Rotarian volunteers are needed for both events.  Please contact Michael Hensel via e-mail ( to arrange to volunteer.  The Caldwell Night Rodeo will be held on Tues, August 12th through Sat, August 17th.  There will be two shifts each night that need volunteers.  Michael will be contacting members to fill the empty slots if there are still openings prior to the Rodeo. Volunteer with you spouses if you are able, or a friend.  Help us fill those slots so Michael won't have to call.

     During the "Power of Pink" walk (cancer awareness), we hope to open our booth to provide beverages to hydrate the walkers.  We need volunteers to man that booth at the Rodeo grounds on Saturday, August 10th, during the day.  Again, contact Michael Hensel via e-mail ( to find out the times needed for volunteers for this event.