Posted by Peggy Pollard on May 05, 2019
Santa Cruz Sunrise Rotary partnered with Kasese, Uganda Rotary in a $36,000 Global Grant Project for water & sanitation project in the village of Lhuhwahwa.  Capitola-Aptos and Kampala-North Rotary Clubs also contributed funds.    In April 2019, Rotarians Jon Winston, Dr. George Bunch, and Peggy Pollard, International Committee Chair, and son Bruin Pollard visited the project.
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Lhuwhahwa, Uganda,
Model Village Water & Sanitation Improvement
Globally strategic use of our Rotary resources
GLOBAL CONTEXT:  In central Africa, Uganda is next to Congo, amidst the world’s poorest countries
2019 -- Uganda is ranked 28th poorest country in world in per capita purchasing power (3rd by GDP alone).   Like many of the poorest nations, it is naturally rich in resources, has abundant rainfall and fertile soil, but its poverty is due to national leadership turmoil. Uganda’s national government has been stable since the terrible 1970s under Amin.  But Uganda is fast improving. It surpassed its 2015 national goal to reduce number of people in extreme poverty from 50% to 25%, ahead of deadline, then reduced it again to 10% by 2017. Literacy rate improved to 76% by making public primary education free. Uganda’s top goals of 2015 includes: To increase access to safe water from 65% to 79% in rural areas.  
We are helping with that!
2010 -- Kasese District was ranked as the worst district in Uganda for unsafe water.
2017 -- A prolonged cholera outbreak reported in Kasese due to drinking water contaminated by sewage. The outbreak originated in nearby Congo. It was stopped by treatment of water supplies with chlorine and repairs.
Kasese Rotary chose Lhuhwahwa village to be a model village to teach neighboring communities health and economic improvements.
BENEFICIARIES:  242 households = 1,624 people in Lhuhwahwa Village, Kisinga sub-county, Kasese District, Uganda, plus incidental improvement for 77,000 in nearby communities.
-   WATER:  Increase water volume by relocating source of piped water into the village to a new higher source from a mountainside spring.  Build a cement tank reservoir, 10 meter x 3 meter = 235.62 cubic meters, and two additional taps.
-   SANITATION:  build 40  brick latrines with Ecosan composting toilets
-   TEACHING:  Training villagers to teach Ecosan use, management and hygiene, especially handwashing, using locally built tippy-taps, for prevention of disease spread.
Water source improvement 2 taps & tank   $9,641
40 Ecosan Latrines x $558 each =              $22,320
Management, operations Training =            $4,231
TOTAL          $36,192
 Santa Cruz Sunrise Rotary
      Cash from Wine 2 Water 2014 & 2015     $6,744
                                                       matched 50% TRF    = $ 10,116
                            Global DDF funding             $  9,723
                                            matched 100% from TRF  = $19,446
Capitola Aptos Rotary
                     Global DDF Funding $1,756
                                              matched 100% from TRF   = $3,518
Kasese Rotary      Cash   $500  +$25 support     =  $525
Kampala-North Rotary $1,000 + support $50 =$1,050
World Fund $17,721
DDF               $16,971
Cash               $ 1,500
TOTAL          $36,192
Santa Cruz Sunrise Rotary partnered with Rotary Club of Kasese, Uganda, who works with village leadership group to choose and design project.
2015, 2016   We started our Global Grant project to improve the source of water for Lhuhwahwa’s village. The Kisinga Sub-county water office is working with them to design monitor and evaluate the project. On our visit the officer said this project is exactly what is needed most in that area.
Dec. 2018--After three years of planning with many delays, project FINALLY approved by Rotary International
Jan. 2019 -- Implementation began
April 7-9, 2019 -- By our visit, the main water tank was already constructed and awaiting final hookup to local pipes to the village. Two new taps were constructed.
With a group of 20+ Kasese Rotarians we drove/hiked up to the newly constructed water tank at the new source:  a spring at a higher location on the side of the mountain for more dependable supply of water from mountain springs.
