Milon and Joyce McDaniel have organized our club's Rotary volunteers and are "takin' it to the schools"!  Our 2nd grade book program is in full swing, bringing story books to 1,300 second graders from 18 area schools, to support our promotion of literacy for the youth in our area.  There are still schools to make these deliveries and we hope to finish the distribution soon.  If you are able to assist in this delivery process, contact Milon.  It is alot of fun to bring the books to the classrooms. 

     Milon and Joyce have taken the books to the individual teachers prior to the delivery, having the teachers select particular books for their individual students based on their interests, so when the books are delivered by our members, the students are excited to receive a book that they will love.  It is awsome to see the joy on their faces when they receive their books.  This is a very worthwhile local project that speaks well of our club.  Thank you Milon and Joyce for all the commitment and hard work you do to organize and keep this project moving.