how they appear to officers.  When faced with these guns, an officer must make a split second decision to determine whether or not they are in danger.  I and most of the club members were amazed at how similar, quite frankly identical, these guns appear.  Not only are children playing with these guns, but criminals are also using the fake guns while committing crimes.  Sgt. Wolfenbarger’s presentation very poignantly illustrated the great challenge our officers face on the streets.  Several club members wondered why it is even legal to create such real looking guns.  One thing is for certain, no person has the right to judge any officer for using their weapon when faced with anyone brandishing a weapon, real or fake.
Sgt. Wolfenbarger delivered such an interesting and thought provoking presentation that most members did not leave the Waterford until after 2pm.  I know I regret having to leave at 1:30pm.  Thanks Dave for bringing him in to speak to us!!!!!is
Note From Your Little Old EditorI think a big THANK YOU is in order! Thanks Jennifer for a great Weekly Bulletin, you do an outstanding job.
Joe Maloney reported that the World Affairs Conference was held Wednesday March 18 on the IUSB Campus.  There were 100 students from local high schools in attendance.  Roseland Rotary sponsored 25 students from Clay High School.  Bill Brennen and Joe were in attendance representing the Roseland Rotary Club.  Program speakers included, in person presentations and video presentations.  After the presentations students were broken down into small groups to discuss the subject of Human Trafficking.
Cliff Witkowski talked to Shelley Marker at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana about helping out this year on the food drive. They are not needing any help at the Food Bank on Chapin street this year.
But they need a lot of help at the Post Office branches putting food into mail trucks who will  then take  the food to the Food Bank on Chapin street. 
This is how it works… We would unload the food from cars & mail carriers trucks  that bring food to the Post Office branches ... Then we would load the U.S. Postal trucks with the food that would take the food to the Food Bank on Chapin Street.
The Granger Branch needs help on Saturday May 9 , 2 - 4 p.m. & 4 - 6 p.m. I thought the Granger Branch location would be a good one for us. It's located at Bittersweet & 23. We would need 6 people for each time segment. The Branch locations fill up pretty fast... So please send this information to all of our board members and let me know if we want to do this ASAP.
Thanks Cliff, sorry I can't be there to help.  Please take a few pictures for me.
Don't forget Auction Items
Have a great week Rotarians
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Posted by Ben Bendit on Mar 16, 2015
Special Bulletin
Dear Rotarians
This week on the 19th, the Roseland Rotary will be honored to have as our speaker Ray Wolfenbarger from the South Bend Police Department. Dave Keck and Bob Sones have made a special request that all Rotarians please make every effort to attend this meeting.  I personally second that request.
As many of you know, I was involved with the Crime Stopper program for 15 years.  During that time I attended several International Crime Stopper Conferences and worked and got to know many police officers. Today, my stepson, John Gast, is a police officer.  John patrols the Westside on the night shift.  So as you can see I am still involved with the South Bend Police Department.
Although I am out of town and cannot attend the meeting I am still asking Roseland Rotarians to show their support by making every effort to attend this weeks meeting.
Please bring a friend, spouse or someone from work.
Benny C Bendit 
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Posted by Jennifer Price on Mar 15, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting 3/12/15
Spring was in the air for this weeks’ Roseland Rotary meeting.  We had 15 members in attendance along with our guest speaker.  We began the meeting with the pledge and four way test.  Bob Eberhart is obviously irreplaceable.  Not one member in attendance felt they could perform the role of songmaster as well as he, so we went sans song again this week.  Bob Sones started the announcements by presenting Maury with a pin for bringing in our new member, Dave. 
Jay Harwood announced details regarding the annual action scheduled for Friday, May 8th, at Windsor Park.  This year we are supporting the works of St. Margaret’s House and River Bend Cancer Services.  These organizations will receive 10% of all proceeds from the auction as well as an oral auction request where 100% of the monies generated will be presented to them.  The highlight of the evening will include presenting the Service Above Self Award to Bill Killilea.   As most of you will remember, our very own Al Veldman received the award last year.  Invitations for the event will be sent shortly.  Sponsorship letters have been sent out to all members via e-mail.  Each member is encouraged to collect at least 2 items for auction.  Even if you’re able to collect smaller items, they can be added with other donations to create larger gift baskets.  This is our major fund raiser of the year.  Contributions will assist in the underwriting of the event and help to provide funds for other club donations.
Dave Keck then began collecting Happy Dollars.  We seemed to be a happier group this week with dollars being given for the weather, Dr. Seuss Day, a celebration of clean shaven heads, ND basketball (primarily men, but hey, those women are rocking it too), and Joe Maloney’s Irish joke.  Jerry gave a dollar to make an announcement.  His office will be holding a seminar on Eldercare on April 2nd.  Contact him for more information.
Our speaker for the meeting was none other than Bonnie Stryker from the Youth Services Bureau.  Bonnie has spent the last 40 years helping children in critical situations move from a state of surviving to a state of thriving.  The Youth Services Bureau began in the 1960s as a response to delinquency.  They mostly work with runaways, homeless teens, and pregnant/young mothers.  The Bureau measures success by tracking 4 outcomes.  The first outcome is safety; finding shelter and support for individuals.  The second outcome is finding a sense of well being.  Because many of these individuals come from a place of neglect, abuse, or even mental illness, it is important to help them find an improved sense of self worth.  The 3rd outcome involves providing education and training to increase skills to allow the youth to become self sufficient.  The 4th outcome involves connecting the youth with caring adults.  The Young Mothers Program involves teaching the young mothers about positive relationships and how to be a better parent.  Safe Station is the shelter for runaway teens.  The teens can stay there up to 3 weeks.  St. Joseph County has approximately 150 “Safe Place” sites, with 8 Martins Supermarkets becoming the newest “Safe Place” sites.  Safe Place is a network of business, fast food restaurants, fire stations, busses, and other public places that provide kids, ages 12-18, immediate access to help.  This Sunday begins National Safe Place Week.   While Bonnie was a passionate speaker and clearly remains passionate about the Youth Services Bureau, she shared with us that her tap is running dry and she will be leaving the Bureau soon.  I, for one, am truly grateful that she chose to dedicate her life to the youth in our community.  Thank you, Bonnie!  We ended the meeting by taking a group picture with Bonnie.
Have a great week celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! 
For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way -
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.  
~Author Unknown
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Posted by "Bob" Sones on Mar 09, 2015
The weather hasn't been good to us so far this year of global warming. We have had miserable  weather on our meeting day for the last six weeks, or so. Today was no exception. The prediction for today was 16 degrees, which would be the coldest high for this date EVER!
We had 10 stalwarts in attendance today, with many others ill, afraid of the weather, or wisely in a warm climate until things warm up a little here.
Dave Keck gave the invocation, we pledged to the flag, and stated the four way test, the guide fr all Rotarians.
Joe Maloney reported that we will have two students attend the World Affairs Conference. We will need some member help, particularly for transportation. Please contact Joe or Jennifer, if you can help out.
Our Speaker today Was Rebecca Zaseck, President and CEO of Real Services, Inc. The Agency serves the needs of elderly and physically disabled individuals in Elkhart, Kosciusko, LaPorte, Marshall, and St. Joseph Counties.
Their mission is to add quality to the lives of individuals by supporting their ability to live independently. They serve 65,000 individuals, and major areas of support are: Case Management and In-Home services, Energy assistance, Home health Care, Meals on Wheels, Nutrition, Transportation, and Weatherization.
The agency has a budget of nearly nineteen million dollars, and organizes hundreds of volunteers for the task. It is apparent that they meet a great need within our communities.
Note from your Little Old Editor.  Thanks Bob Sones for filling in today.  My apologies for getting this Bulletin out so late. We are finishing up on some remodeling and time just got away from me. I have heard the weather up North is getting better then when Bob wrote this Bulletin.  It's been in the 80s hear and lots of sun shine.  It is also the busiest season we have ever seen.
After last weeks Bulletin we had 22 responses to the inquiry as to who is or is not getting the Bulletin.  I am happy to report that all had received their copy.  One did have a problem with it being garbled.  I hope this week's copy gets through to him ungarbled.  It is possible that Club Runner was having some difficulties delivering Bulletins as last week's went through smoothly.  If you have a problem please let me know.
Meet Brandy,
Roseland Rotary Meeting March 5, 2015 "Bob" Sones 2015-03-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Bernth on Feb 24, 2015
Meeting of February 19
The nasty weather couldn’t keep everyone away today.  We had 10 brave souls and our speaker in attendance.  A hearty lunch started the ball rolling.  Brian and Bob met with Jim Goodhew and Carsten Schmidt of the South Bend Club, and the South Bend Club has agreed to help us with the Kennedy Park Basketball Court project.  They also got the local FOP involved and they, too, will be helping us.  What a great opportunity for Rotary clubs to work together, but also to include the police department in helping to create a great recreation area for a neighborhood full of kids needing a constructive activity.
Our speaker today was Evie Kirkwood, Director of St. Joseph County Parks.  She remembered that the last time she spoke to our group, it snowed like crazy.  Maybe we should stop inviting her back!
Evie discussed some projects that they are really proud of.  The first one is called LEEF, which stands for Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility.  In 2012, Notre Dame approached the county about setting up lab and field research at St. Patrick’s Park.  Notre Dame leased 28 acres for their project and built aquatic ecosystems for research.  Reservoirs, streams, and ponds were created and data can be beamed to the internet from sensors at the ponds.  The study of fish DNA, yes, I said fish DNA, is also conducted at the park.
Another great project is the Studebaker Trees at Bendix Woods.  Originally planted in 1938 as a salute to the booming aviation industry, these trees are the longest in length living advertising sign in the world, according to Guinness Book of World Records.  Our own Bob Sones helped clean up last year.  Evie told us that it takes 175 saplings just to make the letter “U”.  April 15th thru 19th will be planting days this year, if anyone would like to help.  South Bend Rotary is helping on the 18th and 19th.
Evie concluded by telling us about Sugar Camp Days on March 21st and 22nd.  This is great family fun.  We learned that it takes 42 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup.  That explains the prices in the grocery stores!
Al Veldman won the drawing, Bob rang the bell, and we were on our way back into the arctic blast!
Sorry for the delay in the newsletter.  I really should leave this responsibility to professionals!
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Posted by Jennifer Price on Feb 13, 2015
2/12/15 Rotary Meeting
There were fifteen people in attendance at today’s Roseland Rotary meeting including 13 members, South Bend Rotarian Shaina Poland, and James’ guest, Brent.  This smaller group enjoyed a fine meal WITH Valentine’s cookies.  I’m sure a few of you are sad you missed those!  We opened the meeting with usual fair minus the lifting of our voices in song.  Apparently, if our songmaster is unable to attend…we do not sing.  Hmmm…now that that info is known, we may need to assign a security detail to Bob to ensure that nothing prohibits him from making it to the meetings.  I’m just kidding, of course!  We can’t wait to have you back, Bob, so we can sing along with you.
Bill Brennan spoke to the group about his trip to a Peru Rotary Meeting with Bob Sones.  A middle school teacher and a few students were guests at the group. Their class was using a 3D printer to create a Rotary insignia.  Bill was extremely impressed with these students.  The outlook for our future may indeed be more encouraging if students like these continue to work with this amazing technology.
Brian Bernth shared some great news about a meeting he had earlier in the day with members of the South Bend Rotary group.  The SB group has agreed to work with our Roseland Rotary crew on the Kennedy Park project.  Together, we hope to obtain a district grant to support the project.
Dave Keck returned to his sergeant-at-arms role and strong armed some happy dollars out of many.  As he pointed out, we are all blessed to be alive and have the opportunity to gather for Rotary. I suggest everyone come happy next week and prepared to give some dollars!
Our speaker today was Heidi Gray from the South Bend Conservatory.  Designed and built in the 1960s by Lord Et Burnham, one of the 20th century’s pre-eminent designers of greenhouses, the Conservatories were gifts from Ella Morris and the Muessel-Ellison Foundation to the people of South Bend.  The Conservatories are a haven of tranquility within Potawatomi Park. Heidi is the sole paid employee of the Conservatory and previously worked at Fernwood.  Many of you may know that the Botanical Society of South Bend received a grant in 2011 for a 1.2 million dollar renovation.   A new parking lot has made it a bit more visitor friendly, as well as handicap accessible restrooms.  The Conservatory is in the process of building DJ’s Sensory Garden.  This garden will have various sections focusing on the different senses such as taste, touch, smell, and sound.  The sections will be encircled with a path of varying types of pavers so that a person in a wheel chair may notice the different sensation of going over them.  They are also hoping to renovate an old greenhouse near the Community Garden. 
Many events occur at the Conservatory, often serving as fundraisers.  It is available for rent for small weddings/events, providing room for 80 if seated at tables, and approximately 120 without tables.  Every Saturday, Jamie Robinson holds a yoga class from 9-10:15am.  A Murder Mystery event is planned for Feb. 20th.  New to the Conservatory is a Rocky Horror Picture Show on February 21st.  Their annual Spring Flower Show will be held in late March.  They even have a Wind Down event that pairs yoga with wine tastings.  I suggest you check out the other community events happening at the Conservatory.
The meeting ended at the bell, only after Heidi drew Dave Keck’s name for the drawing.
Stay warm Rotarians, it’s going to be a cold holiday week!  An act of service is a wonderful gift to give on Valentine’s Day…and any day for that matter!  Remember our forefathers on Presidents’ Day!  Eat your paczkis on Fat Tuesday!  See you next Thursday!
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Posted by Brian Bernth on Feb 05, 2015
The snow on the ground was still here, but the sun was shining brightly as we gathered for our weekly Roseland Rotary meeting.  We had 16 members, 4 guests, and 1 visitor from the downtown club, in addition to our speaker.  Not a bad turn out at all.  The Waterford did its usual great job with our lunches.
Bob Eberhart led the club in song with God Bless America.  I have to say, new member David Koppana and guest Garry Fisher contributed mightily to our vocal abilities!
Speaking of Garry Fisher, he is the pastor at Community Congregational Church and a potential new member.  He led us in prayer before the meeting began.
Joe Maloney picked up his Soda Stream machine.  Drinks are on Joe from now on! 
Dave Keck was back in fine form as Sargent-at-Arms, collecting Happy Bucks and dishing out wisecracks.  It was great to see Dave back in the swing of things.
Today’s speaker was Therese Dorau from the City of South Bend Office of Sustainability.  She educated us on some of the new direction the City of South Bend is taking.  She stressed that old business models need to be looked at and that we have to adapt to some new ways of thinking in order to succeed.  The triple bottom line has to be People, Profit, and Planet.
Local business are going “green” by doing things like recycling, keeping as much out of landfills as possible, and by donating back to the community by volunteering, coaching, and mentoring.  We need to reduce the risks associated with energy costs and build a brand by doing things right.  These things attract a bright, educated work force to our community.
Our local city government also realizes it has to professionalize itself and operate like a business.  The city needs to reduce operating expenses, improve communication between city departments, focus on clean neighborhoods, job creation, a strong infrastructure and collaboration with others.  Therese mentioned Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo as two examples of cities doing these exact things and thriving.
Therese wrapped up with question and answer time and we weren’t short of questions or shy about our feelings.  I think it’s a safe guess to say that the two-way street changeover downtown is not a big hit with our club!
Next week’s speaker is Heidi Gray from the South Bend Conservatory.  I hope we have a great turnout next Thursday.  Have a safe and warm week!
Notes from Your Little Old Editor.
Thanks Brian, very nice job.
As you know Your Editor took a cruise a couple of weeks ago however there are a few things you don't know.  We took a bus from Madeira Beach Florida to Fort Lauderdale Florida.  On the way our bus broke down on I-75 short of Fort Myers.  I was tempted to call Bob Stephens for help but I was not sure we could all fit in his car.  Our resourceful bus driver managed to get us going just long enough to get to the next exit where God had wisely planted a Truck Stop. This Truck Stop just happens to include a Sub Way Shop and a Windy's, hallelujah! We sat there for just over an hour before another bus arrived to whisk us away to Ft. Lauderdale.
We did of course make the cruise but did miss several hours of valuable drinking and eating time.  It then became necessary to make up for lost time. I have not laid eyes on a Pena Colada since. I think I had a wonderful time and I have an additional eight pounds to prove it.
Here are a few more photos of our trip including the broken down bus and a few stops like St. Croix, San Juan and Labadee, Haiti.
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Posted by Jennifer Price on Feb 01, 2015
Roseland Rotary Meeting 1/29/15
It was a short but important meeting for Roseland Rotary last Thursday.  We had a nice showing of members as well as several visitors, former president Jim Sheets, and new member David Koppana.  The Veldman family was well represented with Al’s lovely wife, Elizabeth, son Matt, and grandson Steven in attendance.  Our songmaster led us in one of our better performances.
Bill Mitchell served as our speaker this week.  Bill educated us all on the story of Paul P. Harris.  Paul Harris was a Chicago attorney best known for founding Rotary International in 1905.  Harris organized the first Rotary Club “in fellowship and friendship” with three clients, Silvester Schele, Gustavus Loehr, and Hiram Shorey.  His initial goal was to create a club of professional and business men for friendship and fellowship.  It is also reported that, due to the fact that attorneys were not allowed to advertise, the club also served as a marketing network.  Early on Harris realized that Rotary needed a greater purpose.  While he served as president of the Chicago Rotary Club in 1907, the club initiated its first public service project, the construction of public toilets in Chicago.  This step transformed Rotary into the world’s first Service Club.
By the time of Harris’ death at the age of seventy-nine, Rotary International had grown to more than 200,000 members in 75 countries.  RI currently numbers 1.2 million members worldwide. 
In honor of its founder, individuals who have contributed $1,000 or more to the Annual Program fund, the Polio Plus Fund or the Humanitarian Grants Program of the Rotary Foundation are recognized as Paul Harris Fellows.  Additionally, individual Rotary clubs may from time to time honor individuals as Paul Harris Fellows.  These honorees are individuals who meet high professional and personal standards set forth by Paul Harris.  PH recognition is not limited to Rotarians. 
Roseland Rotary has designed a program to help members reach Paul Harris recognition.  Our group has had at least 10 members donate their foundation points back to the club.  These points will be used to match any member’s donation, up to 500 points for $500. 
Al Veldman took the floor to honor his son, Matt Veldman.  Matt Veldman has supported multiple projects with Rotary and was a large contributor to last year’s Rotary Dinner/Auction.  Al presented with Matt with the Paul Harris Fellowship certificate and pin.
The honors kept coming, as Bob next presented Al with his 3rd Paul Harris Fellowship recognition.  Al received a pin with 3 recognition jewels.  Al’s continued contributions, both financial and in service, are greatly appreciated and admired by our members.  He is an incredible example of “service above self.”
The meeting ended after we drew for the Soda Stream from the Christmas Party.  Joe Maloney is the lucky winner!
Stay safe Rotarians during our winter weather!
"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve."
- Albert Schweitzer
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Posted by Jennifer Price on Jan 27, 2015
Rotary Meetings: 1/15 & 1/22/15
Welcome Back Rotarians!  Due to our esteem editor’s travels, our first newsletter of the year will cover our first 2 meetings of 2015.  After a month of holiday celebrations and winter weather, it was great to return to Rotary.  Most notably, it has been great to have Dave Keck back with the group.  Welcome back Dave!  It just wasn’t the same without you!
Our first two meetings have been well attended with members, former members, visitors and guests; let’s keep it up!  , Over the past two weeks we’ve seen Ken Miller, Jimmy Djalili, Andy Knight, Ann, a couple of SB Rotarians, and Dave from the Salvation Army, a possible new member.  While Dave Keck is back, Al has been filling in for his sergeant at arms duties.  Many happy dollars were collected for our general return,  old friends, wonderful guests, family achievements and other general happiness!
There will be several projects starting up soon.  Joe Maloney and Jennifer Price hope to have information and opportunities to serve for you as soon as they can meet with Clay High School’s principal.  Rotary has the World Conference, Speech Contest, and RYLA coming up.  Details will be coming your way soon.  Jay has put out a call for help with the auction.  We need everyone to start collecting items for the auction.   
Our guest speaker for the first meeting on January 15th was Matt Harmon, Shelter Manager for South Bend Animal Care and Control.  Matt clarified the separation between SBACC and the Humane Society. SBACC is an open admission shelter.  Not only do they have a new facility, but they also have worked hard to change public perception and awareness of what they do.  By working with the ASPCA methods for temperament testing, creating a better environment for adoption, improving customer service training  for their employees, and increasing public awareness and involvement, the SBACC has reduced their euthanasia rates from 70% to less than 50%.  If an animal passes the temperament testing and is deemed adoptable, they receive their “golden ticket” and will stay in the shelter until adopted, or be transferred.  Often animals are transferred to other underserved areas looking for animals for adoption.  The new facility has a cat room where volunteers can just spend time with the animals.  There are summer camps for kids, as well as programs presented in the schools.  Matt is very proud of the SBACC’s efforts to work with the South Bend Police Department in mapping areas of animal crime and neglect.  These areas often coincide with other areas of crime.  By focusing education in these areas, he’s hoping to make a real change in the community.
This past week, on January 22nd, Roseland Rotary had the honor of hearing Maureen Grady, a sister of the Holy Cross, speak about her life and mission.  Sister Maureen has held professional positions in Holy Cross medical centers across the country as a nurse clinician specializing in emergency and intensive care and pastoral care of patients, families, and staff.  She shared with our group her calling to minister to refugees and   victims of war and natural disasters overseas.  She openly discussed her initial reluctance to the call and her ultimate acceptance.  She specifically described her missions in Cambodia and Lebanon.  Despite her descriptive recounting of her time abroad, one can truly only imagine the atrocities she witnessed in the Killing Fields and throughout the civil war in the Middle East.  I can assure you that this listener was engrossed by her courageous actions in times of great challenge.  Sister Maureen continues to live her life focusing on two principals; spirituality and ministry.  She defined spirituality as that which is concerned with meaning and purpose, specifically what really matters and influences each individual. Ministry is simply service.  After over 20 years abroad, Sister Maureen held the position of Dean of Pastoral Formation at St. Vincent de Paul Seminary in Florida.  She served as a member of the Board of Trustees of St. Mary’s College before resigning to assume a faculty position in 2010.  She currently teaches therapeutic communication to sophomore, junior and senior nursing students in the classroom and supervises their clinical practice at St. Joseph Medical Center.  It was a privilege, honor and blessing to learn from Sister Maureen Grady.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi
Note from your Little Old Editor,  we are back from our 8 day cruse where we made stops at St Barts, St Croix, San Juan and Labadee, Haiti. We had a grand time and I managed to increase my poundage by the number 8.
With some good luck we should have the News Letter published on a timely basis.
See below a couple of photo,s from our trip.
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Posted by Joseph (Joe) Maloney on Jan 05, 2015
Please let me know if you can help
Speech Contest              
  Rotary District 6540 runs a Speech Contest at Chesterton H.S.    
  Contest takes place on a Saturday in early April (date to be announced)  
  There are 4 separate contests (details on Rotary web site starting in January)
    1. Original oratory          
    2. Expemporaneous Speeking        
    3. Impromptu Speaking        
    4. Four-Way Test oratory        
  Cash prizes awarded to 1st three places in each category    
  Contact Clay H.S. to see if they wish to organize a team to send to the contest 
    Last year they sent 6 students and the teacher    
  Need to get 2 club members to act as judges (Instructions given before contest)
  Get application fee ($50) from Club treasurer and submit to District.  
  Provide transportation to and from contest on the day of the contest  
  Mansour Eid, Clay H.S. Principal 574-243-7000
  Dianna Christopher, Clay Teacher  
  Robert Kelly, H.S. Coordinator
  Rex Richards, Rotary Chair
Roseland Rotary Needs Your Help Joseph (Joe) Maloney 2015-01-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Bendit on Dec 13, 2014
Roseland Rotary Christmas Party
Roseland Rotary celebrated Christmas with a party at the Waterford Lodge.  As always the Waterford did an outstanding job as did Chris Varda who took on the task of planning the party. We owe a big thank you to Chris and the Waterford.
Our evening started out with Cocktails, Hors d’ Oeuvres  and lots of fellowship.  There are not many things better then a bunch of Rotarians, their spouses and friends getting together for a good time.  I can tell you we had a good time.  Waterford served, chicken, salmon and beef along with mixed vegetables, potatoes, rolls and a salad. Oh by the way the wine was also tasty.
After dinner we played a game called Dirty Santa.  Now this is kind of a gift exchange gone wrong.  You start by bringing a wrapped gift without a name on it.  The gifts are put on a table and a ticket given to everyone that brings a gift.  A ticket is drawn and the ticket holder then picks a gift and unwraps it for everyone to see.  The next ticket is drawn and that person can than pick a gift or take the one drawn by the first person.  If the 2nd person takes the 1st persons gift then the first person gets to go to the table and pick another gift.  Now the 3rd person drawn gets to pick a gift or take from the 1st person or the 2nd person. It’s at this point that chaos ensues.  What makes the game fun is that we have a bunch of Rotarians that enjoys their adult beverages.  As soon as a few bottles of wine and some booze were opened the competition got intense.
There is a full set of photo's on our web site, under the EVENTS tab.  We hope you will visit the site and take a look.
Brian Berth steeling fish salt and pepper
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Posted by Ben Bendit on Oct 27, 2014
Well friends we are entering a new area for our weekly Bulletins.  Club Runner has redesigned and up-date from 2.0 to version 3.0 Club Runner. For those of us that deal with the web-site and Bulletins this means we must learn a whole new system and a way of doing things.   This is not easy for us old guys and as I am finding out not all that easy for the young people as well.
At this point we are not sure what we are going to get and when we are going to get it.  Hopefully we will have a bulletin this week but we cannot guarantee it.  We cannot guarantee what it will look like if we do get it published.
So hang on and hope for the best. 
Bulletin Testing of new 3.0 Ben Bendit 2014-10-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Benny Bendit

