Human trafficking is the second biggest issue in the world (only behind drug trafficking) according to the FBI and is more than a $150 billion industry.  The Sacramento region is considered a hotbed for sex trafficking in the United States.
Point West Rotary is working with our Rotary District 5180 to create a sustainable large-scale project in the Sacramento region to combat human trafficking.  Towards this goal, we  are working with leaders in the field to develop a holistic education program that creates and disseminates education and awareness information to children, healthcare workers, law enforcement, educators, and the public at large to prevent human trafficking. 
The project scope consists of a sex trafficking education program rolled out to teachers, administrators, and students in 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grades; and a 3-month human trafficking public awareness campaign.  We have partnered with leaders in these areas in order to bring these services to the greater Sacramento area.
Funds have been raised by Point West Rotary and other Rotary clubs in our district for this project.  In addition, a grant application has been submitted to The Rotary Foundation requesting additional funding.  Other funding is still being sought in order to expand the scope of work to increase the educational and public awareness opportunities to continue the fight against human trafficking.