by Sonia Walker-Russell / Bahama Buy & Sell

Along with being vastly intelligent, Lancelot Darville, a Rotary Club of Freeport scholarship recipient, is a delightful, business minded young man who will be a force to reckon with in the future business world of The Bahamas.

His track record began here on Grand Bahama. In October 2009 he was chosen as Youth Parliamentarian and Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly for The Bahamas Government. In 2008 he was Interact Club President of the Year for Rotary International and awarded the Powerful Speaker Award by the Catholic Board of Education.

2013 graduate of Northwood University, Florida, where he spent four years, Darville was chosen from among his peers as Valedictorian and Summa Cum Laude.

A Finance major, he was an amiable role model at the all business school, being voted President of the Student Body and asked to return as President the following year.
"In my freshman year I very quickly became involved in the student Government. As there were people there who knew about my leadership experiences back home, I was interviewed and served as Activities Chair. The following year I decided to run for a position as I was chosen for the first. I felt that I had the experience and personality, but I lost. Northwood taught me some valuable lessons including how 'never to be over confident'. In my junior year I decided to go big and ran for President of the Student Government ... I worked really, really hard and I won."

Darville was Student Leader of the Year and recipient of the Innovation Award in 2012, an award given to the student who exemplified a high level of creativity, sustainability, great retention rate and ability to increase school spirit.  "I received this award because I led in the introduction and implementation of a Student/Faculty Rental Car Service. As an international student and someone who didn't have a car, I understood the plight of students who had issues getting around. Even student governments from other campuses, as Northwood has multiple campuses, asked me to assist them in implementing such a program for them."

In May of this year Darville was presented with:

● The Northwood University Finance Subject Award given to the Finance student with the highest cumulative Finance grade point average.
● The Resident Assistant of the Year Award, given to the Resident Assistant who is viewed to have made the largest contribution to the division and one who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.
● The Exceptional Contribution to Campus Life Award, given to the student that has a strong presence on campus, has made an impact and leaves a legacy within the Northwood community.
● The Spirit of Northwood Award, given to the student who epitomizes the mission and code of ethics of the University.

 "It is a pleasure and privilege to return and thank those who have invested in my education and let you know your investment has yielded a return," he said.

This young man has surely left a positive Bahamian mark at the Florida university as he sets a new course to Auburn University, Alabama to obtain an MBA.

Betty Van Lew, Rotary Club of Freeport Interact Club Liaison and scholarship committee member, agreed with all those in attendance at the Club's weekly meeting that the enthusiastic young man was worth the investment. "Lancelot, it was really good to hear from you today. I commend you on your hard work ... hard work pays off. Do well, we will be watching out for you."

Pictured l-r: Mrs. Constance McDonald, Rotary Club of Freeport Secretary and Lancelot Darville, Rotary Club of Freeport scholarship recipient.

... another Bahamian young man using his potential for the positive growth of communities. 
"Way to represent Lancelot!!!"