Roseland Rotary Meeting October 23, 2014

Roseland Rotary members and guests were treated to pasta and Italian chicken today.  Attendance was up from last week with almost all seats filled!Image

We celebrated 3 October birthdays today with fabulous singing!  Happy Birthday to Morey Rosen, Ann Perri, and Bob Eberhart.  I hope your birthdays deliver more than just our “fine” singing!

Robin from Roseland Town Council attended today and announced that they were having an event at the Roseland Park this Saturday.  The event begins at 9am for park clean up and education on the trees in the park.  At 12pm, they will be hosting a Halloween Party for the children.

Dave Keck was quick with his happy dollars and fines as there was a lot on the schedule today.  Winnie Farquhar was happy to be heading to next week’s ND game soon.  Robin gave a happy dollar for the fall beauty, Jennifer Price (me) gave one up for the opportunity to share about my travels to India, while Brian Bernth was happy for the increased attendance.   Our honorable sergeant-at-arms collected a few more happy dollars, some given easily while others merely concessions to his pressure. After the regular fines were collected, Dave moved on to this week’s special fines for not wearing pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  He’s been warning us for 2 weeks, really people, that’s fair warning.  The Pink fines will be donated to the effort of breast cancer awareness/research. Our song master had a particularly interesting pink accessory.

ImageWe had 2 speakers on the schedule today.  Lucky us!

Joe Bock was originally invited to speak to rotary for our main program, but do to a miscommunication within his office, a different speaker was booked.  After contacting Dave, he was given 3 minutes to speak to our club today.  He is running for the Indiana 2nd District seat in the House of Representatives against Jackie Walorski.  He has been a teaching professor at the University of Notre Dame for the past 8 years.  He has been out of politics for the past 22 years. Joe has spent his life traveling the world, providing crisis support and humanitarian aid during political unrest and natural disasters.  Joe’s wife, Sue, is a kindergarten teacher in the SBCSC and they have 2 children.  You can visit to learn more.

Our speaker today was one of our very own Rotarians, Jennifer Price (again me, notice that I’m your reporter for today too?!)  I was honored to get to share Imagestories about my travels and community development efforts in Tamil Nadu, India.  I was hoping to share a lot of pictures too, but we were unable to show my PowerPoint presentation.  While our president had valiantly set up our AV equipment, we were missing one important detail…the password to the computer.Image (Benny, please share with us!)  Hopefully my presentation, sans pictures, was interesting enough.  Working with Life Mission International, I was blessed to be a part of clean water, construction, education, micro-enterprise, and justice initiatives in Kalavai, an Irula community.  The Irula people are in the lowest caste and as a result have little to no opportunity for bettering their lives. In India, girls are “lower” in status within their own caste, and due to the dowry system of marriage, some second daughters’ lives are ended to spare them a life of hardship.  As a “second daughter” myself, I have been particularly honored to be able to work to improve the lives of young girls in India through education, employment, and the acknowledgement of their value.  I had much to share, not a shock, I know, but was able to answer a few questions before having to close the meeting.

Brian Bernth was today’s winner!

I apologize that today’s newsletter was lacking a few of the regular details.  It was my first time serving in this capacity and I admit I was a bit distracted with technical difficulties and my presentation.  I will get better! (or you can fire me J )  Have a great week serving your community Rotarians!  It’s a blessing to be able to do so!

Note from your Little Old Editor, Jennifer you did just fine.  It is tough enough without being the speaker and reporter. Sorry about the pass word.  You will find it in an envelope in the computer case. I wish I could have heard your talk. Bob Eberhart never looked better!

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Posted by Benny Bendit

Roseland Rotary Meeting October 16, 2014

Roseland Rotary members and guests were treated to a fried chicken lunch by our friends at the Waterford.  Unfortunately, attendance was down and with the upcoming defection of members to the Southern and Western regions of the country that is not a good thing. We only had 15 members, 1 guest and our speaker in attendance. Three of our members in attendance will be leaving soon so we need more members to start attending meetings.  Come on guys we can do better than this.

By the way, if you missed the meeting you missed one of the greatest slideshows ever.  Yes, EVER!

Wally Johnson will be leaving for Florida November 1st.  We told Wally that attendance would start to pick up as soon as it got out he was leaving.  By the way this is not an invitation to go rob or vandalize his house.  I understand the security at the Johnson Estate is very tight.  Winnie Farquhar will be leaving for California right after January 1st, Ben Bendit will be leaving for Florida soon and we are not sure when Mr. Bob Stephens will be leaving, but leave he will.  The point is we need members to start showing up for meetings.

Everybody wants to go to heaven; but nobody wants to die.Image

Our speaker conducted the prayer, our President led the pledge and our Song Master led us in a Rotary song.  All our songs are Rotary songs.

Dave Keck reminded everyone of the Dismas House Forgiveness Breakfast Thursday, October 23, 7:30 am, South Bend’s Hilton Garden Inn, 53995 Indiana 933, South Bend, IN 46637.  RSVP Dave at 574-233-8522 or at  It’s just my opinion but it would seem a lot easier just to call Dave.

Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else.

President Bob Sones mentioned that Chris Varda will be working with our friends at the Waterford to see if we can make arrangements for a Roseland Rotary Christmas Party. Chris will report as we move forward.

Reminder, there is a Board Meeting Tuesday, 5:30 pm at Rose Brick.

Remember, you never run out of things that can go wrong.

Dr. Frank Toepp and Wally Johnson were fined for not wearing their Rotary Pins Cliff Witkowski told the joke about a guy going into a bar wearing Bozo’s pant. Ok, I have it wrong however, if you where at the meeting you could have heard the whole joke but oh know you missed it.  Happy dollars where sparse todayUmpire behind the plate

We let Frank Tesler visit again.  Frank did not win the drawing so he will not be joining our club.  Ever see Frank the Umpire behind the plate?

Dave Keck announced that next Thursday is cancer awareness day at the Roseland Rotary so everyone is to wear some clothing with the color pink.  This is not an excuse not to attend.  I am sure you can show up wearing something pink.  I have a pink tie however I will be out of town!

Bob Sones still has two tickets ending in numbers 065 and 070.  If you can find one of these tickets bring it in and claim your prize.

Our speaker today was Dan Davis Seminarian serving presently at St. Pius.  He will serve one year at St ImagePius before moving on to complete his education. Dan attended Tri State University for 2 years before starting his seminary studies. He then attended Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary for 3 years and has just completed two years of studies in Rome.  After completing his time at St Pius he will return to Rome to complete his education. When finished with his education he will have had 8 years of higher education.  In 2016 he hopes to be ordained as a deacon and in 2017 to full priesthood.

It was very interesting to hear about the requirements and education that it takes to become a priest.  I personally had no idea how involved becoming a priest could be.  It makes me want to know more about other religions.  I learned that I know very little about what it takes to serve.

Lucky Bill Brennen won the drawing.

Note, your Little Old Editor will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks so that you can again see what a real Bulletin should look like.

Remember, hard work never killed anybody, but why take the chance.

Have a great week all you great Rotarians


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Posted by Benny Bendit

Roseland Rotary Meeting October 9, 2014


Good food, good fellowship and St. Joseph Counties best looking people. Yes friends, my eyes are just fine. The world famous Waterford served us a delicious lunch, very good Waterford people.Image

It is always a treat to see some of our friends that we don’t get to see that much.  Today we got to see Jerry Hunt who has been on vacation in Vermont.  Joe Grabill was in attendance and just back from being with the Boy Scouts at a Jamboree somewhere out east, way to go Joe. Last week we got to see John Pangani and it is always exciting to hear what he has been up to.

ImageWe had a guest of Winnie Farquhar, John Goodman from West Virginia. John came to town and attended last week’s Notre Dame game with Winnie.  Per Winnie, they stayed for the entire game and seen the exciting ending.  I bet Bill Mitchell was pleased with that game, sure miss his dollar.

Bill Brennen gave the prayer today and changed things up a bit by reading TAPS. He gave some of the history of TAPS and then read the words.  Not many people know there are words to TAPS, nice job Bill.

Song Master Bob Eberhart led us in the Rotary song from our new Roseland Rotary song books.  The Song Master was in magnificent voice today and as a vocal group we were stupendous.

What did the Zen Buddist say to the Hot Dog Vendor?  Make me one with everything!

Dave Keck reminded everyone of the Dismas House dinner on the 23rd.  Your Little Old Editor will be out of town but if you can make it please call Dave at 574-298-1720.

President Bob Sones led us in the Pledge and Four Way Test.  Bob reminded everyone about the Imageupcoming Foundation Dinner.  Please let Bob know if you can attend.  Bob made note that there were flyers on the tables regarding the St. Mary’s Magical Dinner being considered for a Christmas get together.  It was sad to see no one signed up or expressed interest.  More to come about a possible Christmas party.  President Bob talked briefly on Junior Achievements teaching program and how we might get involved.  Stay tuned to this station for more on this program.

Where does a sheep go for a haircut?  To the baaaaa baaaa shop!

All right, I get it, the jokes are bad but no one has anything better to offer at the meetingsImage

As of late I have, in jest, been raging on the Dutch Army.  I personally have great respect for the Dutch military as they have been loyal friends of the U.S. for a long time. At this time it might be appropriate to make a few facts known.

The armed forces of the Netherlands consist of an Army, Navy and an Air Force.  They are a small force but they are a highly elite force. They have participated in operation Enduring Freedom, have been involved in Afghanistan, Bosnian, Kosovo and the multinational force in Iraq.  Much of their armaments comes from other countries including the U.S..  I found it very interesting that the Dutch allows their military to form and join unions. I wonder how much they are paid and what benefits they have.

Dave Keck introduced our speaker, Stan Wruble an attorney and a member of the South Bend School ImageBoard.  Stan is a Riley High School graduate where he participated in football and track.  He attended Valparaiso University and Notre Dame Law School.  He taught at Northwestern University Law School before coming back to South Bend to establish his family. He is a Downtown South Bend Rotarian.  Stan was appointed to the school board when a midterm opening came about.  Stan says the School Board is getting more professional as more business leaders take an active role. He is now running for the School Board position.  Twenty citizens have applied for the position.

Mr. Wruble says South Bend Schools are pointing up and he is excited about the future.  Roseland Rotarians had some outstanding questions and all were answered in a positive way.  Yes, if you missed the meeting you missed a good one, too bad for you.

Teacher:  What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer listening?

Student:  A teacher.

Next week’s speaker is a surprise.

Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back. Chinese Saying

Jerry Hunt won the drawing.

It was a fun meeting Rotarians, now go and have yourself a great week.



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Posted by Benny Bendit

Roseland Rotary Meeting October 2, 2014

In attendance for today’s Roseland Rotary meeting were 20 very attentive members, two guests and our speaker.  This is just about one over our average attendance figure, not too bad.  Those in attendance distinguished themselves with their high morels and superior intellect.  Thank You, I appreciate that!

Dave Keck led us in prayer and Song Master Extraordinaire Bob Eberhart led us in a rendition of All Hail to Rotary to the tune of Anchors Aweigh. I must say, the new song books must be helping as our singing is actually getting tolerable. As a matter of fact, we were downright good.  President Bob SonesImage led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test. President Bob did very well today and only forgot to introduce one guest, Timothy Lee, Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator Zone 30, go figure.

Ben handed out Roseland Rotary Cards to those in attendance who had not previously received them and to those that requested more.  These cards are for Roseland Rotarians to hand out to prospective members and for the general education of the public.  Most people have no idea what Rotary is about and the card gives them the web-sites in order to learn more about Rotary Please hand out as many as you can, we have plenty of cards.

Q: Why do birds fly south for the winter?

A:  It’s too far to walk.

