Club Zoom Account
Our club has a Zoom account which any member is welcome to use.  It's easy, fun and best of all free!!
Meetings are limited to 100 participants with no time limit.  Only one meeting can take place at a time so using the meeting scheduler described below is recommended.
In general, the process consists of the meeting organizer scheduling a meeting, inviting participants to the meeting (which includes instructions on how to join in), and then starting the meeting at the scheduled time.  Meetings can be scheduled at arbitrary times into the future. 
It's also possible to start an ad-hoc (i.e., not scheduled) meeting when there are just a few participants.
These instructions appear long and are intentionally detailed for those less tech-savvy, but once you've been through the process the first time you'll see the process is very easy. 
Here are the account details:
Personal Meeting URL: or (these both work identically, the latter is just easier to type)
Personal Meeting ID:      541 670 8090
Password:    SCSRd5170
The Username and Password are only required for the meeting organizer.  Meeting participants do not need to login.
To Schedule an Upcoming Meeting From your Computer:
  1. Go to and Sign In using the Username and Password above
  2. Click on the Rotary logo in the upper right of the screen then click on "Santa Cruz Sunrise Rotary".
  3. Click on Meetings from the menu on the left.
  4. Review the list of Upcoming Meetings and if there is no conflict with your planned meeting, click on Schedule a New Meeting
  5. Enter the Topic and When.   Select Personal Meeting ID for the Meeting ID.  Hit Save at the bottom of the page.
  6. Click on Meetings from the menu on the left again to view your newly created meeting.
To Schedule an Upcoming Meeting From your Phone:
  1. If not already done, download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app.
  2. Start the Zoom app and tap on the Sign in link at the bottom of the screen.   Sign in using the Username and Password above.
  3. Tap on the Meetings button at the bottom of the screen to see what other meetings are already scheduled.   If there's no conflict, schedule your meeting.
  4. Tap on the Meet & Chat button at the bottom of the screen, then the Schedule button at the top of the screen.
  5. Enter the Topic and timing for your meeting.  
  6. Enable Use Personal Meeting ID and leave the rest of the options as is.
  7. Tap Done at the top of the screen. 
To Start an Ad-hoc Meeting:
You can easily start an ad-hoc (unscheduled) meeting with a few participants skipping the scheduling process described above, although please check to be sure someone else doesn't have the time scheduled.
From your computer, sign in as above and pull down the Host A Meeting menu in the upper right of the screen and select With Video On.  Your meeting will immediately start.   You can invite your attendees through the Zoom app (Invite button at he bottom of the screen) or by sharing the Personal Meeting URL (above) with them.
From your phone, start the Zoom app and sign in as above.   Tap Meet & Chat at the bottom of the screen then tap the orange New Meeting button at the top.    Your meeting will immediately begin.  Tap the screen to reveal options at the bottom then tap Participants, followed by Invite.    Or, again, simply share the Personal Meeting URL (above) with them.
To Invite Participants to your Meeting:
There are several ways to inform participants about your meeting depending on the number attending and if it's scheduled for the future or to start immediately.
- If you have only a few participants and want to start the meeting immediately, then as noted above, you can simply share the Personal Meeting URL (above) with them via email, text or other means.    Instruct them to enter that URL into their web browser on their computer or phone, then follow the instructions. 
- To send out a more detailed instruction email/text from your computer for a scheduled meeting with a large number of participants, follow these simple steps:
- Log back into Zoom on your computer and return to the scheduled meeting by clicking on the meeting topic in the meeting list.  (Don't Start the meeting!)
- Scroll down to the "Join URL:" line and click on the Copy the invitation link to the right.
- Click on the Copy Meeting Invitation button on the pop-up window.
- To email the invitation, go to your mail program (e.g., ClubRunner), open a new message, paste (Cmd-v on Mac or Ctrl-v on Windows) the invitation into the body of your email, address and subject the message then send. 
- Sending the invitation from your phone is pretty much the same: open the Zoom app, click on the scheduled meeting, click on Add invitees -> Copy to Clipboard, go to your mail/text program, paste the invitation and send. 
To Start a Scheduled Meeting: Sign into Zoom, return to the Meetings list on either your computer or phone and click on the Start button.
- Instruct attendees to connect at your chosen meeting time or a little before to test their audio and video.  If they get to the meeting before you've started the meeting, the'll be told to wait.
- Only one meeting at a time can take place using this Zoom account.  If you have a conflict with someone else already using the account, it's very easy to create your own free Zoom account (limited to 40 minute meetings w/ 3 or more participants).
- Occasionally, there are audio and video issues which are typically resolved by making sure the audio is turned up on the device and not muted in the app and the video is set to "on".
Free free to call or email me if you have any problems or questions.
Jon W.
2020-03-24 jcw