Leslie Minus, founder and director of Alpha Omega Christian School, addressed members the Rotary Club of Freeport yesterday at the club's weekly meeting where he spoke on the topic "Crime and Urgent Response."

Minus, who recently attended the funeral of Leslie Maycock, a Grand Bahama businessman who was shot during a robbery of his Hawksbill establishment, said he was at first reluctant to attend yet another funeral.

"On Saturday, August 1, 2009, I was in a state of ambivalence about whether or not I could allocate three hours to attend another funeral, although a part of my indecision resulted from the thought that I had to shave and wear a pair of shoes not as comfortable as my sneakers," he said.

The funeral, he said, was like many others – sad and sombre. He noted that Maycock was yet another victim of crime that is running rampant on the island and in The Bahamas.

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