More than 10 latrines have been built at local homes, and a public school with 550 students.  Carol Nsubuga reports that 54 local residents who live near the pipeline have also paid to have their own taps constructed
The next day we visited the local government officer supervising water for that area. He said that this project was ideal for their area, and their biggest need for the 200,000 area residents would be more of the same kind of project.
2013-- We were introduced to Kasese, Uganda Rotary Club by a UCSC Agro-Ecology alumni student from Kasese. 
Kasese Rotary chose one of the poorest villages in their area to be a Rotary Model Village to teach neighboring communities how to do sanitation and economic improvements.
     Lhuhwahwa was chosen due to its cohesive leadership group, the “Lhuhwahwa Poultry Farmers Association.” They started with a successful chicken growing project funded by Tallahassee Florida Rotary.
     Baseline surveys were done by the LPFG in 2009, 2013 and 2015. Kasese Rotary has been working with them to develop it as a model village project with many improvements:
  • Water & sanitation
  • Literacy & Education
  • Economic development
  • Sports and culture
The community listed the 10 greatest needs in the community.
Water and sanitation were the highest priority.
Where there are many needs, our Rotary motto is “start with water.”    So,  in 2013 we launched our annual Wine 2 Water fundraiser to improve access to clean water.  We raised $3,000 in 2013 to improve water pipes and build three taps (faucets). In 2014 we raised $2,500 to fund five more taps.
March 31 - April 15, 2019 -- Our Rotary delegation of three Santa Cruz Sunrise Rotarians, Jon Winston, Dr. George Bunch, Peggy Pollard, Chair International Committee, and my son Bruin traveled to Uganda.
We were hosted 3 days in Kampala by Dr. Augustine. We met his brother, a national minister of Agriculture and Margaret Mutonyi a national magistrate (judge).
We visited Kampala Rotary and their Rotary sponsored Heart Surgery clinic, witnessing a catheterization surgery on a baby, the only place in Uganda that performs them.
 We were hosted two nights in homes of Kasese Rotarians Carol Nsubuga, Theresa Munikwase, Mayor Godfrey Baluku Kime Kabbyanga, and Rotoractor Maurice.
Lhuhwahwa village welcomed us with a tour of the water project and a heartfelt reception with English & Lukonzo speeches, songs and dancing they told us their stories of how our water project is changing their lives.  We helped with a training on sanitation & hygiene how to make and use Tippy-Taps for handwashing.   We visited three primary schools with 550, 50 and 900 students each, giving them toothbrushes and sets of t-shirts for their “football” (soccer) team uniforms, and books for their library. We visited several nearby health clinics and gave basic medical supplies.
     The best part of our trip was spending two nights, graciously hosted in the cement home of the LPFA’s president. Stephen & Sedriss Masereka, and their six children. Neighbor children and adults delighted us with their companionship all day. No one can ever feel lonely in such a close-knit community!
     Sedriss and helpers cooked three bountiful meals a day for us. Each meal began with our hostess bringing around to each of us the basin of warm water (heated on their stove) & soap to wash our hands.  A beautiful white lace cloth was gracefully lain over the table of tin food serving pots. After the blessing, our delicious meal was unveiled. Fruits and vegetables picked fresh from their home farm, just out the door, were cooked on their small woodfire stove on the ground in their backyard -- SUPER fresh “Farm-to-Table” meals of “Matooke” bananas, cassava, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, “Irish” (potatoes) purple “sweet potato” fried eggs (from their own chickens) Tapioc from cassava plant, greens, Chapat.
     Our daily “splash bath” was kettle-warmed water in a plastic bowl. We enjoyed using the new prototype non-smelly community EcoSan toilet, a funded by a UK Rotary.
After our Rotary project visit, our delegation hired the excellent services of Bujo Safaris to visit neighboring National Parks for stunning mountains and wildlife touring:
Kibale --  Chimpanzee trekking
Rwenzori -- Mountain hiking, 3-horned chameleon
Queen Elizabeth --Lions, elephant, hippos, a rare leopard
Lake Mburo -- Giraffes and Zebras
Looking forward to future successful trips and Rotary projects with Kasese Uganda!
Respectfully Submitted by Peggy Pollard,
Chair, International Committee, Santa Cruz Sunrise Rotary