Ok, I get it, I am not that funny!

President Sones reminded everyone of the Foundation Dinner in Elkhart on the 24th.  To date only three Roseland Rotarians are going to attend.  Your Little Old Editor would go but he will be out of town.  If you can make it on that date please let Bob Sones know so he can make arrangements. It would seem we could do better that just 3 members attending. Bob also announced that the District will be holding a membership meeting in Plymouth on the 18th   of October. Four Roseland Rotary members will be attending.

 Tom Hickey made a follow up announcement regarding the cancellation of the Apple Picking EventSo if you are going, be aware no one will be there!

Plans for a Christmas get together are still up in the air.  President Sones talked to the Waterford and they agreed we could bring our own wine, etc. however, there would be a $15.00 per bottle cork charge.  Unfortunately that would be a little more then what we would be willing to spend.  Joe Maloney brought up the possibility of attending a party at St Mary’s.  This would include Dinner and Entertainment for $43 per person.  Unfortunately, we would need to make reservations within the next week or two at the latest.  As for now all plans are up in the air and waiting for you to submit a proposal, HELP.

The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass” Martin Mull.

Dave, the Al Agitator, Keck, went after fines and happy dollars with his usual gusto.  His first target was Morey Rosen.  Seems Keck has a Rabi as a scheduled speaker and because he obtained the commitment instead of Morey, he fined Morey $2.00.  Brian Bernth was happy to be back, he lied.  Brian and his wife Linda just got back from a vacation in the California wine country where they sampled much of the offerings and lived high on the hog, so to speak. John Pangani is happy because his soul is here.  We are happy to see John and his soul. Bill Brennen is just happy, must have had a good night’s sleep.  Wally Johnson said he would be happy if Keck would leave him alone, not going to happen.  Happy Jay Harwood paid a dollar for not wearing his pin and paid for one of our visiting Rotarians that forgot his pin.  Jay knew what he was doing as the guest won the raffle and paid Jay back.  Makes you wonder how he knows this stuff.  Al Veldman said he would be happy if Dave would just sit down and shut up., oh the love just keeps coming.

Note, per one of our distinguished members, there is indeed a Holland Army.  Maybe that should be an Army of Holland or maybe the Army of the Neverland.  I am sure there will be more to come on this subject.

Jennifer Price agreed to be an assistant editor for our weekly Bulletin. Now we have two class acts and yours truly writing this most informative piece of classical literature.

ImageDave Keck introduced our speaker Julie Stabrowski, Program Manager Serving St. Joseph & Marshall Counties for Junior Achievement of Michiana.  Julie had been scheduled to speak once before however, on that occasion Dave had scheduled another speaker.  Julie graciously said she would pass and come back another time.  What a nice lady!  Was Keck ever fined for that move? Julie did come back about a year ago and spoke to us about the comeback of Junior Achievement, (JA), in our area.  Today Julie told us about the great strides made by JA.  It was also good to hear that several of our members have donated their time to help support this unique program.

In the past year JA has gone from participating in 4% of the classrooms in the district to 11% and growing.  In 2013 JA was in 240 classrooms and are going to be in over 300 this year.  Compare that to Ft. Wayne who is in 42% of the class rooms and you can see where JA in our district has a ways to go.

Junior Achievement is looking for financial support and support in the class rooms. They could use more Rotarians to donate their time to teach in the class rooms of our local schools. Roseland Rotarians seemed very interested in the program as most remembered it from their school days.  Of course, some of our members attended school before the days of JA or even electricity for that matter.  Still members were very attentive and had many good questions.  I for one could use a class on details of how JA works and operates.  Very good job Julie.

It is so good to see some of our members that can’t make a lot of meetings.  It just makes the meeting that much better.  If you haven’t been to a meeting recently please do so as we do miss you.

Laughter is the best medicine, but if you laugh for no reason than you need medicine.

OK Rotarians, have a great week.



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Roseland Rotary Meeting September 25, 2014


ImageRoseland Rotary held another lively entertaining meeting.  Bill Brennen was most impressed.

Today’s lunch did not include chicken.  I know it’s hard to believe but wouldImage your Little Old Editor lie to you?  You can answer that question if you like but I won’t hear you.  Thanks to the Waterford for another fine job and thanks to our server Robin for all she does. Today we presented Robin with a token of our appreciation.

Our speaker placed a box of Girl Scout Cookies on each table.  I noticed James Lawson intently eyeing the cookies at our table.  It was a race between James and one Al Veldman to see who could eat the most cookies.  After the meeting I saw James going to each table to see if there were any cookies left.  Guess what, there was and he took them.  Poor me, I only got one little bitty cookie.

Did you know Al Veldman served in the Dutch Army?  I don’t know what he served but he served. Did you even know the Dutch had an army?

Why do the Dutch people have two names for their country, Holland and the Netherlands, and neither one includes the word Dutch?

ImageBob Stephens and Joe Maloney had a private meeting prior to the Rotary meeting.  Joe likes Bob more than anyone, Bob understands him.  Joe likes Bob but not well enough to sit with him at lunch. Tony Molnar sat with Bob so he wouldn’t be alone for lunch.  Tony has the real Rotary spirit.

All us snowbirds should sit at the same table next week just to see the envy in everyone. I just get such a big kick out of seeing all our members at Thursday’s meetings.

James Lawson did our prayer and did a nice job.  Our Song Master Bob Eberhart led us in Hail to Rotary in the tune of the Wisconsin fight song.  Bob had us do a rehearsal before turning us loose on the song. Frankly the rehearsal might have been better than the performance.  Love those new song books.

President Bob Sones conducted the drawings for the prizes left from the Roseland Picnic.  Wally Johnson, Al Veldman and Bob Sones won prizes.  Two others were drawn but winners were not present.  Bob will save the prizes for those not present and present them next week. The winning tickets are 666065 and 666070, come get your prize! If the winner never shows does the Editor get the prize?

Chris Varda announced that Flu shoots will be given after the meeting, however they do not have any doses of the higher volume shots.  It is suggested that anyone 65 or older get the higher dosage shot. This left most of us out, however it was noted that there has been no proof that the higher dose is any better than the regular.  The number of Rotary members and Waterford employee’s getting the shot was down this year.

Chris Varda said he just childproofed his house…but they still get in!

APPLE PICKING has been cancelled.  Tom Hickey announced that the trees are in bad shape and we would have to get extra trees.  Unfortunately, the extra trees would have been further away and we would have had to hike to them. So the decision was to cancel the event.

Ben made an announcement for Paula Sours regarding the Taste of Care sponsored by Prompt Ambulance.  It will be held October 2, 2014 from 4:30 – 8:30 PM at the Palais Royale.  ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT.  For further information go to

Q. Why do grizzlies have fur?

A. To cover their bear spots.

Fun Guy Dave Keck imposed Fines and Happy Dollars, let’s see, Al was happy, Jennifer was happy, Chris was happy, Bob was happy, Eberhart was happy, Winnie was happy and Dr Frank was not happy as he had to pay a Pin Fine.

Dave Keck introduced our speaker Jill La Fountain Director of Advancement for the Girl Scouts of ImageNorthern Indiana, Michigan.  Dave said he wanted her to know how smart he is but there just wasn’t enough time. Two of our members nearly choked on their food.  Jill is a graduate of John Adams High School and has worked with Girl Scouts for a long time.  She works mostly as an advocate and works with various government represent ivies. Jill gave us a short history lesson on the Girl Scouts and their founding and the people behind it. I must say, as a history buff, it was very interested.

The Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try:
To serve God* and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

The Mission of Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.


Everything clicks with Joe Maloney

You gotta love those cookies! “James”

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. Timothy Leary

Mark your calendar for the December 11th meeting, more to come!

Have a great week Rotarians.

Love to photograph Rotary members while they eat.  SURPRISE.







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Roseland Rotary Meeting September 18, 2014

For all you Roseland Rotarians that could not make the meeting today, “too bad for you”.  The Waterford put on a wonderful lunch, not chicken, they served Brats with grilled onions, peppers, baked Imagebeans, macaroni salad and a steamed mixed vegetable.  Nice job Waterford!Image

Attendance was normal with 18 members, 2 guests and our speaker.  It should be better but we still had fun.  It won’t be long before our snowbirds and travelers will be heading to warmer climates.  We need our members to attend, whenever possible, to keep our attendance up.  This is very important to the well being of the Roseland Rotary.

Dave Keck led us in prayer and Song Master Bob Eberhart led in a Rotary song from our new songbook.  I sure love the new books, I don’t sing any better but at least I can find the page and see the lyrics.

Chris Varda announced that flu shots will be given next week at the Roseland Rotary meeting.  You can get your shot at the meeting and then your family can after the meeting.  Don’t be scared, you can handle it.  Time for those shots.  If you like you could stop by Walgreens and get a Shingles shot.  It will only cost you about $350. Think I‘ll stick to just getting the flu shot.

Joe Maloney distributed a copy of the proposed budget for next year.  Members can review the budget and make any comments they may have to Joe or Bob Sones.

Tom Hickey made another announcement regarding the Apple Picking Event October 5th at Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm in Eau Claire Michigan.  Maps and details are available at the meetings and there will be a Special Bulletin issued.  Start time is noon, bring the whole family.

President Bob Sones announced that Roseland Rotary will be holding a raffle over the next three Imageweeks.  After the Roseland Picnic there were several items left and the Town of Roseland gave them to the Roseland Rotary.  It is these items that we will be raffling.  Tickets will be $5.00 each and you can buy as many or as often as you like over the next three meetings.  After the third meeting we will be drawing for the prizes.  That is about all the details I have at this time and I believe they are close to right.  More details will be announced at next week’s meeting.

Ben and Al Veldman gave a brief report on the Saint Peter Claver House project.  In short we have a long term project.  This is a good thing as it will only make the end that much sweeter.

What happens if you get scared half to death, twice?

Dave the Money Man Keck collected Happy Dollars or Sad Dollars whatever suits your fancy.  Morey Rosen was happy he was back from a trip overseas where he campaigned very hard for Scotlands independence. Keck thought that was good as Morey is an attorney and likes to talk. Does that mean Morey was giving speeches in Scotland?  Dan Stohler was happy because his dad at 102 years old is going to get a letter from President George H Bush congratulating him on being a veteran and making it to 102. This does leave me with several questions regarding the letter none of which I will ask in this Bulletin.

Joe Maloney informed us that this is National Pirate Day.  None of us knew there was such a day and we are not sure whether to offer congratulations or condolences. I have been to Pirate Days in Florida but was unaware of any pirates here in Indiana or Michigan.  They say it is important to learn something new every day but now I am not so sure.  Rrr.  Joe told a wonderful joke about a pirate who went to the doctor with wet spots on his back.  It was quote a squirrely joke but very funny.  If you missed it I am sorry.

Remember, he who laughs last: thinks slowest!

Several members were talking during Happy Dollars and Sergeant at Arms Keck was quick to point out that if they did not quite down he would fine them. Now if Bob Sones was Sergeant of Arms we wouldn’t need to worry about this.

ImageOur speaker today was Debie M. Coble President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Inc..  Debbie was born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana. She is married and has two children both in college.  Her little son is a 6 foot plus and a 300 pound football player.  Now if you saw Debie you would wonder, as she is rather on the petite side. Debie took over the reins at Goodwill a couple of years ago and has moved the many Goodwill sponsored programs forward.

Goodwill’s mission is to provide jobs, training and placement services for people with barriers to employment. Goodwill envisions a community where all individuals with disabilities and disadvantages will have opportunities to enjoy the full benefits of competitive employment.  To make this vision become reality, they will focus on being the leading provider of workforce development services in our community.  There is nothing like knowing you have a good job and the independence to take care of yourself and your family.  Goodwill offers an opportunity for individuals to overcome barriers such as a lack of work experience, speaking English, a criminal background or physical disabilities.

Debie discussed the history of Goodwill and gave us many facts about the programs they are involved in.Image Did you know that there are 700,000 people in Northern Indiana that do not have a high school degree?  Did you know that Goodwill kept 5 tons of material from being disposed of in our landfill and that in 2015 they are projecting that it will be as high as 10 tons? Now that is going green! Did you know that people drop off trash, at the drop boxes, and it costs Goodwill $300,000 annually to dispose of? Did you know they cannot take TVs because there is only one country in the world that will take and dispose of them? Just a few facts we were presented with.  

By the way we had a problem getting her presentation set up and so she winged it, nice job Debie.

Note from Your Little Old Editor, we will be updating to Club Runner 3.0 in the next week or two.  Your Bulletin may look different and maybe late getting published for a while.

Lucky Bill Brennen won the drawing.

Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. Vince Lombardi




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Roseland Rotary Meeting September 11, 2014


9/11 a day to remember.  We ask God to look after the loved ones left behind and to bless those that were taken from them on this day September 11, 2001.

Today’s meeting started with a prayer offered by Joe Maloney. Rotary’s Four Way Test was recited and led by Bob SonesDave Keck noted that he had never before heard the Four Way Test recited in Dutch.

I am not sure what we had for lunch but I can tell you it was mighty tasty.  We had a salad, delicious mixed vegetables, outstanding creamy mashed potatoes and a chopped steak covered in onions with outstanding dark gravy.  Way to go Waterford!  As always our server Robin did an incredible job.

Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.  Lucille Ball

Would you like to know how many were in attendance today?  It doesn’t matter because I am going to tell you anyway.  We had 19 members, 2 guests and our speaker in attendance. I’ll bet we had a better lunch than those that failed to attend.  Sure glad I was there this week.

How about the job Bob Eberhart and Cliff Witkowski did on the song books.  It was a first class job guys. With the lack of sunshine today it was rather a dimly lit room however we were still able to read the lyrics and thus sign out a hardy God Bless Rotary. I just can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

Tom Hickey announced that October is Apple Picking time for the Roseland Rotary.  At 12:00 noon on October 5, at Tree-Mendus Fruit in Eau Claire, Michigan.  Bring one and all, even your wife, husband or whatever.  Bring the kids, bring the grandkids and bring a future Rotarian. It’s a great time so put this date on your Calendar.  We will be posting more on this and talking more at future meetings.

President Bob Sones distributed an update on Polio. Reported Polio cases year to-date for 2014 are 149, year to-date for 2013 were 250.  Total Polio cases for the year 2013 were 416.  Of the 149 cases reported this year, 117 came from Pakistan, 8 came from Afghanistan and 6 came from Nigeria.  Just think of what these numbers might have looked like 20 years ago.  Someone should look this up!

Q. What did the football coach say to the broken vending machine?

A. “Give me my Quarterback!”

OK, OK give me a break I am doing my best.

Happy Man Dave Keck was out and about collecting Happy Dollars and by golly we had some.  Al Veldman loaned Ben a dollar so he could be happy.  Al paid another dollar because his granddaughter was named most valuable player in a tournament last week.  I assume it was not a Hockey Tournament.  Joe Maloney paid a dollar because the Big 10 stunk last week.  Not so sure that is what he said and not real sure it was a happy dollar. Wally paid a dollar because everyone else at his table was happy about something.  George Stump was happy to be George StumpChris Varda was happy because his son was on the best team in the Flag Football Association. I don’t think I got that right but what’s new.  Dr. Frank Toepp told the joke about the golfer, who stopped play to honor a passing funeral, when asked why he stopped play he said he owed it to her after 52 years of marriage.  You had to be there! Paula Sours is happy because the Out Reach Program is holding a sale this weekend at the corner of LWW and Diamond Ave. You should stop by and buy some of whatever they are selling.

Dave Keck paid a dollar because our President ran the meeting in the order it should be ran.  Tom Hickey pointed out there was 30 minutes left in the meeting.  Sure enough 30 minutes later Bob forgot to ring the closing bell. Can you say PREDICTABLE?

Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight! Phillis Diller

Bill Brennen introduced our speaker Dale Carter, Author, Speaker and Consultant.  One of the first things you should know is that Dale is a female. She is definitely not a male.Image

Dales talk was on “Transitioning Your Aging Parent”.  Today 4 out of every 10 adults are caring for an aging parent.  When she asked who in our club was caring or had cared for an aging parent about 70% of our members responded positively. When the group was asked how many are caring for more than one parent there were three members that raised their hand.  I would say this was a valued presentation. She explained that it was a crisis with her mother that had led her into this field of elder care. To learn more go to  You can also call Dale at 574-261-8951 or e-mail at

I think I saw Dr Frank Toepp nod off a few times and Don Stohker was texting or playing video games on his cell phone during the meeting, get em next time Dave!

Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.

A most wonderful and good looking Rotarian won the drawing.

Have a great and safe week Rotarians


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It is hard to believe that the last weekend of summer has now passed.  We have had a most unusable season, and in fact year to date, with many record temperatures both above and below the norm.  Snow, wind, rain, you name it.  Attendance at our meetings has also been all over the map. “There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self” (per Aldous Huxley)
Today 16 were in attendance with 3 guests, but no outside speaker.  Frank Tasler (S.B. Club) won the raffle.

PRESIDENT BOB SONES started the meeting by asking DAVE KECK to present us with a prayer.  Afterwards, both our pledge to our flag and Four Way Test were presented.  WE HAD TO SAY THE FOUR WAY TWICE as everyone mumbled through it the first time. Today, we used our new songbooks and everyone now can no longer complain the words are too small.  Lou Holtz once said:  “A bird doesn’t sing because it has no answer, it sings because it has a song” Thanks to Cliff Witkowski for the great Song Book Cover Design.

ImagePrior to the Fines and happy dollars, PRESIDENT SONES explained Foundation Giving per Club sheets handed out and where our Club is within the District in giving.  The mystery solved:  Joe Maloney explained the Every Member Every Year chart he put together.   Also, Don Stohler explained what the Elkhart Club was doing on a weekly basis to promote PHF participation.  Suggestions and comments were taken under advisement for future action.

JIM GOODHEW, South Bend Rotary President, is asking our Club to join them in an upcoming service project to the St. Joseph County Parks to assist in the restoration of the Studebaker Tree Sign at Bendix Woods County Park.  Date of participation will be September 20th from 9 to noon with the St. Joseph County Parks providing lunch.

CHRIS VARDA announced that on September 25th (Thursday meeting) FLU SHOTS would be given at the Club meeting for all those wanting one.

FINE MASTER DAVE KECK took over and extracted mostly happy dollars from those present. Keck gave $2.00 for the speaker mix up.  Al Veldman stated his grandchild was now made co-caption of the Volley Ball Team.  Joe Maloney is preparing for a 3 -1/2 week vacation trip.  Winnie Farquhar hopes N.D. beats Michigan this Saturday.  Wally Johnson is preparing for another Lake Michigan cruise.  Lyman Samuel was fined for wearing his usual short pants to the Club meeting.  Over 11 participated.

