Rotary Club of Penetanguishene

PO Box 5006, Penetanguishene ON  L9M 2G2

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- Strathex Eng,   Pat Blake - decorative items (SNOOPY, SOLAR CANDLE & STAND),   IHD Tree $250 MCC


SUE   -  Abilities,    Cathy's Sweets & Treats

PETER -   Golfing Santa

ANITA  -Gift Cards   -   Bryants,   Kim's Bright Ideas,   Captain Ken's
                 Meridan, Gift Cert,    Asselins - $350 Tree,   Dock Lunch,   Penetang Wine Cellar,   Hindson Marine,    Ahoy Fixtures & Fab,    Ruston,
                 Garfield,    Parkbridge,    Village Sq. Mall Association  G.C.,   ELM - Christmas Centerpiece

-  Garthside - $100 Spirit of Christmas,    Mike Thor, Tree        MCC

LISA FLORSCHUTZ -   SCOTIABANK $350 Tree,   MAURICE MECHANICAL $350 Tree MCC,  DENTURES BY DENTURISTS,  Flynns, Dominion Lending 2*25 Gift Cards

- Investors Group,  Tree $250  -Andrea & Ramos,    Nebs  Tree  $350  MCC

DAVID H. -  McDonalds,     Tim Horton's - Polar Bear Huronia Mall & 10 x $10 Gift Cards

GLEN -  Balm Beach House of Glass,  Mink Ins.  Georgian Yamaha Tree- $350  Cooperators  Tree, $250,  Sunsport, 

AARON - Tom Smith MCC Tree $350   Midas  Tree  $350, Huronia,   Service Ontario  Tree  $250  Huronia,   J.P. Service Centre   $100 deco


GAIL  -  Sunlife  Tree $350,   Decorative Item- Severn Sound Environmental

Ray -  Maxson, Dr. Frey, Jim Whittier, Huronia Dental, Computer Direct - Tree $350 





LEIGH - Candy Bouquets N' More, Midland


BRENDA-   Splash Event,  Tree $250 (MCC)     Carlson Wagonlit  Tree$250  (MCC) with White Lights       
                      Gift Cards:  on MCC G.C. tree  -   Cabin Boy, Ciboulette et Cie, Georgian Bakery, Image Salon, Bamboo Spa,  EvocativeEssentials.
                                       Pebble Tree, Kelly Moss Photography, Taylor & Co. Roxy Café, Huronia Players (tickets), Ice Art

JILL-      T.D. Wealth, decorative woven, Angel Throw

DON  -  Stanlith Printing- Crystal, animated Snowman,  2 Gold, metal deer, We have 2 signs so one item can go in 2different malls where needed.     F                 Fast Fwd.4 x $25 gift cards,   Tiny Lions,   Bear Town,   Pan Mai,       
                  Bonaire Golf for 2.

LIZ     - Simply Country,  Tree $250 (MCC),   
                 Walkers Electric/Walker Panels, Tree  $250 (Mountainview)
                  Huronia Pregnancy Centre,
                  Del Saulnier  Tree-  $350  Village Sq.
                  G.C.  Giant Tiger,  La Cle $25 i tunes   Phoenix Jewelers  4 x $25

JACKIE -  HGR  Tree, $350  V.SQ.   Pharmasave   Tree,  $350   V.SQ.    Mega Dollar,  Tree   $250,  V.SQ  Home Hardware   Tree,  $250  V.SQ.
                 T.D.   Tree  $250,  V.SQ.   Hair Dresser (Clinique?)  G.C.  V.SQ.

PAUL - donation