Oct 20, 2022 12:07 PM
Lisa Corbellini
Interior Decorator of Primrose Interior Designs LLC.
Why do you need an interior designer? I am the owner of Primrose of Interior Designs and have been assisting people get their homes in order. A designer comes from a place of service: to add more comfort to your lifestyle. As we all know, real estate is your best investment and maintaining that asset is very important. How you maintain the inside and outside of your home will either increase or decrease it's value. In addition, your quality of life starts in the home by keeping it safe, clean and comfortable..  
We will go over how to declutter your spaces, 10 must have upgrades that are worth it and painting tips to give your home a refreshing touch. In addition, we will go over how to use more sustainable products on the market that are less harmful to the environment.  
Lisa Corbellini
Primrose Interior Designs LLC