Posted by Sue Gochis on May 28, 2018

Nine brave souls spent a recent Saturday morning participating in the Sunrise Rotary, 2018 Adopt a Highway Cleanup Program.   This was the 20th Highway Cleanup since the program started 7 years ago!  The group spent the morning collecting several bags of trash and the event culminated with a gourmet quiche meal provided by our very own, "King" Jon Winston.    The most interesting item found was a racy DVD (the title of which shall not be named,  but let's just say that we are glad the finder was over 21!).

Thanks again to our nine environmental "warriors" for their efforts:  Peggy Alberti, Penny Bengston, Heather Boesser, Betty Bullaro, Rod Caborn, Lisa Krigsman, Tiffany West-Wise, Roger Swenson, and Jon Winston.  The group collected 22 bags this time, along with tons of discarded wood, car parts and a couple of buckets filled with bottles of questionable liquids.   They  also showed the ticks who’s boss… lots of hitchhikers, but no bites!    More than 375 bags have been collected since 2011 when the program first started.  Over  62 different Rotarians and friends have participated in the cleanups over the years.  Want to learn more and be ready for a future cleanup?   Watch the safety video on the Sunrise Webpage.