Posted by Leora Summers on Dec 27, 2018
Front Row: Patrick Baumgart, Cece Flores, Jerry Bauman and great granddaughter Mia Carson, Marisela Pesina
Back Row: Aaron Buck, Harry Zanks (Leora's nephew), and Marty Gallo (our exchange student).
It was a great day with lots of Rotary volunteers and donors during our annual Christmas Eve David Johnson Memorial Blood Drive.
We thank our volunteers: Milon McDaniel, Patrick Baumgart, Bob Jenkins, Marty (our Rotary Youth Exchange Student), Marisela Pesina, Cece Flores, Aaron Buck, Jerry Bauman and great granddaughter Mia Carson, Jeff Hunsicker and Harry Zanks (Leora's nephew who worked all shifts!).
We also thank our Rotarian donors and their family members who donated or even tried to donate: Joyce McDaniel, John Blaisdell, Leora & Sam Summers, Bob Jenkins & his daughter, Harry Zanks, and Marty Gallo (our exchange student).
I know I missed some folks, so if you are not listed and either worked or donated, please click on secretary Cece's email address: to get your attendance "make-up" credit.
When we get the tally for pints donated, I will update you. It looked like it was very successful.
We thank Mark Flitton, who donated the apples and we especially thank West Valley Medical Center for their preparation and donation of stew. It was delicious!