The Rotary Club of Peoria North held its annual "Commotion" ceremony June 21 to officially install its new board of officers for 2017-18.
Adam Carlat will take over as president for the new year. 
Joining Adam on the board will be: John Moore, president elect; Cheryl Palmer, secretary; Terry Brown, treasurer; Rebecca Wilks, Foundation chair; John Fairchild as Youth Services chair. Bret McKeand, as past president, remains on the board.
The annual installation of officers also serves as a "roast" of the outgoing president, and this year's festivities involved club members poking fun at Bret's career as a newspaper publisher and reading a variety of fun-filled "fake news" about Bret and the publications he's involved with. A thoroughly embarrassed Bret enjoyed the program and was very appreciative of all the effort that went into planning the program. The club also presented the outgoing president with Rotary-insignia golf balls and Rotary-inscribed glass paperweight.
As in the past, this year's fantastic Commotion ceremony was created, planned and organized by Carol and Dave Hammond and assisted by several club members.
Past District Gov. Jim Green handled the official swearing-in ceremony of the new board, before Bret passed on the president's pin to Adam and Adam "pinned" Bret with a past-president's pin.
Adam thanked the club for their support, and listed several areas of focus as his priorities over the next year: Building membership, creating new and exciting club projects, and finding ways to invigorate and stimulate club meetings. 
Among the visitors attending the meeting were Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat and Past District Governor Chuck Fitzgerald.
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