The Maple Grove Rotary Business Ethics and Leadership Award will recognize an individual or leader of a business or organization that exemplifies high ethical behavior and/or strong leadership in their conduct and operations.  The commitment to ethics should be demonstrated at all levels of the culture including dealing with customers, clients, employees, members, vendors, owners, the community and charitable endeavors.   Ethics may be illustrated in company marketing, operations, communications, sales practices, publications and reputation in the community.  Leadership may be shown by how the individual leads the business /organization through adversity and success.  Leadership may also include a commitment to diversity and involvement in local, regional and national issues.
Nominations will be accepted from individuals, business men and women, organizations, municipalities, chambers, civic groups, and churches that work, serve, reside or volunteer in Maple Grove or Osseo. 
The winner of the Business Ethics and Leadership Award will be recognized as a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow.   A Paul Harris Fellow recognizes an individual for substantial contribution to humanitarian and educational service and demonstration of the Rotary Foundation objectives.   With the award of a Paul Harris Fellow, $1,000.00 will be donated in the recipient’s name to the Rotary International Foundation. 
Application Deadline is September 30,2017.  The Application and any supporting documentation must be mailed or emailed to Jenny Toutloff at: on or before the date of September 30, 2017.