OUR SPEAKER; A mix up occurred so we had no outside speaker today. BILL BRENNEN was asked to fill in which he did; giving a very interesting telling of the employment and business adventures he is currently in participation

ImageSTEM CELL Bill Brennen is very much interested in participation and talking about.  He would like to open up a business in this field in the near future.

RAILROAD DRIVER; Bill Brennen has a passion to drive and driving he does.  From 1 a.m. to noon he is working (except Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays) driving a railroad SUV picking up freight train crews after they finish their 10-hour maximum work period wherever they must stop.  Trips of 199 miles one way are common.  They are enjoyable when crews are present, but boring when driving home by himself.  No professional drivers license is required for this work, though BILL has one.  To become a truck driver requires 9 months of training whereas this job does not.  Picking up of Railroad Crews can be a challenge as many locations are in remote and hard to get locations.  Wonder what Bill will think of this job when the snow flies.  No-doze tablets are BILL’s best friend when on long trips.

NEXT WEEK; Benny Bendit should be back writing our bulletin.

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Rotary Meeting of 8-28-14

SORRY, but you will have to put up with me hopefully for this week only, while BENNEY BENDIT plays hooky!  He said he would be back on September Fifth.  (He took the fifth on this!)  As Thomas A. Edison once said:  “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”.  If you haven’t attended a meeting recently this may apply.  24 attended today’s meeting including 4 guests and our speaker.  AL VELDMAN won the Raffle.

PRESIDENT BOB SONES opened the meeting with BILL BRENNEN giving a prayer.  PRESIDENT BOB SONES continued with awarding our Imagenewest member JERRY KLEIN with his certificate and pin.  A chart appeared on the window ledge  “Every Rotarian Every Year” which PRESIDENT SONES had to acknowledge he never saw before or knows where it came from.  The mystery unfolds, will the party responsible for making this nice chart come forward.

FINE MASTER DAVE KECK was back into both happy and sad dollars withdrawals from those willing to respond to his calls for money.  DAVE KECK gave a dollar for an “A t-A-Boy” to BRIEN BERNTH for all his hard work before, during, and after the Roseland/Rotary Picnic last Saturday.  CHRIS VARDA reminded everyone that FLU SHOTS were being given at his Walgreens Drug Store the last week of September.  BILL MITCHELL stated his wishes that N.D starts off this season against Rice with a win on Saturday.  JAY HARWOOD claims to be happy he is back.  (Hopefully this means again attending Thursday meetings.) Over 14 participated in giving happy dollars without a sad dollar noticed this week.  Please note:  CLIFF WITKOWSKI has changed his E-mail address to “WITART@COMCAST.NET

OUR SPEAKER TODAY:  STEPHANIE ROSENBERG, Business Development spokes woman for PROMPT AMBULANCE SERVICE 2816 W. Sample St., South Bend, IN 46619.  Office:  574-289-5736, Cell: 574-606-9934.   STEPHANIE states that PROMPT AMBULANCE SERVICE is theImage only private controlled ambulance service sponsored in St. Joseph County, with 12 ambulances locally and 70 statewide.  The company provides both local hospital service and home care services plus transportation service statewide.  Over 100 transports are made each day.

On October 2nd, PROMPT AMBULANCE will be sponsoring at the Palace Royal a food-tasting event with over 16 local restaurants participating.  This is an annual fund raising event they give each year.  Last year’s event donations were given to the “Wounded Warriors” origination.  Each table at the event will be a special theme chosen by each restaurant.  Last year saw “ Three Little Pigs”, and “Bacon Buddies” as  a couple of themes used.  Food brands will show their talents.

PROMPT AMBULANCE SERVICE emergency service can be obtained by calling either “911” or 574-289-0725.

Note from your Little Old Editor, everyone should thank Bob Eberhart for all the things he does for the Roseland Rotary including this Bulletin.

Last weekend Roseland Rotary cosponsored the Roseland Picnic.  As Bob noted in the bulletin it was a great job on the picnic by Brien Bernth, Bill Brennen and the Roseland RotariansI have included here a couple of photos from the picnic.  You can see and read more on our web site, just go to Roseland Rotary.

Have a great week






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Roseland Rotary Meeting August 21 2014

This was an exceptional and exciting day at the Roseland Rotary meeting.  There were 21 members, 1 honorary member, 5 guests and our speaker totaling 28 in attendance.  Now, that is exciting! We had an exciting lunch of chicken and pasta.  What may have made the day exceptional was the presence of Rotarians Bill Mitchell and Joe Grabill.  It has been a long time since we have seen Joe and Bill and it was a pleasure to have them in attendance.

ImagePresident Bob Sones called the meeting to order with a resounding ring of the Rotary Bell.  Bob led us in the pledge and the Four Way Test.  Song Master Bob Eberhart led us in another Rotary song from the old song book.  Bob assured us that the new song book will be out soon and we will be able to read it without squinting.  Even squinting won’t help me when we are on age 28 of the old song book.  I will say we sounded really good today, must have been all the new voices.

Fine Master Dave Keck had a field day with all in attendance.  There were too many fines and happy dollars for me to remember.  Morey Rosen was happy to be breathing.  Bill Mitchell was happy football season was about to start. Bob Sones was happy that Bill Mitchell and Joe Grabill were in attendance; cost was $2.00 for being that happy. Joe Grabill paid $5.00 for all he missed, not sure how happy he wasImage

Bill Mitchell was on a fishing trip a couple of weeks ago and caught a fish, way to go Bill.  Bill said it was a 20 incher.  He would have had a picture but a bat the size of a Jeep swooped down and took it right out of his two hands.

Joe Maloney had a golf joke about an 8 iron, a skeleton with a golf ball in the weeds.  This joke was almost as good as Bill Mitchells fish joke.

Don’t forget the Roseland Picnic we are cosponsoring this Saturday at Roseland Park.  Bob Sones passed out posters to those who could use them.

Paula Sours passed out our new Roseland Rotary Cards to each member.  The cards are designed to be handed out to about anyone you might think would be interested in the Rotary We can also use them at special events as hand outs. Hopefully each member will hand out as many as possible.

“The difficult thing with quotes on the internet is verifying them”.. Abe Lincoln

ImageDave Keck introduced our speaker Diana Mendelson, Good Neighbor Picnic and Park Beautification Director for Roseland.  Diana talked about the upcoming picnic and the October 25 Roseland Beautification DayRoseland will be getting children to help with the planting and beautification process, 49 years ago her grandmother helped her plant a rose and she has never been able to stop planting.  2016 will make the 100th anniversary of the Roseland Community and beatification will be a big part of the celebration.  She told us about all the trees, plants and flowers that will be planted.

Diana discussed the future bike trail between South Bend and Niles Michigan.  This trail will follow the old North South Railway that runs along US 933. Roseland will get involved with beautifying the section that runs through Roseland.

Ben Bendit, that wonderful man, brought the club up-to-date on the St. Peter Cleaver House project. We have received a bid on the heating system at $17,000.  We cannot report on details of the bid as we have not yet seen it.  Al Veldman is picking up a copy today.  We are asking for help from members who may know someone who could give us another bid or help us with managing the heating project.  Dave ImageKeck has someone in mind and Joe Grabill has offered to help.  This is right up Joe’s alley so things may be looking up.  Several non-members came up after the meeting and wanted to know more about this project and that was exciting. We will keep the membership updated on this humanitarian project.

A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve

Please take a look at your Foundation Recognition points.  Remember you can transfer them to other members to go towards their Paul Harris Fellowships. You cannot use them towards your Paul Harris Fellowship.  You can transfer them to the club to be used at the discretion of the club.  See Bob Sones for details.

South Bend Downtown Club member Frank Tesler thanked Roseland Rotary for taking in members Bill Brennen, Bill Mitchell, Dave Keck and Ben Bendit after being kicked out of the Downtown Club.  Thanks Frank, we just got lucky.

South Bend Club Sergeant of Arms Lucky Frank Tesler won the drawing. It was nice to see Frank not collecting dollars from me every week. Guess in a way he still collected money from me.

You Rotarians are the best.

Have a Great Week!




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Roseland Rotary Meeting August 14, 2014


Sixteen members enjoyed another weekly meeting featuring great fellowship and a outstanding speaker.  Our host, the Waterford served another great Chicken Breast lunch. Yes people the cost of beef is going up.Image

Song Master Bob Eberhart unveiled a prototype of his new song book.  It looks very sleek and contains songs we usually sing and ones our members voted for.  The best part is they are easy to find and easy to read.  Even your Little Old Editor can read it.  The size of the print is perfect.  Bob will be unveiling the final version very soon.  Nice Job Bob!

Q: What did the Windmill say when she met her favorite movie star?

A: “Nice to meet you. I am a Big Fan!”         

OK, so it’s not very good. Needless to say no one else had a joke today.

President Bob Sones called the meeting to order with the prayer being offered by Bill Brennen.  This was promptly followed by the Pledge of Allegiance with only one snafu, no flag.  If nothing else Rotarians can adopt as we found a flag across the street and said the pledge to it. This may have been the fastest we have ever adapted to anything.  At least the Four Way Test went well, almost.  Seems our President may have messed up just a little.  OK, so the song went well or at least as well as can be expected. If not for our Song Master we would be in deep dodo.

President Sones passed out a letter regarding the “Roseland Rotary Member Foundation Recognition Report”.  I would like to tell you what it is all about but I have no clue.  I will study it when I get a few seconds but I will probably not tell you anything about it.  So read it yourself and find out all about it.  How is that for getting out of that one?

Just wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming Roseland Picnic on Saturday August 23rd.  We need members to show up and support our club and the community.   Keep in mind that the food is free and many of the local businesses will be represented! We can report that the Roseland Board is 100% behind this event.

Keck The Fine Master had a hard time making any money.  It seems we did not have that many happy people so fines were collected with gusto. No Pin Jason Taege was fined a dollar. He was also happy because his kids will be going back to school.  Jason said he is almost as happy as his wife.  Seems to be a lot of that going around!  Bob Sones is happy that Keck is happy and he paid a dollar before getting fined for the lack of a flag and the Four Way Test debacle. Image

Bill Brennen introduced our speaker Kate Voelker Executive Director for RiverBend Cancer Services.  Kate has been with River Bend since 1999 and says she got the Directors job by hanging around long enough to run the joint. River Bend has been operating since 1943 although the name has changed over the years. Their main goal is to assist cancer survivors, family members of survivors and family members of non survivors.  Many of their services revolve around counseling. Note there maybe hair counseling available for Dave Keck.  I should talk, maybe I will go with him.  Come to think of it maybe we could go as a club, just saying.Image

Recently RiverBend has acquired a new building that will be remodeled to service their needs.  It just so happens that the building is the old home of the Hickey Funeral Home on East Jefferson.  I can tell you, no one seemed happier than Kate Voelker and Tom Hickey about the arrangement.  She is very excited about the future of RiverBend. In 2007 they operated out of 1,500 square feet and serviced about 100 people. In 2014 they serviced about 2,100 people out of about 2,000 square feet.  In the new building they will have about 6,000 Sq Ft when remodeling is completed. To date, Kate says they have raised 65% of the funds necessary to complete all the remodeling work.

Bill Brennen volunteered to do some counseling for RiverBend.  They have a need for male counselors that can council the male survivors.  Way to go Bill!

“When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.”

Jerry Hunt won the best dressed Rotarian honors for the day.  Jerry sported a well pressed orange shirt with neatly tailored black trousers.

I can only tell you who did not win today’s drawing!

Next week’s show will be brought to you by the Roseland Rotary.  Have a great week Rotarians

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Roseland Rotary Meeting August 7, 2014


Thanks to the Waterford for a very nice lunch featuring meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, salad and some very tasty rolls.  As always they did a fine job of setting up for our meeting.Image

Today’s meeting sported 22 members, 1 guest and our speaker all in attendance for a robust meeting.  Yes, 22 members present is better than our average but not as good as we should be. 

Song Master Bob Eberhart has been collecting votes for songs to include in his new song book.  It should be real interesting to see what we came up with for a song book.

Lucky Winnie Farquhar won the poker hand for a whopping $50, or about that much.  I heard her say something about a Casino and buying lottery tickets today.  She won with a pair of aces.  Can you believe a pair of aces won and the next best hand was a pair of 8s?

James Lawson was presented with his Rotary pin by President Bob Sones.

Brian Bernth reported that 1/3 of our members have signed up for the Roseland Picnic.  It is open to all Roseland Rotarians and their families, so come on out and bring the kids.  There will be food, drink, entertainment and games.

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln

Dave Keck fined President Sones for forgetting the Happy Dollars and guest introductions.  You just can’t get anything over on Old Kecky Boy! Winnie paid a dollar because she won something and didn’t know what for or how much, but she won.  Bad Boy Don Kulwicki paid for not having his pin and George Stump paid because he was happy to have his pin. Chris Varda was happy because the kids will be going back to school.  Frank  Toepp told a joke too long for me to remember and Morey Rosen told one I don’t want to remember.  Both were fined a $1.00 and that was getting off cheap. Joe Maloney told a joke about 75% of 55% have eye problems, not all that funny the way I tell it.  Dave Alford paid a happy dollar because of the speaker.  I think he was happy because she showed up.  Come on Dave after all she is a Pastor so you should have known she would show up.

Did you hear about the 6 Chinese sailors who were killed by a killer whale? Apparently it was an orca-strated attack.  OK, so sue me!

ImageDave Alford introduced our speaker Rev. Mary L. Hubbard from the First United Methodist Church of South Bend.  We all noticed Dave seemed to be having a deadly struggle with the microphone.  I think he would have liked to toss it, however Bob Sones was watching him very closely. 

Rev. Hubbard discussed the many things the church is involved in such as 2 worship services, 6 scouting groups, Bible Study, Youth Group, Choir, Bell Choir, Sunday School and normal church stuff.  They have a membership of 400 and an average attendance of 200. Sounds like us, about 50% attendance.  They are also involved in OA, NA, AA, Diabetes, Arthritis, Memorial Retirees, South Bend Civic Theater, and Children’s Choir of Michiana.Image

The Church also boasts the largest Food Pantry in the area serving over 1,829 households.  In 2013 they serviced 18,982 individuals.  They also operate a Soup Kitchen serving 1,170 every month including Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  First United Methodist also operates the Upper Room housing 23 men in dorm living.  These are men with alcohol or drug problems. This is a Faith based 12 step program with a 45% success rate. Their success rate of 45% is much better than the average of 10% by other programs. 

About all you can say is, “There but by the Grace of God Go I”

Cliff Witkowski won the drawing today.

Have a fun week Rotarians

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Roseland Rotary Meeting July 24, 2014

NAME CORRECTION, New members name is Lawson and Lawsons Drywall.

Another great tasty lunch at the Waterford Lodge.  If you missed the meeting you missed a great meal, Imagegreat friends, sterling conversation, beautiful people and an outstanding presentation.  Now, are you sorry you missed this meeting, say yes?  Guess what, next week will even be better. 

Note, there will be a meeting next week!

Joe Maloney announced that we still need people for the Cubs Baseball trip.  Call him at 574-514-0130 if you know of anyone who would like to attend.

President Bob Sones introduced our newest member James Lawson from Lawson’s Drywall.  Roseland Rotary welcomes James Lawson.

Happy Dollars and fines were brief today, must have been the weather.  Brian Bernth was happy he didn’t spill any pasta sauce on his clothing.  We were all happy we didn’t spill sauce on ourselves but only Brian paid a dollar.  It would have been really nice if he had paid for all of us, just saying.  Cliff Witkowski discussed the Rotary Magazine and paid a dollar to do so.  Good thing it wasn’t a novel or Cliff might have went broke.  George Stump was happy he remembered to wear his pin. He still owed a dollar.  Bill Brennen was happy to be happy.  Bob Sones was happy for a new member.  Dave Alford can’t find his badge, someone get the man a badge before he goes broke paying fines.  Joe Maloney was happy we got a smaller bus for the Cubs trip.  Thanks Joe for saving us a few dollars.  No one had a joke to tell today and that was disappointing.

If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?

ImageThere was a short Board Meeting with District Governor Steve Sorenson prior to the weekly meeting. Besides reviewing all that Roseland Rotary does in a year, our District Governor asked each Board Member, why they joined Rotary. There was much in common with all the reason given, what was your reason?

Instead of a District Conference this year there will be District Celebration April 24 – 25, 2015 in Monticello.  The District Foundation Dinner will be October 24, 2014 at the Learner Theatre in Elkhart. 


District Assistant Governor Adam Elbenni introduced our speaker District Governor Steve Sorenson.  We thought for a minute we might need to adjourn the meeting after a rather lengthy introduction.  As it turned out there was still a little time left for our speaker to give his presentation.

District Governor Sorenson told the club of plans to lower the cost of the Foundation Dinner.  He also noted that if you sign up prior to the deadline, the district will make a donation towards your Paul Harris Account.  Hey, not a bad deal Rotarians. District 6450 is a part of Rotary Zone 30 and Zone 30 has come up with two major projects for the upcoming year.   First is assistance with a children’s hospital in Guatemala.  The second is to help several children’s hospitals in Mexico that specialize in Cleft Palate reconstruction.Image

Governor Sorenson’s signature projects will be to impact the lives of children. To assist with health care, clean water and diseases. He asked Rotarians to not just sit on the sidelines but rather to get up and get involved.  At a recent conference of Rotary Exchange Students, Steve overheard one exchange student say, “Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had the opportunity to be a Rotary Exchange student”. Think about that and what it would mean to the world!

President Bob Sones asked District Governor Sorenson to present a couple of awards.  The Stanley J Gilbert Rotarian of the Year award Imagewas given to Joseph Maloney for 2013 -2014.  Congratulations to Joseph, (Joe), Maloney.  The Robert L Garvey Distinguished Award was given to Bennie Bendit for 2014.  For all you members who I have spelled your name wrong there is a God. My name is spelled Benny.  I know Joe is as honored as I am to receive such an award as there are numerous members who work and give their best to Roseland Rotary.  From both of us, Thank You.

Jerry Klein won the drawing.

Attendance was 4 guests, 1 speaker, 1 presenter and 18 members.  We seem to have a hard time getting more than 18 members to our meetings.

Did you know that George Stump joined the club in 1970?  George has been a Roseland Rotarian longer than anyone.  How about another 44 years George.

Remember, behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.


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              Roseland Rotary Meeting July 17, 2014


Another wonderful Roseland Rotary get together for a fine lunch at the Waterford.  Today’s lunch featured salad, rolls, steamed vegetables, smashed potatoes and meatloaf.  Thanks to Robin for setting the room up for Rotary members and guests.  She was also kind enough to help out your Little Old Editor with his studio set up.

We lost a couple of good Rotarians this past week including Ken Miller and Glen Neely.  Hopefully, someday, they will return to our club as for now they will be missed.  This shows the need to constantly recruit new members.  There is no doubt that the best at this is our own Bill Brennen.  If you have never seen Bill recruit you have missed a real treat.  Thanks Bill!


Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

Roseland Rotary sponsored a booth at the Walgreens Customer Appreciation Day sponsored by the Walgreens store at US-933 and Darden Road.  It looks like this is the kind of thing we need to do more of.  These events make Rotary visible and meaningful to people.  It is surprising how many people know nothing about Rotary.  Thanks to Chris Varda for making this day Imagepossible. We now have two banners, thanks to Al Veldman, that can be used at various Rotary events. A special thanks to Bob Eberhart for putting together a display board featuring things Roseland Rotary is involved in and information about us.  Bob is our club historian and he did a fine job putting this together.  At the next meeting please take a look at the display.

President Bob Sones announced that the South Bend Rotary will be holding their annual golf outing Monday July 21, 2014 at Blackthorn Golf Course.  The cost is $125 per person, registration by phone 574-312-8100 or beginning at 10:30 on site.

Please do not forget to mark August 23 on your calendar.  That’s the date for the “Roseland Good Neighbor Summer Picnic Mark your calendar now, more to come.

By now everyone should have information regarding the Cubs Trip.  We need people, friends, family neighbors even Kiwanians.  Did we approach the Down Town Club?  Please let Derek Hayes know if you have someone interested. Derek needs our help with this so lets get on it.

Ben Bendit commented on the publishing of the Roseland Rotary Club Directory.  We need correct member information.  If you were not at the meeting you will be receiving an e-mail requesting you to review your member information and make corrections as needed.  Our directory is published through the Club Runner Web-Site and thus we can only include the information provided by that program.  It is important  the information we submit be current.

Happy Dollars and Fines. Our newly reappointed Sergeant of Arms, (fine Master AKA The Hit Man Keck) was in rare form today as was our membership. Joe Maloney stared with a joke. I can’t remember the joke but I do remember it was an old one and it cost him a dollar, got off light! Morey Rosen told the same joke he told last week and it was just as bad, another dollar. Bob Stephens paid a Happy Dollar as he has a new granddaughter. Brian Bernth was just happy to be here and that was worth a dollar.  Wally Johnson was happy since he will be on the water for the next 3 to 5 weeks sailing the Great Lakes. Should be a $5.00 fine, not that I am envious.  Tom Hickey just found out that his wife lives at a different address than he does. Should have never told him about this!  Al Veldman told a joke, I think. Other then the fine Al paid for that joke, he also paid a Happy Dollar. Seems Al’s grandson, the Penn State Hockey player, was offered $90,000 to sign with a Pro Hockey team.  He turned it down to stay in school. Al is proud of him for turning it down and staying in school and so are we.  Frank Toepp was in the paper and was fined for it. Makes you wonder what he did!  It just does not pay to get noticed.

“Friendship was the foundation rock on which Rotary was built and tolerance is the element which holds it together.”

Roseland Rotary was blessed with not one but with 3 speakers, Genessa Dolittle, Paul Burrows and Doug Fuvmwald all from the St. Joseph County Medical Reserve Corps, (MRC).  The Medical Reserve Corps was founded by President Bush’s 2002 State of the Union Address, in which he asked all Americans to volunteer in support of their country. MRC is a Citizens Corps, a national network of volunteers dedicated to ensuring hometown security. Units are community based and function as a way to locally organize and utilize volunteers – medical professionals and others. They are looking for volunteer’s right here in St Joseph County. There web-site is


There were 18 members, 2 guests and 3 speakers in attendance.

I have no idea who won the drawing, no one spoke up and nobody new, strange. 

Why do you always find things in the last place you look?

Have a great week all you marvelous Rotarians.



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Roseland Rotary Presidents Bash June 2014

This year’s Roseland Rotary Presidents Bash was held at the Estate of Joe & Cindy Maloney.   As is tradition, our host and hostess did an outstanding job and put on an event we can all be proud of. Image

Morey Rosen was in rare form and got on a joke telling roll.  As always I cannot remember one joke or story.  Reggie Bourlier was on an informational roll.  If you have never listened to Reggie when he’s on a roll you have missed a real treat.  Reggie speaks 3 or 4 languages and knows an astounding amount of world history.  All this makes for a very interesting person. 


It is too bad so many of our newer members did not make it to the Bash.  This would have been a great time to get to know many of our members better.  Members like Winnie Farquhar, Cliff Witkowski, Lyman Samuel, Dave Alford and two of the nicest people you will ever meet Tom and Sue Ellen Hickey just to mention a few.  It’s also fun to meet the spouses of our members and get to know them better. Image

Have you ever seen the history of Roseland Rotary?  Yes seen, our historian Bob Eberhart brought 6 or 7 scrap books loaded with the history of Roseland Rotary including pictures, articles, flyers and much more.  If you have never seen these books you really need to take a look the next time Bob makes them available.

Although there has been no meeting for the last two week there is plenty going on behind the scenes.   Your Rotary is moving forward on many fronts with future exciting events and projects.  Reports and notices will be forthcoming.

We still have 16 members that have not yet had their pictures taken for our photo directory.  We have set up a portable studio three times and still 16 members that have not been present to have their photographs taken.  We realize there are a few that cannot make meeting or events for personal reasons.  One member is out of the country however, that still leaves a lot of members that should be present.  Hopefully, you can attend the next meeting so that we can get your photograph and publish the directory. 

Hope to see you all this Thursday including those that need to have their photo’s taken.

Have a great week everybody




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 Roseland Rotary Meeting July 10, 2014


It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  Roseland Rotary meetings are somewhat like that.  What one Rotarian thinks is a great meeting another may disagree.  Today’s meeting may reflect this as much as any meeting we have had.  Our speaker was a no show and so the members, that were in attendance, filled in.  Some may say it was a poor meeting however, I would rather say it was a meeting saved by one of our members and therefore a great meeting.  Read on dear friends.Image

Light travels faster than sound.  This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

What can make a meeting successful is attendance and Roseland Rotary members responded with good numbers today.  We had 24 members in attendance with 2 guests.  That would be one of our best attended meetings in a long time.  Why we even ran out of food and the Waterford had to scramble to provide for everyone.  As always the Waterford came through.

Chris Varda commented on Walgreens Customer Appreciation Day”, “Way to Well next Thursday at the Walgreens store at US 933 and Darden Road.  He passed around a signup sheet for volunteers to man a Roseland Rotary table at the event.  Rotary needs one more person to help from 11:45 am to 2:00 pm and one person from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  This will give us two members for each time slot. We will have a table with a banner and Rotary information to pass out. Visibility in our community is what we are trying to accomplish.  Thanks Chris for including Rotary in your event.  If you can help, please call Chris Varda during working hours at 574-271-0357.

Dave Keck made an announcement on behalf of Dismas HouseOn Friday July 18th from 6 PM to 10 PM at the Mishawaka Riverside Inn there will be fun evening featuring local leaders dressed as lively women performers.   Tickets at the door or call Dave Keck 574-298-1720.

Cliff Witkowski read a nice Thank You letter from the Food Bank thanking Roseland Rotary for their support.

Derek Hayes reminded everyone of the upcoming Cubs game in just 3 weeks.  So far only 4 to 6 Roseland Rotarians have signed up.  It’s a great trip, bus ride, to and from the game, lunch and drinks on the bus plus tickets for just $65.00. For details or tickets please call Derek at 574-276-0770 or e-mail at

Ben noted that we still have members that have not had their picture taken for the Membership Directory.  He said he will be contacting those members regarding making arrangement to have their photograph taken.  Ben will be setting up next Thursday at the Waterford from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Members can drop by before the meeting or after to have pictures taken.  If you cannot attend the lunch meeting please try and take a few minutes to have your picture taken, it takes less than 2 minutes.

Brian Bernth reported on the Roseland Community Picnic officially called Roseland Good Neighbors Summer Picnic  The event is scheduled for August 23 with the 24th as a rain day.  Look for more details to come.

Fines and Happy dollars ended with having a lot more fines than Happy Dollars.  It’s easy to understand if you were there to hear the jokes.  Frank Toepp told one about two nuns running down the road with a urinal.  Joe Maloney told a joke about Murphy going into a gay bar or something like that. Morey Rosen told one about his wife hanging upside down because right side up she couldn’t breathe. OK, you had to be there! Chris Varda paid because he was happy to be here, must have been the jokes! Jason Taege was fined for being him, not sure what that was about.  A number of members were fined for not having pins, what a ghastly development that is.

Jerry Hunt was asked to auction off a few boxes of Sour Cream Popcorn.  Now auctioning off boxes of Sour Cream Popcorn is not exactly an easy job.  Actually it’s easy if you start the bidding at 0 and go up to say 10 cents a box.  It’s not easy when you start at $5.00 a box.  Still Jerry sold one at about $6.00 and the rest members just bought out of the goodness of their hearts. There is also the remote possibility they just like Sour Cream Popcorn. Just saying!


As it turns out our main speaker was none other than our own Jennifer Price.  Jennifer was asked to tell us a little about herself and she wowed us.  It seems Jennifer spent time in India working with the poor. Now I can tell you, Jennifer has stories to tell and observations to relay.  Did you know that in much of India the second born daughter is killed?  It’s a cruel thing but a way of life because of life.  This was cause for many questions from Roseland Rotarian struggling to understand how such a thing can be allowed to happen. To say the least Jennifer did an outstanding job.  Someday she will put on a program for us.

Jerry Hunt won the drawing

Remember, be a good Rotarian and do you good deed every day.

Have a great week Rotarians.


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Roseland Rotary Meeting June 19, 2014


Roseland Rotary was pleased to be served a wonderful lunch by the Waterford Lodge.   We Imagehad flavorful chicken breasts with a roasted potato, green beans with carrots, salad and rolls.  Sorry no deserts today.  Still it was a very good lunch.  Joy and her great staff do a marvelous job of taking care of the Roseland Rotary.

We set up the portable photo studio right in our meeting room and managed to photograph 5 members.  “I will get you”.

A tennis ball walks into a bar.  The bartender says have you been served?  And you thought you heard bad jokes before!

Jennifer Price gave the prayer and did a very nice job.  Thanks Jennifer!

Song Master Bob Eberhart led us in “Sing out a song of Rotary”.  We actually did a good job and Bob was very much pleased.

Joe Mahoney reminded everyone of the up-coming Cubs trip.  Joe mentioned that we need to fill the bus to break even financially.  You can bring anyone you want on the trip as long as they are not wanted.  Oh well, bring them too.

Joe Mahoney asked that everyone please sign up for the Bash next week at Joe’s house.  See the details and map on the calendar by just clicking on the date and the detail will appear.  I know Rotarians like to have fun so please come on out, there will be adult beverages.

Joe also passed out copies of the most recent financial statement. He explained a few items and said he would answer any questions members might have. See Joe for a copy.

We have been discussing a Roseland Rotary Picnic for this August at St. Patrick’s Park.  Should you have any ideas or suggestions please contact Bob Sones.

Our Waterford server Robin, is celebrating her birthday she is  ??.  As a club we sang happy birthday and what an excellent job we did. She was also presented with a check for her service.  Not sure if she was smiling because we sang so well or because of the check! Thanks Robin you are a friend of Rotary.

ImageAl Veldman introduced his favorite daughter,Brenda, as she was the only daughter present. That Al, he is a sly one!

Note: South Gate Rotary Club is closing down.  Scary!

President Bob Sones told us about a Health Fair Walgreens is going to have . It is part of a customer appreciation day at the Roseland store on July 17th.  So far they have the Walgreens health bus, Wellbrooke of South Bend, a fire truck, food, (Ben’s in), door prizes, etc.  Chris wants to know if Rotary would like to have a table at the event.  This would get the club out into the public eye and may gain some interest.  More to come on this wonderful opportunity.

Happy Dollars, Bill Brennen was happy to see Al’s offspring, Al Veldman paid because he celebrated his 84th birthday, Gwen O’Brien happy to be here, Ben happy to get another 5 Rotarians photographed for our directory. Joe Maloney paid a dollar because he has jury duty and may make the Bash.  George Stump asked Dave Finemaster Keck for $4.00 back out of a five and we are not sure why he paid the dollar. Morey Rosen just attended his 55th class reunion.  He was just happy to get away from all those old people.  Frank Toepp paid a dollar because of the joke he told, it should have been five dollars.  Jennifer Price paid a dollar because she is getting a 3 day weekend.  John Pangani paid a dollar because he is happy to be back after a visit to Africa.  Seems John’s wife and kids are still in Africa and he is really happy because he does not have to make the bed or do the dishes.  Bob Sones was happy to see John.

Dave Alford introduced our speaker Gwen O’Brien, Dean of Nursing at St Mary’s ImageCollege.  One extraordinary point in her résumé is that she is a White Sox fan.  This endeared her to me at once.  I have decided to publish a nice picture of this prestigious White Sox fan.

Nursing and the educating of nurses has changed dramatically over the years.  The days of the 3 year nursing degree are about all gone.  Today it’s either a two year degree or a four year degree. St Mary’s averages about 56 nursing students at any one time.  Students must carry at least a 2.8 GPA in the sciences.  Nursing is a science driven program including statistical sciences.  She discussed data and the importance of it in the nursing profession

Nursing really got is boost from Florence Nightingale in the early 1800s when she carried her lamp of hope throughout the battlefields.  Saint Mary’s Holy Cross Nuns served as nurses in the Civil War. Many of their graves can be found in the cemetery at St. Mary’s, they are marked simply, Civil War.

A stat that nurses discovered, only 40% of doctors and nurses properly washed their hands before seeing their next patient. As a result of this study an effort is being made to correct this flaw in the system. Morey Rosin wanted to know about the menus in the hospitals.  He believes they are one of the dirtiest things in the hospital.  She had to agree and notes that an effort is being made in many hospitals to correct this problem.  This does include our local hospitals.

Roseland Rotary is honored to have had another speaker with loads of good information.

Roseland Rotary Board of Directors voted to raise the price for the luncheon from $10.00 to $12.00.  We have been losing money at $10.00 and the $12.00 gets us close to breaking even.  This puts us in line with what most clubs are charging.

Attendance and special projects have been discussed for some time now.  It is where a member that participates in a special event or project can get credit for attending a meeting.  This was first brought up by the District as a way to boost attendance and get more people involved in projects.  Other clubs are doing this and have been successful in boosting their attendance. I am sure there will be some for and some opposed so please think about it as you may be asked for your opinion.  Things are changing!

Please remember there will be no meeting next week as the Bash counts as a meeting.

Please note, there will be no meeting on July 3, 2014 due to the holiday weekend.

20 were in attendance including our speaker and one guest.





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Roseland Rotary Meeting June 12, 2014


Again the Waterford stepped up for Rotary.  We needed a place to set up a mobile photo studio and the Waterford graciously provided us with one of their meeting rooms.  Thanks Waterford for all you do for Roseland Rotary.

Jerry Hunt gave the prayer and President Bob Sones lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test.  Song Master Bob Eberhart lead us in Viva La Rotary, of which we murdered in the first degree.  It was difficult for Bob to continue leading us in song when he was laughing at how we managed to destroy such a simpleA song. I know some people don’t like the singing but I think it brings us together as most of us suck at it.  Just saying!

This was photo day for all Roseland Rotary Club members.  We set up a portable studio in one of the meeting rooms so we could get head shots for our Roseland Rotary Directory.  It is hoped we can get all the photo’s to have a consistent look throughout the directory.  It was hoped that a good turnout would speed up the publishing of the directory, however that was not the case. Too many of our members were missing in action thus we will be forced to delay publication.  If nothing else we are persistent and we will make another attempt.  Hopefully, so those that cannot make it on Thursdays will have an opportunity to participate.  A personal thanks to all those that made the meeting and stopped by to have their photographs taken. I timed it and it only took 3 ½ minuets’ to have your photo taken.


Paul Sours could not make the meeting due to a funeral she had to attend.  Still she ran in and took 3 minutes of her time to have her photo taken for the directory.  Thanks Paula, bless your heart.

Q. What did the police officer say to the midget complaining that someone picked   his pocket?

A. I can’t believe someone would stoop so low.

Al Veldman announced the drywall was delivered to the Saint Peters Catholic Workers Family House and no help was needed in the unloading of the delivery truck.  We watched as the driver and helper delivered the drywall right to the door and then carried it into the house.  It was announced the committee, for this project, will be meeting Friday June 13th, at Bob Evans on U.S. 933 at 8:30 A.M... This was a last minute decision to have this much needed meeting.  Hopefully committee members can attend.


Don’t forget the Presidents Bash June 26th at Joe Mahoney’s Estate.  This is always a good time, so come on out and please let Joe know you will be attending.  For the members that can’t make regular meetings this is a good time to attend and show your support for Rotary.  By the way, we would just like to see you.

Derek Hays reminded everyone that the Chicago Cub Baseball trip is Thursday July 31.  A signup sheet was passed around.  Please let Derek know if you plan to attend.  I can tell you from past experience that this is a fun trip.

Dave Keck had Jerry Hunt auctioned off a ticket to a Strawberry Festival.  I am not sure where the ticket came from but Al Veldman moved his arm and the next thing he knew, he won the bid for the ticket.  It might have been Al’s ticket to begin with.  You have got to be careful around those auctioneers.  If you have never heard Jerry in action, I can tell you he is good.  He impressed our speaker so much that he asked Jerry to help with an auction at the Rotary Foundation Dinner.  He opened his mouth and see what happened!

A Keckism, do you know what is different about the month of August this year?  I didn’t either! Well, it seems there are 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays this August.  That sure doesn’t happen very often. Just another Keckism!

ImageHappy Dollars, Bob Sones is happy that Mike Grabill is with us, (literally), Jerry Hunts is happy because he has his granddaughter tonight, Joe Mahoney is happy to be happy, Bill Mitchell is happy his daughter just received her Master Degree and is on to her Doctorate.  I wonder how happy Bill is when the bills start to come in.  Still, congrats to Bill’s daughter and may she soon find a good paying job and become an active member of the Roseland Rotary.  Bill was so happy he gave Dave Keck a $10 bill at which point Dave said thank you and Bill said “Hell No”.   Al Veldman was happy because he and his lovely wife just celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary.  Al gave Roseland Rotary a happy check for $58.00.  Thanks Al and best wishes to you and your lovely bride. 

ImageFined for no pin were pin less Ann McQuillan Perri and pin less Don Kulwicki.  Thanks Ann for sitting with this poor lonely soul.

President Bob Sones introduced our speaker Mike Grabill Chairman of the Rotary Foundation.  Mike brought his power point presentation with him but left the updated version at home. You would not have known if he hadn’t told us as his presentation was flawless.  When Mike went through all the things Rotary does it makes you proud to be part of it.  He gave us a short history lesson on Rotary, the Rotary Foundation and what it has meant to the world.  He described the three parts of the Foundation and the function of each. It is hard to believe that even as our economy improves that donations to the Foundation are down 25% this year.

