Finances, family, corporate and criminal law are some of the topics that will be addressed at the Rotary Club of Freeport Second Annual Legal and Financial Aid (LFA) Clinic.

The information forum is set for the Circle Mall on Saturday, March 1 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Club president Louie Alleyne noting the importance of the clinic, which is open to the Grand Bahama community free of charge said, "It is indeed a pleasure for the Rotary Club of Freeport to conduct our Second Annual Legal and Financial Aid Clinic that will address matters concerning divorce, probate, wills, mortgages and land, employment, immigration and commercial issues.

" Partnering with us this year will be the Bank of The Bahamas, Family Guardian Insurance Company and the Bahamas Immigration Department providing expert advice to persons taking advantage of the clinic.

" Following last year's event we discovered many persons within the community are unaware of their legal rights including the processes and procedures which must be adhered to when attending to all legal and financial matters.


" Hence, the clinic will help persons in this regard." 

Legal and Financial Aid Clinic Coordinator attorney Constance McDonald said, persons attending the clinic can look forward to receiving adept advice from some of Grand Bahama's most notable attorneys and financial advisors.

" Employment issues, family law, wills and probate were some of the hot button matters addressed last year however, as the financial climate has changed considerably since then for many, we are expecting those utilizing the clinic to seek more advise as it regards the payment of mortgages and loans, budgeting and developing healthy financial credit.

" Moreover, issues regarding immigration are quite pertinent especially for persons married to foreign nationals and those born in The Bahamas to parents of foreign nationality, thankfully representatives for Bahamas Immigration will bring clarity to persons needing assistance in these scenarios during the clinic.

" Personally, I am urging single parents, widowed and divorced persons to come out and gain insight on steps they must take to secure good financial footing that will sustain them and their families presently and well into the future." 

The attorney also revealed Bahamians must adopt the habit of planning ahead in an effort to circumvent many of the unexpected challenges that can come their way.

" A most noted dilemma for Bahamians is directly linked to lack of preparation as it regards budgeting, savings, bill payments and investments.

" Too often when persons find themselves in situations out of the ordinary they go into a crisis mode however, simple preparation can subdue the blow of challenging times once people plan ahead and this clinic will help you to do that." 

Darren Cooper and Luther Burrows community service and public relations directors respectively, urges the public to come and take advantage of the free clinic noting that the magnitude of the knowledge which will be provided is invaluable.

" Normally you would be required to set up an appointment and pay a fee for consultation if you were seeking guidance from these persons and business entities on your own.

" At the Circle Mall those utilizing theses services can forego this and greatly benefit from the expertise shared so we encourage the entire Grand Bahama community to come out and take complete advantage of the opportunity provided.

" Educate yourselves especially as the old yet to adages states knowledge is power so please come out and receive empowerment," said Cooper.