Posted by Benny Bendit on Jan 11, 2018
Roseland Rotary Meeting January 11, 2018
What a meeting at the Roseland Rotary this fine rainy day. Hats off to the Waterford for one of the finest luncheons we have had.  Attendees had their choice of items and each one was and looked delicious. Members are encouraged to attend and try it out.  Twelve lucky members, two guests and our speaker were present to try the new menu. The next time they have fish I will pick it, it looked good. I had the Pulled Pork and it was great.

Q: Why couldn’t the sesame seed leave the gambling casino?
A: Because he was on a roll.

Note; there is a new lunch menu option for Roseland Rotary members.  It may take a few weeks to work all the details out and get it running smoothly but believe me it is much better.  Every week you will receive, by e-mail, a list of menu items.  You will pick what you want for lunch and reply to the e-mail.  It is that simple! Last minute guests, speakers and last-minute attendees can order at the door, however items may be limited.  You are going to like this! 

Q: What do you call a fake noodle? 
A: An Impasta.

Roseland Rotary received a thank you note form a Thanksgiving Basket recipient.  The hand writing on this note was outstanding. The note was passed around for everyone to read. It was nice be thanked this way.
Snowbirds are gone so it is important that members do all they can to attend meetings. Please make an effort to attend in order to keep our meeting numbers up.

David Keck collected Happy and Sad Dollars and it all started with Cliff Witkowski who was happy to see grass even though it was brown.  He was also happy the streets were clear of snow and ice. Frank Toepp was happy to be here as he has missed three weeks.  Dick Jankowski was just happy to be here.  George Stump had No Pin and seriously fined $1.00 plus loss of all special privileges. Joe Maloney was happy he could read the great hand writing on the Thank You Card.  Al Veldman was sad that a mother in law died.  I didn’t catch who it was, but he is sad and so are we.  Morey Rosen is happy its only one month before pitchers and catchers.  I would have been happy, but I did not have a dollar to be happy about. Guest Anna Grcich was happy to attend and we were happy to have her. Guest Jesusa Rivera also was happy to attend, and we were very pleased to have her. I am sure I missed one or two others that were as inspiring as those just mentioned. 

Q: What did the corn say when he got complimented?
A: Aww, shucks!

Today’s speaker was Gary Morseau, Chair Food Sovereignty Committee Pokegnek Bodewadmik – Pokagon Band of Potawatomi. Gary serves in several capacities within the tribe.  One of his responsibilities is the teaching of cooking and the importance of eating properly. Gary also cooks at tribal events.

Mr. Morseau tried to talk about his cooking but there were so many questions that he was unable to get very far. Members had so many good questions about Tribal life and Indian affairs that maybe we should invite more Tribal members to talk to us.
Diet Day #1 - I removed all the fattening food from my house. It was delicious

Ben won the drawing and has decided to buy a yacht and take a cruise around the world.

Turning vegan is a big missed steak

Be a true Rotarian and do something good in the world.

PS, there was no singing today and this was immensely disappointing to all those present.