Mr. Grabill gave us an update on the campaign to stamp out Polio. In 1985 there were 350,000 cases of Polio reported.  Keep in mind that in 1985 reporting worldwide was not at 100%.  In 2013 there were 403 cases reported and that is with good reporting.  Most of our cases today come from Pakistan.  It is hard to get into Pakistan to give inoculations as last year 6 Inoculators were killed.

To donate to the Foundation simply get a form from Joe Mahoney or go on the Rotary web-site to get a donation form or donate by credit card.

Nice job Mike Grabill.

There were 17 members, 1 guest and our speaker in attendance.

Oh where oh where, did Derek go, oh where oh where did he go!

Dave Alford won the drawing

Now go, and have yourself a great week

















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Roseland Rotary Meeting June 5, 2014


Lunch at the Waterford was excellent, we had meat loaf, smashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, salad, bread and butter.  Sorry no cookies today.  “Yes smashed not mashed”.

Dave Keck started the meeting with a happy prayer.  It was very refreshing to hear a happy prayer and I am sure God appreciated it.  Song Master Bob Eberhart had us sing the Rotary song in a low key.  This was no problem for Wally, the deep voice, Johnson.  Just maybe we should have sung a lot lower. We did very well on the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test, so big congratulations to us.  I was so happy, hum, should have paid a happy dollar!

ImageDave Alford noted that should you have anything that needs to be added to the calendar please let him know.   Dave is now known as Calendar Guy!  Not sure what that means, I guess he takes care of calendars.  Thanks Dave Alford for doing this for us.

President Sones and his lovely wife attended the South Bend Rotary Clubs 100 Year Celebration last week.  According to Bob, they did it up right.  Bob also notes that in a few years we will be celebrating our 50th year.  I am sure Roseland Rotary will respond with an exciting event that all will want to attend.

Reminder, The Presidents Bash is coming up on the 26th so make sure to be there.  You can sign up at the next meeting or call Bob Sones or Joe Maloney.  There will be no meeting on the 26th.

PHOTOGRAPHS next week so please attend.  If you can’t make it you had better have a good excuses or it’s the worst picture we can find of you that will be used in the Roseland Rotary Picture Directory.  I sure wouldn’t miss this one!

Cards were passed out and if you were at that last meeting you got two cards this week.  We forgot to pass them out last week so we doubled up this week. 

Al Veldmen announced that Big C Lumber donated 50 sheets of drywall for the Catholic Workers House.  They also gave screws, drywall tape and mud.  Roseland Rotary gives a big Thank You to Big C Lumber for their support.  Tomorrow, Friday, the materials will be delivered in the afternoon.  We could use some help unloading please call Al for the time.

Dave, the microphone blaster, Keck was out and about collecting Happy Dollars on this fine day to be a Roseland Rotarian. Mark Derta paid because he and his lovely wife had a baby boy on the 29thDerek Hayes paid because his boy is going to be 18 next week.  No pin Dr Frank Toepp paid a dollar.  Wally paid because he was just happy to be here and do a little singing, very little.  Someone paid a happy dollar because Lyman Samuel, (no S), had on long pants and socks.  Lyman was happy because he missed a cruise.  Seems Lyman suffered a heart problem just before leaving and he sure didn’t want that problem aboard a ship.  Glad to see you again Lyman so come on back when you get the chance.  Paula Sours was happy to see someone salute the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance thanks to Scout Leader Pat Bridges .



President Bob Sones introduced Kate Lee from the Chamber of Commerce.  Kate is working on an intern program for our community.  This is in an effort to slow down the brain drain from our local areas. Internships for high school and college students are a good way to retain many of our best and brightest students.  This program is not just for college students and high school students bound for college but also for those skilled students. Kate’s job is to pull it all together including schools, business, government and students.

A few facts about Internship, 65% of interns become employees, it cost around $8,000 to recruit a new employee and only about $5,000 to convert an intern. Employers and students can post on line at  This site gets about 5,000 posts per year.  Young people invest in our communities and we need to invest in them.

A fine upstanding gentleman won the drawing which was drawn by a beautiful young lady, just saying.

21 members, 1 guest and 1 speaker were in attendance.  The best part was we had 3 lovely young ladies in attendance.  Thank you ladies.

Remember next week, Photos, be there.  These will be published in our new Photo Directory.

Have a Great Week



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Roseland Rotary Meeting May 29, 2014


What a nice day for a meeting. Attendance is still not real good even though most of our traveling friends are back in town.  Wally Johnson is back from a 5 month stay in Florida and was in attendance as was Winnie Farquhar and yours truly.  Winnie has been back from California for a couple of months and has attended some meetings.  I don’t know why she came back so early but probably just to see me.  Winnie and Paula Sours added some class to our meeting and definetly enhanced our overall appearance.  Thanks to the Waterford for another fine job.


Has everyone paid their Rotary Invoice?  I just checked to see if I paid and it looks like I did not.  I have got to get with it.

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food

Dave Keck says half the membership can’t hear him, I didn’t hear the rest of what he said!

Paula Sours gave today’s prayer and Bob Eberhart led us in another sterling rendition of the Rotary song.   Well maybe it wasn’t all the sterling.


Note, we are planning on membership photographs on June 12th.  Please make arrangements to be at the meeting.  We have some new members and we want to publish a new photo directory.  If we don’t get a new picture of you we will find the worst picture of you we can find and use it.  My suggestion is, be there.  We will be confirming this date as time draws near.

Glen Neely and Bob Sones worked with Jr. Achievement to conduct a program for 4th graders.  Bob reports they had a great time and the kids responded very well to them.  I am sure Bob and Glen had a lot in common with those 4th graders.  Hats off to both Glen and Bob for a job well done.

Joe Maloney announced that this year’s the Presidents Bash will be at his house  in South Bend on Thursday June 26th.  Please make sure you have signed up. This is always a fun time so please try and make the Bash.  There will be no regular meeting on that date.Image

Joe Maloney was presented with a Treasurers Pin for his long time future service.  Joe took on a big job and seems to have everything under control. Thanks Joe.

Lots of Happy Dollars today, must be the sunshine as everyone seemed happy.  Wally was happy to be here, George was happy Wally was here, Jim was happy to see Winnie, Morris was happy to give a dollar, Brian paid because Paula sings so loud, Paula was happy because the Outreach Outing was a success, Dave Keck paid because his article was in the South Bend tribune today, Al was happy because Joe sent him a billing for $100.  Derek and Wally were fined for not having their Rotary pin.  I know I missed one or two, I just couldn’t keep up!

President Bob Sones introduced our speaker Jim Bolinger from Flags International.  I had my doubts as to how interesting hearing about flags was going to be. My doubts were dashed immediately as Jim‘s talk centered on the genealogy of the American Flag. Yes you heard right it was the family tree of the American flag.

Did you know that our flags genealogy dates back to 1,200 AD, the flag of Saint George.   Another influence was the flag of Saint Andrew.  Our first unofficial flag was 1775 and was at the request of George Washington.  Seems the Continental Congress charged George with the task of rising an army and he needed a flag to rally around.

Do you know what a vexillogist is? I never heard of one.   It is a person who studies flags.

ImageOur first official flag was established in 1777 a year after declaring independence. Jim took us from the first flag up to today’s flag and showed us many of the flags he was discussing. It is sad but true, Betsy Ross did not make the first flag.  She never claimed to have made the first flag it was her grandson 100 years later who said she made the first American flag.  Jim discussed flag etiquette, where the term Old Glory came from and how to properly dispose of a flag.

Jim’s talk ran over by a few minutes and no one minded at all.  It was an enlightening program enjoyed by all.Image

Jim drew for the drawing and cleverly announced only the first 3 numbers.  Since no one had these as the last three he announces himself the winner.  It actually took a few seconds for someone to realize he only called out the first 3 numbers on the ticket not the last three.  Very clever but you can only fool a Roseland Rotarian for a few seconds or maybe a day, or a week or maybe a month.  I never did find out who won.

We had 15 members, 1 speaker and two guests in attendance.  With speakers this good and such good looking members in attendance you would think more member would attend.  Come on out and enjoy the fun.

Everyone have a great week and fly your flag proudly

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Roseland Rotary Meeting May 22, 2014


What a nice day for a Rotary lunch meeting at the Waterford in Roseland.  Yes everyone was in a good mood and it was a lively meeting despite being low on numbers.  For the members that did not attend, you missed a good one. Our speaker was the Sheriff of St. Joseph County.  Makes you wonder why some members missed the meeting, hum.


Did you know Frank Toepp had a Hot Date?  You will need to ask Frank about this.

President Bob Sones called the meeting to order at 12:15, Cliff Witkowski gave the prayer and Song Master Bob Eberhart led us in both verses of the Rotary song.  Now we were not too bad on verse one but on verse two I heard a lot of humming and I heard it over my humming. I know we can do better, guess a lot of members forgot their glasses.

Special note, Saturday May 31, 2014 at the Studebaker Museum is the Celebration of the Century.  This is celebrating 100 years of South Bend Rotary.  Information can be found on the calendar.

Cliff Witkowski again thanked everyone for their support and work during the Food Drive.  It was noted that for every dollar given the Food Bank can purchase roughly 30 pounds of food.  With part of the money we raised at our Annual Auction we were able to give $4,800 to the Food Bank. My math is not good but doesn’t that come out to about 144,000 pound of food.  Is Roseland Rotary good or what?

ImageAl Veldman is back from a 10 day trip to Europe where he discovered that it’s alright for the cleaning people to clean the restrooms while you are using it.  What Al got excited about is that the cleaning people were female.  Al thinks it should catch on here in the US.  Al discussed his award and how he did not deserve it.  We think Al might be wrong about this as I don’t know of anyone more deserving. Al’s family had so many tables for the awards that they are thinking of naming the event the Veldman’s Award Banquet.  Veldman’s were coming in from all over the place and still Al could not figure it out.  Can you say, “a little slow on the up-take”.  Well you must take into account that Al was born in 1930.  Seriously, congratulations to Al, and Al you do deserve it.

Joe Maloney announced that this year’s President Bash will be held Thursday June 26th here in South Bend at the famous Mahoney House.  A signup sheet was passed around and will be passed around again at other meetings. If you cannot make a meeting please call Joe and let him know you will be attending.  Note, there will be no regular meeting on that date.  Please make plans to be there.  This is a great time for all our members to attend.

You could sure tell Dave Keck and Al Veldman missed each other when Al was away. The two bickered all though the Happy Dollar collections.  Frank Toepp gave a dollar for Al and of course Al wanted it and Dave wouldn’t give it to him.  Bob Eberhart was happy to see Ben two weeks in row.  Joe Maloney paid a Happy Dollar because he got stopped for speeding on his way home after this week’s Board meeting and he only got a warning.  The sheriff did not look to pleased that he only got a warning.

Dave Keck introduced our speaker Sheriff Mike Grzegorek and his guest Tim Decker Imageretired South Bend Police Department and now working with the Sheriff’s Department. Our Sheriff’s Department not only patrols the entire county but they are also responsible for the jail, serving warrants, sex offenders, court house and other jobs to many to mention.  The Sheriff’s Department has over 350 employees and 116 police officers.  In 2007 the number of officers was 132 however do to budget cuts in 2010 that number was reduced to 114.

ImageLast year there were 10,071 bookings, 8,670 warrants served, 3,095 arrests and 2,700 cases investigated.

Once someone is put in the county jail their medical is the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Department.  In 2013 that accounted for $1,800,000 in medical costs.

This was a very informative meeting with many great questions for the Sheriff from our members.  If you missed it you missed a good one.

There were 15 members, one speaker and one guest present for the Luncheon.

I heard much shouting and cheering so I assume Dave Keck won the drawing.

Next week’s speaker should be Jim Bolinger from Flags International.

Good weather, good food, great people, good causes, so why not come to next week’s meeting?

Have a Great Week everyone.



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Please Note, Regarding the Cubs Game

The game is July 31 NOT June 27th.

Not sure where the flyers came from but they are incorrect.

We will have more next week.


Benny C Bendit


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Roseland Rotary Meeting May 15, 2014


Today was the first day back to Rotary for Bob Stephens and me after several months in warm sunny Florida.  I thought we would be welcomed with sunny warmer weather, however I was mistaken. As Bob put it, “at least there is no snow in my driveway”.  Don’t speak to soon Bob!


Thanks to the Waterford for a fine Pot Roast lunch.  As always they did a great job.

This was an interesting meeting despite the ominous start.  We had a problem syncing the computer to the projector and really never did get it working.  Bob Eberhart was asked to lead us in song, however we had no song books.  Bob improvised and we sang one verse of America. Jerry Hunt led us in prayer and did an excellent job.  We had 18 members, 3 guests and our speaker in attendance.

Jennifer Price was presented with her membership certificate by President Bob Sones. 


A Big Thank You was given by the club to Jay Harwood for his hard work on the Annual Auction.  Everyone was very pleased with how the auction was run and that it was a great success.  Unofficially we and the Sunrise Club raised $23,652 and produced $18,832 after expenses.  Approximately $4,800 was given to Camp Raybird and the same to the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of the “Service Above Self” honor that went to our own Al Veldman.  My friend Al, I am just a name dropper!

“Please pass on my THANK YOU message to our Roseland Rotary Club members for supporting this year’s “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive at the Northern Indiana Food Bank on Saturday May 10th from 1:00 -4:00 pm.  We had 10 members who worked VERY HARD sorting food at our work stations.  During the day 110,500 pounds of food was collected and sorted to be given to those in need in our community.  All of this food will enable the Pantry to help keep people nourished for the next 3 months.  Thanks to all for helping on this “Service Above Self” project that we have been doing for the last 15+years.”   Cliff Witkowski

Joe Maloney passed around the Dues Invoice’s for the 1st quarter and a donation sheet for the Rotary Foundation.  More to come on this project.

In a couple of weeks we will be taking members photographs for our Directory that we are hoping to publish within the next month.  Stay Tuned!

Chicago Cubs Baseball, a trip to the old ball park is planned for June 27, 2014.  A copy of the flyer will be posted on our Web-Site www.   Note, we will not be going on June 27 1014. More to come!

Friendly Dave Keck collected happy dollars including dollars from Tom Hickey Morey Rosen, Bob Eberhart, (guess why), Ben for enjoying this cold weather, Jay Harwood because the Auction is over, Bob Stephens happy to be here, (is it the truth) and our new Rotarian Jennifer Price.  I just could not write fast enough to get everyone that participated in the Happy Dollars, I apologize.

Our speaker was Dan Ryan from the District and he talked about membership.  As you may note we have had numerous speakers regarding Rotary Membership and there is a good reason for that.   As Dan pointed out, Rotary is only two generations from extinction.  Membership is continuing to decrease even with the efforts to increase.  Of all the new members, we are losing 80% of them within 5 years.  The reason is that we are not getting them involved.  When young people were asked, what is the main reason for joining Rotary their answers were #1 Mentoring, #2 Make Friendships and #3 was Net WorkingSurprisingly Service was last on the list.  Still when given a Service project to do, these young people excelled at it.


Too many of our Clubs are just writing checks and this does not work well for developing new members.  Ask new member what they want to do.  Make a list of all our programs and everything we do so new members and prospective new members can see what we do.  Then ask them what they want to do.  New member want to use their talents to better Rotary.  One Club has their new members come up with a one day project and then gives them up to $500 for that project.  What are we doing?

Everyone is thinking of you Sam!

Don Fischesser won the drawing.

As I always say, “ Where there’s a will, I want to be in it.

Next week’s speaker is Sheriff Grzegorek.  I would suggest you be there!


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Rotary Meeting of 5-8-14

BY NOW MOST FLORIDIAN VACATIONAIRS SHOULD BE COMING HOME.  EDITOR BENNEY BENDIT states he will be back May 12th. No more snow, only lots of rain and floods haunt the U.S.  Mudslides, tornados, and fires, have taken a toil on people to date.  Hopefully none of our fellow Club Rotarians witnessed or were involved in any of these events.  THE ANNUAL AUCTION IS TOMORROW.  Today 26 attended our meeting with 6 guests and of course our 3 speakers.  JERRY HUNT WON THE RAFFLE.

The meeting was started with BILL BRENNEN saying a prayer.  PRESIDENT BOB SONES proceeded with the remainder of our opening ceremoniesThe song “AMERICA” was sung in which almost everyone participated.  100 percent participation is hard to achieve it appears.  PRESIDENT SONES reminded everyone that we were falling behind in our FOUNDATION GIVING and if you have not given yet this year please do so now.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Don’t forget the ANNUAL AUCTION AND DINNER TOMORROW May 9th, at the Waterford Estates Lodge. Cocktails and Silent Auction starts at 6 p.m.  Dinner at 7 p.m.  Oral Auction starts around 7:45 p.m.  Last minute comers can pay at the door, but were encouraged to make reservations in advance with JAY HARWOOD  (234-2133 or 272-5650) Expect a good attendance, as currently 120 to 125 people have signed up to be at the AUCTION.

Did you know our board has now appointed ANN PERRI as a new BOARD MEMBER to replace Mike Johnston who, sorry to say, no longer is a Club member?

May 10th is the Food Bank Food Drive 702 Chapin Street, South Bend.  Enough workers have now signed up.  BUT, IF YOU HAVEN’T SIGNED UP AND WANT TO COME AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE, YOU ARE WELCOME.  Times will be from 1 p.m. thru 4 p.m. at the FOOD BANK.  Please plan on arriving 10 to 15 minutes early, so when our shift starts, assignments can be properly placed.

FINE MASTER DAVE KECK sailed around the room, pleading for both Happy and Sad dollars from those present.  JOE MALONEY was back in verbal form today and paid a happy dollar.  KECK gladly paid a happy dollar stating AL VELDMAN was leaving for a 10-day trip to Holland (to visit his 85 year old sister’s birthday).  AL VELDMAN paid a happy dollar that he would not have to be here next week and get fined by KECK.   MOREY ROSEN wanted to pay his fine by “check”.



PRESIDENT BOB SONES.  presented PHIL WILLIAMS  a framed certificate “ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD for successful completion of the Youth Leadership Seminar “.   It is Williams desire and current effort to now work on getting improvements for a Community Park in his neighborhood.  ELI DETLAF, who just graduated from CLAY H.S., stated he enjoyed his experience at the SPEECH CONTEST.  What he liked most was the impromptu speeches given.  He is interested in joining Rotary one day.

Two weeks ago, PRESIDENT BOB SONES sent everyone an E-Mail asking they bring all “Let’s Play POKER” cards to last week’s meeting so as a winner could be selected.  This was cancelled and extended to this week, at which time the winner of $54.00 was being picked. THE WINNER WAS CLIFF WITKOWSK with a “3 Queens + 2-10’s”.

