Apr 12, 2018 7:00 AM
Dr. Peter Van Arsdale
The Last Man on the Moon

Since astronaut Jack Schmitt walked on the moon in 1972, no human has returned.  That's going to change.  Peter will highlight what we've learned about our solar system since then, including some of NASA's most exciting projects (like Cassini).  The project our team evaluated in 2016 featured human-centered design and the development of drones.

In his semi-retirement, Dr. Peter Van Arsdale remains active at the University of Denver, where he teaches and directs African Initiatives.  As a volunteer, he works with Rotary (currently chairing the International Service Committee), the anti-genocide campaign, water resource development, refugee issues, and the Selian Hospice of Tanzania.  His most recent book is Global Human Rights: People, Processes, and Principles (Waveland Press, 2017)

Greg Hoskinson will introduce Peter Van Arsdale.