Peterborough Kawartha
Del Crary Park
92 George St N
Peterborough, ON  K9J 6Y5

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Musicfest 2019. In Case of Rain and Lightning
Musicfest concerts will continue even if it is raining.
Concerts will only be cancelled if there is lightning in the area.
1. Musicfest will announce the concert is being cancelled on account of lightning and the PA system will be turned off
2. The Draw MUST BE HELD on the night of ticket sales
3. Patrons with tickets will be advised to go to the Rotary 50/50 tent.
4. All sellers that have not yet “cashed in” should return to the tent as quickly as possible
5. Once all ticket stubs are gathered the draw will be made and the winning number announced using the megaphone.
6. If no winner comes forward within a few minutes another ticket will be drawn
7. Tickets will continue to be drawn until a winner is present.