ImageBergen Finch writes the following about her experience:  RYLA was something that has helped me grow so much as a person.  It broke down my walls and watched others as they struggled to do the same.  Some may say watching others struggle is hard, and it is, but it's something that makes you greatful for what you do have in your life. I am so greatful that you gave me the chance to better myself at RYLA. This year, I want to thank you for the sponsorship and being a part of Rotary.  Before this camp, I had never hear of it.  Learning about the program and who is in it or associated with it, is so awesome.  Anyone who is a "Rylarian" is truley an amazing person.  I had an excellent time here and found myself feeling silly for crying and being upset which is what happens here.  Your eyes are opened up to a whole new world.  Even people you thought you knew here, wind up being someone you really never did.  Everyone here is so welcoming and generous that it makes you want to be a better person.  I just want to say thank you again afor giving me this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of RYLA.  Yours truly, Bergin Finch