After-the show get together at Casa Mia Restaurant to celebrate Horse Show success
Sunday, September 12 is our Horse Show at Fancher Davidge Park.
Thank you for signing up for various jobs. Please know that there are still countless small items Christine needs to deal with and if you can spare a little extra time either Saturday or Sunday, please let her know.
Speaking of Christine...THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! for the incredible effort you and your committee have put into this project. It will be a great success and a super start to our fundraising year.
IMPORTANT NOTE- Please join Carmella and me as our guests for a little "let your hair down" time after the horse show.
We will be at Casa Mia restaurant at the corner of Route 211 East and Goshen Tpke, from 4:30p on Sunday. Let's get together, relax, have a bite and talk about the wonderfully successful day we just had.