Membership Information

The Canfield Rotary Club currently has approximately 80 members and has been steadily growing since it was chartered in 1955. We welcome inquires about membership and membership qualifications.

It is unfortunate that the membership process in Rotary often gives the false impression that it is an exclusive organization open only to the wealthy members of a community. That is simply not true. There are only two qualifications for membership.
  1. A qualified candidate for Rotary club membership is an adult of good character and good business, professional, or community reputation. The candidate must also fit at least one of the following criteria:
    • Holds or has held an executive position with discretionary authority in any worthy and recognized business or profession
    • Serves or has served as a community leader
    • Is a Rotary Foundation alumna
  2. Prospective members must fit into an occupational category that is not overrepresented in the club, which means that no more than 10% of the club members are in that occupational category.
Potential new members are nominated by a current member. If you are interested in membership and do not know a current member, you can ask the membership chair to talk with you to ascertain that you meet the requirements and then make the nomination. If you are a Rotarian in another club and want to transfer to our club, you can have the secretary of your current club make the nomination by sending a letter or email to the membership chair. You will find that members are more than willing to make a nomination for people with a solid professional and personal reputation who are interested in community service. That is what we are about, and we readily welcome like-minded people to the club.