Posted by Leora Summers on Aug 27, 2018
Photo: Marisela Pesina (Rotary Host Parent, far left) with Cecilia and other Rotary folks and family members greeted Rotary Youth Exchange Student Martiniano (Marti) Gallo (center with dark jacket) at the Boise International Airport upon his arrival in mid-August.
     As we said goodbye to Rotary Youth Exchange student Emilia Rioseco from Chile, Caldwell Rotary Club greeted Martiniano (Marti) Gallo from Argentina, who arrived in mid-August just in time to experience working in our concession booth at the Caldwell Night Rodeo. Although this was truly his “first rodeo,” during his time while working in the concession booth, he was taught the meaning of and to respond with the expression, “This isn’t my first rodeo,” when asked how to make a walking taco!
     He is sponsored by Caldwell Rotary Club and is attending Caldwell High School this 2018-19 year. He was greeted at the airport by Marisela Pesina, his first host parent, and a group of Rotarians and others. During this school year, Marti will be hosted by another family or two before the year is over, giving him different lifestyle experiences in our community and country.
     Rotary’s Youth Exchange Program is unique in that when a student from our district goes out to another country, an incoming student is accepted to be exchanged for that student and welcomed to a family and school district within our Rotary district. This is a true “exchange” program in every sense of the word.
     These programs create a better understanding of our world, one young person at a time, when they take their experiences and knowledge back to their country, creating bridges among nations.