The Last Man on the Moon

Apr 19, 2018 7:00 AM
Dr. Peter VanArsdale
The Last Man on the Moon

Since astronaut Jack Schmitt walked on the moon in 1972, no human has returned.  That's going to change.  I will highlight what we've learned about our solar system since then, including some of NASA's most exciting projects (like Cassini).  The project our team evaluated in 2016 featured human-centered design and the development of drones.

In his semi-retirement, Dr. Peter Van Arsdale remains active at the University of Denver, where he teaches and directs African Initiatives.  As a volunteer, he works with Rotary (currently chairing the International Service Committee), the anti-genocide campaign, water resource development, refugee issues, and the Selian Hospice of Tanzania.  His most recent book is Global Human Rights: People, Processes, and Principles (Waveland Press, 2017)

Greg Hoskinson to introduce Peter