A great start to the new year chatting about the upcoming year goals.  Great news as we already have Kevin, Elizabeth, Mark, Sylvia, Bryan, Gertrude, Carol and Steve heading to Timmins in September for District Conference. 
Carol reported on the Water First initiative and we will have a presentation at one of our meetings from Carol.   This is a District project.  Kathleen updated us on our first shore cleanup which was very successful.  The Global Grant is ready for shopping for the dental and medical clinic as we have the $140,000 in the bank.  Steve is working with the Club in Sousa.  The Corvette Draw is set to begin the second week of August but there have been some delays with the Letter of Credit but Steve is confident we will still be able to proceed.  We will be getting the last 2021 Corvette off the production line which should be here in about 3 weeks.  Elizabeth reminded everyone there will be a Foundation meeting on July 26 and invited all to guess on the all-time giving of our Club.  The closest without going over will win a prize.  There was some discussion about forming an environmental committee after the next  BOD meeting.  Mark also asked about a committee for the Naming Project and also working on the Bylaws and Constitution.  No volunteers came forward at this point.  Elizabeth suggested getting started with 50/50 by charging an amount for the rest of the quarter and pulling a name each week.   Kevin is going to work on this.