For recognition of their achievements both personal and universal in nature and in having some aspect of 'Service Above Self'
Congratulations to our Orillia Students for achieving Rotary Student of the Month.
January Student of the Month
Kate Stacey of Orillia SS and Logan Ross of Twin Lakes SS
Kate Stacey - OSS. Basketball coach, camp counsellor and a peer leader, Kate is being recognized as a leader making an impact. Kate is clearly involved and well suited to leadership. A grade 12 student ending up in a 12U Peer Leadership  class (a grade 12 University class, she immediately recognized it as a leadership opportunity and a chance to have a big impact and ended up taking on the teaching role of the class when thee was a supply and getting the highest mark ever given. A calm and confident math student, she was asked to tutor grade 11 students in a course she had never done. Reviewing the entire course, she did this with confidence and volunteered to tutor the second semester as well. Also joining the Me to We group, the teacher was quickly impressed with her willingness to volunteer for whatever needs to be done. She also makes lunches for three elementary schools and has been doing the morning announcements. Kate is highly dedicated to her own success, has a high willingness to learn and do what she can to support the success of others. She has already been accepted to the University of Guelph next fall.
Logan Ross - TLSS. Full of grit and resilience and stands her ground. Logan academically excelled earning the top mark in Phys Ed while also creating one of the most incredible and hauntingly graphic health projects. A multi sport athlete and Athlete of Year, competing in football, volleyball and track. Her main sport, Lacrosse where she is currently fielding scholarship offers from the United States. Last year, Logan ran the 24 hour Vball-a-thon which involved 100 students and the massive multi school Relay for Life fundraising project and she is currently the president of the Athletic Council. With strong social and emotional skills, her empathy and likeable personality allows her to subtly help make everyone feel they belong.
December Student of the Month
Left to Right: Calvin Kudar - Orillia SS, Zachary Zirger - Patrick Fogarty CSS, Greyson Martyn - Twin Lakes SS
Calvin Kudar of Orillia SS and introduced by teacher Sylvia Wylie. An empathetic individual exemplifying Service Above Self. Calvin is the Co-President of Me to We Club and a peer for Link Crew. Running a bake sale and organizing the collection of non-perishable food in support of the Sharing Place. He spearheaded the We Are Silent campaign to raise awareness for children in the world with little to no rights and recently donated a collection of hats, mitts and winter socks to the Orillia Youth Centre. Every week he can be found making 75 sandwiches for local elementary students who would not otherwise have lunch and he is currently organizing OSS involvement in the Coldest Night of the Year Walk in support of Building Hope. His true passion lies in helping set up and participating in the Terry Fox run to raise money for cancer research. Now keep your eyes open cause you just might catch him sprinting across a parking lot to assist someone with packages and opening doors.
Zachary Zirger of Patrick Fogarty CSS and introduced by teacher James Hilts. Talented, creative and effectively communicative. Taking private music lessons for years, by the time he entered Grade 9 he was invited to play with the jazz and senior band. He plays piano, trumpet and saxophone. Today, he dedicates his time volunteering with the junior band offering help wherever and whenever needed putting forth an effort to making himself and those around him better. On top of his music he does enjoy woodworking, history and science but he does plan on one day being a music teacher.
Greyson Martyn of Twin Lakes SS and introduced by teacher Christina Bosco. Dedicated, accomplished and excels. A Tenor saxophonist involved in Thunder Jazz, Senior concert band and the school production ensembles. Winner of last Octobers Orillia Jazz Festivals solo competition and has been asked to perform at the Orillia Opera House as the Brass Works guest soloist. Greyson has consistently been on the honour role throughout his academic career and is a member of the Link Team, Student Council and the Arts Council. He is also involved in Volleyball-a-thon, organizer for school dances, member of the Sustainable Orillia Youth Council, the PEAC program, student leader for the student run 'walk-out' and the downhill ski team. 
November Student of the Month
Left to right: Christian Strong - Patrick Fogarty CSS, Ethan Odlozinski - Orillia SS, Baxter Thomas - Twin Lakes SS
- Christian Strong of Patrick Fogarty CSS and introduced by teacher Lisa Emons. He is a member of Student Council and the Mission Team. He runs the morning intercom music program, assists in the preparation of the school events, fundraisers and bringing in sponsors and can also be found working as a Peer Minister to his fellow students. Christians future plans could possibly include a career path in Psychology and Philosophy.
- Ethan Odlozinski of Orillia Secondary School and introduced by teacher Jen Grace. He is an exceptional academic student, participates in a variety of sporting and community activities and also a member of Student Council and Link Crew. Ethan can also be found volunteering with the 'Me to We' club as Co-President, the 'Orillia Youth Centre' tutoring Elementary School students and has also lead a pilot project organizing the 'Coldest Day of the Year' walk to raise awareness and funds for Building Hope.
- Baxter Thomas of Twin Lakes SS and introduced by Sam Launchbury. He has been volunteering with PEAC program 'Spread the Warmth' conducting a clothing drive for the Salvation Army, started a social media campaign to raise environmental awareness and 'Let's Get This Bread' campaign to raise awareness for the Sharing Place Food Bank. Baxter also leads Twin Lakes 'Me to We' club conducting the 'We Scare Humger' food bank drive and the 'Water Walk', an event to raise awareness of the scarcity of clean water around the world.
September and October Student of the Month
'On November 5th, the Rotary Club of Orillia recognized five students for September and October Student of the Month. These students are responsible, dedicated and passionate individuals that deserve recognition not only for their academic achievements, but also for their outstanding level of involvement in their school and community.

Seen left to right:

Fouz Ul-Mubeen of Orillia Secondary School- introduced by Sue Bolger for September Student of the Month 

Alexa Thompson of Twin Lakes- introduced by Laurie Pfaff for October Student of the Month 

Muskaan Raina of Patrick Forgarty- introduced by James Hilts for October Student of the Month 

Sumyia Chowdhury of Orillia Secondary Scool- introduced by Mike Christie for October Student of the Month 

Kallum Holdsworth of Patrick Forgarty- introduced by Trisha Scott for September Student of the Month