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Rotary International, the world's first and largest service club organization, is made-up of some 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas. We are 1.2 million neighbours, friends, and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world.

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20 Reasons to Join Rotary

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Posted by Wendy Swain on Sep 20, 2018
Today’s Greeter was Janice Hamel and Leya Joseph
7:20 Meeting Opened by: President Brian Prentice
O Canada – Kim Groenendyk
4 Way Test – Rino Andreoli
Invocation – Leya Joseph
Speaker-Bruce Bunsch
Gord Fallen
Member attendance: 34
Rino Andreoli-Bingo-Thanks to everyone for stepping up recently.  Rino also requested that everyone look on line at the schedule as there are some holes to be filled.
Donna Geary and Brenda Booth are scheduled for this Sunday.
Doug Lockington-Polio—please join the club to watch a movie about Polio on Sunday, October 14th at Ashburnham Funeral Home—6:30pm
Dawn Straka-Foundation Dinner-please nominate individuals….needing people to be recognized in Community and International Service.  Deadline is Monday, September 24th.  Send to Chair Len Lifchus
One Roof-Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to assist.  Please sign up on Clubrunner—One Roof is the 3rd Tuesday or every month and the Warming Room is the 19th of each month.
Guenther Schubert-Health & Wellness Committee—The first event will be a challenge—a bike ride to Lang Pioneer Village this Sunday.  20 km each way.  Please be at the Ecology Park at 10am.
Sergeant-at-Arms:  Dan Grady
Birthdays for Bill Gordanier and Jaymes Winch
Keynote Speaker:
Ralph Bastian introduced our guest speaker. 
Bruce Brunsch is an Accident Reconstruction Expert.  He was a police officer for 10 years prior to moving to the Peterborough area.  He started policing in 1979 when he was 19 years old.  He was a traffic motorcycle officer for three years and then when he came to Peterborough, he became a Generalist Constable.  For 24 years he has done traffic duty and 27 years, he has been teaching First Aid and CPR. 
Bruce gets called out to serious accidents which involve injuries or death.  His work allows the police department to give answers to families.  Sometimes these accidents are life altering.  He never speaks with witnesses as that may taint his view of the accident……it’s all physical evidence…..tire marks and the spread of debris.  He often has testified in court cases.  Bruce believes that when you are driving, you should be talking out load about your surroundings and what you see…..this helps with your reaction time!
Bruce was thanked by Bill Gordanier.
Door Prize:
Door Prize: $27.00  winner and next week’s greeter Robert Smith
Closing Remarks:

"See you next week ….Be the Inspiration!
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Rotary Monthly Themes

JULY: No special designation

AUGUST: Membership and Extension Month

SEPTEMBER: Basic Education and Literacy

OCTOBER: Economic and Community Development

NOVEMBER: Rotary Foundation Month

DECEMBER: Disease Prevention and Treatment

JANUARY: Vocational Service Month

FEBRUARY: Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution

MARCH: Water and Sanitation

APRIL: Maternal and Child Health

MAY: Youth Services Month

JUNE: Rotary Fellowships Month
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Click HERE for information on upcoming classes
RLI courses are fun, topical and interactive. They are geared toward busy business and professional community leaders who wish to be knowledgeable about Rotary and be more effective leaders in their Vocation and in their Rotary Club.

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Posted by Lou Hamel on Feb 15, 2013

Please click the image to meet Rotary
and its mission of Doing Good in the World.

Duration:  4 minutes 8 seconds

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Posted by Ash Kaushik on Feb 13, 2013
ImageThe Online Smart Serve Training Program is designed to be taken entirely online. It can be taken anytime, anywhere, in under 4 hours.
Every member needs to complete this course to become qualified to volunteer at our newest, and soon to be largest, annual club fundraising event.

  <--- Click the Smart Serve logo to open the website and register for this training program.
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