President Elect Mike shares an important discussion held with RI Director Kwang-Tae Kim from Korea about the relationship between literacy, poverty and the family of Rotary.
Fellow Rotarians,

Please let me share with you an enlightening moment from the convention.

At the  "Bridging The World" Luncheon, my friend John Capps (Sergeant at Arms) sat me at one of the head tables which was being hosted by RI Director Kwang-Tae Kim from Korea (where the 2009 RI Convention will be held).

As I was sitting directly across the table from Luke (as he likes to be called) the talk turned serious Rotary. Luke reiterated how important the war on literacy is in reducing poverty and how it relates to hunger the need for clean potable water worldwide.

If someone is hungry and thirsty then that's all they are thinking about - their next meal. And we all know that it's a proven fact that kids who go to school after having a good breakfast learn better.
The discussion quickly evolved into an interactive between the six of us within earshot on how all the issues are related more or less the same as what came first, the chicken or the egg. We need to educate and we need to solve the hunger/water issues, but we can't start an education process until we have addressed the hunger issue, so we need to start both programs simultaneously.

Once we have tackled the hunger issue worldwide that will in turn solve the literacy problem, which in turn will help in the fight against HIV AIDS. Later, at the closing session, Incoming RI President Bill Boyd gave his main focus which are - water management, literacy, hunger & health, and The Family of Rotary. He also spoke about how important consistency is within the leadership of Rotary from the club level right to his position as the leader of our organization.

Looking froward to a productive Rotary year,

President, Rotary Club of Freeport