Mar 3, 2024 | Issue 1
<Issue 1 is around 1st Sunday of the Month; Issue 2 on the 3rd Sunday. 2 issues a month)
March is here and its almost time to vote - some info on that below. The next few meetings have some interesting speakers. We are always looking for more- if you have any interesting speaker ideas, please contact Eileen Beaudry, Maureen Tapiz or Patrice Keet or fill out our Suggest a Speaker form (wait, is that too many choices?).
Looking Ahead | Upcoming Meetings
March 7th: Eileen Beaudry
The Beaudry family went on a grand adventure to Europe for 6 months, pulling their kids from school and visiting like 30 countries (maybe not that many, but it was a lot). Come hear Eileen tell us about the adventure, what they learned, what they would do again / not do again and more (Hi Eileen! No pressure :-)). And, everyone else - maybe plan on doing something like that with your own family?
We will host the speech contest featuring 5 students from schools in Santa Cruz.  The winner of the contest will go on to represent our club at the area contest on March 28th.  Highly encourage all members to attend and hear the thoughts and ideas from some of the students as they answer what they would do to Create Hope In The World and embrace Rotary’s theme for this year. 
Look Back | Recent Meetings
Heidi Boynton, ably supported by her husband Mark, spoke to the club about a non- profit called Finding Sophia that builds homes for single moms in Tecate, Mexico. Contact her to sign up.
The 5th meeting of any month has been designated by President Penni as an evening meeting. This fellowship event was held at Humble Sea Brewing and we had a good turnout (anyone have a picture they can send me?). Nice to see so many people, even on a cold rainy day (neither rain nor wind will keep us from fellowship?)
Items of Interest
Get Out and VOTE! March 5
Unless you are hiding under a rock, March 5th is voting day. There are a couple of consequential races on that day - some of the important ones in our county include the District 1 supervisors race, Measure K in the county and Measure M in the city of Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz Local has a Election Guide at:
- They have a pretty cool page on the differences between the supervisors as well as info on their funding. Fairly, at least IMO, non-partisan. <Kara Meyberg Guzman, Founder and co-CEO, spoke to our club last year>
Lookout Santa Cruz also has a really good guide at
- They have done a lot of coverage about the local elections. All of them linked from this page:
- Lookout also hosted all the local candidates in forums. This page has the 5 things they learned (it really is pretty good):
Get informed and vote!
Rotarian of the Month
The March Rotarian of the month will be announced at the next meeting on March 7th so we will not give that away here. Come to the meeting to see who this person is or wait with bated breath for the next Reveille - the choice is yours!


Dieter Ramaekers 3/2
Fernando Tapiz 3/4
Faris Sabbah 3/6
Mary Gaukel Forster 3/10
Rebecca Zeilon 3/10
Steve Landau 3/13
Darlene de la Cerna 3/14
Mary Alsip 3/16

Wedding Anniversaries

Mary Anne Kramer-Urner 3/9 (28 yrs)
Jon Sisk 3/19 (36 yrs)
Ken Whiting 3/21 (42 yrs)
Mark Boynton 3/30 (33 yrs)

Rotary Anniversaries

Jon Sisk 3/2 (32 yrs)
George Bunch 3/14 (7 yrs)
Dave Price 3/14 (24 yrs)
Joe Ferrante 3/18 (10 yrs)
Rebecca Zeilon 3/18 (11 yrs)
Penni Bengtson 3/19 (11 yrs)
Arturo Rodriguez 3/22 (8 yrs)
Brooke Squyres 3/25 (1 yr)


More Calendar Stuff

Rotary District 5170
District Assembly: April 6
District Conference: April 26-28

March Health Awareness:
- National Nutrition Month
- National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
- National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (3/10)
<Date info provided by the esteemed Tom Hart>
Members Corner
Nothing submitted so here are some ideas from me:
1. Would you like a email? We recently bought that domain (long story) and, with that, signed up for a google for non-profits account. The account lets us have an unlimited amount of email addresses - I now use; Jerry Souza will be jerry@santacruzsunrise, etc. These are all gmail accounts and it is pretty simple to have them as separate email accounts or set them up to forward to your current one. If anyone is interested in one, contact me.
2. With this google for non-profits account, we also can have google groups using our custom domain. I am thinking of using that for a message board for our club. My gut, based on experience with other similar boards, is that this will be low volume but a good place for people to ask for recommendations, put out announcements, post things to sell or ask for things to buy (which others can reply to and all can see), discuss local issues maybe and more. BTW, I have seen or talked to folks about all those - Randall had something to sell and wasn't sure how / where to post, John F sent out a Clubrunner message asking for a bike rack, I am still looking for a State Farm insurance agent... These are things we should be able to share as a networking club, no? SMH....  Clubrunner works but, IMO, is limited. Still thinking through details as in do we load everyone emails or is it an opt-in? Anyone have any thoughts? LMK...
And... to add to that, if any of our committees would like a distribution list / google group for their groups, please contact me. Can set up easily. Satellite club? Firecracker? Bike Ride? Anyone?
Club Happenings
OK, so this is another new section... we shall see if it lasts. The idea here is to provide info on things going on with our members so we can all feel a little more connected to each other. Request for all - please feed me info, I am not that much in the know. Email or text please.
In the last Reveille, we posted about the first gathering of skiing/snowboarding Sunrise Rotarians at Northstar Resort. Well, that starts today... and I sure hope they all made it to Truckee.. there was a blizzard or something, no? Can't wait to hear about the adventure.
And, here is a picture featuring (L-R) Mark Junod, Tom Hart, Sue Gochis, and Roger Swenson taking a break last week at Beaver Creek. Sue joined Sunrise back in 2018 and was the Dean Of Student Affairs at Cabrillo. Family and a career advancement called and she  moved back to Missouri where she now is a Community College Campus President. Each year, Sue and these Sunrise members connect for a week of skiing where they maintain their friendship and create new memories. Nice!
Jerry Souza and Mary Alsip are attending PETS this weekend at the Doubletree in San Jose-yes, that's a picture of them there. For the blissfully unaware, PETS stands for President-Elect Training Seminar - a required training for those serving as President. Those 2 can use some training!
On a little somber note, hope folks got the email from Mary Gaukel about her husband, Les. Please keep them in your thoughts.
I'll also put in a plug for the District fellowship-leadership kumbaya event coming up on March 16, hosted by our very own John Flaniken (I know, I know - we all have heard about this many times from John and Olivia Poe but seriously, its local and folks should attend). Details:
*Happy Hour from 4:30pm-5:00pm @ Cruz Kitchen & Taps
*Followed by Dinner and District Fellowship-Leadership Meeting from 5:00pm-7:00pm - District updates on Membership, The Rotary Foundation, upcoming Projects, "The Family of Rotary" District Conference, Keynote Speaker, and more! 
*Then, if you choose, walk to close-by Kaiser Permanente Arena for extended Rotary fellowship, enjoying a Santa Cruz Warriors game together!

Editors Note

I continue to experiment with this newsletter, website and more - hoping to make them more useful. Please send along any story ideas, information to share, general feedback. And, folks, I really need content... cannot keep making things up (I know I am good at MSU but still.... MSU = Make S^&* Up)

Cheers! and See You at a Rotary meeting (I may be on Zoom)!

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