Speaker Date Topic
Ambassador Daniele Mancini Sep 18, 2019
Global Turns: One West or Multiple Wests?
Global Turns: One West or Multiple Wests?

Ambassador Daniele Mancini

  • Joined the Italian Foreign Service on July 1978
  • Served in Madrid, Baghdad (during the war between Iraq and Iran), Paris, Islamabad (as Deputy Chief of Mission), Washington (in the Clinton years), at NATO Headquarters in Bruxelles (during NATO engagement in Kossovo).
  • At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs he served 5 years in the Minister’s Cabinet with 5 different Foreign Ministers and as Deputy Director General for European Affairs. He served as Deputy Diplomatic Advisor of the Italian President of The Repubblic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. He also served 5 years as Diplomatic Advisor to 3 Ministers of Economic Development and in that capacity he travelled extensively around the world.
  • Appointed Ambassador he was Chief of Mission in: Bucharest, Romania, with secondary accreditation in Chisinau, Moldova; New Delhi, India, with secondary accreditation in Katmandù, Nepal; the Holy See- Vatican.
  • Retired from the active Foreing Service on January 1, 2018



1975: graduated "summa cum laude” in Political Sciencies — University of Rome "La Sapienza"

1977: Master with honors and scolarship in International Relations – Society for the International Organisation (SIOI), Rome
1995: in Washington DC attended the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace — Smithsonian Program on "Changing World Order"

1997: Studied Moral Philosophy and Teories of Communication at Georgetown University-Washington



He wrote extensively on Middle East, Eastern Europe and Balkans, United Staes and Global Issues.

Wrote 4 books of poetry and a “moral journal” on the Kossovo war.

Sister Mary Owens Sep 25, 2019
Executive Director of The Children of God Relief Institute, Nyumbani.

Sister Mary Owens, an Irish national and a member of the Loreto Sisters, is the current Executive Director of The Children of God Relief Institute, Nyumbani. 


Sr. Mary came on mission to Kenya in 1969 and spent the first 18 years of her missionary life in formal education in Loreto Schools.  In 1987, she returned to Ireland to do her Masters in Education in Trinity College, specializing in Psychological Counselling. On her return to Kenya in 1989, she met Fr. Angelo D’Agostino and in 1991, together they established the Centre for Religion and Psychiatry.  It was during this period, that Fr. D’Agostino felt the call to found a Home for HIV+ abandoned children and Sr. Mary joined him in its founding. Sister Mary is, therefore, a founding member of Nyumbani and has been part of its growth and development over the 26 years of its existence, from starting as a small Home for HIV+ abandoned orphans in 1992, to developing a Laboratory and Community-based Care program, Lea Toto, in 1998 to, latterly, in 2006 the establishing of Nyumbani Village, Kitui District, an outreach to groups of children, orphaned as a result of the HIV pandemic, and destitute grandparents. Currently there are 112 children in Nyumbani Home, over 3,600 in Lea Toto and almost 1,000 children and 100 grandparents in Nyumbani Village. The vision of Nyumbani is Sustainable communities for children infected and affected by the HIV pandemic inspired by Christian compassion.  The mission of Nyumbani is To provide quality comprehensive care and support to HIV infected and affected children, families, and communities in a sustainable manner.


During the growth and development of the Children of God Relief Institute, Nyumbani, Sr. Mary served in many capacities. The year 2003 brought considerable expansion to the Home and Lea Toto, so in January 2004, Sr. Mary took the role of full-time Deputy Executive Director which she held until Fr. D’Agostino handed over leadership to her on 8th September, 2006 and moved into the Emeritus role. Sadly he passed on later that year on 20th November, 2006.


COGRI Nyumbani to-day cares for approx 4,700 children and 100 grandparents with over 65% of the children in their adolescent years.