If you haven't already, I need your RSVP. I sent out a separate e-mail this morning. I listed all the yes and regrets there. Check your email to see if you RSVP'ed. If you haven't, please let me know whether or not you plan to attend. Reply with a "0" if you are not coming (example: Leora-0). If you are, please reply with your name and the number of folks including yourself that you will be bringing (example: Leora-3).
Our onsite visit is to the U of I Business and Technology Incubator, this Wednesday, April 19th, at 4:00pm. The Incubator is located at 1904 E. Chicago Street in Caldwell. It is a place of industry where folks from around utilize their services to create products for their small businesses. I am not sure what all is being "cooked" up at this time, but Jim Toomey told us that there are a lot of interesting ventures going on in there. You are encouraged to bring a potential Rotarian or friend or significant other to enjoy the tour.
Thanks for your help getting this headcount for Jim Toomey and the onsite visit at the UI Incubator.