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AFI Silver Theatre
8633 Colesville Road
Silver Spring, MD  20910
United States of America

Please join DC Rotary Club members at the Light the Way Foundation red carpet premiere featuring the student's documentary that participated in this year’s summer camp. These students were amazing and determined to discuss the outcome of how violence in the media affect their lives. This is a story that they wanted to tell, to help peers talk about their feelings and reduce fear.

How do you sign-up? Simply click the yellow “Members” button above, and you're ready to go!  We will register the DC Rotary Club team with Light the Way Foundation.

Light the Way Foundation is a non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization that provides funding for youth with limited resources in the Washington Metropolitan area, to participate in extracurricular actives. Their motto is “Opening Doors to a Brighter Future.”

They believe activities are vital for youth development, as they help increase memorization, problem solving, and self-pride. They believe these skills empower children to exude confidence and leadership, which make them better students and members of society.

The Rotary Foundation of Washington, DC (our Club's Foundation) supported this great organization last year with a small $5, 000 grant.