NEXT WEEK BENNY BENDIT will be back writing the Weekly Bulletin.




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Rotary Meeting of 4-24-1

HOPEFULLY WE ARE ON A SPRING ROLL?  We are told EL NINO is forming in the Pacific Ocean so a very wet season is ahead for us.  Temperatures are now hitting 70 degrees some times.  Buds on bushes and trees are finally starting to come out.  Spring maybe, has finally arrived?  No excuses should now exist to miss a Rotary Meeting.  This is your Club.  Support it. 24 people showed up for this Club Meeting including 4 guests and of course our speaker.  JOHN PANGANI won today’s Raffle.

We started the meeting with BILL BRENNEN saying a prayer.  PRESIDENT BOB SONES led the remainder of our opening ceremoniesSince we met in the Bar Room no song was sung as lighting conditions were not suitable for most to read the small print in song books.  “Let’s play POKER!” game was suspended today because of the room setup and arrangements.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  JAY HARWOOD reminded everyone to not forget the ANNUAL AUCTION AND DINNER is Friday May 9th, at the Waterford Estates Lodge. We need more auction items.  Ticket sales are a little slow also.  Even if you can pay at the door, people should try to make advance reservations, so a meal count can be more accurate.   Bring any items for the Auction to our next meeting or deliver to Rose Fuel before the 9th.  Make any checks out to “Roseland Rotary”.  Cocktails & Silent auction at 6 p.m., Dinner at 7 p.m., and then the Oral Auction will start at 7:45 p.m.  Individual tickets are $50.00, Couples tickets $90.00 and tables of 8 at $360.00.

May 10th is the Food Bank Food Drive.  CLIFF WITKOWSKI stated we now have enough voluntaries to meet FOOD BANK SORTING NEEDS, but if anyone becomes sick or does not show, a couple of others would be nice, to assure sorting stations are fully occupied.    Times will be from 1 p.m. thru 4 p.m. at the FOOD BANK,

DIANE BENNET, SOUTH BEND ROTARIAN announced that their Club will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary, “Century Of Service Gala” at the Studebaker National Museum, Saturday, May 31st, 2014 and would like to invite all Rotarians who wish to attend this event to come.  Style catering will be by the LaSalle Grill. 


STEVE VAN SCOIK, PDG 2010-2011, introduced our speaker, JACK BEST, PAST R.I. BOARD AND KEY SPEAKER AY TOMORROWS DISTRICT CONFERENCE.   JACK BEST first joined Rotary in 1972.  After 42 years, he has advanced through his Rotary chairs from President of Rochester, New York Club of 29 members, to District Governor of his District to past Zone R.I. Director and Regional Foundation Coordinator. Retired in 2011 and then started another business in 2012.  He is married with four grown children.

JACK’S talk was a mixture of asking our Club members question to giving his views on what Rotary should be doing.  Networking is O.K. as long as it is building businesses with Rotary.  You should not promote yourself without also promoting Rotary.  We have room for more female Rotarians in our Clubs.  Most Clubs are made up of Professionals.  Promoting Classifications are important to get a good mix within the Club.   Don’t be afraid to ask people to join Rotary.  Many have said they were never asked to join Rotary.


What makes Rotary better??   1.  Try closing down one meeting and ask membership to visit another Club.  2.  Gather at second meeting and express what things you might have found useful from the visited Club.  3.  Try different Restaurants for a special meeting to advertise your Club to the public and thus exposure in the Community.

AL VELDMAN was FINE MASTER today with DAVE KECK absent.  Happy and Sad dollars were asked for at the end of our meeting, including the almost forgotten Raffle drawing

Next week 5-1-14, a representative from CAMP RAY BIRD will speak at our meeting.  They were one of the organizations our May 9th Auction is sponsoring
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Rotary Meeting of 5-1-1

FINALLY SPRING IS HERE??  I was awoken a few mornings by the woodpecker tapping the outside wall of our second floor Bedroom.  Greenworld finally coming into our neighborhood to pick up last years leaves.  The buds on trees and bushes are trying to come out between the overnight frosts.  Could this now mean that attendance at Thursday meetings will start picking up?  THAT IS UP TO YOU AND YOUR ATTENDANCE!!  21 Attended today with 2 guests including our club substitute speaker.  FRANK TOEPP won the Raffle.  Our two guests were past members Don Stohler and Dave Hegyi, Past President 1994-95.


Again, we started the meeting with DAVE KECK saying a prayer.  PRESIDENT BOB SONES led the remainder of our opening ceremonies.  Of course, we had a song, in which most everyone participated.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Don’t forget the ANNUAL AUCTION AND DINNER is May 9th, at the Waterford Estates Lodge.  Please bring your items for the Auction or a check made out to “Roseland Rotary” to next week’s meeting, or drop off at Rose Fuel before May 9th. We are also looking for items to be used in gift baskets, we make up before the AUCTION.  Cocktails and Silent Auction starts at 6 p.m.  Dinner at 7 p.m.  Oral Auction starts around 7:45 p.m.  Last minute comers can pay at the door, but are encouraged to make reservations in advance with JAY HARWOOD  (234-2133 or 272-5650)

May 10th is the Food Bank Food Drive.  Enough workers have now signed up.  A sign up sheet was still passed around to help on this event.  Times will be from 1 p.m. thru 4 p.m. at the FOOD BANK.

FINE MASTER KECK bounced around the room drawing both happy and sad dollars from those present.  DON STOHLER gave $5.00 announcing that his 101-year-old Dad had fallen, but was doing well again.  KECK fined PRESIDENT BOB SONES for not following the usual periodical and JOE MALONEY for being speechless.  AL VELDMAN paid a dollar to have DAVE KECK sit down.

OUR SPEAKER FOR TODAY representing CAMP RAY BIRD  (one of the organizations the AUCTION Sponsors) was not present so NEW MEMBER ANN PERRI was called upon to give an extended 3-minute talk.


ANN PERRI stated she has raised all her children here in the South Bend area.  Currently, she is the branch manager of the Morgan Stanley offices here in Michiana.

Her extra curricular time has been spent as the president for the last 3 years of the “Children’s Dispensary”.  This organization is over 105 years old and now works with veterans’ children disabilities starting at age 5 and older.  During the summer months over 30 kids have attended their programs such as swimming and other activities at the Kroc Center, Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.  Three campuses are used for meeting places with Grace United Methodist Church as one of the primary locations.  To date, funding programs have not been a problem, with generous community support received on a steady basis.

PRESIDENT BOB SONES sent everyone an E-Mail asking they bring all “Let’s Play POKER” cards to todays meeting so as a winner could be selected.  This was cancelled and extended to next week, at which time the winner of $54.00 should be picked.  One member is already bragging they have a “FULL HOUSE”.

Next week participants are RILEY and CLAY H.S. students from the YOUTH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE and ROTARY SPEECH CONTEST.  They will give us an accounting of their experiences at those events.

Note from you Little Old Editor,  the first class Bulletins you have been receiving are about to come to and end.  I will be back on the 12th and Bob Eberhart will be getting some well deserved time off from writing your Weekly Bulletin.  It is not an easy job but Bob is sure good at it. Boy are we lucky to have Bob around.  I am sure he will welcome the break. Next year I will need to adjust my return so I can get back for all the fun events we have in early May.  I am missing all the fun!  See you soon.

Saint Augustine Image

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Rotary Meeting of 4-17-14

WELCOME ROTARIANS TO WARMER, maybe Spring Time Weather.  Climate Change is a big topic right now with both pro and negative responses occurring.

This is also how we are getting responses about the meetings starting earlier and the results.  Have you told PRESIDENT BOB SONES your feelings on this?  He still needs your opinions.  19 attended todays meeting with 2 guests, and no speaker.  This is the FIFTH and possibly last week of “Let’s Play POKER” game.  ”.  Five cards complete a hand so some should be winning very soon.  JOE MALONEY won todays Raffle again.  That is probably 3rd or 4th time within the past few weeks.


Starting off our meeting in Prayer was DAVE KECK.  PRESIDENT BOB SONESFinished off the opening ceremonies.  Today we sang “Rotary My Rotary”.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: District 6540 Conference is April 25-26 at Swan Lake Resort, Plymouth. The ANNUAL AUCTION AND DINNER is May 9th, at the Waterford Estates Lodge starting at 6 p.m.  And May 10th is the Food Bank Food Drive; we participate from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.  A sign up sheet is being passed around to help on this event.  21st Annual DISMAS HOUSE SALAD LUNCHEON takes place Tuesday 4-22-14 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church on Colfax Avenue.  $8.00 per person at the door.

AGAIN, our FINE MASTER KECK was in good spirits, extracting both happy and some sad dollars from those present. CLIFF WITKOWSKI announced that his grandson and wife had a baby boy recently so CLIFF is now a GRANDFATHER.

DAVE KECK paid a dollar for the program mix up for this week.

Our speaker this week was not present so we listened to BILL BRENNEN, JOE MALONEY and JERRY KLEIN gave us up dates on events they attended.


BILL BRENNEN surprised us, by letting us know, that for the past year he has been one of the 6540 DISTRICT ASSISTANCE DISTRICT GOVERNORS.  Clubs he now serves are SOUTH GATEWAY and SOUTH BEND CLUBS.  Next year different Clubs might be under his jurisdiction.  BILL drove 2 Clay Students 48 miles down to the Rotary Speech Contest 4-12-14 at Chesterton High School and watched their participation.  Each participant was required to draw a question out of a box and, in a given time period, talk on that produced subject.  No one from Clay won any awards however.

JOE MALONEY spoke about his 2-1/2 hour trip to RYLA ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE with 2 Riley High School students on 4-11-14 at YMCA Camp Tecumseh.  He also announced that on May 8th, both the Riley (RYLA) and Clay (Speech Contest) High School Students should be at our Club meeting.


JERRY KLEIN (possible new member) who attended last week spoke, about his Lawrenceville, Illinois Club service projects.  KIDS SHOPPING DAY started out with 150 local County kids.  Now, after 5 years, the Club treats over 600 kids to a shopping spree.  Financial need was not a consideration on whom attended either.  A second endeavor was a cancer fundraiser WHICH THE LAST TWO TIMES HAVE NETTED $25,000.00 EACH YEAR.Image

A Club Board meeting is scheduled Tuesday at Rose Materials 4-22-14.  Check with an officer if you wish to attend.

Last two days to sign up for the 6540 DISTRICT CONFERENCE, 4-25/26-14 at Swan Lake Resort.  To date only PRESIDENT BOB SONES and BILL BRENNEN are known to be attending.  BILL will also be a worker at this convention, we are told.

On April 24th, our speaker will be JACK BEST. PAST R.I. BOARD, KEY SPEAKER FOR 6540 DISTRICT CONFERENCE the next day.  We need a good attendance for this Club meeting.

NOTE; Next week we will be meeting in the bar lounge next to the fireplace.

Note from your Little Old Editor, 

Try going to our web site, Roseland Rotary, just type it in your browser and it should come up as the first listing on the page.

Go to the Calendar at the top menu.  When the calender comes up it will be the current month just click on May, right side, and under May click on the 10th and the details should appear. As long as we have details we can put in any up-coming event and it will post to web-site, Bulletin, Calendar and District Calendar.

Have a great week everybody

PS, did you witness the eclipse?



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Rotary Meeting of 4-10-14

WHAT IS TO COME NEXT?  Flight 370 was lost and, even after hearing “pings”, is still missing.  Fort Hood shooting with 4 dead and 16 injured.  Mishawaka Doctor is found frozen from hiking in the Rocky Mountains, of Colorado.  N.D. Women lost the First Place title in the Final Four after a record (37-0) season.  And of course, our dear local erratic weather patterns never go away.  Even our local South Bend Tribune puts the weather records on the front page!  BUT, we have been having great speaker programs at Rotary; however, nothing shows up in our newspaper with stories about them.  They are really missing some GOOD NEWS.  Hopefully you aren’t also, and are attending as often as possible.  This is our fourth week of the “Lets Play POKER” game.  Today 22 attended the meeting including 2 guests and of course our speaker KEN COTTER, Democrat candidate for Prosecutor.  JAY HARWOOD won the Raffle.  One Rotary guest, JERRY KLIEN from Illinois, is moving back to South Bend, having been a N.D graduate now retired, and hopes to join a local Rotary Club.


Per William James:  “It is your attitude at the beginning of a difficult understanding which, more than anything else, will determine its successful outcome”.

PRESIDENT BOB SONES is trying a test to extend the noon meeting time by First: Having food available to members by 11:45 each Thursday.  Second:  Ringing the bell to start our meetings at 12:15, thus giving a full 30 minutes for the program and speakers.  Third:  Still closing the meeting a 1 p.m.  Let BOB know if you like this new arrangement or not.

BILL BRENNEN started our meeting with a prayer.  PRESIDENT BOB SCONES then completed the opening procedures.  Our song today was patriotic, so most everyone sang “America”.

ANNOUNCEMETS:  Tomorrow is (RYLA) The Rotary Youth Leadership Conference. Friday is The Rotary Speech Contest.  The District 6540 Conference is April 25-26 at Swan Lake Resort, Plymouth.  And May 10th is the Food Bank Food Drive.  A sign up sheet is being passed around to help on this event. Time is from 1 to 4 p.m. that day at the FOOD BANK.  JOE MALONEY presented the Club with a check for $2,910.00, received from the Rotary Foundation, for our work on Dismas House projects during the 2013-14 Rotary year.

Our FINE MASTER DAVE KECK was in an UGLY MOOD, and high spirits, extracting both happy and some sad dollars from those poor individuals present.   FRANK TOEPP tried up lifting everyone by telling a joke but got no reaction from the crowd.  DAVE ALFORD is celebrating one year since having a heart attack, and just getting back from surgery in receiving a stent, MOREY ROSEN was happy KECK was done with the fines.

TODAYS SPEAKER:  KEN COTTER is running for public office as the Democratic candidate for St. Joseph County Prosecutor.  Being a very busy man, he arrived late and skipped the luncheon meal of sandwiches with Cole Slaw, before having to speak.  Our new schedule of starting earlier didn’t play in his favor as a speaker.


KEN COTTER has lived in South Bend 49 of his 52 years.  He is married with two children, two-step children, and four grandchildren.  He is a Penn High School graduate.  As a N.D. Law School graduate, spent 3 years, in Phoenix N.M.   He started his career in the Prosecutor’s Office in 1980.  He left for a brief time to work for Attorney, Tom Hall, for 5 years, then, went back working for the Prosecutor’s Office, which he loves.  For 4 years KEN rode patrol with the police department to learn the police language and experience the crime reactions they came across.

Starting in 2003, KEN worked primarily gun, drug, and alcohol cases.  In 2007 he worked in the Homicidal Division, which included over 30 murder cases.  Focus was 1.  Make sure victims were listened too.  2.  Violent kids were taken off the streets.  3.  Probation and not prison time for first two offenses if possible, so rehabilitation can take place.  No one can get a decent job after going to prison.  If possible, need to remove any references of an offence from a person’s record, so good jobs are available to them. 

KEN is one of 3 Chief Prosecutors out of 31 prosecutors.  Also, seven Trail Prosecutors, nine Secretaries, six Victim Advocates and four Investigators occupy the entire 10th floor of the County-City Building.  On the sixth floor, six Deputy Prosecutors work the Child Support Unit.

Our speaker for next week is KATE LEE, of The South Bend Chamber of Commerce.


PLEASE NOTE:  We need to apologize for the incorrect name given for a long time, starting back in March, for the Republican candidate as JEFF SAMPLER.  Last week’s speaker was JEFF SANFORD.  Why this was not caught before today is a big question?  Also, we are part of DISTRICT 6540 and not 8540 as miss typed last week.  A corrected copy is enclosed.

A note from your Little Old Editor,  I for one know how hard it is to take notes and write a Bulletin. The meetings move fast and the information comes really quick.   Bob is much better at it than I am. Bob goes home, writes the Bulletin and then on Friday morning he delivers it to my office where it is e-mailed to me.  In my mind he is doing an excellent job.  I made mistakes and Bob has made a few, very few.  Sometimes the information we receive is incorrect and sometime we just get it wrong because of the fast pace we are working under.  So my hats off to Bob for being someone we can depend upon., THANKS ROBERT EBERHART.

 A corrected Bulletin from last week is attached below

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Rotary Meeting of 4-3-14


SNOW BIRDS COME HOME!  Don’t wait until we have 70-degree temperatures.  That might not happen much before Spring/Summer is almost over.  A warm up is on the way we are told.  Being positive is the best medicine to cure the blues.  Most Roseland Rotarians have a positive outlook.  Don’t forget the AUCTION on Friday, May 9th.  WE NEED YOU THERE!  Today’s meeting attendance was 24 with 1 guest (Andres Halpin, speaker’s wife, lawyer and South Bend Rotary member) plus speaker.   This is week three of the “Let’s Play POKER” game.  JOE MALONEYJ won the Raffle. Again.

As William James said: “There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision”.


PRESIDENT BOB SONES started us off by asking CLIFF WITKOWSKI to give the invocation, and then led us in the other parts of the opening.  Singing seems to be improving also.  Name badges were then passed out to new members PAULA SOURS, BRIAN BERNTH, JENNIFER PRICE, and DALE FURMAN.

FINE MASTER DAVID KECK was in tiptop mood and bled both happy and sad dollars from the audience.  Two members were routing for N.D. Women’s Basketball in the final four contests.  JOE MALONEY was happy he won the raffle, since his wallet was stolen out of his pocket last Monday.  DON KULWICKI ‘s cell phone rang, thus giving him an excuse to pay a fine.  AL VELDMAN is looking forward to his trip to the Netherlands to help celebrate a family member’s 85th birthday.

ANNOUNCEMENTS BY JOE MALONEY:  Rotary Youth Leadership Conference (RYLA) Is 4-11 thru 4-13, 2014 at Camp Tecumseh. YMCA. The Rotary Speech Contest is 4-12-14 at Chesterton High School. BILL BRENNEN and JOHN PANGANI signed up as drivers and judges for this event (Noon to 4:00 p.m.).   The District 8540 Conference is 4-25 thru 4-26 at Swan Lake Resort, Plymouth.  Indiana Rotary Clubs are celebrating 100 years.  CLIFF WITKOWSKI passed around a sign up sheet for helpers for the FOOD BANK FOOD DRIVE to be held May 10th.

PAULA SOURS was asked to give her 3-minute new member speech.  She states she was born in a migrant worker family in Oklahoma.  She is married to her second husband, (first husband died) and became a lover of computers and started her own marketing company building web sites.  With her 2nd husband, she promoted a number of “OUTREACH” programs and prayer sessions within her neighborhood, homes, and N.D camps for children.  Her business “Proforma Printhouse” is at 2026 S. Brookfield Street, South Bend, IN 46613.  Tel: 574-274-5174

This week we had JEFF SAMPLER, Republican candidate for St. Joseph County Prosecutor as our speaker.   He is a graduate of Clay High School, Purdue University, and Valparaiso Law School.  JEFF is married with four children and one grandchild.


