Caldwell Rotary Club's "David Johnson Memorial Blood Drive"  will be held on December 24th at the Church of Christ on the corner of South 10th Avenue and Ustick in Caldwell.  Appointments  begin at 9 a.m. and end at 2 p.m.     
     We need one more volunteer to help with the Blood Drive from 1 pm-3 pm to be able to help with shut down and clean-up. To volunteer for that last position, call Jerry Bauman at (208) 794-1227 or email him at:
     To make an appointment time, call Carole Munn at (208) 459-1423. If no one answers, leave a message and Carole will call you back to confirm your appointment.  To reduce "double booking" of appointments, please do not sign up online or through texting.  Have your employees and family members call to sign up! This year's goal is 90 pints.
     This annual Christmas Eve blood drive was begun in 1985 to memorialize past Caldwell Rotary Club member, David Johnson, who died on Christmas Eve in 1984. Johnson, who was 40 years old at the time, was severely injured at his business, ACE Supply Inc.  He was unhooking a scraper from his vintage John Deere tractor, which he had been using to scrape snow from parking lots at the College of Idaho.  It was a Sunday afternoon, and he was alone, and by the time he was found, he had lost a large amount of blood.
     On that night, Caldwell Rotarians lined the halls of Caldwell Memorial Hospital, now known as West Valley Medical Center, to donate blood in Johnson's name to help save his life. Unfortunately Johnson died and ever since then, Caldwell Rotary Club has joined with the Red Cross to have this annual blood drawing, not only to honor David Johnson, but also to bring attention to the increased need for blood during the holiday season. 
     Give the "gift of life" for a bowl of that great West Valley Medical Center's famous stew!  Call ASAP to make an appointment to donate blood during the "David Johnson Memorial Blood Drive" this Christmas Eve day.