Community Service

Service is the very core of Rotary's character. As Rotarians, and as community members, we have the reasonability to find ways to improve the quality of life for those within our communities and to serve the public interest. Rotarians recognize the importance of giving back to the community. 

Our club is passionate about serving the community, about community service. Come join us and become one of Rotary’s people of action. We have opportunities for anyone — whatever your age or interest — who wants to improve lives in communities near and far.

Join Us. Get involved. Help us Serve Our Local Santa Cruz Community.

You can also submit community service ideas for our club using our Contact page / link.

You can also contact our Club Service Chair, Tiffany Wise-West 

Habitat for Humanity 

A group of rotarians helped with framing, painting and more on a cold winter day. Habitat for Humanity is currently building homes in Santa Cruz to provide home ownership to families living in substandard housing, helping those in need blow by the bubbles of the housing markets.

San Lorenzo River Habitat Restoration

Improving the San Lorenzo River habitat to help native species of bugs, birds, fish and plants thrive! Rotarians help remove invasive plants like cape ivy and ice plant and reintroduce native species such as mugwort, willows, blackberry and monkey flower. By revegetating the river bank, we slow the spread of invasive plants along the 2.5-mile-long Santa Cruz Riverwalk and cultivate plants that provide bank stability, food, shade and shelter for birds, insects and wildlife. 


Join us and be part of a dynamic service club. Giving to your community shows you care. 


Our group has helped in Uganda and Mexico


Discover and celebrate diverse perspectives within our local community. Help starts at home.