When David Halpern and other members of Paul Halpern's family attended today's meeting we put him right to work.  Since we had no speaker we challenged David to step up and talk to the club for 5 minutes about his responsibilities in the Navy.  He immediately accepted the challenge and approached the podium, son in hand. 

David is a Lt. Commander in the Navy.  He is currently finishing a 3-year assignment to the test pilot squadron at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station.  He graduated from the test pilot program that has trained 85% of the Astronauts in NASA, including Alan Shepherd, John Glenn, etc….

In June David and his family are moving back to the state of Washington, where he will be a Department Head in his new squadron, attached to the USS Lincoln aircraft carrier.

Thank you, David, for being a good sport and for providing an insight into your life as you serve our country.