Posted on Aug 19, 2018
.....and boy oh boy are we tuckered out!
     Special thanks to all our fellow and gal members and family members who volunteered during those hot, hot five nights, especially the core crew who worked every night, all night long: Jeff Hunsicker, Aaron Buck, Cecilia Flores, Marisela Pesina and especially Mike Dittenber who organized our booth. Yes there were others who showed up every day or almost every day like Barry Fujishin, Bob Haunschild, Tammy and Sadie Dittenber, Abby Rice and our Rotary Youth Exchange Student Marti Gallo! Thanks also to Leora and Sam Summers, Julie Roberts, Wendy McClain, Milon McDaniel, Bob Jenkins, Laura and Ann Anderson, Chuck McHugh, Tyson Berg, Arlene and Greg Evans, Shellye and Scott Wilson, John Blaisdell, Aaron Lamb, Mark Flitton, Rachel Buck, Denny Smith, Jerry Bauman, Brian Baughman, Jasmine Pesina, and Nina Puga and CHA staff!
     If I missed you, please let me know by clicking on my email address:
     We had a lot of fun working together to create funds for our community projects and got to know each other a little better in the process! Thank you all!