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<Issue 1 is around 1st Sunday of the Month; Issue 2 on the 3rd Sunday. 2 issues a month>
"Hello June! It's time to embrace the sunshine and the endless possibilities it brings." — Unknown
Looking Ahead | Upcoming Meetings
Jun 6: Charles Pasternak
Charles Pasternak is the Artistic Director of Shakespeare Santa Cruz and methinks he will be talking to us about that. He may, of course, surprise us and talk about some other subject. You must come to the meeting to find out. 
Jun 13: Steve Bennett
Steve was supposed to talk to us on May 16 and this is now rescheduled - that makes it easy for me. Doing a cut and paste from the earlier bulletin - Steve currently works for the Santa Cruz Sentinel - which he will talk about; but as you’ll hear from his talk, he’s had a bunch of different jobs with a number of newspapers both here in California but also up in Oregon and Idaho. He also did a stint with Second Harvest Food Bank, right here in Santa Cruz. Steve is also the current president of the Freedom Rotary Club.
Look Back | Recent Meetings
May 23: Andy Cunningham
Andy gave his Red Badge bio and talked about his life journey, his work with the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Cruz, his love of coffee and cycling, and more (he, unlike some others, reads this newsletter and even gave a shoutout to what had been printed in the previous Reveille... ahmazing).
By the way, Andy, I have heard a different version of the 3 stages of life - taking, accumulating (or wtf is this), and giving. I like yours better!
May 30: 5:30pm Evening Fellowship Meeting
The 5th meeting of any month is an evening one. This time, a small but mighty group met with Flor Chacon and Matt Wetstein (president of Cabrillo) to talk about vets and Cabrillo college curriculum. Kristin Fabos, the outgoing area 7 AG, also attended.
Items of Interest
QR Codes
As the use of QR codes has proliferated - you can thank Covid for that - people have been sending me articles with QR codes embedded. I have been explicitly asked to put the QR code in this newsletter.
So, people... the simple answer is NO. No, I will not put QR codes in this newsletter. You don't do QR codes in newsletters and or websites. QR codes provide a link to send people to a website / web address. Those links can be embedded directly into the email newsletter and on the website. Also, people are already in the newsletter or on the website; they don’t need to scan something. That’s actually making it harder for them. If you want to send them somewhere else, use a link. The same goes for email, especially considering that many people read their email on mobile devices and thus have no means to scan the code.
Rotarian of the Month
The June ROTM will be announced at the 1st meeting in June. Show up to find out who this will be!


Tony Nethercutt- 6/2
Jon Winston- 6/3
Tracy Cotten - 6/4
Constantin Gehringer- 6/6
Andy Cunningham- 6/8
Jerry Souza - 6/9
Rob Gaukel- 6/14
Sigfrid Garman- 6/17
DeAndre James- 6/17

Wedding Anniversaries

Constantin and Adriana Gehriger- 6/1, 50 yrs
Eileen Beaudry and Greg Larson, 6/11, 24 years
Mark and Eve Davidson, 6/12, 25 years
Bob and Patrice Keet- 6/13, 39 yrs
Steve and Melinda Landau, 6/24, 29 years
Ross and Susan Condit- 6/25, 47 years

Rotary Anniversaries

Aaron McDonald, 6/1, 19 yrs
Rod Caborn, 6/1, 19 yrs
Peggy Alberti, 6/1, 19 yrs
Jim Cumming, 6/1, 35 yrs
Jacque James, 6/2, 4yrs
Jen Karno, 6/5, 6yrs
Mary Gaukel Forster, 6/14, 8yrs
Debra Feldstein, 6/16, 2 yrs
Lisa Krigsman, 6/25, 5 yrs
Mark Junod-6/26, 39 yrs
Dave Mello-6/26, 39 yrs
DeAndre James, 6/30, 2 yrs
Brent Dunton, 6/30, 18 yrs
Tanner Gilbert, 6/30, 1 yr
Sean Foster, 6/30, 1 yr
Sara Gieringer, 6/30, 1 yr
Krysta Neff, 6/30, 1 yr
Jeremy Medina, 6/30, 1 yr
Hannah Kelley, 6/30, 1 yr
Haleigh Washburn, 6/30, 1 yr
Alex Baker, 6/30, 1 yr

More Calendar Stuff

Rotary District 5170: District Fellowship-Leadership Meeting 
Saturday June 8, 2024
9:00am to 12:30pm
Dryco, 42745 Boscell Road, Fremont
$35 includes breakfast and lunch

Sunrise Board Meeting- Last of the Rotary Year for President Penni
June 7 Dinner Meeting at Jon Winston's Home (More details will be provided when the time is right)
All Club Members Welcome
[All Date info provided by the esteemed Tom Hart as entered in ClubRunner; if something is incorrect, please update Clubrunner]
Members Corner
Nothing Submitted.....
Club Happenings
Satellite Club News
Instagram account @santacruzyoungrotary
<Info provided by Meghan Gilbert, née Morse).
In the month of May, the Satellite club voted and agreed on our red to blue badge requirements. One of our requirements is to reach out to another Rotarian that shares a common interest whether that be personal, professional, or philanthropic and connect over coffee, drink, bike ride, etc. Thanks to the Rotarians who have volunteered to participate. If any others are interested but weren’t at the May fellowship meeting, please email Meghan (Morse) Gilbert at meghanmorse1@gmail.com with your name and phone number.
May meeting recap:
Joe Holiquist presented a killer professional bio at Seabright Social Club. Thanks to Mark Junod, we had a previous exchange student from France, Alex, join the Satellite club for a visit. Our social meeting of the month was at the Morse residence (party while Rob is in Europe) where we enjoyed networking and fellowship.
Next Meeting: 6/11 at 6:30pm at Beer30 in Soquel 
Sara Gieringer will be giving her professional bio
Firecracker: Jul 4
Dieter sent me a flyer, with a QR code, which I cannot put in this newsletter. Sigh. But, never fear, the link for signups is here. Firecracker is on Jul 4th. The website does say that "Come Join US - We're Live this Year!" I am so glad we are not dead this year :-). In any case, alive or not, please do sign up. I also think that the firecracker committee still needs more volunteers so please contact them if you can help out.
Pedal the Pacific - Jul 9 and 10
(Submitted by Brent Dunton)
Pedal the Pacific is back again this year with 7 riders. On July 9, club members will meet them, again, at Wilder and accompany them back to Corralitos, essentially going cross county to parallel their going cross country to raise funds and awareness about Human Trafficking. The plan is to park in El Vaquero parking lot at the 5 mile house in Corralitos and ride bikes 21 miles to Wilder to meet the Pedal the Pacific riders.  At that point everyone will gather and turn around and meet again for lunch provided by Togos at  Cycle sport where Jim Cummings has set up bike tuneups for the girls bikes, then ride back to El Vaquero, and John Martinelli will ride with them back to his house. Signup at this link.

On July 10, the Martinellis are throwing a fundraising party to benefit Pedal the Pacific.  Local non profits, including Rising Worldwide, will have traffic survivors speak. This event will start at 5:30 and conclude around 8:30 pm. This will be a party and dinner not to miss. Signup for dinner and / or simply to donate at this link
Important note about this event: Brent and Sheila Dunton are going to be out of town, but they are confident that the club will step up and welcome the girls into our county appropriately! So, lets party, people. 

Editors Note

Did you all see that Lookout, our local newsletter, won a Pulitzer? That is so cool. Support local journalism!

Cheers! And, see you at Rotary


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