C of I President, Marv Henberg, in his "State of the College", updated us on the progress of the College of Idaho during his 6 year tenure. 
     During his tenure, the college instituted the PEAK (Professional, Ethical, Articulate, Knowledge) program, where students graduate with one major and 3 minors, then truly having a "Fine Arts" education. 
The "Professional" aspect addresses the field of study they chose to pursue for employment. The "Ethical" aspect broadens their education in a humanities area. The "Articulate" aspect addresses social sciences and language studies.  The "Knowledgeable" aspect builds their skills in mathematics and natural sciences.  The students coming out of the C of I are educationally well rounded.  The curriculum is demanding and challenging.  Recently the College of the Ozarks visited and looked at PEAK a other PEAK imitators have popped.  This form of curriculum is catching on as the graduates have more versatile skills for the job market.
     Some of the other achievements during this 6 year period have been the accrediting of a new "Physician Assistant" program, the building of the "Marty Holly Athletic Center", and the return of the football program. The enrollment is up to 1,119 students and the endowment fund now exceeds 11 million dollars.  With 90 plus percent of students receiving scholarships and the quality of the academic program, the college is a "good deal". 
     The success of the academics and sports programs has also helped infuse Caldwell's economy at the same time.  There is alot of excitement and the college is a good community partner.  Marv retires at the end of this school year.  Kudos to the College of Idaho and Marv Henberg.
     You are all invited to attend the announcement of the new incoming president for the College of Idaho.  The announcement will be made Monday, December 8th at 10 a.m. in the Langroise Foyer, on the campus of the College of Idaho.