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Wasaga Beach
The Rec-Plex
Wasaga Beach, ON

The day we have all been waiting for: We are returning to live meetings.

Mondays meeting will be a Hybrid meeting, both live attendance and Zoom attendance. 

The Fire Cheif will be our guest speaker, so loet al show up and welcome him.

PLEASE BRING PROOF OF DOUBLE VACCINATION! This is a requirement of the town for use of town facilities. We will NOT be storing this medical information, just inspecting it upon entry. Then everyone will be logged in for future tracking purposes as well. Everyone will be required to answer standard COVID screening questions. These questions may change from time to time and we will use the SMDHU website for guidance. 

DINNER: We will pick up Chinese food for dinner. Everyone MUST select their choice ahead of time. We do not have access to the kitchen and food cannot be served buffet style at this time. So, each attendee will have their meal (including cutlery) delivered to their table. See the attached menue and please indicate on your rsvp your selection(s) from the Dinner combinations for one Platter section. Please order for your guests as well.

RSVP, Important! Please let us know if you will be attending and if you will have guests.

MASKS; Masks must be worn at all times inside town facilities at this time. Please bring one you are comfortable with. We will have disposable masks on hand if required. 

Hand Hygene: Several bottles of Sanitizer and wipes will be available throughout the room and at the entry. Please use frequently. 

Committee Chairs: Please have a report forwarded to Mark or Carole if you are not able to attend. 

I will follow up with a remoinder on Monday morning, but please respond asap for planning purposes. 

Thank You....See you soon.