He has been a practicing attorney for over 25 years.  With his own Office in Criminal Law since 1992, he has worked cases with the County Prosecutor and has first hand knowledge of the Prosecutor’s practices as a public defender.  Two primary issues he would like to see better implemented.  1.  Read the Rules of Ethics before trial.  2.  Read the books on STATUE and how it apples to a case before going to trial.  Over the last three years the County Prosecutor’s office has dismissed over 1,000 cases for lack of good charges in the cases.  A new vision for justice includes: 1.  Fair and efficient charging practices.  2.  Establish a gang task force.  3.  Curb home invasions.  4.  Tough on sex crimes.  5. Improve conviction rates.  Offices are located at 212 S, Taylor Street, South Bend, IN    Tel: 574-233-7282

On 4-10-14, KEN COTTER, Democrat candidate for Prosecutor will speak to us.

Note from your Little Old Editor,  I apologize for being tardy with this weeks Bulletin.  Unfortunately we had a corrupted file and poor Bob Eberhard had to make a second trip to my office with a new file so it could be e-mail to me.  Hang in there Bob it wont be long now.  I am sure most of the travelers will be heading back to sunny Indiana very soon.  The weather here is now at it's best and should only get better over the next two months.  

For me, I miss my Rotary Friends and wish you were all here with me. PS, not at my house, not at my expense but just in the neighborhood.  Have a Great Week everyone!




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Rotary Meeting of 3-27-14

EVERYBODY’S TALKING about the weather it seems.  As Elisabeth Kubler-Ross once said:  “Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose.  There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from’.  As Rotarians, we can expect this and our efforts to participate in our Club meetings and other events will become natural.  Good attendance at Club meetings is needed and hopefully you are part of this happening.  19 Attended today with I guest. This is the 2nd week of playing “Let’s play POKER” game.  KEN MILLER won todays Raffle.


DAVE KECK provided us with a prayer, and PRESIDENT BOB SONES completed the opening ceremonies.  The plaque “2014 Community Spirit Award”, as presented to our Club by DISMAS HOUSE, was shown to everyone present. Image

Once again DAVE KECK was up to par in collecting Happy and Sad dollars from those within the room.  DERECK HAYES announced the “INDIGAN STORYTELLER WORKSHOP” by the Laugh Comedy Club on Sunday April 6th.  Anyone interested should contact Roger at 269-357-1602  Bring a story, ideas, enthusiasm, a notebook and pen.  AL VELDMAN reminded everyone of how proud he was that his grandson on the Penn State Hockey Team scored the winning goal in overtime completion.

New member DAVE ALFORD then gave a three-minute speechDave is a native of Chicago, IL and then went to California.  His profession before retiring was BANKING.  Many years were spent as an OCC Bank Examiner.  Dave is an Eagle Scout and graduated from Illinois Wesley University in Economics with a PHD.   Both JOHN PANGANI and ANN PERRI were presented with their membership certificates and pins.

ANNOUNCEMENTS BY JOE MALONEY:  Rotary Youth Leadership Conference (RYLA) Is 4-11 thru 4-13, 2014 at Camp Tecumseh. YMCA.  Clay students could not attend, however; with the help of “100 Black Men”, we are sponsoring two students from Riley High School.   The Rotary Speech Contest is 4-12-14 at Chesterton High School. We still need two drivers and judges for this event (Noon to 4:00 p.m.).   The District 8540 Conference is 4-25 thru 4-26 at Swan Lake Resort, Plymouth.  Indiana Rotary Clubs are celebrating 100 years.  Deadline for attendance discount rate per person is April 1st; Overnight hotel room stay deadline is April 2nd.  1-800-935-5616. 

JAY HARWOOD presented todays program on the Roseland/Granger Sunrise 14th Annual Auction.  Literature was passed out including invitations to the Friday, May 9th Event to be held here at the Waterford Estates Lodge.  Cocktails & Silent Auction at 6 p.m., Dinner at 7 p.m., and then the Oral Auction Program will start at 7:45 p.m.   Individual tickets are $50.00, Couples Tickets $90.00, and tables of 8 at $360.00.  A portion of about 10% of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Food Bank of Northern Indiana and Camp Ray Bird.  This event will be our major funding raising activity for the coming year. The event success will dictate our club’s donations and contributions throughout 2014-2015.  Average attendance has been 150 in past years.  We need your attendance to keep this event successful.


We will need many different items for the Auction to attract the interest of the participants.  Both major and minor items are needed.  I.e. Veldman has an iPad to raffle off.   A week vacation in Maui will be available.  Desired items include Sports memorabilia, golf, hotel stays, electronics, home appliances and furniture, getaway packages, tools, theatre tickets, and unique experiences, plus many other smaller and larger items.  Gift baskets will be made up from items donated and are also very popular.  Brings items for the Auction to any meeting or deliver to Rose Fuel starting now until May 9th.  Make any checks out to “Roseland Rotary”.

This year will be the first year for presenting a person in our community “An Annual Service Above Self Award”.  This award will highlight the evening which supports our motto, “Service Above Self” and reminds us how to live our lives by helping others.

Next week we will have JEFF SAMPLER, Republican candidate for Prosecutor as our speaker.  On 4-10-14, KEN COTTER, Democrat candidate for Prosecutor will speak to us.

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Rotary meeting of 3-6-14

Water flows in all directions except uphill.  March 20th, the first day of spring seems faraway, but something to look forward too.  Seasonal snowfall to date is 102.8 inches compared to normal range of 66.6 inches.  We all know the difference between the truth and false hopes.  As a Roseland Rotarian, we can narrow the distance between correcting false hopes and the truth if we attend Thursday Club meetings.  Today 19 were present with 1 guest and our speaker.


“It was so cold where we were, “boasted the Artic explorer, ”that the candle froze and we couldn’t blow it out.” 

That’s nothing.” Said his friend, “where we were, the words came out of our mouths in pieces of ice and we had to fry them to see what we were taking about.”

Our meeting got off to a good start with CLIFF WITKOWSKI giving the invocation followed with PRESIDENT BOB SONE leading us in the invocation and Four-Way-Test.  No song today.  DALE FURMAN was presented his new membership certificate and pin by PRESIDENT BOB SONES.

We are sorry to learn, that Al Veldman’s brother Pete (Owner of The Tire Rack) died last Monday, Our condolences to Al and this large family.  It is noted that the funeral procession of over 100 cars, traveling East to the gravesite, stopped all traffic on Cleveland Road for over 5 minutes.  Over 6 county police cars were involved in controlling vehicle traffic.  This all happened just before our meeting this Thursday.

FINE MASTER KECK was up and running strong again getting mostly happy dollars rather than sad dollars.  KECK announced that DISMAS HOUSE’S 28th ANNUAL DINNER & AUCTION will be held Wednesday March 26th starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Palais Royale, South bend.  Cost is $60.00 per person with RSVP due Friday, March 21st.   Tel: 574-233-8522 for reservations.  CLIFF WITKOWSKI strongly urged everyone to read our March issue of THE ROTARIAN magazine.  He was recommending reading two articles “Burn after Reading” and “Do-it-yourself Libraries” as excellent stories.  JOE MALONEY had a joke to tell about Chinese Businessmen who visited St. Peter.  KEN MILLER announced his daughter was going to have a baby soon.


Our speaker this week was CARL BUCHANAN, South Bend Assistant Fire Chief, with the topic of “100 Black Men”.  This National Organization was started in 1963 in New York City.  South Bend started a chapter in 2009.  The purpose of this organization is to help bring confidence to our youth through compassion.  Our youth are not getting proper guidance in many ways so 100 Black Men are there to help and teach a person to be a good person.  100 Black Men are to stand out as examples for others to reach for.  There are 160 Chapters   and over 10,000 members in the United States.  The South Bend Chapter of 50 youth served has grown past Chicago’s Chapter in achievements.  Currently the South Bend Chapter meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.  Their goal is to teach 2 thru 12th graders (6 year to 18 year olds) how to become men and leaders and not just boys.  Through a show and tell approach they achieve their goals using tough love, learn to speak the English language properly, hard work, and no short cuts. 

There are many teachers.  As an example 100 Black Men are putting Pressure Cuff Monitors to check blood pressure in many Barber Shops.  Economically, they are encouraging youth to entrepreneurship.   You can only go forward, and can’t go backward in the Land of Opportunity.


Currently only male youth are served; however, female participation is being discussed.  Too many guys yet need to be reached.

GREGG CHENOWETH, Chancellor of Bethel College will be our speaker next week.

Note from your Little Old Editor, I am a little envious of the fine job Bob Eberhart is doing on the weekly Bulletin.  His work seems to get better every week and is very professional. Thanks Bob, you are doing a great job.

The weather has improved here in the now sunny South as we are seeing temperatures in the mid 70s.   

Meet Bill!  Bill is a friend of mine and he just loves hot dogs.  He stops by every morning to see whats cooking. 


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Rotary meeting of 2-27-14

Old Man Winter just won’t let go.  We are under a snow and temperature Weather Watch with our current temperature around 13 degrees, going down to 9 or below tonight.  Many Christmas decorations are still exhibited on homes in our area, as it has been too combative, with 97.6 inches of snow and below or minus degree temperatures, to be outside taking them down.  This does not look good for our leaves either, as they never were all collected before winter set-in.  On the other-hand, Europe has been having a very mild winter, one of the warmest on record.  Too bad for the OLYMPICS in Russia with 60 degrees on the coast and 40 degrees a lot of the times on the snow covered mountains.  Our Thursday noon meetings have also felt these phenomena with only the hardiest of the Roseland Rotarians attending.  If you haven’t been lately, we have had some phenomenal meetings Today we had a total of 16 in attendance including 3 guests and our speaker.  DON KULWICKI won the Raffle.  DON KULWICKI stated at the meeting, he was preparing to motorcycle to Florida within the next two weeks leaving his wife behind to mind the business.  “Burrr “ hopefully Old Man Winter fades by then and icy roads won’t be a problem.  Good Luck DON!  We had a great meal today also, including meatloaf, almond green beans, mashed little red new potatoes, salad and even a peanut butter cookie for dessert.


Horace Rutledge once said:  “When you look at the world in a narrow way, how narrow it seems!  When you look at it in mean way, how mean it is!  When you look at it selfishly, how selfish it is!  But when you look at it in a broad, generous, friendly spirit, what wonderful people you find in it.”  This includes our Thursday Noon Meetings.

BILL BRENNEN started us off with a prayer.  PRESIDENT BOB SONES led us in the pledge and Four-Way Test.  BOB EBERHART introduced everyone to the song SMILES – SING A SONG hoping to pick up everyone’s weather spirits of the day.  The gathering BOMBED this tune and BOB paid a Fine.  PRESIDENT BOB then introduced ANN PERRI and DALE FURMAN as new members.

FINEMASTER DAVE KECK was in good spirits as he collected happy and sad dollars from 13 people out of 16 present.  JOE MALOMEY was back from Austria and stated his daughter had a baby girl weight given in MM.  He also said he almost had Florida weather while there and hated to return to our frozen tundra.

Our speaker this week was JENNIFER C. PITTMAN, MENTORING COORDINATOR FOR SOUTH BEND COMMUNITY SCHOOLS.  All SBCSC schools K thru 12 have had some form of mentoring program for over 20 years.  THE MISSION is to connect students with caring adults to help them achieve success in school and reach their dreams.  Mentors are only asked to give one hour of service per week to this program.  To date, Notre Dame and its student body is heavily involved along with around 120 other adults within the community.  Mentoring meetings are usually held in a subjects school library or cafeteria.  AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE SBCSC MENTORING PROGRAM WILL APPEAR IN OUR SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE THIS COMING SUNDAY MARCH 2, 2014.


Stepping up for Public Schools, The South Bend Educational Foundation is working closely with SBCSC in raising much needed funding.  To date, this group has raised over 2 million dollars in over two years.  One of the biggest problems has been finding good student mentors.  

For more information, JENNIFER PITTMAN, a graduate of Washington H.S. and IUSB, may be reached:  TEL: 574-283-8072     E-MAIL:  P.O. Box 119    215 S. St, Joseph St., South Bend, IN46624

Our speaker next week will be CARL BUCHANAN, South Bend Assistant Fire Chief, with the topic of “100 Black Men”.

 Thank You Robert Eberhart for another fine job on the Bulletin.

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Rotary meeting of 2-20-14                               

When will it end?  94 inches of snow to date:  WEATHER, WEATHER, WEATHER, OLYMPICS, OLYMPICS, and OLYMPICS.  One record after another is broken.  Why can’t we break a few Roseland Rotary records ourselves?  We have between 37 to 40 members in Roseland Rotary at any given minute, but seem to receive only 18 o 22 members per Club meeting.  Where are the other half of our Club members?  Why not support your Club!  We are having traffic speakers and excellent food.  See you at our next noon meeting.  Sorry, we know you Floridians and others who are out of town will miss.  However, can’t believe all missing members are out of town?  Today was our Great Evening Get-Together with 18 in attendance including 5 visitors with 2 potential new members.


MEETING AFTER HOURS was the program this week.  No opening ceremonies and no Speaker other than our own members face to face. Six Roseland Rotary History Albums were spread throughout the room and hopefully contributed to the many conversations that took place. We had a very informal gathering in the Waterford Estates Lodge Bar Room because the regular meeting dinning room was reserved for our District Pre -PETS meeting with our District Governor 2013-2014 Christina R. Dougherty.  After her meeting, CHRISTINA DOUGHERTY visited our gathering and mixed in with our attendees visiting table to table.  We had an excellent meal of grilled chicken breast, baked potato with cheese and chives, and a vegetable of sliced almond green beans, topped with a peanut butter cookie for dessert.


We hope everyone made it home without problems, as a very dense fog was present as everyone left.  Christina has to travel to La Porte in this weather condition also.

Our noon speaker next Thursday will be JENNIFER PITTMAN, SOUTH BEND SCHOOLS.










Can everyone say," nice job Bob"

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Roseland Rotary Meeting August 8, 2013


Today’s best shirt award goes to Robert Stephens.  Bob wears some the nicest colored shirts you have ever seen.  It goes to show you what good taste Alleen has.


It was nice to see new member Joe Grabill in attendance.  We miss Joe when he’s absent because you never know what we might have planned for him!

A possible new member Tony Molnar was in attendance today.  Poor guy had to sit with Al and Dave, taking in firsthand the Al and Dave show.

We did a lot of singing today including Vive La Rotary, all 4 verses.  Joe Maloney is thinking of whiting out verse 3 and 4 in the song book.  Actually we did rather well with all 4 verses.  We also got to sing Happy Birthday to Bob Sones who turned 45 last week. Note, always try and stay on the good side of the President.

President Sones noted the change in the table set up for our meeting.  It looks like this will be better as it is a lot easier to see the speaker and should be better for visuals.  Most of the comments from members were positive.  This new set up will be tested in weeks to come.  Bob also unveiled a new speaker system to go along with the new floor setup.  This too worked out nicely. 

Did you know the district and the Down Town Club are celebrating their 100th year?

Tom Hickey announced that we will be having the Apple Picking Fundraiser this year.  The date is tentatively set for Sunday October 6, 2013 starting at noon.  You should mark your calendar now.  More information will be forthcoming.

Thanks to Joe Maloney, I think, for another outstanding dose of superb comedy.  Joe’s joke was about a Minnesotan or maybe a Hollander, I am not sure, riding in an airplane.  Seems he could stay up all night!  To hear another masterful comedic bit, maybe, you will need to be present at our next meeting.

Al Veldmans phone went off during the prayer.  This of course was very pleasing to Dave, the hit man, Keck who promptly fined Al a dollar.  There was some feeble excuse such as, “I had to take the call because I had to go to a meeting.” There was something about his wife expecting and he had to have the phone on.  His dog was sick and the cat was having a nervous breakdown.  I thought I heard him say something about Hitler invading Holland.  It is hard to understand him but when he is flustered it’s just hard to tell.


President Sones introduced our speaker Julie Stabrowski Program Manager for Junior Achievement.  Locally Junior Achievement,(JR), serves 5 counties in Indiana and Michigan.  In the last 10 years JA has slipped dramatically in this area.  Presently JA is in only about 3% of the classrooms in our area.  This downward trend can be contributed to a merger with the Indianapolis branch of JR.  Recently our local JR has merged with the Fort Wayne JR who is represented in nearly 70% of the classrooms in their area.  Our local JR has a goal of reaching 10% of the class rooms in this area by year end.

What JR needs is money and a whole lot of volunteers. They will provide the training and the supplies needed by volunteers to make JR a valued learning tool. They are trying to get various organizations to help with schools in their neighborhoods.  JR teaches students Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy.  Think about it, do our schools really teach these things?

Note, we passed out 2013 Membership Directories.  It was noted that it was not up-dated correctly.  Upon checking we found that most of the information was the same as the 2012 directory.  Members were asked on several occasions to please check and let us know if any corrections needed to be made.  We only made the changes we knew about.  If you have corrections please let me know and we will get your information changed, however it will not get in this year’s directory.

There were 15 members in attendance, 2 guests and our speaker.  Hopefully we can do better next week as we have a wonderful show for you.

There was a drawing for a large candy bar sponsored by our speaker and Joe, the joke man, Maloney won it.

Pastor Don Mullens won the drawing.

Have a Great Week Everyone


Roseland Rotary Meeting August 8, 2013 Benny Bendit 0
Posted by Benny Bendit

Roseland Rotary Meeting August 1, 2013

You may have noticed a few changes to the look of our weekly bulletin.  We are using an updated version of Club Runners Bulletin and as you can see we will need a few weeks to work out all the bugs and make it look good.  Thanks for your patience. In weeks to come you may see a few changes to our weekly meetings in our efforts to improve the Rotary experience.


Prior to today’s meeting our District Governor Christina Dougherty asked to visit with our Officers and Board of Directors.   Our District 6540 Governors are always above average individuals and Christina is well above average.  We are very lucky to have her.  It was interesting to note that our strategic planning results mirrored that of almost all Rotary Clubs.  Roseland Rotary may be ahead of most in recognizing and planning based on those results. 


John Vance announced that he will be leaving the club as he has taken a job in Minnesota.  John was very gracious in his departing comments regarding the Roseland Rotary Club.  Because of his positive experience in the Roseland Club John will be joining a club in Minnesota.

Bill Brennen will be visiting with his 7 grandkids this week.  Makes you wonder if Bills hair could get any grayer.

Al Veldman had 150 people for dinner last week and did not invite Dave Keck. He said he did not invite Dave because no one wou