3/1/10 - An initial consignment of 448 ShelterBoxes is being sent to Chile in response to the massive earthquake that hit the country.
ShelterBox is utilizing all its global resources to respond as quickly as possible to this latest disaster. ShelterBox Response Team are currently en route to Chile's capital Santiago. On arrival the team will join up with local Rotarians and the Red Cross to establish where the greatest need for emergency shelter is. The team will be joined by 448 ShelterBoxes, enough aid for up to 4,480 people. The boxes are being sent from prepositioned stock in Melbourne, Australia. ShelterBox has a network of strategic locations around the globe where boxes are stored to allow a speedy response to any disaster wherever it may strike. Head of Operations, John Leach, said: 'The full extent of the damage in Chile is yet to be seen but there'll undoubtedly be a need for emergency shelter. Our first response team was mobilized as soon as news of the earthquake reached us. We're now sending ShelterBoxes form Australia and once our team arrive in Santiago they'll be working closely with Rotarians and other aid organisations to make sure the aid reaches the people who need it most.'