Mary Jo McCary passed away peacefully on Monday, January 27th, just 11 days after her husband and fellow Rotarian, Joe McCary, on January 16th, 2014.  She waited until her Joe left before she left herself. They were an extraordinary couple.
     During Milon's presidency in 2011-12, Joe honored Mary Jo with a Paul Harris Fellow.  It was important for him to complete this honor for her and to have her receive it before the club.  Mary Jo was very proud and happy to have had the honor during that meeting that year. 
     We can all honor our family members in this way, as Joe did with Mary Jo.  Many of us already have, and those of us who  already have a Paul Harris Fellow of our own and who haven't honored a family member yet, but would like to, contact Leora and she will set it in motion for you.  What a wonderful way to honor someone special and benefit the world at the same time through the good works of Rotary.