By Freeport News reporter Abria Cooper

Rotary International, Grand Bahama, assures that its Emergency Water Relief Foundation or water plant will continue to supply the general public with potable water until the normal supply is no longer interrupted.

Rotarian Michael Stafford, Plant Manager, provided details on the plant’s operation during an exclusive interview with The Freeport News on Wednesday, February 12. Stafford said that the plant, which is located on Bahamian Way, is open 24/7 and self-serving. “People come to get water, before work, after work and in the middle of the day,” he said. He revealed that the self-serving pumps are sanitized about three times a day.

The plant is a Bahamas Government registered foundation that was started in 2007, but the first water was actually pumped in 2009. “It’s the result of a Rotary global grant between District 6990 which is Southeast Florida; District 7020, which is the rest of The Bahamas and the Northern Caribbean and District 5280, which is the Greater Los Angeles, including the Beverly Hills Club and the Club of Santa Monica,” Stafford said. He added that the water plant was also funded by a very generous donation made by the TK Foundation, which paid to build the building.

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