Week of 
Nov. 18th
December 14th
Walmart Super Store
5108 Cleveland Blvd.
Ringing the bell during the holiday season is the epitome of Rotary's motto, "Service above Self."
I am asking our Rotary club members
to volunteer to fill time slots to "Ring the Bell!"
I am currently on a Leave of Absence, but this is so very important to our Salvation Army's ability to serve our community that I am willing to organize this once more. This is coming soon and we need to get moving on this!
If you are unable to ring,
you can still make a donation to help us win
the service club competition
that Rotary started many years ago.
                      Write checks to: "The Salvation Army."
                               Mail to: Caldwell Rotary Club 
                                             P.O. Box 24 
                                             Caldwell, ID 83607
We will put your check in the bucket
on our ringing day so it will count
for our club's ringing total.
If you ring....
You can also make your donation that day!
I need 2 Rotarians for each time slot, for a total of 8-10 Rotarians (if we are able to fill through the 6-8pm time slot) If we only get 8 folks, we will delete the 6-8pm slot.
Time slots preferences will be awarded on a "first reply" basis and I may call you to ask if we are "double booked" if you would be willing to move to another time slot not filled.
To Reply, please send an
e-mail to: 
or text me at: 208-880-8426 
In your email or text, please tell me the following: 
1. Who you are
2. Which time you prefer
3. Your phone number
You are encouraged to invite a family member, RYE student or friend to ring with you. You may bring a chair if you need to sit.
Date: Saturday, December 14, 2019
Where: Walmart Super Center, 
             5108 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell
Time Slots:
1. 10am-12pm (Summers/need one more)
2. 12pm-2pm
3. 2-4pm
4. 4-6pm
5. 6-8pm   
My hubby and I have "rung the bell" for over 20 years through Caldwell Rotary Club, but our Club had been ringing for many, many years prior to my joining. We used to ring at Pauls, both Albersons stores, Rite Aid, Pennywise Drug, Walgreens and Walmart, but as time went by, some of the stores opted out as it was harder to cover all those time slots with club members. So the Salvation Army has chosen only one store to cover, reducing the need of so many needed volunteers. This has also reduced the Kettle totals, so it is VERY important to cover the one store they chose.
Last year local service groups (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Elks, Caldwell Police Department, Realtors Association, Mayor's Youth Council and Wells Fargo) raised 20% of the Salvation Army's Kettle total. Captain Robyn Bridgeo told me that without the support of our clubs, the local Salvation Army could not continue to operate. This is the only activity that I know of where we work together with other clubs in our community to support a common goal: to support our local Salvation Army who supports the less privileged  in our community.
I will send out a completed schedule to volunteers
after the time slots have been filled.
Thank you for continuing to serve your community
where it "does the most good!"


Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile