Caldwell Rotary Club sponsored its 37th "Dave Johnson Memorial" Red Cross Blood Drive on Monday, December 24th.  We thank our Rotarian donors & family members: Michael Dittenber (pictured with Charles Kerrick/volunteer), Jerry & Marilyn & Jenny Bauman, Elaine & Bob Carpenter, Joyce McDainel & Melissa (McDaniel) Ferro, Patrick Baumgart, John Blaisdell, and Terry Vernon.  Rotarian volunteers that "manned" the operation of taking care of donors were Michael Hensel, Chuck McHugh, Milon McDaniel, Jerry Bauman, Charles Kerrick, Jim Blacker, John Blaisdell, Wayne Johnson, Bruce Krosch, Gene Gunderson, Bob Vernon, and Doug Reinke. All volunteers and donors will be given attendance "make-ups".  Thank all of you who helped make this successful!  

The history behind our annual blood drive centers around a member named Dave Johnson, who died as a result of a tragic accident in December of 1984. The accident happened after he was doing an unsolicited good deed for the College. Johnson, who was 40 years old at the time, was severely injured at his business, ACE Supply Inc. He was unhooking a scraper from his vintage John Deere tractor, which he had been using to scrape snow from parking lots at the College of Idaho. It was a Sunday afternoon, and he was alone, and by the time he was found, he had lost a large amount of blood.

He was taken to Caldwell Memorial Hospital where they valiantly worked to save his life. Word got out to his fellow Rotary members and the community, and people went to Caldwell Memorial that Christmas Eve day, lining the halls, waiting their turn to donate blood in his name. He lost his battle, and ever since then, Caldwell Rotary Club has sponsored an annual blood drive memorializing their past member, and urges everyone to come out and donate blood during this time when there is an increased need for blood during the winter and holiday season.

This Red Cross Blood Drive is organized annually by Carole Munn with Rotary as its sponsor since Johnson's tragic accident in 1984. Munn reported that their goal for this drive was for 70 pints.  With the publicity surrounding the history of this drive and the involvement of Caldwell Rotary Club, Munn reported that 85 pints were donated!  This was a very successful drive.