Our meeting of July 08, was the occasion of a presentation to Homeward Bound and the honouring of members of our Club for their efforts and commitment to the Rotary ideals.  In the top picture Homeward Bound received a cheque for $13,000. from our Club towards its service of  helping inadequately-housed or homeless mother-led families earn college diplomas, start careers and achieve economic self-sufficiency. Pictured left to right are Past President Ken Tremblay, Maisie Watson and Lisa Smith of Homeward Bound, Amy Simpson, and Assistant District Governor Bruce Gravel.  In the middle photo long-time member Garry Humphreys receives his Lifetime Achievement Award from Past President Ken Tremblay (L) and Assistant District Governor Bruce Gravel (R). Also honoured was Ken Seim who was awarded the Rotarian of the Year Award.