If you haven't had the chance to sign up to help and you are in town, please look for times available in the e-mail that I have sent out to all of you.  I will update the available slots every few days to see how far we can fill the places and times for Saturday, November 29th from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. 
     This is the most difficult date to fill, as it is during the weekend of Thanksgiving.  I will fill places completely before adding new places, and what we cannot fill, I will have the Salvation Army put their people in those places.
     This is the date when we contribute individually to the Salvation Army during our ringing day.  If you are unable to ring the bell and would like help Rotary get credit for the contributions on that day, please write your check to "The Salvation Army" and give it to Leora, or mail it to our club address: Caldwell Rotary Club, P.O. Box 24, Caldwell, ID  83606, and it will be put in the pot on that day for you. 
     We have a friendly competition with the other clubs during the ringing season to see who can raise the most money on their ringing day.  Whether we win or not, the community wins through our efforts.