The 30th anniversary of Caldwell Rotary Club's "Dave Johnson Memorial Blood Drive" was a great success this past December 24th.  Out of the 105 potential donors that came through the door, 91 units  were successfully donated.  The goal during this drive was 90 units. Unfortunately some folks were turned away due to conflicts with scheduling appointments  between our community's scheduling procedure and the American Red Cross's  scheduling center. 
     A big thanks goes to West Valley Medical Center for donating their wonderful stew to feed the donors.  Other donations of bread, fruit, and juices from Caldwell Rotary Club, Ripley Doorn, and the American Red Cross were greatly appreciated.
     There are 5 blood drives from the American Red Cross in Caldwell a year, with this one being the most successful one during the year.  It is promoted by Caldwell Rotary Club to Rotarians and to the community. 
     We thank our volunteers for that day: Patrick Baumgart, Doug Reinke, Milon McDaniel, Tim Rosandick, Wayne Johnson, Leora Summers, Bruce Krosch, Mile Dittenber, and Michael Hensel.
     We also thank our brave Rotary donors and their family members who came through the door, whether or not they were successful in being able to donate.  Those folks were:  Joyce McDaniel, Doug Reinke, Jerry Bauman, Marilyn Bauman, Terry Vernon, Bob Jenkins, Bo Jenkins, Jeff Hunsicker, and Elaine and Bob Carpenter. 
     Some of our donors were turned away due to a conflict in scheduling which caused more folks than the Red Cross was able to accommodate within the time frame they had to work with.   Carole Munn, Caldwell's organizer,  thanks you for your patience and is working hard to correct this situation.