District PolioPlus Chair Bunnee Webb sends heartfelt email
1/12/2010 Dear Middletown Family of Rotary, Happy New Year to All! If my spelling is incorrect, it's all your fault! I am typing this with tears streaming down my cheeks and a heart beating away filled with joy!!!!! $6,200 for the children of the world! $6,200 that will make it possible for the children to run, skip, hop, jump, dance -----and do all of the things that children like to do! $6,200 to help us keep our promise to the children of the world that they shall live in a polio free world! $6,200 to prove (again) that Rotarians are "THE BEST"! How could my simply saying, "THANKS" mean anything----- but know it comes from my heart! Hugs to all of you ----- Bunnee