Posted by Leora Summers on Sep 01, 2017
On Wednesday, September 13th, we will not be having our regular noon meeting at Kaley, so don't come or you may starve to death! 
In its place we will be having an onsite visit. We will meet at HOPE HOUSE at 4:30pm for a tour of the facility and to learn of the services it provides for the kids and families of our area to be followed from 6:30-7:30pm with a wine tasting and cheese party at Fujishin Family Cellars Tasting Room on the way home.
You may invite spouses, friends or folks you think might be a potential Rotarian, but I need your head count! Please RSVP with a "Yes" with your number attending or send your regrets.
If you are not listed in the below RSVP lists below, I need to hear from you.
To RSVP please click on this email address:
Attending RSVPs so far includes the following people:
2-Brian Baughman
1-Patrick Baumgart
2-Aaron Buck
1-Mike Dittenber
1-Barry Fujishin
1-Gina Lujack (maybe 1 more)
2-Chuck McHugh
2-Dick Roberge
1-Julie Robets
Wendy McClain
Tyson Berg
Jeff Hunsicker
Bob Jenkins
Directions to Hope House:
Take Karcher Road/Hwy 30? to go to Marsing
Cross Marsing Bridge to town.
Turn left at the Dollar Store onto the Old Bruneau Highway
Go 4 miles to the old Job Corp Center
Enter gate that says, "A Home to Come To"
Meet at first Building on your right!